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my first beaded scarf
I am pleased the way it turned out.

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Three Caron Cakes Shawls
Here are three shawls I knit during April using Caron Cakes. All of them were done on size 10.5 needles.
The Mixed Berry one has increases at each end of every row and either side of the mid-rib every other row. It is a simple lattice pattern using k2tog's on the first half of the row and SSK's on the second half. The alternate rows are purl across.
The Pistachio one is a modified Wingspan. I used 90 stitches and only did five segments.
The Spice Cake one is a pattern written for the Bernat POP yarn; the pattern is called Knit Triangle Shawl. I have not made a shawl with this shape before, and have decided that I don't really like it, but since it's not for me, that's OK.

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My first proper stuffed toy
I've tried a couple of smaller items but never been happy with the shape they have turned out . Last week at knitting group a lady brought in an old clipping of a pattern from a magazine that she said I could borrow, got the parts knitted up using oddments of yarn left over from the baby items I usually knit . Gave the pattern back and the pieces have been sat there for a couple of days . At home with tonsillitis so decided to get it finished . Not quite sure what type of animal it is but I'm going with bear . I added some knitted vegetables to her basket and pocket as I thought they looked bear😁

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Made for a silent auction item for charity
Hopefully this will bring in a good sum for the fund raiser for local children with cancer.
The dress can be worn either way.
How much do you think it will bring?
The back

The front.

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Fiesta Scallop Shawl made by a friend (k)
Hi KP Friends,

My friend, Rita, made this shawl recently. When I saw it I asked her if I could photograph it and show it to you. I LOVE the colors in this one.

Thanks for looking,

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Knitting and Crochet Funnies

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I'm in love ....! Possibly the softest, most luxurious yarn I've ever used!
I'm making myself a simple granny stitch shawl in this yarn ... and I can't stop putting it against my cheek, to feel it! ... It's possibly the softest yarn I have ever made myself something with!
It's Noro Shiro ... 40% wool, 30% cashmere, 30% silk, and it crochets up like a dream!
I would never have bought this yarn at the original price! - it was way out of my price range ... but it's now discontinued, and I got 10 balls for 25% of the original price ( which was ridiculously expensive in my opinion! ... sorry Noro!)
It is beautiful though, so I am treating myself to a big, soft, squishy, luxurious granny shawl!
The soft colours are pure genius too.
granny stitch triangle

soft and squishy

these colours!

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So proud of my daughter.
My youngest daughter has just graduated as nurse and I made this for her.

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My First Sock
I finally took the plunge and started my first pair of socks using Sockit2me's pattern. I followed the instructions to the letter, using KnitPicks stroll tonal. I swatched and was getting 9 stitches per inch, so I went ahead and started the sock reminding myself to "loosen up." I ended up with about 7 1/2 stitches per inch which I figure is close enough. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this and it would have gone much faster if I had not stopped so often to admire my work. The only part I found a little fiddley was picking up the stitches for the gusset. I assume this will get easier with more practice. I loved this pattern, but the next time I think I will make the legs a little shorter. I also thought that the 12 inch #1 needles looked awfully small, however, I adjusted quickly and had no problems.

Thank you Eric!!

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Just finished - Lophelia knitted cowl
A beautiful weekend for knitting here in New Mexico, with 6" of snow on the ground - yes, on April 29!

I've just finished this large cowl, Lophelia pattern by Laura Aylor; used Fiber Co. Meadow light fingering weight yarn (the solid purple) and Noro King fingering weight yarn (the long stripes), about 150 yds each.

Finished dimensions 21 inches€ wide at widest point; front drop from neckline to hem 14 inches long.

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