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Rainbow cardigan
Made this from a request by my almost 4 year old granddaughter!

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Unthinking Husband
A few weeks ago, my husband said he was going to order his mother a scarf from Ireland. I said OK, without much thought to it, I presumed it was a nice linen scarf or something woven with the family crest on it. It arrives in the mail and it is a hand knit irish woolen scarf, and to top it off he ordered himself one as well. I could not believe it. I told him I could have knit that for her, not to mention how nice it would have been to knit some soft wool from Ireland. I have made things for his family before, and he sees me knitting almost every night. He said he didn't think I would have time. I am literally knitting coasters to give a Christmas present for other people, these could have easily been put aside for the time it would have taken me to knit his mother a scarf. I am just so mad at him right now.
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Turquoise mix baby cardigan and ugg boots
This turquoise mix is my last ball of Marriner Mermaid yarn and I think it is my favourite out of all the colours that I bought. I might not do much knitting until after Christmas - the Christmas lights have gone up and we like to keep the main lights off so that we can enjoy them. I am waiting for cataract surgery and my eyesight has gotten very bad so I definitely could not see well enough to knit in that low light.

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Shawl-vest no buttons no sleeves
Here is an unusual shawl-vest that I saw on picture and did reproduce to the best of my understanding. It is knitted one piece horizontaly no seams except on the shoulders, seamed with mattress stitches. Used one pound of acrylique.

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Cardigan for DH, (K)
Just finished this cardigan for DH for Christmas. He picked out the buttons! They are all right, just not what I would have picked out. To each their own.

I used size 5 and 7 (US) needles for this. And James C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn. Not quite 4 full 200 g skeins. And the color is shaded greens.

There is no pattern for this. While I did make notes while doing this, it is more for the future if he asks me to make another one, or I just want to! It is a bit loose on me, but should fit him to a "T". The chest measures approximately 48 inches, and is to be a relaxed fit, but not baggy, but also not snug. The body measures approximately 20 inches from under the arm. Again, what he wanted. Didn't matter to me! He wants to be able to lift his arm and not have his belly/back get cold. Makes sense to me! On me it hangs to the bottom of my bottom! Should be adequate for him!

Don't know how long it took me to make. Was working on it off and on for about 4 weeks. And now I have absolutely nothing on my needles! Oh my! Shock and withdrawal!

But I do have a "brain itch" waiting in the wings for it's opportunity!

Thanks for looking and have a beautiful day.

The front with those lively buttons!

The back.

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Speaking of Yarn Hoarding . . . .
As Dave Berry once said . . . There's a fine line between 'Hobby' and 'mental illness'. But . . . what does he know?
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Socks for Christmas
Here are the socks I've made for Christmas presents. They will go to my 3 sisters, cousin, granddaughter, and 3 great nieces. Some are made with Tofutsies yarn, some with Ice sock yarn from Yarn Paradise. Just so glad to be DONE!!

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Knitted christmas cushion k
Managed to squeeze in another Christmas cushion before Christmas, saw a picture on Pinterest and thought I can do that so I did , 😊 It will make a nice addition to my collection

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Afghan for GD...purple passion
I knitted this afghan for my GD. I used Caron Big Cakes Grape Jelly and the pattern is Chevron Knit Throw from Redheart. I liked this pattern because there are no YO's...just increase and decrease.

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Denver Broncos Afghan
Have watched this sight for YEARS!! But since it's afghan season thought some of you fans might like this afghan. First time I have posted anything so hope it turns out O.K. Made afghan (Tunisian stitch) squares and then cross stitched them. Fits a double sized bed. Go Broncos!!

Denver Broncos Afghan

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