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Sample Baby Sweater, what do you think?
I knitted this baby sweater, is a sample with used yarn, but I wanted to try this ranglan baby sweater with this cute fair island design, very easy and is cute but I will knit again using my peruvian alpaca, I will use the same colors, what do you think?
also I will knit the ribbing 1 x 1, instead of the 2 x 2 that is too heavy for baby clothes, this sample is for 0-6mo but I will multisize the pattern until 2 years baby.

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Do you compulsively save yarn?
Finished a hat this morning, and once again have the same dilemma. I have a walnut sized ball of yarn left over. Do I throw it out or keep it???? I suppose I could make a pom pom out of it, but not really a fan of hats with pom poms. It is DK weight and that is not a weight I typically use, so wouldn't have enough to make a scrap blanket or something really cool like other KP members have done. Should toss it, but.... my German Grandmother's ghost is whispering "waste not, want not...." Looking around at the bins and boxes that contain my stash, I am realizing this is how much of my stash happened, little bits and bobs that I can't bear to throw out. Isn't this how hoarders get started?! LOL.

Do you feel the need to keep little bits of yarn too? Or are you more ruthless and toss them out?
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Modern colours for babies
Two of my granddaughters and my son's partner are due to give birth this year. In fact one gave birth on the first of this month. I have been asked by each of them to knit for baby. But the colours they have chosen! Apart from a navy pram blanket, grey leggings and navy leggings, these are a few of the requests. The cardigan is actually dark maroon.

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Heading for New Zealand
I have a new great nephew or niece due in about six weeks - this will be the third child for my nephew Richard and my niece-in-law Jess who live in New Zealand. Below are pictures of what I'm about to parcel up and post to them.

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Its official!
This morning DH tells me that his hand knit fingering weight socks are softer, warmer and more comfortable than the expensive wool blend 'Explorer' socks he was provided by his workplace till he retired. He worked outdoors maintaining parks and gardens etc. He still has a whole drawer full of them, but he prefers my hand knit socks. I'll have to get those needles busy and knit more...
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Look what I found
I was recently visited my mom and she decided she wanted to purge her craft room. During this, I found this pamphlet from 1958. I decided to keep it.

The five rules of knitting from the book

1. Get to know the abbreviations.
2. Always read the directions step by step
3. Make sure you understand the importance of your guage.
4. Always finish the row before putting your knitting down.
5. All knitting comes from 2 kinds of stitches.

Good advice.

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New Loom Teddy Bear
I have made this Teddy bear using my new Loom and had a great time making him.

He was made in Aran wool and only took 200gms and is 35cm when sitting so a good size.

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Heat and Humidity in Duluth!
Fot the past week and a half we have had undue heat and humidity in Duluth! This past week has been well over 80º, and humidity at 75% or more. My old building does not have AC, nor can our windows accommodate it. I have had three fans running since May first. This weather never shows until mid-August! Simon and I are exhausted!!!

How do you others cope with weather like this? It seems even too uncomfortable to pick up ANY K or C project!
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Max Baby Cardigan
I had some Lion Brand "Mandala" yarn left over from an afghan that I knit a couple weeks ago and really liked the yarn. Because the yarn was very soft I wondered how it would knit into a baby sweater...I used the Max Baby Cardigan pattern. On the bottom of the sweater I changed the pattern stitches...using stitches from a hat that I knit last month and really liked.

I really love the finished sweater...maybe the color isn't good for a has been too many years since we have had a baby in our family so I don't know what colors mothers want these days. The sweater will go into my closet with other knits. Maybe someday someone might like it as much as I do for their baby...Maybe.

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Premium Sweet Roll Yarn Caution
I made a corner to corner lap blanket three feet square using Sweet Roll yarn in Blueberry. This yarn is nice to work with and has good color ways, but as you can see, would not be the best choice for something you wish color to be more controlled such as a garment. I used 4 cakes on an I hook and didn’t have enough to finish the last corner so I pulled some navy from my stash. I am not really proud of it but am posting so you can see how inconsistent the color runs are. It is for use on the screen porch so no concern. It will be warm but not so pretty.

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