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Poll: knit or crochet?
A friend once commented to me that, in general, knitters don't crochet and hookers don't knit. That those of us who gleefully and easily do both are few and far between.

What say you, KP community friends?
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My latest project finished.
This one took 6 months to finish.

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Some of my winters work
Hi, I've enjoyed the pictures so much here, in many cases, inspires me to do more projects that I see finished by you. Here are some of my finished works. I hope you enjoy the pictures....and I hope I can load them efficiently. The first one, a mermail tail if for my TALL grandaughter, so it is long enough for both of us to cuddle Christmas eve.

The next one is me in my Times Square poncho, something that I definitely saw here and said that I just had to do it.

The next one is a cardigan for me called Shiraz, I believe. I had a blast knitting this one, with all the graduated seed stitching.

And the last two pictures are two towels, black and red plus a couple dishcloths I made for my daughters birthday. She also gets the CocaCola dishes for which the towels were made to match. This design came from the popular towels first presented by knitwit549. Thank you for this great design.

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Triple happy socks
I received this sock yarn as a Christmas gift which made me happy as it's beautiful yarn and where I live the one LYS is so tiny and does not sell sock yarn at all couldn't wait to start knitting with it ,I was double happy I know bad English but I was double happy when I started knitting the socks the pattern and colours are lovely and remind me of Christmas. Here I go with the bad grammar again as I'm now triple happy as socks are finished and they belong to me fit perfect 😍

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Square needles? Input please!
I was on the KnitPicks site, and noticed that the new knitting needles there are square. I did not know about this style of needles, and I am curious to know what they are like to knit with. Are they just for certain projects, yarn? I don't want to order them without some knowledge of knitters actual experience with them. My local LYS doesn't carry them yet.
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The 7+ year afghan
I finally finished my oldest (?) WIP. I started this afghan over 7 years ago and had put it to the side for more exciting things. Found the yarn, pattern and had even made notes as to what row I was on. Couldn't believe it. Anyway, I finally finished it for Christmas for my hubby who claimed it when he saw it was more than a lapwarmer. The tan is Plymouth Encore and the stripes are Berroco Palace, Pure Merino and Ultra Alpaca. Pattern is from an old afghan book from the library and I think it is called Lacy stripes.

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She hated it!
I was so excited to crochet this for my 5yr old grand daughter. Oh how she cried that she didn't want to wear it. My daughter told her she was going to hurt my feelings but she didn't care. I still love her.

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Test knit using my handspun yarn
Hello kpers

Here's a super fun test knit I've just completed. It's by a Finnish designer and here are some of her other designs

This one is a relatively quick knit, the pattern easy to memorise and great telly knitting. Fingering weight but you could use dk or even a light worsted . Once it's released I'll post the link. Perfect for hand spun yarns but would look great in variegated too.

Thank you x

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Shawls question..
Looking for feedback on this one. There are so many beautiful shawl patterns and I see a lot of people make them. But because I never see anyone wear them I wonder if anyone actually wear theml.... (Maybe it's a regional thing?)
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Socks for my sister's birthday.
These seemed to take a long time ! I think my 'sock knitting mojo' was lagging after all the socks I did for Christmas. I am in plenty of time though, her birthday is Feb 6.
The yarn is Opal Paradies.
Thanks for looking !

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