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First ever shawl attempt
Hi, this is my first ever post - and my first ever shawl attempt.
The pattern is Vernal Equinox and the yarn is Juniper Moon Farm Findley in Old Rose
Took me about 4 weeks to knit (knitting when I had the chance) and approximately 3 hours to block
This will be given to my MIL as her Christmas gift and I'm looking for a pretty shawl pin to add to it
Really love this site and look forward to reading everyone's advice and comments each day - there are some really talented knitters out there

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Some Pictures Just Make You Happy
This was a quick knit....but the smile will brighten many a dreary winter day.

Frankie will be 1 year old the 23rd of this month.

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Morticia shawl
Here it is! After spending 6 hours on just the last two rows and the bind off it's finally finished

This is the Morticia shawl from Boo Knits. I did one repeat of charts A&B and 3 repeats of chart C and then the heavily beaded border for an uber lacy finish. It has approximately 1100 beads in two colours. I used a purple crystal and a blue lined purple. I did the long point picot bind off with beads although I shortened the points just a little with a smaller crochet hook and glad I did. These points are long enough. Yarn is Jaggerspun Zephyr lace in purple. I had a little less than half the skein left

I hope the recipient will love it

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I have like 300 balls of cotton yarn
I over indulged over the past several months. It takes me hours to knit a dish cloth or scrubbie.. I went crazy on Knit Picks Dishie. Now I have boxes of the stuff. Should I just hang on to it? I will knit many dish cloths and scrubbies. Am I up to about 600 of them though??

Your fellow yarn a holic.

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I received a Holiday brochure from Michael's with three coupons -- two coupons for 50% on all "regularly-priced items," and one 25% coupon on "entire purchase." They were dated, with one 50% coupon good for this week, and the other 50% coupon and the 25% coupon for later dates.

So I went right to the yarn section and found everything was marked down -- 50 cents to one dollar. So the coupon was useless. I'm pretty ticked off, as I think this was very deceitful of them. Fortunately, they're right next to my supermarket, so I didn't go out of my way.
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Hooked Hubby Returns
Here's Hubby with his first "plarn" crocheted bedroll, well on its way to the finish line! Currently the bedroll is forty inches wide and almost three feet long. Friends have been very generous with their plastic bags, and he is enjoying his new hobby. He says it is restful and soothing and lots of fun! He made a set of regular yarn placemats for practice first, before beginning this bedroll.

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A little sparkly dress for Christmas.
I've knitted quite a few things recently, but haven't posted any new topics (been flat as a pancake) for a while so here goes. I love knitting the Cabled Tunic by Lee Gant. It's in a book called 60 Quick Baby Knits. Hubby spotted this yarn in Spotlight (very cheap and sparkly) and then said I needed some fluffy yarn for the trim on the ruffles. The fluffy yarn is called Minky, it's very soft. When browsing in Kmart I found this 80cm tall doll ($19) and thought as there is not a little baby girl in the family at the moment, the doll could model the dresses. They do look better on than off for the photos. I know some people don't like to see dolls modelling. I hope you like it and thanks for looking. 💞

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My Knitting Snowman
I knitted this because I saw the pattern and thought it would be fun. I think he turned out pretty cute.

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Knit Snowman
Getting into winter mode...Designed this Snowman to sit back and watch the winter season go by, all snuggled in with removable hat and boots.

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These are pictures of mostly shawls for a Silent Auction for my Spiritual Community. The light blue is for one of my angels who helped me when I had surgery by walking my dog every day! The last one is a Spectrum that's not been blocked yet.

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