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Shawl Success
Here is my just-fiished-this-afternoon shawl

Pattern here
I did not use the specified yarn. I used some DK cotton-linen blend by Penguine that I bought years and years ago and has been knocking around in the "frog pond" since.

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Finally have all my bits together for charity tomorrow
Usually when I have time I just knit or crochet things that take my fancy. As they are finished I pack them in big plastic tubs. If I need a gift for someone I always have something on hand. Every few months I donate the contents of my plastic tubs to charity. The items below I will donate tomorrow to the Tweed Auxillary Shop at Tweed Heads Hospital, the sale of handcrafts help fund raising for the hospital. I usually choose a different charity each time.

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Finally, just finished a sweater for myself.
Pattern is James C. Brett JB261. Yarn is James Brett Woodlander DK.

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Danse Macabre Shawl
This is my version of Danse Macabre by Boo Knits
available here:

I knit this a couple of months back during an MKAL but didn'™t get around to posting it here. Boo designs such lovely lace & her patterns are always very well written & a joy to knit.

I added one more repeat of clue 1 because I wanted to use up as much of the yarn as possible.

The colourway was very difficult to capture. It is a lovely mix of muted blue & green - very much the colours that I see everywhere in Newfoundland - which is tempting me to buy more to knit up Anne-Lise Maigaard's gorgeous design called Newfoundland.

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Lace - Garden Gate; 78 grams = 1.56 skeins = 733 yards
Beads: size 8/0 black Miyuki seed beads
Needles: 3.5 mm, 3.75 mm & 4.0 mm
Pre-block: 14"x62" (around the curve)
In Pins: 21"x52" (across widest point)
Released: 21"x52"

This is the closest representation of the colourway.

In pins

The Blob

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Stockinette Haruni
I love this shawl. I still fairly new to blocking and I can see that I should have stretched this out more especially towards the bottom middle of this shawl but I love the feel of the yarn and color. When I saw the yarn it reminded me of faded blue jeans which was exactly what I was looking for. I bought it at a Twisted Yarns in Old Town Spring. The yarn is by Jilly and the color of the yarn is Jeans.

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Afterglow Shawl
I saw this in a local yarn shop and knew I wanted to make it. My first attempt at the lace section crashed miserably. (It's knitted from the bottom up) But I gritted my teeth, put in a lifeline, counted my stitches, and figured out how the yarnovers lined up and I got it done. The rest of the shawl was fairly easy. Here's a link to the pattern. I used Malabrigo Mora which is a pure silk fingering weight yarn. The shawl reminds me of Bilbo Baggins' mithral armored shirt because it's light and delicate. This was my first attempt at real lace knitting.

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My Toe-Up Socks--I'm Hooked!!
I always wanted to make socks, so I took a class at my LYS and am now making socks. Now all I do is buy sock yarn. There is nothing better than home-made socks. Your feet feel like they are at a spa! The hardest part is giving them away.

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Baby girl baby blanket
Just finished this corner to corner baby blanket , hope the new baby and mum like it

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How to say no gracefully
Hi all,
I am a fairly new knitter and am wondering what you do when people start requesting you to make things for them that you don't enjoy making? For instance a dog sweater. I am knee deep in Christmas knitting projects and my daughter's boss called me and seriously wants me to make him a dog sweater. He has asked me about it twice! I am wanting to concentrate on Christmas presents (socks!) and have no interest in making a dog sweater. I have gone so far as to think about running to Walmart and buying a dog sweater and taking the tags out! This man has been very helpful to my daughter but even after Christmas I will have no interest in making a dog sweater. Have tried saying no but that doesn't work....
Any advice would be appreciated.
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For a Friend
Here is a little dress I knitted up for a little friend of mine. Her name is Eliza Jayne & she's seen here with her doting big sister. The dress is made from stash mystery acrylic yarn. The pattern is Leaf Love dress by Taiga Hilliard and is free on Ravelry. The yarn has the loveliest halo & is very soft. I also knitted up a quick little white sweater top down easy peasy with pink buttons.

Eliza Jayne

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