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So I said to Poppy
what shall we design next? Poppy is my (just) 4 year old granddaughter who likes to have a lot of input into my designs.

Well grandma I think we should have a fairy, with pink hair and silver wings, in a pink dress that sparkles. And little pointy ears and sparkly hair said Poppy.

And here is Fariba the Fairy, as specified by a 4 year old. (The pink haired and sparkly pink dress version is now living with Poppy, left before I had chance to take a photo ) Do you think I met her remit?
Fariba the Fairy

Sparkly dress and hair

Pointy ears

Silver sparkly wings

The real fairy, Poppy

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20 Hats Done for August
So far I have 20 hats done for my August count. Its been very rainy here the past few weeks. The boys have been playing fairly good together so I was able to knitted. Last week my daughter took the week off to spend more time with the boys before the school year starts so had more free time.

The hats with the yellow and blue poms- poms were the $3 kits I found at Job lot. I have a few more kits left to make. The last 5 and the one yellow hat in the previous picture were knitted using bulky yarn. I still
experimenting with the number of stitches to cast on and the size needles to use. Every pattern I look it seems to have to many stitches. I use 64 stitches in my other hats so 72 or more with bulky seems way to many stitches.

Thank you everyone for looking at the many hats I have posted since January.

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New to the site
Hi everyone! My name is Julia and I'm brand spankin' new to both knitting and this forum. Excited to meet more knitting friends and learn from you guys.

I was recently gifted a Hiya Hiya interchangeable set by my mother-in-law so I am starting out with those. What are your go-to needles?

My first project will be just a simple ribbed (knit 2, purl 2) scarf. Starting it off easy haha. What are you guys working on?
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Grandson's Graduation Blanket
I finally finished blanket for Grandson #3, who heads off to college on Saturday. I made two back in 2014 and shared them here. I used several of the same motifs on this one, but personalized for him. I'm having dinner with him tonight, so will give it to him then. (He knows I've been working on it.) It is machine knit on my Brother 970, but there is a lot of handwork...duplicate stitch on it. It is fully lined also in knit, as shown on the second picture, but is a lightweight yarn so it isn't heavy, just cozy.

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I have castonitis, anybody else?
I have a baby blanket i started in crochet. Then today after I finished a little hat I cast on 2 hats and baby socks. 😮
Don’t tell, but I have a couple UFOs in my cupboard too.

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Baby surprise jacket / Mandala Baby
Enjoyed knitting EZ’s baby surpriserise jacket But I did not enjoy Mandala Baby.
It looks like the baby spit up his orange juice. Also I do not think it is softer than Regular Mandala. Lots of other problems with this yarn.

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After Sam
After Sam (my avatar) died in May we thought we'd leave it a bit and see if an older dog of any make found us. BUT this is what found us (15months old and needing a home, due to owners illness) He is Alfie and it's first time in 50 years that we've home such a young dog - forgot what trouble they get in to. Half hour chores are taking me all morning because of all help I'm getting!!!

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Just saying SL( children)( sorry this should be in Chit chat,

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Little pink baby cardigan
I needed a break from all the boy knits so I knitted this little pink cardigan. I have nobody in mind for it at all, but I love pink! The pattern is King Cole 3842 but the bands are done at the same time as the fronts as in my waterwheel pattern.

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Model for my first paid project
A short time again I posted some photos of a crochet top for my granddaughter and of the top that was for another little girl. Her mom sent me some photos of her modeling. What a little dolly! And she loves her new top to boot. Thanks for letting me brag a little

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