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Bragging a little with my Mizzle shawl
Not that this project was difficult but I had to put my brain into gear to achieve it to the standards acquired here after 5 years of attendance.

I had 2 skeins of FAME I'd bought from a member here in view of making stockings but it was no good for that purpose. When I saw the Mizzle shawl, I knew that was it. Luckily, being francophone I had access to the French version as the English one is not available anymore.
The difficulty was not in making it but in finding the right yarn for the stripes at the bottom. Buried far under an old stash of mohair.
Than I had to block it but couldn't find clear instructions for that 3/4 circle shape. After an afternoon of reading various methods, I finally opted for the wetting method and decided to fold it in half as I didn't have the room to do it in one layer.
And at my age, I don't fold as easily anymore, my knees and my back didn't approve of the ways regularly used. I had to figure out a way of working standing up and straight. So I used my drying rack and my ironing board, place them side by side, levelled them and placed my tracing board on them to make some kind of a table that I covered with the foam pads to finally block my shawl.
The blocking was also another fun experience but I'm quite happy with the results, shouldn't I be?
Shown are the three stages of finalization: before, during and after blocking

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Have any of you ever hated something you were knitting?
As I've mentioned on KP several times, I knit scarves and hats for disadvantaged kids in a neighboring town. It's mindless work, usually done while watching TV. I try to vary the patterns and colors so I don't get bored, and also so all the kids don't get the same things.

But now I've been making a scarf that I absolutely hate! I don't know if it's the pattern or the yarn that makes me feel that way. The pattern is called the Diagonal Rib Scarf, from, and it's not particularly difficult. And the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver in Cherry Red. I find the yarn rougher than any I've used in the past which may be what's bothering me. I'm also not crazy about the way it looks.

I'm almost done, so I'll finish it. But I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience with a project.

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Yarn Stash Storage for Amateurs
They obviously have not seen my yarn stash!

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9 inch needles
I have read so many posts about these super short controversial needles. Some people love them, some hate them. For those who love them, how much practice did it take for it to "click?" For myself, I tried to use them for socks a couple of times, and it just wasn't a pleasant knitting experience for me, Maybe my hands are too big. I tried with 12 inch, and that was a bit better. I actually gave up and sent the 9 inch needle to a fellow KPer, so I didn't waste it, but now I'm hearing that there is a learning curve with these extra short needles, and maybe I should have tried again
Did those needles work for you straight out of the package, or did it take awhile?
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crocheted beach cloth
I made this for my daughter. I know she doesn't like having the pictures taken. So I had to wear it for the picture.

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Sunday Guess The knitter-July 23rd-Finishes today

This is the last Guess The Knitter, tomorrow starts Guess The Celebrity but because it isn't about knitters it will be posted in General Chit Chat.
I am posting all the pictures that I have left now. You can guess and discuss here for this last game. Just go for it and have fun.
Answers for the final 2 games will be posted as usual in Main.

Friday Guess The Knitter Answers-July 21st
1. Christopher McDonald-Actor
2. Chi McBride-Actor
3. Amy Nuttall (Ethel Parks in Downton Abbey)

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Spider socks
Aren't these fun?!
Notice the 3 baby spiders on silk

Twisted rib

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Cute stash busters/ or flea market idea
FRIDGE MAGNETS! Who doesn't have fridge magnets? LOL!

These fridge magnets are just too cute and looks like a quick do, too. Tho most seem to be crochet. Maybe you can substitute felt, cloth? Anyway, they're a great way to use up stash of any kind, not to mention a great idea for church sales, flea market vendors, or charity. Makes an adorable great "thank You" gift, too. Just pick up a bag of magnets from Michaels or Hobby Lobby and glue on back. Hot glue is the fasted way to glue anything on, but the choice is yours.

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My fall colored Fallston Shawl
I started this while on vacation but lost interest a bit when I got back. After seeing the Fallston that BubbyJ posted the other day, and the one sealcookie did some time ago, I decided to get back to it and get it finished. I struggled a little with the charts because the symbols were different from some others I've knitted and ended up following the written instructions. It's a quick knit and within the reach of beginning lace knitters

Yarn is Mabrigo sock in colours Piedras and Ochre.

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Orange doily.
Not very happy with the circumference of this doily, as it is going to be a gift I think that I will block again to try and get it to be neater.


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