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Cozy up knit poncho
Just finished weaving in ends,sewing on buttons,etc.Just in time for our cold weather!Knitted with Caron Tea cakes,color Ginger spice.This was a free pattern sheet in Michael's.It called for 4 skeins,I used more than 5 skeins( it Aldo said that it takes 12 hours,somehow,it took me much longer.Thanks for looking!

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I am having problems with "stolen" (?) donations! Your experience, please.
I have donated to various places over the years, as we all nursing homes patients, baby wards, churches, etc...only to find, of late the workers steal them and ?? I don't know...sell, use personally? what? Do you have this problem? Solution? Yes, I like to donate to Goodwill, but that is "for sale". I want someone who has no yarn to have mine FOR FREE! Please tell me what you do. Keep in mind, I am 92 and want to "give", not sell. Don't tell me it should not natter to jme, because it does. Thanks for any help, friends. Hildy3
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Gravity of Colour, DutchKnitty - cowl
This is a lovely (paid) pattern, called Gravity of Colour, from DutchKnitty. It was fun knitting, but the grafting part... hmmm.. pretty timeconsuming, but that was probably because I wanted it to be absolutely correct, sothat it would not show where the tube was grafted. The process of grafting took me 5 hours. Really, FIVE! Husband mentioned: knitwork that way is unaffordable if you had to buy it. How true, but all knitters know that.

The main colour yarn, a sockyarn, was specially dyed for me by "Blij dat ik brei", a Dutch yarnshop. The lady who owns the shop knew exactly what I meant and came up with the perfect colour of yarn.

I had in mind knitting a shawl, to be wrapped 2 times around the next, but while knitting I came to the conclusion that it was going to be too heavy.... no... not because I am too lazy to knit a whole shawl, LOL...
It would have been better to spend a bit more money on more silky yarn, but... yes... I know… I am cheap….. and then you have to learn the hard way...

I am going to wear it with my wintercoat, but I could not wait taking pictures outside in my coat... so here they are...
Me, wearing my cowl. No, I am not sleepy, this is how I normally look. And I could have brushed my hair, but no.. this is how I normally look, LOL

The red hearts of the two bottom flowers, right in the middle is the grafting. Not bad, he?

The point of the pen indicates where the grafting line is. Yes, it is there...!

Outside (the flowers) and inside

The actual grafting... it took hours (FIVE hours, to get it done properly!

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What shall we do today.....
I think that’s what I shall do today!

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My new poncho
Loved making this. Have worn several times always getting compliments.

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Hat and scarf
I recently ran across some Red Heart in Macaw colorway at a thrift store and the colors reminded me of a friend who is always cold. I did some modifications on the 1898 hat, continuing the crown in garter stitch and changed the decreases to make it less pointy. Scarf is the old stand-by Multidirectional. She was very pleased with the result.

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Corrie Sweater finished
I started this sweater on September 16, 2018 and finished it today. I’m so happy with it. I added the cabling to the sleeves and I’m glad I did.

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Little Crate of Pumpkins
After I knit pumpkins for the little bushel basket I found, I found this little crate at JoAnns. It was 60% off, so how could I resist. Pumpkins galore!

I've already posted the bushel basket, but am reposting for anyone who might want to see it, and missed it before.

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Keeping busy! K
A few things for a friend’s grandson. the hat is made with Knit Picks Brava, blue socks are KnitPicks Felici worsted, purple pair are with Ice sock yarn.

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Another version of's dishcloth
Recently EdyJac posted a photo of her dishcloth with scrubby yarn in the middle. I had been knitting that design for the cloths I sell at a boutique and the customers loved them. I am in the process of knitting down my cotton yarn stash so had to become very creative in using all the yarn that was less than 1 ounce and incorporating all the scrubby yarn I had purchased. In the photo, the center is two shades of scrubby, alternating two rows each. Here is my version of's favorite dishcloth.

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