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My New Knit Top
I am so happy to have knit my second top. It's not difficult like most I see here on KP as you all impress me so much with your skills. I just made this in two pieces and seamed up the sides and at the shoulders. Someday I will find the time to learn shaping and all that good stuff.

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Heart Afghan
What do you think of my newest pattern?

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I am disgusted with myself - Happy Ending!
Finished shawl all blocked and I love it!! Thanks for all the encouragement and please excuse my photography.

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Cupid's Dart shawl
I thought you might like to see my new shawl.

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what to do with knot in the yarn
What to do when you find a knot in the yarn. Do you continue knitting and hope it ends up in the wrong side or do you cut the yarn and join.
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Knitables elephant in tutu (k)
This pattern is by Knitables. My pink elephant is about 15" Fun to make. However, that little tutu is 284 st for 24 rows! Seemed to take forever!

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What's on your needles / hook this month ?
I've asked this question a couple of times and got so many great responses , lots of new ideas and lovely pictures of what fellow KPers are busy with , that I thought it worthwhile to ask again , plus it's always nice to chat with everyone
I've been playing with knit in lace and finally got round to seriously learning to crochet . I'm enjoying learning although I'm doing it left handed as I just couldn't get comfortable with the hook in my right hand
So here is some pictures of what I've been up to this month
Bonnet and shoes using knit in lace

Crochet booties and blanket still in the making

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The knitting fisherman

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Latest baby knitting
Blue cardigan for granddaughter & cardigan & beanie for daughters friend expecting a boy in a few weeks, baby shower on Saturday.
Eldest daughter & new granddaughter arrive from London Friday evening for 3 weeks. SOO excited!!!!!

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Just Right Tween Shrug
Hi KP Friends,
This is the Just Right Tween Shrug I made for my daughter (12). It looks better on her than my "model." I used Caron Simply Soft yarn. I did have a difficult time keeping the mesh pattern and the wrap and turn going together at the front, so I gave up and changed it to garter stitch for the bottom border. I'm sure that I just was not concentrating. Do you think I got away with it? I liked the polka dot button to give a bit of interest.

Thanks for looking.

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