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Stash inventory
Off the top of your head....
How many skeins do you think you have in your stash?
I did mine today and I may have to go to YA/KA (yarn anon/knit anon)
I counted 89 skeins. Most have patterns for them.
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It took me a year
I do not know how someone made this on a pad trip but I am happy to get it finished and hope my grandson and is fiancé like it sorry about the double first picture but can't see how to delete one

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Double sided blanket for my grandson
This took forever to knit, but I learnt how to do double sided knitting and also designed some of the pictures myself. Many of the pictures are from a beautiful one sided Sea Blanket by ShoedivaOriginals.I decided to knit one side in just 2 colours to make it easier. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show the colours up so much on the 2 colour side. I am pleased with it and now knitting a woodland themed double sided blanket for my second grandson! Shouldn't take as long as the last one as I am not doing as much ripping out or correcting mistakes!!

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The Forever Sweater for the Forever Husband
I began a sweater last fall for my husband as an anniversary gift. The yarn is Cleckheaton Superfine Merino in the color "Denim" (the color of his eyes). I purchased the yarn at Vogue Knitting Live two years ago and set it aside for him. He chose the pattern, a simple sweater with a shawl collar. Finished on time, it was too big and I really didn't like the pattern. Frogged it, but he still wanted the same pattern. Did it, hated it and refused to give it to him. (I refused to take a picture of it.) Frogged again and we chose the new pattern together. Finally it is finished, looks and fits well and I'm proud to have him wear it!
The first sweater chosen

The last sweater!

Not his chest!

My proud Dennis!

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Magic Aran
I just love self patterning yarn, so here's my latest find.

Sirdar 2318 pattern 2 to 13 years, yarn by a Crown Crest.

This is for our 4 year old GD whose favourite colour is yellow.

Thank you for looking ðŸ

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Added to my stash, for free....
My lovely sil has decided she prefers sewing to Knitting and asked if I would like her spare yarn ? I said yes please, only expecting a few, was I surprised when this big bagful arrived. I have no idea where it's going to go , as I have all the drawers in my knitting room stuffed already. But it would have been rude to refuse it, lol.

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Stitch markers??
What kind of stitch markers do you all use? I find I do not like the little rings that fit on the needle. They seem to always be in my way. I am going to try safety pins. I have even tried little pieces of scrap yarn, but some how manage to loose them.

When I used to knit, I never did much that called for markers, so I am sort of new to them. Any suggestions, or is it just plain practice. My mother used to say "practice makes perfect".

I appreciate all of you and your answers. When I turn the computer on, I always got to KP first. Makes for a pleasant day.

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The Versatile Carolan Shawl Design
The first time I laid eyes on Dee O'Keefe's "Carolan Shawl" I was totally smitten, so it really isn't a great surprise that once I made one shawl from this beautiful design, I simply had to make another.... and another. This shawl pattern features delicate 3-leaf clovers on the two outer panels and a beautiful geometric floral design in the center back. Tying the whole thing together is a knitted-on border of beautiful leaves.

Just in case you are smitten, too, here's where you can find it:

The first Carolan born from my needles was worked with US#5 needles and Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal Fingering in the Goldfish color way. It took just over 633 yards of yarn and relaxed to 63 x 29 inches after being blocked.

The second Carolan had to be red and acrylic since it was being made for a mother of a very active 7 year old girl. It is made from just over 775 yards of Millor Trenzado Industrial coned yarn. For being acrylic, this yarn was wonderful to work with and had a bit of a sparkle to it to add to my delight. This shawl was steam blocked to about 65 x 30 inches.

The third Carolan also had to be acrylic, but this one had to be pink. The only pink yarn I had that was suitable for a shawl was Bramwell Duo Magic in lace weight, so I went ahead and tried it using the same US#5's I used with the other two Carolans. When I went to steam block it, I expected it to be a bit smaller because of the lace weight yarn, but it turned out to be the same size as the other two... just way more delicate... etherial, if you please.

Thank you for allowing me to share these with you. And a BIG THANK YOU to Dee O'Keefe for continuing to create shawl designs that allow all of us to knit and wear such delicate beautiful shawls.
Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal in 100% wool.

Millor Trenzado Industrial acrylic fingering coned yarn.

Acrylic Bramwell Duo Magic in lace weight.


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Sweet baby !
I made this set almost exactly 2 years ago when my daughter was pregnant. Unfortunately that pregnancy resulted in the first of several miscarriages so I had tucked it away. ( still no grandchild but always hopeful and they are trying again, so fingers are crossed )
My son had friends having a baby last year so I gave the set to him and just yesterday received these pics of the baby, now big enough to wear it !
They had sent the pics to my son and asked him to forward them to me which is so thoughtful of them! I don't know them but I wish I did so I could cuddle this cutie !

Here is my original post from 2015 with the yarn and pattern details.

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Lace Sampler blanket
This was knit while travelling and then not blocked as I don't have a big enough spot to do it at the trailer. It is 40" square and is a lovely bright yellow, more like the small picture. I just kept on increasing to make it larger, and finished with a row of single crochet and then a row of crab stitch. I am quite pleased with it now. I originally had 8 rows of garter stitch as a border but the garter stitch was too tight and I didn't much like the look of it anyway. This is the second one I have done in this pattern. the first one was done in mandarin petit cotton, but this one is 100% acrylic and was made from a cone of knitting machine yarn. So nice not to have any ends to deal with. Total weight finished is 317 grams. This is another one for the sale box.

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