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How, when, & where did you learn ❓
Curious to know how Any/All of you learned to knit or crochet & when & where did you learn what type of yarn work you know how to do.??😀
I learned to crochet from a dear, old, patient friend about 5-6 yrs ago by sitting across from her at her kitchen table and tried to mirror her from across the table. What fun. Thank God for patient friends!😊
My first Big Blanket gift is most interesting, I dropped stitches & didn't know it until I was done & my niece must love me to put it on her bed. It's shaped like a one side of a triangular type skirt. If I figure out how to post a pic from my iPhone--- I'd attach it. 🤣
I've come a long way in 5 yrs, I just made a baby blanket with pink binding for a friend's new little Bundle 👶🏻💗of joy. So proud of that one. 🤓 T
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She's packing her case ..............
Himself is off to see his family next week and taking this little Pocket Poppet with him for his great niece. So she's busy packing her case ready for a long flight a life with her new mummy. Spare panties and shoes, can't have enough shoes can you? Poncho and pixie hat for the cold winters, T shirt and pinafore for the hot summers.

To save confusion, this isn't Poppet, it's my new design Pocket Poppet.
Packing her case

Spare panties and shoes

Snuggle down and be ready to surprise her new mummy!

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A lion for Leo
I made this for my gorgeous grandson Leo who lives in Holland. It's a bit big but hopefully will get a photo of him wearing it next winter

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what would you do?
When told that my son was having twins (could have sworn he said girls) I made 2 corner to corners. Since young people have strayed from conventional colors I chose R/H love in papaya. Looks pink in photo but, is supposed to be a reddish orange. Just told this am that sonogram shows a boy and a girl. Would you give and along with care instructions state that the color is papaya; or just start over with different colors?

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Ashton shawlette finally finished
Some of you are aware of the struggles I had with this. Then suddenly, all fell into place and now I'm planning to make Dee O'Keefe's Glenallen Shawl. So here are the pix of the Ashton. I used Knitpicks Pallette Pimento. When I dipped it in the warm water before blocking, it bled like crazy. It ran clean after three rinses.

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I learned a lot of new skills making this...
It may not look like the one in the pattern but I learned such a lot - long tail cast on, cable cast on, button-holes, kitchener stitch and steam blocking acrylic as well as practising by new skill in german short rows. The short row pattern makes really nice fit but I am not quite sure about the horizontal stripes - the colour change works well on the hem though. I have yet to find buttons that will work with all those colours....
What I was aiming for..

What I actually achieved...

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A Quartet of Lydian Cowls a Dee O'Keefe Pattern
I am on a roll with this pattern!!! As you can see, each of these beauties is a slightly different size than
the one shown in the pattern. I took “liberties” since the pattern includes a feature on how to
“customize” your cowl to fit available yardage or desire.
I ended up with a pink, blue, white (blingy) and green cowl each to celebrate a different occasion.
The pink (Ballet Slippers), blue (Robbin’s Egg) and white celebrate Spring and a way to compliment any
dark sweater I have not yet put away. The first two were knitted using Sueno by HiKoo on US 7 needles.
The white subtle blingy cowl is a gift for a friend, it was knitted with Tiara yarn also by
HiKoo on US 7 needles and the yarn was on sale (could not beat that!). The green was the first one I
made in order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I used Atlantic –Tussac yarn by North Light Fibers. All four
cowls are knitted in worsted weight yarn so, here is the bonus!!!! It took me just one day to knit each
cowl, talk about a QUICK KNIT!!!
Here is the link to the pattern:

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Overdyeing commercial yarn
I bought this yarn from Joanns to make my April pair of socks since I have decided to make at least one pair a month. When I started using it, I hated the color! It was black, light grey and dark gray. It really looked ugly when I started knitting with it.
I decided to dye it after seeing several YouTube videos on dyeing wool with food coloring. Sock yarn is not cheap. This is real wool yarn so it worked beautifully. This is almost 400 yds or 100 grams in the two skeins of yarn! I use Wilton blue and purple food color.
I loved the way it turned out!

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Three Little Bunnies ready for Easter
Finished the third bunny I've been working on for Easter. They have been a fun project and I'll miss them when I send them out. Hope you enjoy seeing them all together in their Easter outfits.

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Celtic Myths Shawl
I know a lot of KPers have done this shawl, but here's my take on it. I used Bamboo Pop yarn, which is a 50/50 bamboo/cotton blend in DK weight and very soft. I used size 4 needles even though that's a bit small for a DK yarn. When I first got it home, it felt WAY finer than a normal DK yarn and I didn't feel like I could control it with a larger needle. Since then, I've used the same yarn for other projects with bigger needles, so that feeling was an illusion. I think it came from being the first project on anything smaller than worsted weight yarn I'd done in a while. Overall, I really like the drape of this yarn.


I have one main regret with this, and it's my fault, not that of the design. I wish I'd made it with just one color of yarn. Not only would I have gotten away with 3 balls instead of 4, but I think it would have a bit more stretch without the fair isle ombre-ing I did. Also, going back and forth on the chart caused me a bit of "angst" too, and I have quite a few places where I got my knits and purls mixed up, so my cabling is far from perfect.

All that aside, I really do love my shawl, despite its mistakes. I'm so glad I made it, and it definitely won't be my last. I probably won't do such an ambitious design again, though ;) As beautiful as this is, all the Celtic cabling on the border took absolutely forever, and I didn't find it as enjoyable as the plain stockinette section.

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