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Last item you knitted or crocheted or making now?
It getting closer to xmas and the cooler weather what are you creating for the season? I am in the process of knitting another wine cover for a party. Easy pattern from the Michael's website. 😉
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Janice wearing her wedding shawl
As promised, some pictures of the bride wearing her shawl. It was a warm day in southeast Georgia, and neither the bride nor her attendants wore their shawls for the ceremony, which was held outside, in the sun. But as is normal at this time of year, the shawls came out after dark, when it was much cooler.

It was a beautiful wedding. I've known the bride and groom and many of those in attendance since they were in their early teens. My heart is very full.

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Do I warrant a pat on the back?
Hooray, at the ripe old age of 77, I have mastered the Magic Loop so I have started knitting Lorraine's Christmas Elf. Now if I can just master Japanese short rows so I can finish my duck's feet.
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My first knitting projects
Hi, I am Sarahhorse and these are the scarves and mittens I knitted for my I am working on a vest.

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Beware the snow v .5
I finished this today. Only knitted half of the pattern since I chose to use worsted weight instead of fingering weight. I'm enjoying stranded colorwork.

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Latest hat and fingerless mits
Hat and mitts

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Quick Fix
Our knitting group meets every Monday at Wegman's, a local supermarket that has a nice food court where we sit and knit (and talk). The son of one of the women stopped in with his coworker last week. The coworker had a white cowl that had come undone on the seam but had two facing rows of live stitches. I was working on a project with a circular #9 needle, and I asked if anyone had any white yarn with them. One girl did, so I put the live stitches on each side of my needles (with my project scrunched aside still on the needle). I did a three needle bind off, someone had a tapestry needle, and I wove in the ends. Presto, cowl repaired and a very amazed young lady stood there with her mouth gaping open. I felt like super knitter for sure.
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Hi from Wisconsin
I am 81 years old. Started knitting when about 10, but had a huge hiatus in between. I have been knitting for the last 10 years, but always out of old books and patterns just "laying around". Now, I have started something from a new pattern book and came upon SSP. I have no idea what that means. There is an explanation in the back of the book, but I just can't seem to make it work. Is it the same as knit 2 together?
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Alike--but all different! (C)
I just finished this twin bed sized mitered granny square afghan. All 60 squares have the same 5 colors, but no 2 squares are alike. It will be used to raise funds for a non-profit community choir that I am in. I used the join-as-you-go-method to finish it.

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Some fun questions about color
It's Monday morning here, and I wanted to take a quick poll:

You favorite color
Your least favorite color

And the color that you used to like, but because of a long or difficult project, you no longer want to look at (at least for a little while)

I'll start
My favorite color is pink
My least favorite is yellow (although yellow and blue and white look really nice together, so that proves that there are no "Awful" colors)

The color that I can no longer stand is Hunter Green. I used to love it, but after knitting a whole queen sized blanket out of Red Heart Hunter Green, I can NOT bear to look at that shade.
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