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Finally finished whoo!!
Hi all

This was a long project for me, but taught me some new stitches. I am really a keen knitter, but like a little bit of crochet to mix things up. The pattern is called the Rose of Avalon and is a kit from from Deramores. This is going to be parcelled up and sent to my mother-in-law. I hope she likes it.

Happy weekend everyone.


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Finished long cardi
Just finished this long cardigan for my friend

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More interesting yarn at Hobby Lobby
They must have gotten in a new shipment. Pretty, aren't they?

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A couple pair of mittens
My latest knitting "thing" is stranded mittens. Here are my first two pair.
RÃ¥dyrkalv / Fawn by Jorid Linvik and Snowman Mittens by Erica Mount.
The yarn for both is Cascade 220 Superwash Sport.

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Benedikta No. 2 - my favourite sweater pattern...
I love this pattern - it is so versatile. I am not sure I did it justice but my second one is better than my first - one day I hope to be able to make it in the original Noro Silk Garden Lite which is gorgeous but takes a bit of saving up for. In the mean time IceYarns Rainbow is considerably more accessible.

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Laurelie Shawl
I have knit patterns from this designer before. They are very well written and easy to follow. I enjoy this type of mosaic colorwork; adding lace to it is like icing on the cake! I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Daley and Knit Picks Stroll in Pearlescent Tonal, a little less than one full hank of each. The pattern calls for sizes 4 and 5 needles; however, after swatching, I found that I preferred the fabric I got by using sizes 3 and 4 needles. I was a little concerned that I would wind up with a pretty small shawl, so I took advantage of the yardage I had and knit an extra repeat of the lace, an option the designer suggests in her pattern. If I make another one, I will add an additional repeat of the colorwork, too. I blocked this shawl rather aggressively and am happy with the size.

Thanks for looking!

Before blocking

After blocking

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Can you identify this stitch?
Hi to my KP Family :sm01;

I love the red blanket is the Snuggle Commercial!
Can anyone plz identify the crochet or knit stitch pattern seen on the red blanket on the YouTube " Snuggle Plus SuperFresh Commercial?"
Thanking all of you in advance for sharing!
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Nurmilintu Shawl
Just finished knitting this shawl. It is a free pattern on Ravelry, Nurmilintu, The pattern wasn't difficult & I love the yarn, One Room Fibers, Merino and Silk Fingering yarn. The yarn was gifted to me last Mother's Day by my daughter, who is modeling the shawl for me. Hope you like it!

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I finished my Knit Swirl.
It is too big even though I went down a needle size and shortened the sleeves. I am tempted to keep it big as it feels like being wrapped in a nice warm blanket. But do to my short round stature, it really looks like a dud. Since shrinking it in the dryer would make the drape too stiff, I will frog it in the fall and start over with another pattern from the book. There is one that is more for worsted.

Really, I am sucking my tummy in.

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cooler chemo hats
Good morning, KP'ers.......I have been knitting "winter" chemo hats for the Oncology dept. at Grace Hosp. in Morganton, NC for over two years. Now, the RN has asked if I could knit "cooler" hats for spring/summer patients. Any suggestions? I must state first of all that I do not knit well with cotton yarn--which is probably the 1st choice! I knit dishcloths years ago with cotton yarn....and they never turned out well. I, of course, prefer Acrylic yarn--anyway, I'm open to suggestions.

Also, FYI--I found out that if an organization has a 501C--a store (such as Walmart) is more apt to donate (or discount) yarn for charity projects. I am in the process of doing this--so, at the moment, do not know what will be offered. Anything helps, eh???
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