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Christmas Gift / Ear Flap Hat
My baby sister, who has a wonderful zeal for life, asked me for a Grinch green and white ear flag hat for Christmas. This is what I came up with.

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Ugliest sweater contest at work today...
My baby brother in his ugly sweater, I think he may win the prize!

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Snowman...pattern by Rainbo
This little guy isn't so little. I used a bulky acryllic with size 4 that's a challenge!...also used dp needles! Won't do that again. My little snowman turned into a big little snowman. Even so I think he's kinda cute. I think the painted picture along with him makes a cute winter venue. Hope you think so too. It's a Christmas gift for a wonderful neighbor. Sure hope she likes it.

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Color For 2017
I have just read on the internet that the powers that be have decided that the color for next year is GREEN. So plan ahead now. A word to the wise.
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Christmas Jumper
Christmas Tree Jumper - Finished and Delivered xxxx

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First time projects
Oh, how I struggled with this but NOW I'm so happy with the way it turned out. You'll find the pattern on Ravelry as "Concentric Cables shrug". I titled this as first time because it has been 50 years since I seriously knitted again. Love this site and have found so many great hints. The cowl is crocheted --Craftybegonia's Julia: a New cowl. Happy days to all of you.

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Serenity Socks
Premier Yarns "Serenity" sock yarn is one of the less expensive yarns available , but I find that it has qualities that make it one of the better yarns for warm climate socks. The 25% bamboo rayon adds cool silkiness to the mix, while the 50% superwash merino wool creates insulation and bounce, and the 25% nylon provides strength and durability.

These are color "Surf" and will be sent to my friend Janie in Florida.

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Grinch scarf as inspired here
I was inspired! When I saw the Grinch scarves on KP I just had to knit one—or more.

A large Thank You to Ellemck for posting her Grinch and for answering “how did you color the eyes?” I promised to post a picture of mine when it was done. I hope the picture works. Thanks too to jtkdesigns.

I did quite a bit of fiddling and frogging until I was satisfied. I got a swamp green with sparkles yarn and the rest was from my stash and mystery donated yarn. The white must be angora. One hat is chenille yarn, the child size is shiny red Simply Soft with the body in seed stitch (garter stitch knits less length per yardage and I knitted with my fingers crossed figuratively speaking, completed with just a few inches left!) I made a keyhole on both ends on one scarf, the others I tapered in, knitted a length and increased for the end shape.

Here are some tips and how-I-did-it for any KP friend who also would like to knit the rascally character.

There are a number of basic keyhole (also called bow knot) scarf patterns online. Here are some. A scarf isn’t a fitted garment so the width and length can be flexible. (Try the body length around your own neck, if it’s a bit wide a turn down collar is nice too.) dk weight yarn sport weight sport weight worsted weight, #7 & #9 needles worsted, #7 needles

After a few starts with the Grinch I went online for the shape. I liked this:
I cut the shape from folded paper and kept laying the knitting on the shape, increasing and decreasing to match the shape—well pretty close. I didn’t write down line by line, the yarns were different anyway. On the second end I tapered Santa hat style and added a Grinchy white end.

I don’t like increases and decreases on edge stitches. I made them on the next-to stitches which slightly curled the edges under and nicely contoured the face shape—how fortuitous.

For the mouth, nose and outlining the eyes I used light weight black yarn, laid it on top and sewed it in place by couching with carpet thread. Translation: heavy black thread, needle up from back, over yarn and down, stitches spaced close enough to anchor the yarn from snagging or getting pulled. Pearle embroidery thread would have been nice but it’s hiding somewhere.

The eyes: I cut index card shapes and played a while. If I’d used sticky back paper like file folder labels it would have been better than pinning paper. I worked the outline as above. Last: about those yellow eyes—fabric marking pen. I tried several markers on a swatch. (good I live near a craft store.) The felt tip yellow (Sharpie type) didn’t color the yarn noticeably but the black felt tip marker made the pupils OK. I didn’t like yellow puffy paint at all. The best result was a “bullet tip” fabric marker intended for making dots. It’s thicker, more body. I still had to repeat it more than once.

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Ack my Fair Isle Knitting is Too Tight
Hi everyone! I've been having some issues with a pair of FI mittens I'm knitting for my In-Laws and I've noticed every time I try to do FI, my tension with stockinette suddenly gets really tight. I tend to knit a bit tightly in the first place, but my stockinette is still stretchy even so. Contrarily, my FI stockinette isn't very stretchy at all so I wind up with mittens that are too tight to put on comfortably. This is only the fourth time I've attempted FI so I am not entirely sure what's going on other than I've actually been making the floats loose because I thought that might be it at first.

Here's a mitten I'm working on. It doesn't stretch much more than what's pictured and it takes a lot of effort to stretch it. I tried using larger needles and it just made the fabric wider with still not much stretch. What's pictured is mostly supposed to go over the wrist and it's super hard getting it off when trying it on. The weird part, it looks almost exactly like the pattern's picture. Is there some technique I can try to loosen it up, or different way to do Fair Isle?
The culprit mitten

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pattern for eyelash yarn
Are there any books or patterns for using eyelash yarn? I recently was give quite a bit of several different colors and need patterns for using it other than bears. Send me PI if you know of any.
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