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Some fun questions about color
It's Monday morning here, and I wanted to take a quick poll:

You favorite color
Your least favorite color

And the color that you used to like, but because of a long or difficult project, you no longer want to look at (at least for a little while)

I'll start
My favorite color is pink
My least favorite is yellow (although yellow and blue and white look really nice together, so that proves that there are no "Awful" colors)

The color that I can no longer stand is Hunter Green. I used to love it, but after knitting a whole queen sized blanket out of Red Heart Hunter Green, I can NOT bear to look at that shade.
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Need to be careful what I ask for!
So, someone posted a pic last week of a Jaguar hood ornament (called a Leaper) wearing a sweater. As my husband and I have been shopping for another car for a while, I jokingly texted him the pic, asking him if we could get a Jag so I could knit it a sweater like that one. He replied "sure", I giggled, then forgot about it. He was a bit late getting home that evening, but when he walked in, he said "you need to start knitting."

He found a great deal on a Jag on Craigslist after my text, and bought it on the way home!

Here's what I came up with for it....

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These Pictures Made It All Worth the Effort
My great-nieces just received the mermaid blankets that I made for them and my nephew sent pictures. Seeing the joy on their lovely faces was my greatest reward!

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Wedding beaded shawl
A beaded shawl knitted for my god daughters wedding which took place 18th November 2017

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chiaogoo needles
whats your pros and cons about the chiaogoo needles. thinking about trying them. what info you have would be appreciated.. thank you.
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Hooded capelet
My niece sent me a picture of a crocheted item and asked if I could make one for her. I couldn't find a knitting pattern but found enough info in several different places, and frankensteined it together. So this is what I came up with. I will send it to her this week, I hope she likes it. She is a professional snowboarder in Utah.

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In Pembrokeshire these last few weeks, I knitted this as my son was driving me around. The yarn is James C Brett, nice and soft, I just loved the colorways

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Another Puppy
This is my most recent puppy. I have been enjoying the challenge of creating these. I have another one started which is going to be a trial so wish me luck on it. Hope you enjoy seeing this one.

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Knitting Nancy
I have been unable to knit these last 2 months or so due to arthritis in my hands, I was feeling really down about it as I use knitting as a way to de-stress and unwind. I then remembered my knitting Nancy and thought hmmm I wonder if my hands will allow me to use this so I tried it and happily I was able to use this without hurting my hands, indeed it actually seems to have helped.

I haven't used a Knitting Nancy since I was a teenager (a long time ago) and remembered enjoying it then. Picking it up again brought back lots of memories of nights sat with my gran using it.

This is my 1st creation it was intended to be a coaster however I went slightly wrong in the sewing up and it has ended up turning up so I made a basket instead. I am hoping to make a number of these and sell them with a little gift inside with all proceeds going to charity.

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Not knitting
Here I am again sitting downstairs on my own with no knitting or anything, all because him upstairs says I'm obsessed with knitting. Today I took my cat to the cattery before he was even up, had a quick cup of coffee, then back down town to pay some bills. Got back did the hoovering, made lunch, washed up. Then washed out the cats bowls. Meanwhile he's upstairs on his computer and I'm bored out of my mind. Rant over, sorry
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