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Paradise apples - my latest shawl
Im posting 3 pictures of my latest shawl called Paradise Apples, a paid pattern.
I used 4 x50 gms of Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply and about 200 beads size 6.
I used 3.5 mm needles. I loved the pattern, the centre panel ( i had posted a picture) a few days ago ,was easy but instructions for the rest of the shawl were very frw and with a lot if guess work i managed to finish it.
Thank you for looking.

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Portrait progress part 12. Holy Cow!!! 50 to go!!!!
Just fifty to go. Can't believe I'm almost done. Thank you all for being there every step of the way!😍

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Rosabel Cardigan - finally finished!!
Thanks to all who responded to my questions while making this cardigan. It was my first and may not be the last bottom up! I greatly appreciate all the different tips you sent my way.
Pattern: Rosabel Cardigan - Free pattern
yarn: Deborah Norville Everyday (really nice to work with)
sorry about the pic being sideways, can't figure out how to change it!!!

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De stashing and using up left over yarn
I posted this blanket/Afghan when it was no™t finished yet to get your opinion since my grandson did not think it was a good idea. He still does not like it....he is so funny. This blanket/Afghan is so heavy I had a hard time holding it to do the icord edging. I call it my crazy knit quilt! I posted a close up so you can see the squares detail. This was made mostly with left over and stashed bulky weight yarn. It measures 50 inches by 34 inches. I could have made another row but I wanted to finished it because it was getting to heavy for me to work on it.

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My new Poncho
I groveled about running out of yarn in my last post about this poncho. I wore it Wednesday and I have to say I like how it turned out in the end, even though I had to knit it twice.

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I Love Knitting, But......
Why is the seed stitch SO boring?
I have 100 stitches on for the back of my new sweater.
I have about 16 inches done, and maybe another 12 to go. Arrg.
The front are cables and the back is seed stitch.
It's my own creation so I guess it's my own fault lol.
Ok, rant over.
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Otter Cove by Sarah Hatton.
I have been wanting to make this for a while, and after œdigging in my stash found this Sirdar Click DK in blueberry - yum!

Pretty happy with it. Now to get back to my jumper that just needs sleeves!

Thanks for looking. Sorry pics rubbish

Happy Friday eve :) x

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For my little granddaughter
Hoodie I knitted for my little granddaughter. She is artistic she loves colors

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I'm learning to double-knit.
so much fun, so much time lol, kitchner stitch is a challenge

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Feeling proud
Obviously I am no where near finished but i struggled with this. I am proud of myself for getting this portion finished. Frogged and started again probably five times. Thanks for the suggestions last week when I asked about joining the second ball of yarn. Next step is to pick up stitches on the bottom to begin the skirt.

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