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Thirty-Plus Year WIP Finally Finished
This cardigan was started 30-plus years ago and for some reason was put down with the back about 3/4 done and none of the other pieces started. As you can see, the pattern looks like it was cut from a magazine and then the pieces were copied on an old style copier that allowed ink to smudge and stick to the top page. The acrylic wool-like yarn came from K-mart at $1.07 per skein as the sticker indicates. Finally finished yesterday, it is super bulky. I am glad I waited all these years to finish it as the pattern is more like notes and assumes the knitter is skilled and understands what is being referenced. It took a few years for me to learn those things, maybe about 30 years:).

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3D Christmas Stockings
This is a long story about Poppy, just for a change, with a little bit of Rowan, he's not into knitted things lol!

I was in the middle of designing this package and had the Snowman, Santa and Elf done but was thinking what I could add as a fourth. I had Rowan and Poppy here after school and they saw the three completed stockings. Rowan asked if he could have the Elf. I said of course I'll save him one. I asked Poppy what she would like. In a whisper she said "but grandma you haven't made me one". I said really what would you like? She replied I want a fairy one grandma, with pinky sparkly hair. I promised I'd give it some thought and the next time I picked her up from school I should have something to show her.

The next time they were here I had the fairy ready to sew onto the stocking but as I was busy in the kitchen getting snacks and drinks for them they went into my work room and I could hear Poppy say to Rowan in a loud whisper "Oh look Row Row grandma promised me a fairy with pinky sparkly hair and she did it, just for me, isn't she pretty?" Of course Rowan wasn't that impressed lol But moral of this story if you promise your grandchildren something special to make them happy, do it, the reward is worth it

Here are the 3D Christmas Stockings
Elf and Santa

Poppy's fairy


Complete package

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8AM delivery.
My order from Bendigo Woollen Mills, 10x200g of pure wool. I have been so good and haven’t indulged like this for a long while. Just going to admire it before I decide what I will make.

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Knitted Top
Here is GGD, Lilli-Rae, wearing a top that I made some time ago. She’s just grown into it.

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My first sock!
It’s actually looking like a sock!
I’€™ve always been afraid to try; my mother made socks for her uncle but not after I was born. She did beautiful argyles, her uncle only wore socks she made. Maybe that made me feel overwhelmed? Anyway, I took the plunge this weekend and there are a few “design elements”€ but it actually fits my foot. I can see why so many of you are addicted!

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Advice Please
I found sock yarn on ebay last Christmas or the one before, someone was getting rid of. I was so excited to start using it. It did look thinner than the yarn i usually work with so I went down a needle size to 1.5 and I started knitting. I knit toe up. I'm most of the way thru one foot and the yarn keeps breaking. I'm so discouraged. My usual MO, so to speak, is to not start a new pair until the pair i'm working on are finished. So, this sock is just sitting there and I'm not knitting anything.

Should I scrap these socks with this yarn or bite the bullet and push on thru? On one hand i can't stand working with this yarn but i did buy it and it would be wasteful to not use it but on the other hand if i make the socks and they don't last/fall apart I'll be really upset for having wasted my time.

Thanks for your help fellow KP'ers.
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Harry Potter and friends
Did a little revamping, but here are Harry and friends for my granddaughter

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Red baby cardigan with eyelet hearts
The colour is not quite as eye burning as it appears in the photo, it's the same red that I used for one of the stripes in my last knit. This one is based on Waterwheel 890 again. It's hard to pull myself away from it because I don't need to look at the pattern anymore, it's burned into my brain, lol!

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The scarf that doesnt want to be a sweater...
C2c crochet made up nicely... But.... It stretches. Just not going to work as a sweater. Might be ok with a smaller hook...
But.... the fuzzy yarn hates frogs.
Will just make a scarf. And maybe a knitted triangular shawl.

Oops.. I shoulda put this under photos.

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Well after sitting in my bag for a year, needing only 19 rows, I finally finished it. I used lace from Knit Picks. I may have to reblock it because the points don't seem to be holding their shape. This is another Dee O'Keefe pattern. She has spoiled me for other patterns. They are so beautiful and so easy to follow. Sorry for the bad picture quality.

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