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Knitting's deepest darkest secrets
Okay, decided to confess all my sins:
Patterns are more of a suggestion for me
I use cheap straight needles most of the time
I like acrylic yarn
Have never knit lace
Have tied knots in my knitting
Actually like seaming (don't much like circular knitting)
Have learned how to knit socks (didn't much enjoy it)
Have currently 4 blankets, a cowl, a sweater, two hats, a bathmat, and 2 dishcloths on the needles and tempted to start more projects... don't want to get bored.
Do not understand yarn weights (will probably never understand yarn weights)
Very seldom swatch
Cannot figure out what style I knit.... i just move sticks and string around until fabric forms
Absolutely love knitting and cannot imagine my life without it, even though I do not play by the rules and do not follow the crowd

Okay, let the stoning commence!
(Seriously, do not want to offend anyone, and am not trying to stir, just thought it would be fun to share how we knit and the "big" knitting sins we all commit)
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(sigh) I am almost ashamed to show this
I tried to get creative and use Elsebeth Lavold cables and make a jacket. Now, never having found a pattern that I liked for the jacket I just made it up as I went. It was made a little large so I can wear a wear a heavy shirt underneath for the colder weather. I learned several new increases plus adding a zipper (which did not lay flat as you can see) and I added inside pockets. Thank you everyone who helped with the information on the increases and zipper. I did make a 1898 hat and placed the cable in the front band which I really like. I did make a liner for the inside if the hat and it really turned out great. So here goes and I hope that I can post the pictures.

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Baby blanket
Pattern - Sirdar 3982

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Michael's Yarn Price Increase
I visited my local Michaels the other day and noticed that after their mega yarn sales that the prices went back to regular prices or did they?? For example, the price for Vanna's Choice yarn was priced over $4 a skein. I have never paid that much for her yarn . . . ever. Have I been hibernating in a cave or what?? Over $5 a skein for Red Heart Soft yarn and so on.
As a last thought, it makes sense because everything else has risen in price. Wished my Medicare would keep up.
Sorry everyone for being a downer today. Everyone needs to vent now and then.
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The Omelet Shawl
My friend picked this pattern for her first try at a lace shawl. She became frustrated and handed it over to me to complete. The yarn is Cascade Forest Hills, 51% silk and 49% merino wool. I used a size four needles. I did two repeats of chart B to increase the size of the shawl. You can find the pattern on Ravelry: The bind off described in the pattern doesn't give enough stretch to create the points on the shawl. I K2tog*knit 1, slipped the two stitches from the right needle to the left needle and k2tbl*. Produced a much nicer bind off for blocking.

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Ostrich Plumes Infinity Scarf (K)
This one is going into the Christmas gift stash, I think. No pattern, per se. I just took a lace stitch pattern from one of Barbara Walker's books, gave it an edging and turned it into a giant loop. Details are here.

Thanks for looking!

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Crazy Purple Blanket
My oldest g-daughter loves purple.
So she picked out random colors she loved.
She has asked me every time she's over is it done yet,
Then picks it up and puts it to her cheek, saying I Love It.
She is 5.
I'm so glad it is done.
My kitty thinks it's his.

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birthday present
Thank you Admin for my birthday message it is greatly appreciated.

Well hubby took the day off and we went to a craft shop, walked around, and had lovely lunch. Then we walked across to the wool shop and guess what he bought me.... The normal price per ball is R65.90 and it was on special today for R22.50 a ball - they say its like Aran and its 100g and i got 4 balls Yippieeeee plus plus plus says i never want anything and he thought that since we both have been having a hard time that i deserve it...

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French Blue Top
Hello. Here is one for me! I made it with KitPicks Shine, a cotton/ modal worsted, 8 needles in the round. It worked out to be a good pattern. I made it longer by about 4". Since it is knitted top down, it was fairly easy to modify. It washes well.The pattern site is All Free Knitting.

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Full Sweater set
I am very happy to share this sweater set made for my one year old grandson. I love this design n this is first one I made my own. My mom is very good knitter. I learned from her. How is it.

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