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It's official I am becoming a one trick pony!
I love to knit toys :)
I love to create toy patterns :)
I do however occasionally!
Yep, it's official...and you hear this straight from the horses mouth - ha ha
I am becoming a one trick pony!!
Meet Princess Twilight Sparkle

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Norland hat
This one I finished last night. It tested me out.
It combines the use of cables and stranded work
It is meant to represent the entwining branches of winter trees in the snow at twighlight.

It is called Norrland by Sara Burch

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Needles Confiscated
I just returned from a wonderful trip to Puerto Vallarta. Only problem I had was my addi tips were confiscated at airport leaving PV. Luckily, it was a small project so I could remove tips and tie cables together. When I got home I mentioned that to my yarn shop. Owner said it happens often coming from Mexico and Italy. Other than that trip was wonderful
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Have Been Missing for awhile...
But I haven't been Idle, a few more sets and my new granddaughter Ayla June, Born Dec.


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Different projects
This won't qualify as an "important" post, but I wanted to share with all of you how happy it makes me feel to see the pictures of your work and share in your struggles--from the earliest efforts of new knitters/crocheters to the intricate designs of the "old-timers." While there are times when I wonder why on earth a particular set of colors was used, or imagine how a project might look using a different type of yarn, I rejoice at the efforts and enthusiasm of all you.

In these sometimes sad times, we need to support each other and encourage these fantastic expressions of love. Thanks to each and every one of you.
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My latest afghan
Pretty happy with this one. 🐢

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New Shrug
By way of introducing myself to you, this is a picture of a shrug I just finished. The pattern is Lion Brand Jeans Everyday Shrug, Pattern L7008 (a free pattern). The yarn is Big Twist Value Yarn. The stitch used in the body is the Shell Lace Stitch. Because of the different yarn and the different stitch variations from the pattern, it drapes more and drapes longer than the pattern, but I like that. I just picked up knitting again in 2017 and somehow found this great group of knitters. You all have been such inspiratons to me and I have so enjoyed the many helpful, honest and caring discussions about knitting and about life. Thanks for sharing!

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Shawl completed in January
Garter stitch shawl with stripes and some simple intarsia. I was inspired by something that reminded me of pipes.

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Maggies tam
All of you who say one day you will try fair isle. Check this one out.

My wife maggie is totally blind. She asked me if she could knit one my tams so i said ok. I converted the chart pattern to text in a word document. Sent it to her computer. Her computer reads the document to her and she brailles it out.
The result are in pictures. All i did to help was check for drop sts every now and then.
So close your eyes and have a go.

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The new Americana yarn from Red Heart
I played around with it for a little bit and found I liked the look of the narrow scarf the best. With a matching headband. I cast on 24 sts on sz 7 needles for both. Just in time to support our teams at the 2018 Winter Olympics .

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