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Something for my SIL
Here is a little sweater I whipped up for my sister in law. The pattern is from Classic Elite made with Solstice yarn - 50% wool and 50% organic cotton. A pretty good fit, aye? That's Guinness in the nephew pup.

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Just needs buttons
Finally blocking only been completed for 9 months. As usualy procrastinated with the sewing together and finishing touches. Now to find buttons I remember buying last fall!
Front blocking

Back getting ready to block

Pattern close-up

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My Little Puppy Snickers
My son's girlfriend has been going through some medical issues so to lift her spirits I decided to try to make her a replica of her family's dog whom she misses since she no longer lives at home. This is what I came up with. Wasn't sure what I was doing but think it came out okay. I'll be giving it to her in Saturday.

The real Snickers

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Anyone ever knitted a purse?
I have been unable to find a reasonably priced purse that I like. Walking
Home I wondered if knitted purses were any good. The kind to have
Long straps over your shoulder for hands free shopping.

Would love to see any you have made!
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Little dress with uncurled hem
Thank you so much to everyone who helped me figure this out. The dress turned out cute with little heart buttons on the back of the neck!

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Order finished
Just finished this coat for an order
Made in Aran and for a change put a contrast edge to it :-)
The picture is not the best as I took it on my phone rather than get my proper camera out :-)

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Here is another pattern set done on Lacy Chevron - JP
Put your sunglasses on. Slow but sure, I got another pattern set done. I like how it's popping.

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just sharing ( knitting& crochet ) sl
Art? or waste of yarn?

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Tree of Life Afghan
This is a wedding gift for my nephew. Took a long time to knit, many projects in between, & even ran out of yarn. It was fun to knit with the different pattern stitches etc. Kept me very keen to knit. The border was a pig. I joined as I knit & OMG!!! it felt like it took ages ( really didn't, but felt like it did). I like the finished product but the pattern had some errors.

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Lace sleeved sweatshirt
I saw something similar in a hand knit version, and thought, well that looks pretty easy. NOT! Actually it was fairly easy, but very time consuming and painful. I designed it twice on knit ware, using the tension for the stocking stitch first, and then redoing the tension based on the lace which was quite different. But it worked!!
I ended up doing one of the sleeves 3 times, because for some reason I dropped a bunch of stitches both times- so close to the end of the sleeve(sob). At first I tried to fix them, but could not live with such a visible mistake. I also hooked my sleeve under the lace carriage and my left wrist was stuck for a while until I cut the cuff- good thing it was an old sweatshirt- and no damage to the machine thank gawd!! This lace pattern is not as bad as others can be, in that it only required 2 passes for one row, and 4 passes for the next-so 221 rows of actual knit, meant about 1326 rows in reality! Whew, and do that for two good sleeves and two almost completed bad ones!! One sleeve took most of the day.
I did this on my Brother 940, and I prefer the lace on the Brother, to lace on the 700, because I could isolate the lace easily on the neckline. The 700 would not require so many row passes, but I don't think it would be as easy to isolate the lace, unless it was done by hand.
Anyway, I used a cone of Yeoman Panama cotton acrylic that I picked up at a thrift store - T7 .
Mistake I tried to fix


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