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Pretty new socks (k)
I finished this pair a week ago; the yarn is Felici Limeade from KnitPicks. The yarn is so soft to work with and washes beautifully. I always use sockit2me’s pattern , here on KP.

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Old Shale Shawl---WIP
An update on the shawl in progress for my friend. Her birthday is today, but this is going to be late. I'm not even halfway there, yet, but I love the colors!

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Bottom of Knitted Slippers Question
I just finished knitting some slippers for myself and used Berroco’s Comfort yarn (50% Fine Acrylic; 50% Fine Nylon). The pattern called for holding two strands throughout, which makes the slippers sturdy. My question - is there a need to put anything on the bottom of the slippers (such as a gripper)? Our house has carpet throughout except for the foyer, kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. I wore them this afternoon and didn’t have any slipping; but without a gripper on the bottom, will the slippers wear out faster or does that not matter? Thanks for any guidance.
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OMG, I'm a Winner!
I entered a contest through Interweave last week; they selected winners yesterday, and I won one of the Grand Prizes!

This is an 80 week subscription to Knit & Stitch Creative, with 2 balls of yarn accompanying each issue. I think the idea is to hone your knitting skills through the construction of a throw, featuring various yarns & patterns (and, of course, to promote their subscription service). The Creacraft site offers a glimpse of the finished product and the yarn variety - the squares are reversible, the yarn is in a nice, neutral range. Found no info on the content of the yarn, however.

Also included are a needle holder (plus needles!), a tote bag and access to pattrns and blogs on their site.

Will report more when the first shipment arrives.

This is exciting!

Enjoy your day.
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I've been knitting for about 7 years now and still consider myself a "Advanced Beginner." Over these years I've built up a HUGE stash of yarn and patterns that would be equal to some LYS's.

NOW I'm finding that I've become overwhelmed and can't seem to start anything. Either I can't the right yarn for a project or just feel that a pattern I have is "Just too complicated" to do.

Any suggestions? Where do I go from here??

Thanks in advance...
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Kudos to office!
In March I ordered what I had calculated to be enough yarn plus one extra for a grapghan I am making for my son and his new fiance (I'll post a picture when it's done). As I am nearing the end, I realized I will not make it with the yarn I have. I tried several options to find more of that yarn in the same dye lot (including KP), but no one was able to come to my rescue. I contacted the company from whom I had purchased the yarn originally and explained the situation and practically begged them to see if they had more in the same dye lot. They told me that they cannot guarantee dye lot because they receive new yarn every day. Well, the yarn arrived yesterday and it is the same dye lot! It literally brought me to tears. Someone took the time to look through the yarn to find what I needed. I am so happy and grateful! I sent them a thank you note, but I wish there was a more tangible way to show my appreciation. The best I can do is let all of you know: OFFICESUPPLY.COM IS A COMPANY THAT CARES!!!
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Adult Fairyland Poncho for myself
Happy knitting everyone!

Finally finished working on my new design Adult Fairyland Poncho. It is knitted bottom up with chunky weight yarn. The back, front parts and sleeves are knitted separately. Poncho has a wooden buttons at front for more stylish look and the hood for extra comfort. Because of the modified raglan sleeves this poncho is very comfy to wear. And it is also a great project for those who loves knitting of cables.

The child poncho is in Mary Maxim catalogue now (see the last photo)

P.S. Name of pattern is Adult Fairyland Poncho

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Suffy the Lamb from Suffolk
I’ve got my sister into knitting animals and I think she did very well for her first attempt. Must get her interested in KP. Thank you for looking.

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Be aware of red cotton-mentioned before but worth reminder
I knit my first dish cloth and on purpose I used a discontinued red cotton yarn to see if the color would run (NOT a cheap one-from a pal's stash, made in Italy). Anyway, I've hand washed it at least 5 times, including a vinegar soak and the color STILL runs. Might be worse because it's cotton-but be aware.
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Funny Royal pic
I love our Royals but someone put this on FB and I would like to think that our Queen would be amused as I know she has a sense of humour

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