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Do you remember the first thing you knitted or crocheted?
Mine was a shawl I crocheted when I was 15. I made many daisies on a little gadget, and crocheted them together. It took me all summer, and I was so proud of myself!

I showed it to my boyfriend, and his comment was -- "my mother could have made that in one afternoon!"

He didn't last much longer.

Sixty-one years later, I still wear that wrap on cool evenings.
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Scarlett Rose is here!!
She was born a week ago, I've been just too busy to post a picture, but here she is.
She's a beautiful little doll!!

Two more little outfits I've just finished for her.
The raspberry dress is from Honey Drop Designs, 'Jazz Part 11' is the name of the pattern, I used a cotton yarn. A very well written pattern with lots of photos, the pattern consists of the dress, cardigan, beanie, headband and shoes, excellent value for money, bought on line. I've made many of her patterns and never been disappointed.

The grey coat is from the Love Knitting For Baby magazine May issue. Just need to put a button on it and wash it.

The last photograph is what's on my needles at the moment, a King Cole pattern for a jacket and hat, almost finished, I'll post pictures when it's done.

Happy knitting!

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Icelandic sweater
Ready for winter . . .somewhere

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County fair results
I did pretty well at the fair. A bit disappointed about my blanket--their criticism was that the hexagons didn't all block completely flat, which was true. Oh well. A first world problem for sure!

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Serendipity Autumn Henley
In anticipation of the coming fall season I created this Henley neck pullover. The yarn is Brown Sheep Company's
"Serendipity"...60% Cotton, 40% Wool, color: Steel Blue. This yarn is well named....the blend of cotton and wool creates an unexpected delightfully soft fabric. The buttons are vintage metal from my antique stash.

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First granny square blanket ( starburst granny)
Been knitting since i was 5 taught by my mother , learnt to crochet a few years ago following YouTube tutorials usually making amigurumi animals and dolls.
This was my first attempt at a granny square blanket bought a few balls of the black an used up as much of my left over stash.
join as you go method on the last round also a first

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Pink striped baby cardigan
Here is the pink, girlie version of my striped cardigan. I felt it needed the flowery buttons to make it extra girlie! Thanks in advance for looking.

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Two new shawls
Been busy blocking this week .

Waiting for rain

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My first lovey
My friend's daughter turned one this week and I made her this lovey bunny.

I spent 5 hours nonstop this morning getting her ready for the birthday party.

It was fun - I'll definitely be making another!

Look at her little tail!

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Here is my Even Easier Slipper Pattern
I was posting this under another post, but thought you all might enjoy this version of these simple slippers. I have never had the pattern proofed, so if anyone finds an issue, let me know and I can correct and repost it. Just to give credit, this version is based upon my dear friend Ruth's pattern that was knitted by her Dutch Grandmother every year for Christmas. She got a pair of these and two pair of socks that her and her siblings and cousins wore all year. Their only socks. Different times. She knitted them for everyone as she grew up after her Grandmother was gone. Often pulling late nights to get 20 plus pairs out in time. I was hoping this might bite some of you with the Christmas or Holiday knitting bug. These are such a great project for a new knitter and a mindless romp for the old hands too. I love a wonderful hand made gift. I think it is like a bit of magic in our modern world and shows respect for all those who knitted for almost basic survival. So, last time I tried to share a pattern it was a lot of misery and pain. Maybe this time it will go better. I know there are a million such versions of this slipper, but this one eliminates the every other row purl sts that create folds between the sole and the sides. Turns out no one missed the folds and it actually did not make it fit any better for the hassle of the new knitter to have to count down to the purls. If you knitted these you probably remember what I am prattling on about here. Anyway, enjoy this pattern. You can knit it your way on needles you have. I have a pick of a pair started for my sister's tiny little feet. I like a nice little slipper for the stockings, my siblings still want these for Christmas and I think I have been making them for 45 years. (YIKES). First pair was for my older brother when I was just out of kindergarten and they were a god awful muss. But, over the years, better color choices and no dropped sts. Teach someone to knit this fall... The more of us who knit, the more of us who will buy yarn, the more they will make and the cheaper it will be. So please create some new knitters. XO

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