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Favorite knitting gadget
I know that we all have a ton of stitch markers, scissors, needle gauges, and measuring tapes. Which ones do you feel you can't live without? I'm very fond of my little folding scissors.
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Baby Shower Gift
I made these for my nieces baby shower from a very old book of Disney patterns. She loves hand knit items and I've already given her Ugg booties and hat. I cant wait to start another project for her.

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my great grandma's knitting needles.
I thought you would enjoy seeing these. These knitting needles were made by my great grandpa. A dowl rod, washer, thumb tac and glue.

I think it's so special that I have something that my great grandpa made, and that my great grandma used. I made one project with them so I could say I did then I put them up.

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Knitting bag
I have several - don't we all? But I am looking for the perfect little bag to carry around with my 2AAT socks. I saw one a while ago, but was worried that the yarn might get caught in the zipper. Thoughts? If anyone has a brand that they love, please let me know. Pictures would be especially helpful. TIA.
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I want to cry
Today my LYS announced that they are retiring in October. This is a wonderful shop, warm friendly service and a great selection. Plus, it's only a short drive from my house. Any other decent shop is at least an hour away, but I'm lucky that I do have these other shops fairly close. But I still want to cry.
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Ailsa Lily wearing Nana's knitting!
Here is Nana having her first hold of Ailsa Lily , born 10 weeks early but now 5 weeks old!! Ailsa is wearing a Marianna Mel pattern I knitted for her and it fits perfectly! She now weighs 2kg!!

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Steppe Poncho
I failed miserably knitting this Steppe Poncho by Mary Maxim. I made size medium and it ended up being an extra large. Now to find someone in my family who is larger and taller than I am who would be interested in wearing this. I tried everything to shrink it, i.e. washed in hot water and dried on hot in dryer. Too much acrylic in the yarn. Also yarn is quite stretchy once it is knit up.

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Peeking teds. (K)
I had seen a picture online. But was unable to track down a pattern, so I made up my own.
Version 1 blue sweater with mustard bear.
Not entirely happy with the neckline or the bears paws. I tried to strand the blue behind the mustard but it didn't work too well.

Version 2: lilac and cream.
I really like this one, I rolled small balls of colour, before I started, this time and didn't strand any. Much better. Neckline is improved too.

Only used 3G of Patons fairytale cloud DK for the bear.

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My First Felted Project
My first ever attempt at felting. Based on WollSchnegge pattern Felted Striped Bag, with a few tweaks of my own. I'm pretty happy wit it :P

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Mary Maxim Kit
Just completed a Mary Maxim kit sweater for my grandson. Knit size 4 with Sugar Baby Strip Yarn. Beautiful yarn.

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