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First baby blanket
Novice at intarsia and my first baby blanket made for a friend's baby boy due end of summer.

Thank you for looking 💜 Happy yarn playing everyone 💜

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My Heliotaxis shawl is complete
Finished the Heliotaxis shawl this evening and is now in the blocking stage. 100 % of merino wool was used. I think it turned out well. Need to practice on my nupps though. Took a month to complete, but did not work on it every day. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

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What type of projects do make with Scrape Yarn??
Would love to see and hear what you have done with your scrape yarn! I have done prayer squares, candy cane holders, and premie blankets. 😃
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Finished! Dean's Blanket
For those who asked for a picture of the finished blanket....

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Don't get your skirt caught in the door!
For those who can't leave without announcing it.

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Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Here's my latest BSJ. I used Bernat Softee cake yarn.

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Brioche knitting
I'm working on my first brioche knit project. It's a Nancy Marchant scarf called "Hosta". It's an ongoing challenge but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Has anyone else made this or any other brioche patterns? I want to make her "Winter Birch" scarf next but it also involves double knitting, which I haven't ever done. This project if full of mistakes but I'm posting images anyway. Every mistake has been a learning experience on this journey. I've ripped it out numerous times and finally decided to just keep going as I was worried that I'd become so discouraged doing that, that I'd give it up entirely. I'm using Madelintosh fingering weight yarn although the pattern called for DK yarn. If I'm anything, I'm stubborn and perservering!!

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My little last

I think that you remember of last jumper that I have you showed, there is the mine knitted in COTTON MERINO of DROPS color pistachio

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Grandson's heart surgery
To all those kind people who offered prayers for my 12 year old grandson Isaiah, I would like to let you know that he came through his surgery very well and he is already looking much better
The attached photo was taken in the hospital ward, when a member of both the state and Australian soccer teams came to visit him. Isaiah is a junior player and can't wait to be fit enough to join his team mates later in the season.
Thank you again for all your prayers, you are a wonderful caring group of people.
Best wishes to you all, Maureen

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New Lace Scarf
My daughter is modeling.:)

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