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The Barn Cat Sweater
I just finished the Barn Cat sweater for my 4 year old GD. I had never done intarsia knitting before. Fun to do but oh so many ends to weave in. The pattern is by Bernat ewe Can knit from 1995. It is a purchased pattern.

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Jeans blue, finished
7000+ stitches in the last egde. But now it is done.
Knittet top down, no pattern, in kauni wool.

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Amazing, Amazing purchase
Habitat for Humanity has their half price day once a month. We go there rather frequently...and find things we never knew we wanted. A friend gave me a Toyota knitting machine on Wednesday since she has never used it in 10 years. I am bumbling my way through figuring out how to use it via You Tube as well as clean & oil it. All that being said- I saw this TREE of knitting yarn standing all by itself....looking lonely. I asked the supervisor if we could work a deal & I would buy the whole thing. Being half price day....I got this whole tree of SIXTY TWO yarn cones for $200 !!!!! They are happy to have it gone and I am still giggling like a goofy girl. My DH is still shaking his head.

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Wheaten Wrap by Anne Hanson (k)
My younger DS gifted me a six month subscription to Fiberista. What a wonderful experience! This wrap was made from the first shipment, Brooklyn Tweed Loft. The yarn is a little rustic, softly spun and a dream to knit.

Wheaten is a fun pattern that can be knit fingering or worsted and any size from scarf to large throw. It is both charted and written.

Thanks for stopping by for a look. Your comments are always helpful and I value the feedback.
Bumpy blob before blocking

What a difference blocking makes!!

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Some recent simple knits
I think I was a bit 'socked out' after knitting so many socks to give at Christmas ! I have been working on a few easy knits in the meantime.
Thanks for looking !
Sock yarn baby sweater

Baby cocoon and hat

Baby set

Ponytail hat and cowl

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opinions on first granny square blanket
This is my first attempt at a granny square blanket. I bordered it with a single crochet and it curled a little. Any suggestions on how to stop single crochet from curling. Blanket is made with Crafter's Secret worsted weight acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby.

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It's been a long while since I posted any pictures of my projects
For those of you that were used to me posting regular photos here are I have not stopped knitting just been tied up with sick parents two new babies born just 2 weeks apart and life in general....

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What tempts you most?
What tempts you most to go spend more money and add to your stash of planned projects?

For me, it's receiving a catalogue in the mail. I get stuff on the web all the time, daily, but it rarely turns me on. I don't go regularly to a LYS, as the closest one is not on my "beaten path." But, e.g, this week I got a Webs catalog. Spent a bunch of lovely time going through it looking at the photos and thinking about the patterns and yarn on each page. Sure enough, I just finished placing an order to make a baby cardigan and two sweaters for myself (unless they turn out to be for someone else).

The mail order yarn stores out there need to know that spending money on creating and mailing catalogues is worth it!
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Cable blankets
I just finished these cable blankets for my daughters. They picked the yarn and the patterns.

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New colour
First new colour for 2017.My hand spun wool merino/zwartblis blend. Knits as 4ply (UK). 500gms in 100gm skeins,to add to my stock for the first yarn fair of the year in April. Colour is 'Juniper'

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