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Harlequin Swagger Sweater
I haven't posted anything new in a while so I thought I would share my latest creation and a WIP.

I love this sweater. It is called Harlequin Swagger. The first photo is the pattern picture. The next two are mine. Mine was knit using 2 colors of Madeline Tosh Light, so I change the needle size and the number of stitches from what the pattern called for. I also didn't like the X's on the sleeve so I changed that a bit too. This sweater gets a lot of compliments and is really nice to wear. These are my first mitered square projects. Won't be my last.

I am knitting a second one out of my left over sock yarn odds and ends.



Left Over Sock yarn

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my grandson (4yrs) wants a pink sweater?
I have twin grandsons that are 4 years old and Max asked for a pink sweater with car buttons and his brother Nate would like an Aqua one with buttons. Max has always liked pink; and having an older sister he would wear her outgrown shirts. Last year while visiting me in Florida he chose a pink tidyed shirt with a turtle and his brother chose an aqua one.

Would appreciate any suggestions on how I can full fill his wishes but making it look more boyish. And what yarn would you use. Since I have been taking care of my grandchildren full time for the last 7 years; I haven't done any major knitting except for the ruffle scarfs. I did do more for my granddaughter and than a few hats.

I was hoping to make these top down raglan sweaters while I am in Florida for 3 months than I will go back to RI to resume taking care of my grand kiddies.
Max, Camryn, Nate

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What is your current wip?
Seems like I hardly ever get a project finished before another one is waiting to be started. My current wip project is the first attempt at designing my own Aran style knitting pattern in a plus size range(1X-3X). I am making up as I go, starting from the gauge computations and my measurements. I'm hoping to complete this garment before Spring.

Lessons learned so far: I had to remember to reverse my cable directions from the opposite. LF cables go one way, the opposite direction of the RF. I also am being aware of what is going happening at the side seams as I progress, wanting to eventually join smoothly together. I find it exciting to actually be designing my own sweater, even though I'm not certain this will be the final patterning. I feel the need for some other patterning stitch, like a seed stitch, but maybe I'll incorporate that into the front piece.
My First Sweater Pattern Design

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knitted lace curtain's
I used the Madli's Shawl pattern from Nancy Bush's... Knitted Lace of Estonia
knitted with size 10 crochet cotton.

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One of my favorites
I made this sweater years ago, but I still love it.

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My first completed work this new year ...
Jumper, pants, leg warmers, bobble hat in red attached later and warm to his new home in New York!
Another magnificent pattern by Susan from maryjanestearoom....
How great she is ...

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Little bears..knitted by me courtesy of Susan, maryjanestearoom patterns
All friends together... So addictive to knit.....

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My Beautiful great grand daughter
Adorable little Orlah, six months old wearing the poncho I made for her.

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Little coat/ cardigan K
Here is a picture of what I've been up to recently I wanted the little coat/ cardigan to be lilac but I ran out of yarn which is something I do fairly often , I'm still quite pleased with how it turned out although I now won't be able to knit a hat to go with it , now have to decide what buttons to use .I am definitely going to start making sweaters so I have no problems deciding which buttons to use
The last picture is the back of a shrug I made using the knitting stitch that Lexiemae posted a while back I really like how the stitch pattern knit up and will definitely use it again but I think I will use a thicker yarn maybe dk as the cotton I used knit up fairly loose and the shrug turned out bigger than I was wanting

The coar/ cardigan pattern is called luna-poppy and was free on Ravelry but last time I looked it was no longer available

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Magic Leaves Poncho
I have finally finished this poncho that I started before Christmas for the GD of a friend. I gave it to her yesterday and she loves it. The pattern is by Tatsiana Matsuik and is called Magic Leaves Poncho. Thank you to all of the KP members that came to my assistance when I had some minor problems with the pattern. The designer did a wonderful job on the pattern, it was my interpretation that was the problem. It is available for purchase on Ravelry.

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