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Sweater - After the Rain
Good morning KP's from a wet and chilly Scotland,

This is a Heidi Kirrmaier pattern After the Rain I've just completed for a friend. I dyed the yarn. It's s DK merino silk. I knitted the size M1. The sleeves are 3/4 length. I used just over 1000 yards.

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summer tunic mint
way !
I am finished the big project
Very beautiful, easy tunic mint.

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Is This a Yarn Flaw or Just a Natural Variation?
Because of the different shades and tones of this yarn, I did not notice this lighter row (about 1/3 of the way up from bottom in photo) when knitting. Upon closer inspection it looks like missed dye. I am not going to take the piece apart. Is it troublesome to you? Would you say leave it alone or attempt some type of repair? Would washing it unify the color? Yarn is 75% acrylic and 25% wool. Thank you, KP Friends!

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Sunshine shawl
I call this one "Sunshine." Acrylic yarn that was not doing anything else so...... I decided to knit the 504 King West shawl by Knit Cafe ( but, as usual, needed to add my own spin to things. The original pattern is for 2 solid blocks of color with an added knitted edge in 3 other contrasting colors. Besides the stripes, my edge is single crochet because I was not sure how many rows I could get from the remaining yarn and didn't want to be short on the bind-off.

Close-up of crochet edge --- I do NOT claim to be a crocheter. I just happen to own a few hooks and sometimes try to use them.

"Wrong side."

"Right side"

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large Pineapple doily
I wanted to take a break from writing patterns, so I just let the hook do its thing and I didn't worry about writing. It was refreshing getting to make something just for me. I think I will attach it to a canvas and hang it up.

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Some of my PC Tissue Boxes
I've been working on several of my Christmas PC tissue box covers and thought I would share them to y'all. Tell me which one is your favorite

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Basic T-shirt - no pattern, just knitting
Sometimes, when I see patterns on the internet, I think: why didn't I think of something like that myself? Projects to not have to be complicated to be nice. Some material is suitable for complicated patterns, other materials will do fine for "just plain knitting".

The other day, when visiting a yarn shop and seeing this Katia yarn, it crossed my mind: a plain and easy shirt would look OK.

So I swatched, did some maths, and knitted this shirt, casted on 110 stitches, knitted till I thought I had reached the underarms, casted on 13 extra stitches on each side for short sleeves and an ordinary bind off when I figured I had reached the correct length. Seamed shoulderseams and side seams: and here it is. Piece of cake.

It fits, I like it, it is light to wear, and it matches a lot of my pants. So, one happy knitter here!

One other thing: I always try to seam back and front together as invisible as I can. My mom taught me. I used to give her all my knitwork to put it together, till one day she said: do you have a moment? Why? You come and sit next to my and I'll show you.... LOL... from that day on I am on my own for putting things together....!! I'll try to attach a detailed pic.

There IS a seam here in the middle!

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Flourish by Erica Knight (K)
Hi everyone

This is a pattern by Erica Knight called Flourish from a leaflet called Rowan Spring Collection, free in the Knit Now magazine. I used Cygnet Cottony DK yarn which has a thread with sheen in it. I woul do this again, but would use Rowan Pima Cotton next time , as in the pattern.

I really enjoyed doing this, a bit of lace, poppers and mix of buttons, so many variations you could do. Well off to be washed. Happily fits lovely, will wear with jeans or trousers.

Thanks for looking. :)

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Knit top and hat
Clearly my one-month grand-daughter is not thrilled with the knit top and hat I made for her.
I also made this pattern in larger sizes so it will fit like a dress which she will hopefully like better.
First-time Grandma

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Great grandson has arrived
Just been made a great grandma. Have just posted the hot air balloon toy and romper suit. Hope my granddaughter likes them!

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