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(sigh) I am almost ashamed to show this
I tried to get creative and use Elsebeth Lavold cables and make a jacket. Now, never having found a pattern that I liked for the jacket I just made it up as I went. It was made a little large so I can wear a wear a heavy shirt underneath for the colder weather. I learned several new increases plus adding a zipper (which did not lay flat as you can see) and I added inside pockets. Thank you everyone who helped with the information on the increases and zipper. I did make a 1898 hat and placed the cable in the front band which I really like. I did make a liner for the inside if the hat and it really turned out great. So here goes and I hope that I can post the pictures.

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My Sexy and Wicked Sedona Lace Scarf
Yes, this is Sexy and Wicked alright!!! Sexy is yarn by Buffalo Wool Co ( right here in the U.S.A.) and Wicked is the color I chose for this lovely lace scarf by Selena Miskin. This is a very easy project for any advance beginner who feels ready to try some lace knitting with an easy transition to rows of garter stitch where you can catch your breath and admire the fact that you have just done a lace design! So, here she is!! Enjoy!!
Here is a link to the pattern:

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birthday present
Thank you Admin for my birthday message it is greatly appreciated.

Well hubby took the day off and we went to a craft shop, walked around, and had lovely lunch. Then we walked across to the wool shop and guess what he bought me.... The normal price per ball is R65.90 and it was on special today for R22.50 a ball - they say its like Aran and its 100g and i got 4 balls Yippieeeee plus plus plus says i never want anything and he thought that since we both have been having a hard time that i deserve it...

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Full Sweater set
I am very happy to share this sweater set made for my one year old grandson. I love this design n this is first one I made my own. My mom is very good knitter. I learned from her. How is it.

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Where has all the yarn gone?
I love the Joann's that is 50 miles from my home. We make a day of it when we take a road trip in that direction; lunch, antique place, Walmart, Kmart, Joann's and then Dairy Queen for dessert. But---- on my last visit there was very little yarn at Joann's. One two- sided row! And there were a lot of empty spots along that row. The Walmart had Zero yarn. The other Walmart in the opposite direction from my house also has very little yarn; used to have 2 very full long shelves, now has one almost empty. Next door to that Walmart is Michael's- guess what???? Very little yarn. What is going on?
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Pretty Party Goer Summer Sun Dress.
The Summer Sun Dress is a paid for pattern by Oge Knitwear Designs. I love this darling pattern and it is so well written. I changed the stitch pattern for the skirt. I used the stitch pattern from Pretty Party Goer. It is in Patons Book 972. The 2nd and 3rd photos are the Pretty Party Goer. I chose to put buttons on them instead of lace around the edges and a ribbon tied in the front as is in the pattern. The last photo is a jumper I knitted for beautiful Ivy Rose using the same stitch pattern. I knitted this little dress in Peter Pan D.K. on 4mm needles. Then I knitted little Mary Janes to match on 3.25 needles. 💞

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Yarn vs cats
What is it with cats and yarn? Took the dog and came back in to find my cat rolling my yarn ball around the room.
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Mayuri Shawl
Here are some pictures of my Mayuri Shawl design. Mayuri is a Sanskrit name meaning peacock. And the reason I called it that is because the main pattern that I used for the border is an Estonian peacock stitch which I'd long admired. When I started swatching at the beginning of the design process, I got to thinking about peacocks, and so was reminded of a popular restaurant in the country that my family and I often went to on special occasions when I was young. I just loved the place, mainly because there were several peacocks strutting around in a big rose garden where people would sit and wait for their tables. I'd never seen peacocks "in person" before so it was the coolest thing to be able to watch them while the grownups were having their cocktails. So I realized I needed to add some roses to the shawl, so I found a Shetland eyelet pattern and incorporated it into the body since it looked like little roses stacked on top of each other. Sometimes you just have to go where the inspiration takes you!

The amazing yarn I used is called Baah! LaJolla in the Lilac colorway, and I used about 650 yards of it on US 5 needles. If you can get your hands on some of this yarn, do! I loved working with it. The wingspan on the shawl is about 74" and the depth is 20". The "curls" at the ends are achieved by twirling the tips in the direction of the curl when the shawl is worn.

The pattern can be found on Ravelry:

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baby blanket
I have just finished this baby blanket. It is lovely paid pattern from Oge Knitwear.
i had used 5 ply yarn that was in my stash. we dont know the gender of the baby, so i chose a neutral colour. thank you for looking. now to my lacy stole that is wip!

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Purse for Sabai - pretty chuffed with this one!!
I made this cute purse for Sabai when she decided she didn't want a 'themed' purse like her cousins. I asked her what she wanted seeing she didn't want Elsa or Anna, thinking she would ask for a unicorn. 'I would like a dog bag please', she said. She's in Bangkok and her parents have bought her a toy dog which eats and walks etc.

Anyway, I searched the internet for dogs and looked at hundreds of pictures. I ended up designing this cross between an 'Australian Silky Terrier', a 'Yorkie' and a Westie. Hope you like her and hope Sabai likes her. She's just been to the salon to have a trim!! LOL!! Pattern available soon!

Leanna x
Do you like my tongue?

I feel sooooo groomed now!

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