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What is your opinion on this pattern?
I was searching on Ravelry and saw this? What is your opinion?
Hard Easy, Yes I would knit, No I would not knit?

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Is it just me or.....?
Does this knitted bag look like someone's intestines!!

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What I found at Tuesday Morning
I went to Tuesday Morning last week to look for a beach bag, and I found this treasure! I went crazy and bought 21 skeins, plus three pair of bamboo knitting needles. The cheapest ones were at $1.99, and the most expensive were at $3.99. All of them are wool, or wool blends. I don't know what I'm going to do with them, but I'm sure I'll find something. The funny thing is that I didn't buy the beach bag.

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Murphy's Law has gone too too far this time.
I found a red-white-blue afghan square pattern I like a lot and got my yarn out and began crocheting the first square.
No go, can't understand it; frog. Again, twice I got 5 corners instead 4; frog frog. Then, a bump I can't figure out; frog.
After 6 frogings, I was more determined than ever and began writing the pattern over in my own speak. I got a start!!!

I made French Onion Soup for supper, etc. then and finally sat down to crochet and where's my hook? Everything is on the
table except my hook. I searched everywhere, no luck, and now I'm here whining. 😢 Sorry!
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Cathy's shawl
Cathy who did the beautiful blanket has been at it again and made this shawl this week, I think it is very beautiful. All Cathys work is very well done but I think she pushes herself to get things finished. I hope you like it

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how to know where you are?
is there any way that you can mark your pattern to keep where you are at, when there is a lot of p3 k2 p2 k3 and etc. etc.... I've lost my place so many times.. I'm using my post its but it doesn't always help. anyone out there who knows a good way of keeping tract?
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Can't stop knitting socks
I am doing my sock knitting just to fast and have to slow down and try something else. But here is the latest pair. The pattern is
"Traffic Island socks" by Nicola W. And the yarn is Bis-sock by Biscotte & Cie. I love all of their striped sock yarn. It is a joy to work with and it is so soft. They are in Canada but ordering from them is fast and the shipping is almost the same as in the US.

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My Teddy Bear needs a name
My latest project needs a good name. I'm not sure what to call her/him.
without the bow

with ribbon bow

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Chevron baby blanket
Just love this one I just finished for a young soon-to-be mom in my church. They are keeping the gender a surprise until the birth, but she told me her main color in nursery is a heathery teal, so I hope this works for girl or boy. Pattern is free on Ravelry
I actually made this one two chevrons wider than pattern calls for to make it more square.

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More cute pictures!
This is my newest Grandson, his name is Asher.
The outfits were from the photographer, they were just tooooo cute.

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