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Either skeletons out of the closet OR skeleton crew working on house!

What is your pick? I can't decide

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Sewing Machine Recommendations?
My daughters helped me reclaim my sewing room last weekend, and I’m in the market for a new sewing machine to replace my 37 year old Singer Touch-Tronic 2005. I have the old machine in a standard Singer sewing cabinet, and am hoping to find a replacement machine that will fit in the cabinet.

I am hoping to be able to get a good machine without spending a fortune (up to $400.00). I’d like to have a lot of preset stitch choices, automatic threader and buttonholer, and have a good choice for f accessories available to purchase. I’m sure I’ll be making items for our home, children’s clothes, and maybe do some quilting.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, would you consider purchasing a new sewing machine from Amazon, or would you think it wiser to buy it in a store? Thank you in advance!
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NC State Fair Entries!
I am so excited - I received two first place blue ribbons at the NC State Fair, and one was for my knitted teddy bear! The other one was for a sewn blouse. I also received one second place ribbon (sewn doll) and two third place ribbons (knitted jewelry pouch and a necklace/earring set). I had six entries, and only one did not get a ribbon. My husband also received two ribbons for his two art work (painting) entries-second place and fourth place! A great day at the Fair for both of us-much needed after an extremely challenging year thus far.
1st Place-Candy Bear

1st Place-Blouse with teddy bear design

2nd Place-Sewn doll

3rd Place-Beaded jewelry pouch

3rd Place-Black Onyx & Picture Jasper necklace/earring set

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Church Mouse poncho, Malabrigo yarn
Just finished this poncho for my daughter. She loved the yarn and is very happy with the softness and drape. She job-shares as a hospital social worker and has an 8 month old, so she can breastfeed under it!! And she got lots of compliments at work yesterday while I got to babysit!!
Easy poncho

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Butterfly/Papillion Scarf progress
Just posting my scarf after I have knitted the first third (1/3) of it. Thanks very much to the people that helped me with their suggestions.

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I don't want to make you cry but
When you see a picture of your daughter with her son sleeping on her shoulder, crocheting on a comfy couch, in a corner of her new yarn shop...brings tears of joy. [PS That is a toy cat. We are all allergic so no real kitties in our family]

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Photo of light warm scarf.
Berroco Vintage Yarn. For michaelsmom42

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Another pair of socks
Just finished these tonight and no second sock syndrome this time, like the grey pair of last week which I posted, thank heavens. The yarn is gorgeous to knit with on 2.5mm dpn's and have enough left to make another pair of socks for my grand daughters too. Thank you for looking.

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I’ll admit it
I always thought some people are obsessed with knitting and crocheting. Never thought I was in that realm. Well, today I found myself, knitting and watching a show...and the thing that interested me the most on this show was the shawl one of the ladies was wearing, the color, and the type of yarn. And I had to laugh at myself, as I can’t remember much of the show, but I can describe that knitted shawl very well. Inmediately I started thinking if I have a pattern like that and going in my mind through my stash to use on a shawl like that one. Please tell me that there are more like me in this group. Please, please.
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Teenage daughter delivered 74 preemie hats!
I am so proud of her! She had a color guard event yesterday at a local hospital and had coordinated with the manager of the Labor and Delivery floor to gift them with 74 preemie hats. The hospital is preparing to launch a fundraiser to purchase a machine that keeps babies cool when they are born with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).

Thanks for looking!

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