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Latest Completed Project
I don't generally post pictures of my projects, but thought I would post this one. I so enjoy looking at other people's pictures. Hope you enjoy. There is no pattern. I took a basic top-down raglan and added the lace panel down the front. Sorry for such a large picture. Could not figure out how to make it smaller.

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My Beautiful Grandson
Harrison (Harry) James Baker

5Ibs 11oz (4 Weeks early)

21st June 2018


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My new addiction
I have started playing around with dyeing yarn with Kool aid and Wilton food dye. I'm absolutely addicted. I bought a few sock blanks from Knit Picks when they were on sale. Here's one I did and knitted up one sock to see how it would looked.
(Don't laugh at the upside down ironing board, I don't have a kniddy knoddy yet.)

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Necessity is the mother of invention
I was recently on a two-week bus tour of the National Parks in the southwest US. (GREAT tour, I highly recommend it). Anyway, since we spent hours on the bus, I brought a shawl project with me to knit. Most of the project was a simple stockinette pattern so I was knitting happily along. But then I came to the lace border. Oh oh. A 16 row repeat. I needed to have the pattern in front of my eyes at all times to keep my place. The seats on the bus didn't have trays like a plane does. I didn't bring my magnetic board. I really hadn't thought I would get this far. I didn't really have my full knitting bag with me, only bare minimum to get this project done, but hadn't thought it through enough I guess. So I rummaged around in my purse to see what I could find. I found a couple of safety pins! Okay, I can make this work. I pulled a length of yarn from the out-of-work skein and tied loops in the ends. I fastened these loops to the knobs from the shoulder belts of the seats in front of me. I then put the safety pins through the pattern and hung it up on the line of yarn. Voila!!! Worked like a charm!! I still haven't got the shawl done but am close. But knitting sure made the hours of bus riding a lot more pleasurable.

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Babar, King of the Elephant Realm
Pretty pleased with King Babar. Business outfit and ceremonial robes.

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Dragonfly hatching on our screen this a.m. It sat there for approximately 2 hours waiting for it’s wings to dry, before flying away.

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2 Kala Kittens playing Peek-a-boo!
These Kala Kittens were such a fun knit and are a clever design as they come with a Carry bag that converts to a Kitty Bed when the sides are folded down.

I can visualise little ones loving carrying their Kittens around in the bag - plus many other things in the bag! Lol!

This is another lovely Gypsycream design.

I used King Cole Embrace yarn for the Kittens.

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My latest lot of Comfort Dolls
A few went from my ever growing bag full to our local womens shelter and 4 others to a family moving in to assisted housing, others may go to charities as the need arises and the remaining at the end of the year will go to Samaritans Purse.

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Dang Bunny is done!!!
I finally finished this bunny for GDs graduation to go with her afghan. The ears are knit in the round (which I do not do) but, struggled through. Whew, glad that it is done!!!!! It is a Spud & Chloe free pattern. Have a hoppy day!

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Socks of hemp?
I have just found a ball of STITCH STUDIO Whitman Woods. 100% hemp. Is this a yarn suitable for socks? Anyone tried hemp for durability? I’m assuming it will soften, as does linen, with multiple washings.
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