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Fair Entries 2017
These are some of my ribbons won this year at the Erie County Fair. I entered 13 things, earned nine blue ribbons, 2 red (2nd place) and 2 honorable mention. This is the best I have ever done. I didn't include all of them because I posted them previously. Sorry for so many pictures but I couldn't get all of them in one picture.

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My 4th Hitofude
...Only three female family members to go....

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Craft Fair
This is my booth I set up at the local Cornfest this last weekend. It was a great weekend and a lot of these items have now gone to their forever homes. These are all Gypsycream patterns which I love. Now I need to fire up my needles to replenish my stock for a show the beginning of September.

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This one is for me!
This is Dee O'Keefe's Wilshire Shawl. I used approximately 850 yards of Hand Maiden Fine Yarn: colour is silver, 50% silk/50% wool.

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Yarn Stash
How large is everyone's yarn stash? Mine just recently increased dramatically! The only local yarn store that was close enough to go to by myself, just recently closed. I am so sad about that, but I think I purchased most of everything she had!

How large is everyone's yarn stash?
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DRastic downsizing - request for ideas
HI, long time out of touch.
Since time goes by, I reached the point to downsize my home. No longer will have room for my needlecraft magazines, knitting books and stash of yarn.
After coming to this decision I am looking for some ideas , suggestion or sollutions ..or anything that could help me to find a good home ,or an place my treasures could be valued. As the owner and collector I feel quite attached ,however I know there are others out there who could value my treasures. Please help me with your ideas and suggestions.
The partial list of my stuff includes:
Vogue knitting 1961-2013 total cca 100+
ladies Home Journal & Needle Craft 1970 - 1980 total 20
Good Housekeeping Needle Craft 1969-1981 total 21
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College scarves
My friend's twin daughters are off to college this week -- one to Syracuse University and one to University of Wisconsin. I knitted them each a scarf -- my first time using duplicate stitch.

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Another BSJ finished
I had some leftover Bernat Pops yarn from my previous sweater. Couldn't let it go to waste. Added some colours I had in my stash. Hope to sell this in my craft show in the Fall

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Shoulder shawl and scarf
This yarn for the shawl was clearance priced, but the color was so great to go with an orange dress I have.

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