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My Aoelian Shawl
Started 3/25/218 - CO 2 stitches using provisional crochet cast on using size 4 needle. Did the Set up Chart, then the Yucca Chart 6 times, then Transition Chart, then agave Chart 2 times, then Final Agave Chart. Then Right Edge Chart, then Edge Set Up Chart, then Left Edge Chart. After 28 rows, then continued with Right, Center and Left Edge Chart as set, and working 29-46 of Main Edge Chart in place of Set up Edge Chart. I did not add beads. I did the Nupps. But really had problems purling the nupps.

Started doing the BO with two strands but I did not like how it looked. Way too thick. Frogged back and followed the BO with only a single strand. Finished 5/2/018. Weaved in the ends and blocked it. May need to reblock it as I ran out of matting to stretch it out better.

This is a well written pattern. It is really beautiful and is fairly easy to follow the pattern, especially if you use lots of stitch markers. It worked up beautifully. And it is free! Thank you Elizabeth Freeman for this wonderful pattern!

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What the 'fluff' do we have here ?
What the 'fluff' do we have here ?
Well, erm, I had a request...
The request was from a guy that was eager to receive his knitted item...
For a sport that he is passionate about...
In the style of his pet dog...
So here it is!
A golf club cover in the style of a Golden Retriever!
It will be woofing around the Golf course this weekend :)
PS...He thinks it's ace!!!
Standing proud!

Ears back!

Ears forward!

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Recent finished projects
Not crazy about the neckline of this sweater, but it's still kind of cute. Made with Bernat Baby Softee.
And these are the "Squirrely pants" I made. Had a bit of trouble with the pattern, so modified it a bit. The vest is "the Grampa Vest"

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My Heliotaxis shawl is complete
Finished the Heliotaxis shawl this evening and is now in the blocking stage. 100 % of merino wool was used. I think it turned out well. Need to practice on my nupps though. Took a month to complete, but did not work on it every day. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

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Comfort dolls 5/23/18
Two little comfort dolls for the children. I love to see the joy on the faces of the children!

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Lemon baby cardigan with very easy pattern
I used my trusty 'Waterwheel 890' again as a base for this. The pattern stitch on this knit is the easiest thing you could do - it's mostly stocking stitch over a 12 row repeat. For example on my right front excluding the front band I had 25 stitches to pattern and it went like this:-
I think that's right but it was not written down, you get the idea anyway, I hope!

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The Baby Blanket Dilemma
Many of us, I'm sure, have knit many baby blankets/afghans. I have several go-to patterns that I enjoy knitting due to simplicity and quick-finish nature of the project. As I look around, young families today seem to be using (some hand-made) fleece, gauze, or mini-quilt blankets. I rarely see a hand-knit blanket actually being used. I know my adult-size knit afghans are heavily used, but I'm wondering if I should no longer make hand-knit baby afghans? They are pretty; they are washable; but maybe not so comfortable? Blankets can't be used in cribs due to safety concerns. Maybe I'll move on to toddler-size afghans?
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Knitting Paradise forum digest
May 16th is the last day this has shown up in my email inbox. I changed no setting in my account and emailed admin and have heard nothing back from them. I'm just wondering if it is still going to others' email inbox.
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Helicopter Hat
I enjoy designing and knitting what I call "picture hats". This is my latest....

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I can relate!
Who else does this?

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