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She loves the portrait!!!!
She was very surprised. The whole family was. Said she would cherish it!💗💗😍😍

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what's your crochet name?
good for a chuckle!

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120 of anything is a lot
Finally completed my big project. The first half took a relaxed full year, the second half was rushed and finished in two months. 120 kippot hand-knit with love for granddaughter's upcoming bat mitzvah. I never want to look at another kippah.

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Dress for great granddaughter to be born in July
Dress pattern is Wee Penny. Yarn is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.


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Finally ! Got these socks done !
It's been really slow going as I am still having issues with my right arm/shoulder, but I have finally finished these !
The yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Yarn in the colour 'Snapdragon', another fun knit !
Thanks for looking.

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Pictures of my Afghans
I hope this works had a friend show me what to do.First one is a larks foot pattern for my sister from another mother.Second is for her husband to keep him warm,he is a Trucker.Third,the Hospital gave this to my GS,#1 and it was to small,the grey,white,and black middle so I added the red,black,white and the solid grey between what was crochet & what I did.It was given to GS best Friend after GS's passing.Fourth is for GS #4.The next one is for my D,the 3 flowers are my signature,flowers on the girls and an elephant on the boys.the sixth one is for my #4 GS,as I crocheted kept changing pattern,one of a kind he loves it.The seventh is for my DIL,the trees of life.
The eighth one is made from left-overs have not given this one away yet.The ninth is for my daughter by another daughter's best friend,the colours are burgandy,teal and white,my D wedding colours.
I am waiting on pictures from the other six that I made this last year,will post when I receive them.Have also been working on some other small projects.Have a great day everyone.

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My latest projects
I was sick for a few weeks, which was not good, but look at what I made.
Baby blanket

Baby blanket

Small Afghan

Face cloth

Face cloth

Medium basket

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Mother in laws portrait finished.
Finished it right on time. Giving it to my mother-in-law tomorrow. Very excited. Here is the front and back of it. I did the back in microfiber.

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Impressionist Socks
The color patterning of these socks suggests to me the Impressionist palette of Claude Monet....light and shadow reflecting sky and water. Art for the ankles !!

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This is what our fur babies did.
Hi everyone I hadn't shared with you our loss of our beautiful girl Bess she was 13years old her picture is my avatar we put her to sleep last October she had a very nasty cancer that didn't respond to pain relief. Sadly we decided to let her go to doggie heaven.

We now have two toy poodles named Bonnie and Buddie they are keeping me on my toes this is what they got up to this morning while I had my shower.
Husband was in bed told me later oh I heard them making a noise and then all went quiet maybe I should have checked them 😡
Two and a half hours later my swallowtail wip is all rewound and ready to complete ❗️

Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths ❗️ Got to love them though. 😍

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