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Yarn overload
Trying to cut down on some of my leftover yarn from many other projects. Didn't make much of a dent. Have enough blocks made for a 2nd blanket.

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What are you working on now?
Now that I am done with the green monster sweater for my sister I just started on a sweater in a yarn called Unforgetable by Redheart. It is called "Half Moon Bay Sweater" from This will be my third project from patterns from this site, which is run by the designer by herself. She is very nice to deal with and the patterns are all quite different and creative. The one I am working on has a diagonal knit front and back. Just wondering what the rest of you are working on at the moment.

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Yet another hue shift....
So sorry if I'm boring you all....... Doing something different now though :-) This one is a lot smaller - 42" square, I just did 29 stitches instead of 49 per square.... Baby sized, and pastels this time. They are such a pleasure to do :-)
This is a link to the pattern on Ravelry:

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Finished my baby set!
Thanks to skywatcher33 for posting her Flutter shrug set and the links, I've finished my set! For no one in particular yet, although I do have another grandbaby on the way, sex unknown yet.
This was quick. The booties took a little effort to understand the ruffle part. Now that I got the hang of it, I'm hooked! Bought more yarn to make a few more.

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This Was On Facebook This Morning
I think we can all agree.

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"My Cup of Tea" Socks finished
Love the pattern, free on ravelry, easy to follow. At first I was doing my "m1"'s as invisible increase until I realized it made small "holes" as part of pattern lol
I also added "eye of partridge" heel flap.

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Crocheted Yarn Basket
Watched Mikey on YouTube make a basket. I liked how it had a different yarn inside. Got the pattern and the yarn, but had a terrible time with the directions, so I had to improvise. Basically I only used the number of rounds and the two different colors. The rest of it I just added what I wanted.

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Something New (to me)
A member of the knit group I belong to found undyed sock weight yarn thru Knit Picks. It is woven into a sheet, easy to handle, easy to unravel to wind into a ball, and is enough for a pair of socks. Six of us decided to buy yarn and one adventurous member offered her house for the dying project. We decided to use natural dye. Google natural dyes or go to pioneerwoman for lists of materials and colors. We used blueberries, beets, carrots, clover, turmeric, bamboo, red cabbage, and eucalyptus leaves. We dunked, used sponges to make designs and had a great time.

Now we can't wait to see what the socks look like!
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Double Knitting...My First Attempt
I spent some time with You Tube trying to understand the mechanics of double knitting. You all know how much information is out there. I watched and read enough to realize that rather than jumping into a huge project, which is my usual inclination, perhaps I should start small and do a practice piece. This Pot Holder Frog designed by Karin Knutsdotter is for my daughter. She loves frogs. The yarn is an unknown leftover that felt like cotton.

I didn't correct all my mistakes. Double knitting really brought out the difference in tension between my knit rows and purl rows. Before trying a larger project I plan to do more pot holders to try to improve my tension.

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Crazy 😜 question
I have been knitting for several years. I see in KP all the projects ya'll have completed. My question is this, "How do you become a faster knitter?" I do not seem to be very fast. I become frustrated because it feels like it takes me forever to complete a project. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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