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Roses patterned baby cardigan
had trouble getting this to post

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Taking a Poll About a Possible Name for My Business...
I will be starting a website/blog to sell my knit and crochet items. I have used up most of my "little grey cells" trying to come up with a name.
Actually, it all started when I was trying to find out if there was a knitting guild nearby. Well, the list of unique names of knitting guilds across Canada was a really eye-opening experience! They aren't just called "knitting guild" anymore! I am so out of touch...
Sooo, I began playing with different names, and nothing stuck. So, I took knitting and crocheting down to their most basic level. What makes up a knit stitch?
Well, garter is a basic knit stitch, and so is purl. What is the foundation of crocheting...the chain.

So, as kinky as this sounds, I came up with "Garters, Purls & Chains. Actually, my first name was "Garters, Purls, Stockings, and Chains".

Am I debasing our interests, or do you think fellow crafters will see the humour in the name?
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Imbue shawl - hand spun
Good morning kp's

Hot off the needles. This pattern is called Imbue A tv knit and quick. Can be worn so many ways and its big. This is fibre I dyed and then spun. Super wash merino and its so incredibly soft. Nothing on the needles. Time to hit the dye pots and spinning wheel.

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I finally jumped on the Sock Bandwagon!
After 50+ years of knitting, I just finished my very first pair of socks and have to admit, they're much easier than I ever thought, and feel so wonderful. I made Sockittome's pattern and absolutely love them! Thanks Eric!

Now I'll have to tackle my first pair of mittens, LOL! Never made them either.

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20+ year old afghan
I made this for my little brother while I was pregnant with our oldest son. I started it in 1975 and finished about 18 months later. It was in an afghan book I bought before we married.

Mom never trusted his exes with it (they were nasty housekeepers and would have ruined it). He finally got to take it to his house, lol. This wife is a good one.

He took this photo and sent it to me since I couldn't find my Polaroid photo (taken decades ago).

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Baa-ble cardigan to go with Baa-ble hat K
I finally got round to knitting the baa-ble hat . I downsized it to a baby size 3-6 month then I decided to knit a cardigan to match . I'm happy with how they both turned out . I've only got one problem having a large jar filled with buttons I thought surely I would have buttons to go with it but no such luck .

Here is a link to the baa-ble hat
and for the cardigan I used Marianna Mel s roma pattern and added the sheep

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Marianna Mel's Mittens (k) Raaaaaaaa!!!
My grandson Harry loves Raa Raa the lion. (CBeebies tv programme)
he will need some mittens when Autumn arrives.

I used Marianna Mel's toddler mitten pattern as a base.

thinking about a hat and scarf to complete the set.

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My new pullover
Hi, it's a free pattern. I used knit picks cotton linen.

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Aran Sweater
This is a pic of the beginning of my first Aran sweater. The body is knit all in one, so it seems like it is taking a long time to progress. It is a modification of a Mary Maxim pattern.

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A shawl and a book :)
Hello everyone,

another shawl in blue cotton :) isn't blue the most beautiful colour in the world?

I did it at the beginning of summer but didn't show it as I was busy writing and testing the pattern.
Now everything is done and here I am with a new shawl.

It's called Jagienka.
Who was Jagienka, you could ask!

A beautiful, bright girl, full of life and full of energy. A heroine of Henryk Sienkiewicz's novel called 'the Knights of the Black Cross - Krzyzacy'.
If you don't know the book - look for it and read it!!! (I have checked that it's available on Amazon)
The author is a Nobel prize winner and you may know him for his 'Letters from a Journey to America'
if interested, you can find a lot of information about him in English in Wikipedia

And the book is excellent! I fully recommend it!

The shawl reminds me a lot of past days when women wore this kind of shawls instead of jackets and coats to keep them warm,
and this feeling of moving back in time inspired me when I was choosing the name
Jagienka is a medieval heroine and I'm sure she had this kind of garment!

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