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Beware of Tape Measures!
Just saw this photo on a quilting board, of two tape measures compared side-by-side. Look at the difference! Something to think about when checking gauge ... Ever since I read about the stretchiness (and general unreliablity) of tape measures in an Anne Budd book, I use a metal ruler instead.

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Imposter on your forum
Hello Knitters! Someone kindly notified me that one of your members by the name of Glengirl is using my name, photo and referencing my business that I have worked very hard to build.
I am not sure if this is a real person, or some kind of bot, but they certainly don't represent my values.
Just wanted you all to know! Have a great day!
FYI, I don't knit but, my big Sis rocks it!
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How Do You Count Your Knitted Rows?
I am told there are 2 ways to 'count rows' and both are correct.

You can count knitted rows 'up to' the needle Or you can include the stitches already on the needle as an additional row completed.

I have yet to find a Pattern that instructs which is the more proper way to count rows as it relates to the pattern.

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Swedish weaving
My first attempt at Swedish weaving

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Another autumnal creation. Crocheted sweater.
This sweater is crocheted with variegated yarn in warm colors. It's made in the corner to corner stitch.

I have no pattern, just four rectangular pieces.

I hope you like it!
C2C stitch

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Beachcomber Shawl
I just finished my Beachcomber shawl. My colors have nothing to do with the beach and sky colors used in the pattern, but gd wanted the blues and gray/silver. I love the lace sections. That gives the shawl some pizzazz.

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Knit Like A Latvian
I saw a couple of people posting pictures of their mitts so I purchased the book and gave it a try. I always wanted to try Latvian knitting. I have made 3 pairs.
I wasn’t disappointed until I blocked them. I am not happy and I think I should try again. Do you recommend a blocking tool/hand to shape them?
I just dried them flat.
I also used sock yarn, I don’t know if a different yarn would make a difference.

The end of all 3 doesn’t lie flat, it keeps folding back.

Suggestions please. I did want to give them as gifts ... now I am second guessing that...

(The light blue 3rd pair is my pattern, not from the book)

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Tell my family I'm not the only one
Come on KP tell my family I'm not the only one that does this.
When I need some specific yarn and the site I am purchasing it from charges delivery by the weight. I order other yarn to make the weight up saving on postage costs.
Do you do this?
My family think I'm the only one that does it so it's an excuse to buy more yarn
Tell them it's not true
By the way. They mean it in a funny way they are not being nasty
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Week 42 Cats, 365 day challenge.
Here are this weeks litter, a mixed bunch. Only 10 weeks plus one cat to go. I find that really hard to believe.

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Those Anzac Poppies I posted yesterday
Well I have run out of buttons. I went to Spotlight today and oh boy! They were not cheap! So I thought I would crochet a centre in deep olive green and I think that I actually prefer it. What do you think please? Before I unpick the buttons I 'd like to know what others may think. The colour is also a dark red not the pink colour that my photo depicts either. It is a very simple pattern and makes one up in about 20 minutes.
The fiddly part is the assembly but it is all worth it in the long run.
Thank you again for looking and I am looking forward to some opinions too please.

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