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Winner! Winner!
Last week San Diego enjoyed our county Yarn Crawl. I won a raffle at my LYS, Yarns at Border Leather! I'm so excited, the yarns are just beautiful. The Crawl was so much fun. If you have a yarn crawl in your area, I recommend it.

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My work for the past few months
I have still been knitting the past few months but have been doing projects that take a while to do lol
The cushion covers I made for my daughter who has redecorated her lounge and the baby shawl I have done for my other daughter who is trying for another baby,so thought I'd start making things early so I'm not rushing,especially as it was in 3 ply ;-)
Can't remember if I posted the purple cardigan I did for next doors little girl as well :)

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My auction gift
YarnInspirations had a draw for some free yarn and you had to tell them what you would do with it if you won. I said I would knit an afghan for the Cat Chance auction (TNR program). I won and here is the afghan I made....(like I needed free yarn!)

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A question of colors
I'm currently working on a baby blanket for a baby girl using baby pink and white and wanting to use a third color as well. What color would you suggest ? I've tried pale plum and it doesn't look good.
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Daughter’s vest
Finished this vest for our oldest daughter. It still needs to be blocked but I really like it. The pattern is Residential Vest. The Yarn is knit picks fingering weight gloss, merino wool and silk.

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Final Two Projects of summer 2017
Since March of 2017 I have made 15 shawls and 2 cowls. The two shawls shown are my last for the summer of 2017.

The brown/white one is Lisa Hannes "Stone Layers". The green/blue linen stitch one is called "Noro Woven Stitch Shawl".

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Little pink cardigan
This is one of the rare occasions when I knitted a pattern as it was intended to be knitted! Yes, it's Waterwheel 890 again!

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Socks: finally finished
These are socks I've had on my needles for far too long, since the beginning of March!!! I started them when my mom was in the hospital while I would sit with her, after she passed I put them away and just didn't want to work on them too often. I kept looking at them and saying I need to finish them but it seemed like it took forever. I finally put my mind to them and finished them a couple days ago, now when I wear them I will have a bit of mom with me!!!

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Keeping very busy
Some projects I've been working on.
The Christmas stockings were my attempt to copy a vintage stocking with personalized decoration. No pattern.
The baby blanket was just the use of an open knotted stitch (similar to star stitch) to desired size and crochet edge.
The elephant was from Julie Williams' design on Little Cotton Rabbits, Girl Elephant in Frondy Crock.
And of course, it's Dee O'Keefe's design for the Ashton Shawlette, done in a hand-dyed yarn called Summer Squash, by Deep Dyed Yarns.
Thank you for looking.

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AG doll clothes
Just getting a start on Christmas.....

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