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65 years later, the outfit still looks GREAT!
When my mother was pregnant with me, she knitted this skirt and blouse outfit. The story she always enjoyed telling was that she didn't finish the waistband until "after" I was born. She said she used to knit this throughout her pregnancy and even while in the movies, sitting near the Exit sign to check her work whenever she needed to. Since the pattern made each row repetitive and used only 2 colors per row, she easily memorized the color work. Oh, did I mention the gauge is 7 or 8sts=1". I had many happy years wearing it when I was younger. The outfit now belongs to and is modeled by my sister. I still have the knitting book that has this pattern. Thanks for allowing me to share this memory.

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Do you ever..........?
Do you ever knit faster when you are running out of yarn? I'm knitting g a pair of fingerless mittens from old stash yarn and all I have left to knit is one thumb! I knit the top of the mitt last night while holding my breath. Faster and faster hoping I had enough yarn. Now I'm almost at a stand still with one thumb to go and about two yards of yarn left.

Wish me luck.
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Craft Shows vs. Vendor (direct sales) Shows
My sister and I have sold at craft shows (all handmade items) for several years. Lately there is a growing influx of vendor/direct sales (Luluroe, Tupperware, Paparazzi Jewelry, etc.) at the shows. Overall they tend to be cheaper and flashier than the handmade items. Often they have professional drapes and catalogs. The vendors often have some sales presentation that they repeat over and over and people are drawn to their marketing. For a long time I've thought people wanted quality and would prefer handmade items. Well, slowly the shows have let in more vendors than crafters. Now there is a movement towards all vendors and no handmade items will be allowed. Wow. I am in northern Illinois and wonder if this is a local trend or are we going to a machine-made world?
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Motivated by a fellow Kp’er
Made this today, pretty pleased with it.

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Miss Grace Pink Scarf
DONE!!!! Swapped the garter stitch out for stockinette stitch to show the color better.
Miss Grace Scarf
Red heart panther pink and red heart black

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Christmas Angels
Knitted Angel gifts & dishcloth bundles..
These are the gifts for the ladies that came to my afternoon Christmas Tea12/10. Tree & table empty now!! Had 30 for Tea & goodies...

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Monogram blanket, jacket, bonnet, dress, bloomers and Mary Janes layette!
I am so happy with this set!

It is for my best friend's daughter. She has 3 boys and now has been blessed with a baby girl named Cora. She likes vintage style clothes, so that is why I chose those colors. They are so very feminine.

Thanks for looking. Have a blessed day.
Dress, back side of ruffle bloomers, Mary Janes


Jacket and Bonnet

C2C Monogram Blanket

Graph used for C2C

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Knitting for dogs
They love it?

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It only took 18 Months to knit husband's socks
He keeps telling me it was because they were for him, because he's just the husband. But they are finally done. I don't know if it was the yarn, or what, but they did seem to take forever.

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Felted Tote (K)
The tote is my second felting project. I knit this for a good friend. I originally purchased blue leather handles at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool for this tote but decided against using them. The handles were purchased from Bittersweet Baskets & Handles. The pattern was free with the purchase of the handles. I came up with the handle design that I used for this bag after knitting the bag. I knit a rectangle and then from that I knit three Icord ropes ad braided them ending with a rectangle. I also added the flap after the bag was completed. I wanted to be able to close the tote. I felted by hand then felted again in my washer. The felting process took three separate washings to felt the way I wanted. I did one last toss in the washer after adding the handle and flap in hopes of felting the X’s. The fabric is for the lining not to be done by me, but someone else. I also ordered feet for the bottom of the tote. They have not arrived to date. I am pleased with the final result. I am currently crocheting a mitered square bag to be felted and I plan to use the leather handles.

ETA forgot to tell you I used Patons Classic Wool, worsted.

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