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yarn love
today I celebrated my 80th birthday and it brought to mind a very happy m
bunch of memories years ago I met a young lassie on kp digest after seeing she was from a home town I had left many eons ago eventually after many exchanged emails And my husband passing I went home for a time to meet her and bonds bigger than blood hold us together last year she threw a surprise birthday for me and has always loving messages so grow well kp digest knowing your yarn holds many people together
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Opinion please
I’m almost to the buttonholes on this BSJ and am convinced it looks very girlish. Am I wrong? When I make buttonholes,I only made them on the correct side for the gender.

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What a hoot!
A good neighbour asked if I could make her an owl doorstop. I searched and searched but couldn't find a knitting pattern I liked, so my owl is completely my own creation. A very enjoyable knit and I'm a bit sad to see him go!

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Had to Pay Duty! Yikes!!!
I ordered some Addi FlexiFlips, for myself and to give as gifts. The supplier was in the US. They were back ordered, no worries, but when the parcel arrived today I had to pick it up at the (Canadian) PO and pay $30 duty on the $128 US price.
Maybe the secret is to keep the value under CAD $100...I don't know. It was a surprise.
Now I get to try them out, yay.
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Small cats. K
Many of you know and support my challenge to make a cat a day for a year using the Beans the cat pattern and DK yarn.
I was looking for something today and came across a bag of DMC no 4 cotton I was given some years ago. There are about 150 of them in various colours, no really bright ones though.
I decided to see what it would look like if I used the same cat pattern but knitted on smaller needles. One skein just did the bottom half and there was a small amount left from the second skein.

The photo shows the larger ones I am doing daily and the two cotton ones.

Might be a project for next year, what do you think?

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I very very busy with my babies everyday and even have less time to sleep. While I still love knitting so much.
Now my second baby is 8 month old. And recently I design a bonnet and name after him. It is my first time to design something for baby. I am quite satisfied with it. Now pics come~~

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Mermaid Blanket - Original (k)
This is for my granddaughter.

I made notes as I went along, but there is no pattern.

Being of short attention span, I didn’t want this to take twenty years so I used a size 13 circular needle with worsted weight yarn held double. I used one strand Hobby Lobby Sugarwheel (in Saturday Sundae colorway), held together with a strand of encore worsted. I had the encore in my stash in colors that closely matched those in the Sugarwheel, and the Sugarwheel was 30% off so I brought this baby in at $9.98.

The fact that I just happened to have matching yarn in five different shades might make a sane person wonder if perhaps my stash is a wee bit out of control. I, on the other hand am of the school that one simply cannot have either too much wine, or too much yarn. I used about 1 2/3 skeins of Sugarwheel and about half each of the five complimentary skeins of Encore. I’m not at liberty to say how much wine was involved.

I measured this for a three year old. It’s a very good thing that I am not an architect or carpenter because it came out well, a bit big. I have a sneaking feeling that my granddaughter won’t be out-growing this prior to graduation (high school graduation, not kindergarten). I wonder if I can present this as a “mermaid sleeping bag” with a straight face.
Blanket before tail attached

The tail

Tail attached

Sugarwheel yarn

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I have received quite a lot of requests to make a pattern for these. Most of the people requesting them said they couldn't do Aran knitting, and could I make something a bit easier. So this is what I came up with. No pattern yet.

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What is on my table right now
New crochet squares on my table now.
Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

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Shades of Green
This is my latest Kep. I used three different shades of green and a yellow yarn. Thus the title. I love knitting keps and now creating my own designs from the many different motifs out there. Working up my courage to knit with three colors in the same row.

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