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how to secure buttons on baby sweater?
Haven't knitted apparel in a long time (have been knitting and crocheting toys and dolls), but now I'm making baby things.

Am finishing a baby cardigan (Rowan Jill pattern photo below) and wonder what your recommended way of securing buttons might be?
Sew with yarn or thread?
Sew through a reinforcement on the reverse (i.e. felt of fabric)?
Other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

PS - don't you like the basketweave pockets?

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Photo shoot in the garden for Earth Day
Happy Earth Day photo shoot featuring Jerry the Berry Bee and the Globe !

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Next portrait.
My next portrait will be for a dear friend who's mom passed away . I hope this one comes out as well as the others. The challenge of the glasses on her face will be interesting.

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Grey and white baby cardigan
I used the yarn that was left over from my last 2 knits to make this little cardigan so it cost me nothing! I used Waterwheel 890 again as a base omitting the pattern stitch from it.

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This week laprobe
Only able to do one this week😏

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Ollie Owl
Introducing Ollie. I bought the kit from Twilleys of Stamford. The designer is the awesome linnypin who also designed Percy Penguin.
However, even though my tension was correct and I kept the cast on and off tails very short, I still did not have enough brown yarn to finish Ollie's hat. There was lots of white yarn left over but they were pretty stingy with the brown.I did write to Twilleys and explained that to them and suggested perhaps they add an extra two yards of brown yarn to the kit but never heard back from them....yet.
Anyway, I love Ollie and now am going to knit Percy !

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Anybody here like Beige?
I am currently working my way through stash (Isn't everybody?) I have some ugly beige cotton yarn, that I don't even know where it came from, but waste not, want not, so am using it for dishcloths. These will not be my favorite cloths, they lack the zing of my blue and white scrubby, and my hot pink microfiber cloths may not even want to share the same drawer with them. Beige is such an ugly color, drab, colorless actually. Anybody here like the color? Anybody willing to stick up for my much maligned dishcloths???
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I have two great.grands five days apart. So I have to make two of everything.
Got to keep every one happy. I have hidden the button on the purple one.
These allow for growth so they can be worn for some time. I first made this
For my daughter 65 years ago, and all children in between.

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My last sweat
My last sweat is knitted in silk 100 % of BDF. I have it without doing model according to my inspiration

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Just sharing Knitting Sl

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