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Finally Done Sister's Afghan
I finally finished this blanket for my sister. It came out a "little" bit larger than I had planned. This pic shows it covering my Queen size bed.

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Knit Little Lovey Bunny
I used my Little Loveys-Set 1 pattern to make this Bunny Lovey for my new great niece. Looking forward to meeting her very soon!
I already sent her a Baby Lamb.

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Just keep making those
Just finish it yesterday . Just love to make this C2C stitch . Anybody want this pattern go to pinterest and its free. Thank you for looking .

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Not another BSJ - but it is DB!
A double breasted BSJ in DK odds and ends.What more can I say?

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What project next...
How do you decide which project to do it the yarn in your stash or the pattern you see....or orders?
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Racoon Cub
Look what I found in my corn stalks this morning. 😊

I had a request for a racoon and just finished it. I think he came out pretty cute. Hope you enjoy seeing him.

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Sock it to me - you're a HERO!!!
Thanks so much for the wonderful "circle sock" pattern you gave me!! I'm never, ever doing another kind of toe again.
You gave me back the joy in knitting socks - that Kitchener stitch gave me the willies!!
Thanks again

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Sisters Sweater
I finished my sisters sweater.
What do you think?
Lion Brand Pound of love about 1 1/4 skeins.
Size 8 US needles

Pattern Red Moss Pullover
Magazine Love of Knitting Fall 2017

I just need to wash it. 100% Acrylic.

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Ergonomic crochet hooks
Wondering about your experiences with the very expensive (Addi) vs medium (Tulip) vs inexpensive (Clover), to give just one example in each category of so-called ergonomic crochet hooks. I got a cheapie to try and it's wonderfully comfortable for arthritic hands. But I notice in the course of one project that the rubbery covering slips down the shaft and I have to keep pounding it back in place. Has anyone used any of these a long enough time to be able to recommend? Thank you.
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persian tiles
crochet gifted to daughter

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