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Is it Just Me or Are Others Like This?
I went to bed last night with a plan for today to clean the house. It's now 10am, haven't done any cleaning, and I'm about ready to sit down and knit. It seems that's all I want to do. Am I crazy or what? Of course, my DH told me years ago that one way to make God laugh is to tell him that you have a plan!
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I was looking for something a bit quirky to make
This might be a little more than "a bit" of quirk however

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Happy wife, happy life
It's a wrap. Just finished this for my wife who often complains of the cold on her shoulders when we are at places where the A/C is blowing on us.

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Tropical baby blanket - knit, work in progress
Work in progress: a new pattern for a lacy baby blanket, tropical weight cotton. I guess it doesn't show up very well pre-blocking, but those are supposed to be palm trees and coconuts ...Pondering whether to call it Jungle Story, or just Coconuts? Suggestions welcome.

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Afghan done
This was a little bit of a challenge finding the right pattern and the right color for this afghan. My son is moving to a new house and I said I will knit him an afghan. He wanted in gray color. I finally found this pattern on Pinterest and wouldn't you know it was in gray too what a coincidence!
Started in March and just finished now and he is moving next week perfect timing.
The pattern is very tedious and boring maybe because of the gray color? Knitted some pot holders in between.
After knitting about 5 inches it looked like I made a mistake but I decided not to frog it and I continued. I am glad I did. I noticed while laying to dry that this is the pattern it is on both ends. Not sure you can see it in the picture.
I used about 5 skeins of Bernat super value
426 yards each still have some left.
It is 65 long and 42 wide I should have made it wider probably? I am very happy with it now.
Thanks for watching.

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Hot off my needles
I bought some beautiful yarn at Vogue Knitting Live in Las Vegas earlier this year. I could not find a single pattern I loved for it. So I got the crazy idea of combining 2 of Dee's patters. So the top half is a Holbrook and the bottom border is the border from her Beckley. I was very pleased with how it turned out and will block it this afternoon. I only hope Dee O.Keefe will forgive me for running amok with her patterns! I will post the blocked shawl once it's dry!!

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Have a Good Laugh at My Cat (K)
My niece is expecting her second child and I made her a baby blanket. At the last minute I decided that I should also make something for her two year old son so he didn't feel left out. I found a fairly easy striped kitty pattern and had enough gray and white yarn to make him. My husband doesn't pay any attention to what I am making but when the project is finished, I hold it up for him to see. When I showed him the finished kitty, he said, "You made a Convict Cat??" We had a good laugh and my niece, sister, nephew and his wife all thought it was hysterical, too. The two year old loves the Convict Cat. He tosses it on the floor and cuddles it when he watches TV. Since I was in a hurry, the mouth isn't quite right, but I didn't have time to fix it. Oh well. The little boy loves it, and that is what matters most--I wasn't going to enter it into the fair

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Candy Apple Red Raglan
This raglan pullover was knit in the round, top down on U.S. #7 needles. The yarn is Brown Sheep Company Cotton Fleece (80%cotton,20%merino) Color: "Candy Apple Red."
The accent stripes in the yoke are two rounds of purling.

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Afghan to show at fair
I have a few items to show at our little fair. This is one of my favorite patterns.

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Two Knitted Tams
Been off the radar lately due to problems with my knee. However I have knitted plenty of Tams here are two of them. We have joined a Spinners and weavers group so I am keen to get some naturally spun wool to knit with.

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