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It is fair isle, finished and fits
What more can I ask for. . . Oh yeah cold weather.

There was no pattern available to make this sweater so I graphed the design and took 3 or 4 of Drops patterns that had some of the features I wanted and just meshed them all together. I did not make any notes to share.

The Ravely pattern that I copied

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Finished a WIP - Blanket
Found this with all my notes in a tote with the half finished piece and the yarn while cleaning and organizing my yarn closet!! I finished it in 3 days :)

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Gypsycream's Little Lamb (MzBarnz)
My new DIL loves sheep, so my granddaughter suggested I make her a sweet little lamb for her birthday. Yes! And I know just which pattern to use! This is from Gypsycream's Toys From The Toybox series and I used a new yarn (well, new to me) called Bernat Baby Blanket Tiny. It's very soft. I added a little bell to lambie in case he gets lost in his new big house so he can be found before he gets too scared. I think she'll like him.

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Off The Needles
Love top downs because there's so little sewing.

The forest green was requested and since it's going to be a little boy....I added football buttons.

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More of Mummsy's Snucker Rugs
Heirlooms in the making
My 2nd CAL, "The Rose of Avalon"

The Rose of Avalon, small squares

The Rose of Avalon, large square

Mel's 21st, The White Snucker Rug

Mel's white rug.

Mel's white rug 2.

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Barrel load; cart load; tribe or troup?
Collective noun for monkeys? I think I prefer my own, "at chatter of monkeys" lol! This is Midi Monkey, I've already created Maxee and Mini so thought a Midi was called for. Slightly different approach to this monkey is that I researched how to add poly pellet weights to his bottom to enable him to sit nicely on a shelf. Worked a treat!

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Whipped Cream dress
I made my dress in ecru and did not do the sleeves, just a little frill. I am debating about tiny roses on the waist, or ribbon?? Another wip finished, yahoo! I think I will make a hat to match and this will go for sale in our Market in Oct.

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Sock needles
What size needle do you prefer for socks using sock yarn weight?
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Quick baby knits

Been a bit busy and enjoying knitting tiny again and using up odd bits of yarn.

These have been made for our son's friends and our extended family's babies.

Thank you for looking. 💜
Buttons to be added once we know what the baby is.

For a baby boy due next month.

Baby girl's pressie, born yesterday.

Very quick knit to go with the green cardi pressie.

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Here's what I've been up to
Going north for a month in Sept. Have to bring gifts for our friends. Shark & Nemo are for to of our friends grandsons. Same friend is expecting a new granddaughter in Sept. so the receiving blankets are for her. Socks are Christmas gifts, still have 4 more pair to knit. Doll and Lady bug back pack are for another friends granddaughters. All our grandchildren are grown not Great Grandchildren yet. So I enjoy making things for friends grandchildren who are still young. Can't wait to give then their gifts.

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