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This is where we talk about anything related to knitting or crochet.
Topics: 96540
Posts: 2106314
Subscribed users: 163210
User-Submitted How-tos, Patterns, Tutorials
Educational knitting and crochet material uploaded by users.
Topics: 1192
Posts: 41023
Subscribed users: 162843
This section is for knitting-related pictures. Show off your work here :)
Topics: 76431
Posts: 2998591
Subscribed users: 162661
Machine Knitting
Discussions about knitting machines and machine knitting techniques.
Topics: 9867
Posts: 147532
Subscribed users: 157883
Introduce Yourself
New to the forum? Jump in, say hello, and introduce yourself here.
Topics: 20835
Posts: 487237
Subscribed users: 160957
General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
A place to talk about anything (discussions and pictures not related to knitting).
Topics: 95282
Posts: 2619895
Subscribed users: 161096
Swaps, KALs, Periodicals, Group Activities
Discussions, pictures, and questions related to user-organized swaps, recurring topics, and other group activities.
Topics: 7392
Posts: 482245
Subscribed users: 160900
Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions
This section is for topics about offline events, meetups, get-togethers, and other announcements used for coordinating activities tied to specific locations.
Topics: 4621
Posts: 35832
Subscribed users: 160512
Members Buy/Sell/Trade -- Classifieds
Post something you have to offer or something you are looking for.
Topics: 32035
Posts: 114869
Subscribed users: 161036
Links and Resources
Got a link to a knitting resource others might find interesting? Post it here. Also references to sales/coupons go into this section.
Topics: 41969
Posts: 357018
Subscribed users: 162439
Pattern Requests
If you are looking for a specific pattern, then post a request in this section. Someone might know where to find it.
Topics: 28755
Posts: 233930
Subscribed users: 162350
Other Crafts
This section is for discussions and pictures related to crafts other than knitting and crochet. If you want to talk about sewing, felting, embroidery, cross stitch, etc. please post here.
Topics: 5589
Posts: 129006
Subscribed users: 162040
The Attic
Where we put stuff we don't want our guests to see. Complaints and rants about topics moved to The Attic will also be moved to The Attic.
Topics: 1792
Posts: 239099
Subscribed users: 1668
Loom Knitting
A place to talk about loom knitting techniques and patterns. Managed by Moon Loomer.
Topics: 584
Posts: 6033
Subscribed users: 1604
Resort Group Continuing Chat
A place for the Resort chat group to share our daily lives, and love of all things yarnly. This is a continuation of an ongoing chat group. Managed by Barbara Ann.
Topics: 16
Posts: 14309
Subscribed users: 699
Game Cafe
A place to play word games, solve puzzles, mysteries, or any "post and answer game" you know - most of all a fun place to hang out. Games ONLY need apply as well as all KP rules. I will be your friendly, jolly host so you can count on me to keep the games going and the brain juices flowing, however anyone can start a game of their choice. Managed by Dusti.
Topics: 25
Posts: 291
Subscribed users: 1103
Progessive Womens' Forum
Political Discussion. Managed by LillyK.
Topics: 58
Posts: 2949
Subscribed users: 636
Knitting and Crochet Workshops with designer1234
In this section we will work together to learn how to do different knitting and crochet projects - KP members will be asked to lead free workshops on different subjects of interest to the members. Managed by Designer1234, prismaticr.
Topics: 80
Posts: 18193
Subscribed users: 4283
Encouraging Words
An Inspiritational Message to uplift and encourage each other. Managed by CamillaDesertMouse.
Topics: 179
Posts: 560
Subscribed users: 803
Designer's Pattern Shop
A place to see the latest and newest designs from KP's own designers, with links to purchase patterns. Managed by StellasKnits.
Topics: 1971
Posts: 31191
Subscribed users: 162636
Happy Thoughts R Us
To join together in keeping a Happy Thoughts Journal for 2013. To show support for each other if we get off track and give ideas on what happy things to look for during the year. Managed by Mz Molly.
Topics: 21
Posts: 792
Subscribed users: 535
Gone To The Dogs
Thread where dog owners talk abt and ask questions concerning their dogs with sub-categories such as Vet Care, Rainbow Bridge-Saying Goodbye, etc. There are 9 sub-categories to be added for discussion, pics and questions. Managed by kittyknit, Mz Molly.
Topics: 169
Posts: 2131
Subscribed users: 765
Book Club Discussion Group
A great opportunity for you to recommend at any time your favourite authors and books, see what other KP members say about their favourites and join in discussions about books we're reading.
Topics: 4
Posts: 1851
Subscribed users: 1089
Paradise Recipes
This is a recipe only site for anyone to post pictures and share recipes from around the world. Bon Appetite! Managed by CamillaDesertMouse.
Topics: 1887
Posts: 6846
Subscribed users: 1595
Dolls and Teddies
This is a section for dolls and teddies to show off your dolls of all kinds old antique and new dolls also for you teddies The clothes you make for them and how you made them it will be a nice place to talk about how long you have had them as well. Managed by vera M.
Topics: 134
Posts: 999
Subscribed users: 646
Circular Sock Machines
Discussions covering Circular Sock Machines, also referred to as CSM's and Circular Knitting Machines to include all makes and models that area currently in use and expand to cover any new models that are developed in the future. Managed by Bpcrafty
Topics: 27
Posts: 165
Subscribed users: 188
Lets Talk Spinning, Weaving And Dyeing
A place to chat, post pictures and learn all things spinning weaving and dyeing. Managed by mama879.
Topics: 497
Posts: 6910
Subscribed users: 518
Historical Fiber Arts
Living history fiber arts discussion and display. Managed by Cheryl Straub.
Topics: 3
Posts: 67
Subscribed users: 90
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