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doing a c2c pattern
i am doing my first c2c pattern how do you tell the front from the back if anyone can help i would be great full
thank you jan
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Decision: I bought 12-inch straight needles
Thank you to everyone who replied about buying 12- or 14-inch straight needles for my knitting student. My big decision was to buy 12-inchers because they'll fit in the plastic Stanley toolbox she uses as her knitting basket, as I do. The 14-inch needles are too long to fit in the tray.

I ordered my favorites, which are KnitPro Cubics in slick brass that I buy from an online source located in the United Kingdom. Although I live in Southern California, I find that mail delivery from the U.K. is just as fast as from the East or Midwest. My new knitter has been using mine and enjoys them very much.

Right now, my student is working on knitting her stitches evenly. At this stage, she feels she has better control with straights instead of circulars. I'm going to keep working on that by letting her see me knit on my interchangeable circulars every time we knit together. In my collection, I have Addi Turbos, Pony, Clover, and ChiaoGoo, but my personal favorites are my metal KnitPro Cubics. I have complete sets of both their regular length tips and shorties for knitting hats.

I'll eventually get my student converted to circulars for most of her knitting projects, but for this stage in her knitting career, getting her started on straights, with which she feels more comfortable, is fine with me.
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Ribbing in the round
There must be a trick for this but I don't know it. When knitting in the round, finishing with ribbing, how do you calculate how to make the ribbing come out right? I know if I am doing a 2x2 rib, I need even numbers of stitches. But how do you calculate it so you don't end with 2 knits and 2 knits next to each other? Is there a formula? It's probably something very obvious, but I haven't figured it out.
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The new Americana yarn from Red Heart
I played around with it for a little bit and found I liked the look of the narrow scarf the best. With a matching headband. I cast on 24 sts on sz 7 needles for both. Just in time to support our teams at the 2018 Winter Olympics .

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"Cornelia" by Helen Stubbings quilted by Tracey Browning
Over 700 Hexagons

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Pig square
To the left their piece to the right my piece what u think not bad eh xxxx woohoo think it’s turned out not to bad for a first try now to make square bigger xxxx

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Knitting or crochet funnies...from Facebook
Wish I'd found more...I love them!

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Have Been Missing for awhile...
But I haven't been Idle, a few more sets and my new granddaughter Ayla June, Born Dec.


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Machine knitting seminar Saturday May 5, 2018 Broomfield, Colorado
Generic Knitters is hosting Carol Wurst for a one day seminar (9:00 to 4:00) on Saturday May 5, 2018.

The demonstration will be at the Calvary Church, 12700 N. Sheridan Blvd., Broomfield, CO. A potluck lunch is provided by the members of Generic Knitters.

The guest fee is $40. If you are interested, please send me a private message and I will send you the contact information for the seminar coordinator. You can also send a private message to GrammaAnn another user here.

Reservations are on a first come first serve basis and payment is required for a reservation to be accepted. If you know of someone else that might be interested, please let them know about the seminar.
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Rookie socks knitter

As my title says, I’ve started knitting socks. I can actually produce a pretty ok looking sock, top down, but they don’t fit my foot comfortably. I have a high arch and so far my socks fit very tight around the instep. I’m not accomplished enough to be able to freelance, I need a pattern or at least detailed instructions to follow. Any suggestions or maybe recommendations for a book that might help me be better able to tailor a pattern to my feet?
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