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These were the most fun knit!
Spots & Stripes Fingerless Gloves by Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. I finished the finger area and thumb to make them into mittens. Yarn is Premier Yarn Serenity sock. Like socks for hands & head. There was no pattern for the hat so had to wing it. Highly enjoyable knitting. Oh, the texting finger hole was difficult to keep from stretching out so I over reinforced it.

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Blanket Yarn Hats
3 styles of hats using Blanket Yarn. No ball band, I think it is a Bernat brand.
1 crochet, 2 knit. 10mm needles/chrocet hook.
Cast on 50 stitches.

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Needed - 2 Skeins Valley Yarns Huntington in Natural
I am looking for 2 skeins of Valley Yarns Huntington in natural to finish a pair of lederhosen I am knitting for a Christmas gift. I bought more than enough yarn but now can't find where I put it. Sad I know. Now WEBS is out of that color. Sigh. Needless to say I will pay for yarn and shipping costs. Thank you so much for checking your yarn for these.

Oh yes and if you know of another source for this yarn, in the USA, besides WEBS that would be a great help too.

Thank you so much.
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Women's Gloves
I have been searching for a free pattern for women's gloves. Just plain one colour using sick weight yarn. Does anyone have a pattern they are able to share.
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Twin Christmas Penguins flying to warmer climates ...USA
Not as in trouble as the Pexie..... elves!.....

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Something to think about as we go through the holidays.
Thank God for dirty dishes.

They have a tale to tell.

While others may go hungry,

We have eaten very well.

So there is no need to fret or fuss.

For by the stack of evidence

God has been very good to us.
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Help needed to 'interpret/create' a new pattern
I'm sure some experienced KPer can help me to recreate this pattern.

I was searching for an 'interesting' pattern to use on the front of a jumper/sweater I wanted to knit, and found an image of one I liked as shown below. There was no pattern but it did include a graph (again as shown). It seemed simple enough, the vertical lines 'l' indicating plain stitches and the horizontal '-' indicating a purl stitch. However my attempt did not create the very distinct separation line or gutter between the 'blocks' of knitting. I am using 8 ply or DK yarn and am wondering if the example shown was knitted in a thicker yarn which made the dividing 'lines' more distinct.

Is there perhaps any other technique that would create a more distinct line between the blocks of knitting that some one might be able to recommend? The contrasting lines of horizontal purl stitches worked well and I really liked them but I could not recreate the vertical dividing lines effectively.

I shall be most interested to see if any one can come up with an answer or solution - nothing like having access to a huge reservoir of knitting knowledge and experience that is KP!

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November, 2018, Donated Baby & Toddler Hats
Here are the knitted hats that I plan to donate tomorrow. Our cold weather has started earlier than usual this year, so I tried to make different sizes to accommodate the different-sized heads that may need them.

Please let me know if you would like to have pattern information or the graphs that I drew for these hats. Just tell me which picture the hats are in and describe hats to me.

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Lacy pattern.
Hi everyone,

When knitting a lacy pattern and you have to start decreasing for the armholes but keep the the pattern correct. How do you do it.

I want to knit a lacy cardigan, but am worried when l have to start decreasing and increasing for shaping.

Any help from this wonderful group would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks
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Bob & Prayer Shawl Pieces
Bob, the nursing home blanket is not yet done & may need to go into our Prayer Shawl inventory as a blanket for anybody. I need to finish the pattern in it or it will no™t be right in my mind. So I will post his progress or finished photo when complete.

Our dedication week at church was not this weekend, so I did not need him to be done on Friday. Plus I lost my Mo-Jo to race on thru to the end.

The last pic, shows some square cloths on the right stacked up, sizes are 8x8, 10x10, & 12x12, which one of our members is diagonally wrapping them around small stuffed animals, dolls, & toys, along with a ribbon & are being given out as a comfort toy to children. (I will try to get a better pic of them at our next group mtg).

All shawls are made by up to 15 different members, so I have no pattern info details on any of it. Great work from all members.

Have a great Sunday afternoon. :-)

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