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Christmas set for wee granddaughter
Her first Christmas she needs to have a special sweater and hat!

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You know you live in the Deep South when...
Your sitting in your favorite chair crocheting (orknitting) and your neighborhood is glowing with Christmas lights (yes some have been up since November 12th), you've got your window open enjoying the cooler weather that FINALLY got here and you hear the mosquito abatement truck go by spraying! LOL.
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How to use FLK heel on Sockit2me 's pattern
I'm knitting my second pair of socks using Sockit2me 's pattern, but want to use the FLK for the heel. Do I just start it where the heel begins on Sockit2me 's pattern? I'm doing top down.

I've never used the FLK heel. Do I have to have a cardboard foot? I'm making them for someone far away and can't get measurements or a diagram from the recipient.

Thanks for any advice 😁
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seed stitch cast on
Usually when making something with seed stitch I use a regular long-tail cast on. I am going to make a lace baby blanket for someone special and thought I would ask to see if any of you do something different. I looked at the German Twisted Cast On, which was listed as something to use in a book of cast ons. I use this for socks and think it might be too stretchy. Any suggestions would be welcome.
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Boy’s Cables-Rib Vest
I hope someone can shed some light on this pattern for me. I am a new knitter but I like to challenge myself. This pattern is for sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.

I begin by casting on 82 stitches because I am doing size 8. The ribbing row 1 (RS) is as follows: PO (0,2,2,0); k2 p2; rep from * across, ending k2 (2,0,0,2). What do they mean by PO? And I am not sure about what is in the parentheses.

Thank you.

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Help for this method on a knitted collar that rolls
Does anyone know where I can find instructions to crochet this on a collar that wants to roll? Thank you in advance!

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Washing and blocking acrylic infinity scarf
I finished my daughter's acrylic infinity scarf, and am trying to figure out what to do next. (I.ised Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn.) Do I wash it? Dry it? Block it? Not sure what order to follow. Thanks in advance. (I've searched high and low for guidance before bothering you all, but am still unsure.)
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Need Spanish translator for pattern
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Another Wine cozy
Wine cozy pattern from:
Fun one to do! Just in case anyone would like to knit one : )

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Yarn from Joann's - crochet question
Hi, y'all,

I got a yarn from Joann's in the mill ends area. Got it on special for $3.27 per 14 oz. bag and picked up two bags. I let it sit for a while and then decided to do something with it. I got out the first "ball" for rewinding into my center-pull balls, and was in LOVE. This yarn is so soft! It is a twisted teal and cream color. I think the teal strand is a man-made fiber, but I'm pretty sure the cream is cotton. It just feels too soft to be wool.

Has anyone else purchased a yarn like this, and if so, would you be able to guess the approximate yardage? I want to make a top with this, but since it's a one-off, I want to make sure I pick a pattern that will use up the yarn nicely, but not run out. Oh, and it's a DK weight. I compared it to some of my worsted and sport, and it's definitely neither one of those.

It works nicely with a G or H hook (sorry, I don't know the metric equivalents), and I have a tight tension, almost always needing to go up one or two hook sizes to get the gauge.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks and hugs to all,
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