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Opinions please
I have taught myself to crochet Entrelac Tunisian style, the pattern is for a handbag and I would like opinions of the colours I have chosen and the last two to come, please.

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Graduation keepsake doll
I made another Bitsy doll to add to the collection. I was looking through old photos and found one from my husbands graduation, it got me thinking, so I made a Bitsy doll wearing a gown and mortar board.

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Berroco Indigo yarn
Hello all. I am curious if any of you have used this yarn to make a garment. I can't make up my mind as to what to do with it, I have 6 skeins in the colorway "skinny", kind of a faded red. Some reviews I've read say it gets softer with each wash, a nice relaxed tee might be nice but my garment knitting skills are not too great so I hesitate. What to do, what to do.
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Sorry to be leaving
I have been a member for some years and have weathered the changes as best I could.
The latest change however, has been more than I can bear. I.e.: leaving off the place of residence.
For me, part of the fun of the forum was to see where the comment was coming from, thereby getting an inkling as to the mindset.
To have abrupt changes at the whim of whoever, has gotten to be too much.
So it is with a heavy heart I say, adios, tata, so long , been fun while it lasted.
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blocking a blanket or afghan
In another topic, I posted a photo of my Old Shale pale yellow blanket I knit for my grand daughter. I understand that I should block it, but why? Its in the box with tissue, ready to wrap in all its beauty. I am afraid to dunk it n water, it might ruin the lacy pattern. It might never get washed, it will sit folded on the bottom of her bed, unless a cat overtakes it! If it shrinks a bit, so what? If it get a big cockeyed, so what? Must I block it?

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If anyone has used mary maxim alpaca blend yarn, could they tell me how they found usung it. Is it soft, really washable, without knots?
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Jacob's ladder ripple (chevron) afghan pattern
Years ago, I crocheted a Jacob's ladder ripple afghan. I made it huge and am not taking it apart to redo it in a smaller version because a dog made a few ( maybe two) holes in the
original. I think I can write down this simple pattern from the actual afghan, but I can find only one such afghan online anywhere. The pattern I used did 11 or 12 double crochets. Anyone have a similar pattern?
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Today we got some rain

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Just sharing ( Knitting) SL

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Second Dorm Slippers
These were made with 2 strands held together. A bit better fit.
Thicker and snug.

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