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Not excited about this c2c cushion of Belle but GD Sabai loves it
Sabai has been asking me for a long time to make her a Belle from Disney cushion. It was hard to find a graph for Belle and I ended up using a Perler bead graph. I don't really love it as I thought it was so boring with lack of colours - just brown and yellow, but she does!!

Leanna x

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Very loose cast-on for a shawl
Hello I have just started knitting The Butterfly shawl which needs a very loose cast on of 5 stitches.
I have tried a few methods but they are all too tight.
Could anybody give me some advice?

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i give. i have frogged so many times im afraid the yarn is getting thin. row 29 & 30 just do not work out for me. has anyone had this problem and if so, what am i doin wrong. appreciate your help as i cannot figure this out.
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Baby blanket and Madison, Wisconsin, shops
Hello, I have been looking at baby blanket yarns -- acrylic generally, because I was a young mom once -- and am finding that while many say they can be washed in a washing machine, they say not to tumble dry. I don't think most new moms have time or space to lay blankets out flat to dry. What is your favorite baby blanket yarn that can be washed and dried in machines? I am usually a wool-blend and cotton person, so don't do much with acrylics, but would like something soft for baby and easy for mom.

Also, I will be in Madison, Wisconsin, this week (Tuesday) and would like to know if anyone has a favorite yarn shop in the area. I saw one that looked interesting but it's closed on Tuesdays. I'm thinking I might be able to get my baby-blanket yarn on this trip!

Thanks for any help you all can offer.
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C - Regular Baby Hat that converts to a Slouch Hat
Made this little crochet toque for Baby Lauren. I like the idea that it will grow with her for a bit. Her head is in the 99th percentile just like my son.

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Braided Cast On

Very excited to be test-knitting these All Angles Mitts for Knit a Bit of Whimsy in Morehouse Merino 2-ply. It’s OMG soft!

It involves a braided cast-on that the designer calls Khinu Troi. It’s one of those things that took a while, but all of a sudden, I got it.

What’s your favorite way to do the braided cast on? I’d love to do a tutorial for our Knitalong Group and any ideas are welcome!
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USA Garter carriage and UK machine
Hello Ladies ,
Please help me . I have 950i machine from UK , which i am using in the USA with the adaptor. I also have USA garter carriage model 93. I guess I can not use it with my machine. If i buy a power cord in UK, will it fit to USA garter carriage and will I be able to use it ? Or i need to buy a new garter carriage in UK .
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need suggestions for favorite wool and nylon yarn
It would be very helpful to benefit from the experience of members about a good yarn and where to get it to use for a sweater for a child - I'm thinking of something that is wool and nylon so that it is washable but also has the nice quality that wool brings. I am limited locally to AC Moore, Michaels and Joannes shops and unfortunately the ones near me don't have a very wide selection of what I would call quality yarns. They are fine for making gloves and such but if I am going to invest all the time to make a proper sweater, I'd like to use something that will last and look good. I am open to ordering by mail but that is why I want advice since there are so many places on the internet and I have no idea of their quality or reliability. Thanks
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How can I best fix a split stitch?
This is my first post here, so I hope I am in the right place to ask my question...

I am knitting a seamless vest in garter stitch, and am just about up to the armholes - maybe 2/3’s done? - and now I see way back when, I have a loop showing on the right side, because I split a stitch. I don’t think I could take the stitch off my needle and work down about 12 inches without ruining the whole vest. I have not successfully fixed many dropped stitches, and I have no hope that I could do such a thing...

I read about repairing a split stitch using a duplicate stitch over it. Has anyone tried that? It sounds promising, but it is not just to improve the appearance that I want, but I want it’s not the strongest yarn to begin with, so something must be done about it.

Is there a better way?

Thanks for any help.

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Bag with horse motif for grandaughter
Grandaughter Keira age 8 was thrilled with her horsey bag I made for her! Happy days! Worth every stitch, a stitch of love! X

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