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Do you ever..........?
Do you ever knit faster when you are running out of yarn? I'm knitting g a pair of fingerless mittens from old stash yarn and all I have left to knit is one thumb! I knit the top of the mitt last night while holding my breath. Faster and faster hoping I had enough yarn. Now I'm almost at a stand still with one thumb to go and about two yards of yarn left.

Wish me luck.
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Help with Nola's Slippers
Hello. Nola's slippers is a simple pattern, but I need some clarification from someone who has knitted them.

I have completed the cuff, tongue and shaped the toe. My problem is picking up stitches for the foot.

Row 1 of the foot (right side) says to pick up and knit 19 stitches along the left side of the tongue, then knit 13 stitches from the cuff. When I pick up these stitches, I get a "knobby" line of stitches on the wrong side. So far, so good.

For Row 2 (wrong side), it says to knit all 39 stitches (19 from the tongue, 7 from the toe, and 13 from the cuff = 39). Then it says to pick up 19 stitches from the right side of the tongue. Here is my problem: Now the "knobby" line of stitches will happen on the right side of the slipper instead of the wrong side when doing row 1.

Basically, I'm picking up some stitches from the right side and some from the wrong side.

Is there a different way to pick up the stitches so I don't get that "knobby" line? Am I reading the pattern wrong? Or does the pattern seem to indicate that it doesn't matter what the picked up stitches look like? (I don't like that option).

Any help from someone who has knitted these will be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my dilemma.
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New ICE Rock Star Yarn
Today I received my squishy package of new ICE Rock Star yarn.

This yarn is amazing! So soft and shiny.

I picked up the closest set of needles I had nearby and knit a few rows just to get a representation of stitch definition.

Very glad I ordered this yarn and I plan to get started on next year's Christmas gifts right after New Year's.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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Merry Christmas Menagerie
Patterns by Gypsycream. These were a fun knit.
Merry Christmas Menagerie

Mr. Penquin & Mr. Teddy

Mr. Snowman

Jingle & Jangle

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Adorable Santa's Helper
Just had to post the latest pic of my great-Grandson Silas sitting with Santa. Only 3 months old, but already wearing 6 month sized clothes!!

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My crocheted poinsettias
I just finished another poinsettia, and thought you might like to see these two in different colors.

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Curling Stone Hat
I would like to know how many stitches to add if I want to make a large or extra large hat. Fairly new at knitting. :)
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Bernat Softee baby yarn
Can someone tell me the ply of the above yarn. Is it equivalent to UK. 3 or 4 ply or double knitting ? I have a pattern from Pinterest that I would to knit. Thank you.
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Craft Shows vs. Vendor (direct sales) Shows
My sister and I have sold at craft shows (all handmade items) for several years. Lately there is a growing influx of vendor/direct sales (Luluroe, Tupperware, Paparazzi Jewelry, etc.) at the shows. Overall they tend to be cheaper and flashier than the handmade items. Often they have professional drapes and catalogs. The vendors often have some sales presentation that they repeat over and over and people are drawn to their marketing. For a long time I've thought people wanted quality and would prefer handmade items. Well, slowly the shows have let in more vendors than crafters. Now there is a movement towards all vendors and no handmade items will be allowed. Wow. I am in northern Illinois and wonder if this is a local trend or are we going to a machine-made world?
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Christmas Angels
Knitted Angel gifts & dishcloth bundles..
These are the gifts for the ladies that came to my afternoon Christmas Tea12/10. Tree & table empty now!! Had 30 for Tea & goodies...

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