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I'm Nekkid, Yes I Am
...and so....??

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Addi Flexiflips
I saw these Addi Flexiflips in a catalog today and was wondering if anyone has used them. I just learned the Magic Loop because I always had such trouble using double pointed needles. Kept losing stitches. The flexiflips look like you would have more control over the stitches with the small cable. Thanks.
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March Hats and a Ninja Turtle Hat
Yes I know it’s still February but I had already reach that goal. I will slow down when it gets warmer so it’s nice to be ahead. Really like knitting the Helix hats I only use more then two colors on one of them it was a little confusing when I was decreasing the top. But I am going to make more of these using up the small balls of left overs.

First Helix hats

Ninja Turtle requested by grandson

Back of hat

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Aussies who are interested in food.
Do check out "not quite Nigella" she has some great food ideas.
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Irritating pop adds on this site.
Does anyone else get pop adds on this site? I get them on the menus and in the articles. They keep me from scrolling down and they have no X to delete them. Frustrating! Yes, they make me angry. There is no way I would buy anything advertised in this manner. Never.
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Sweaters, crocheted with the corner to corner stitch.
Two sweaters, very simply made with the corner to corner stitch.
I love non complicated sweaters or cardigans. These ones dont't ask for a pattern, they are made from four rectangular pieces. The yarn makes the result.

I bought the yarn at my local shop. It's a soft acrylic.

I hope you like these.

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Troll hats
I sure wish I had a little one to make these for:

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chicks with sticks
Our Knitting Group is called "Chicks with Sticks". So I made these little Chicks and my husband made a bench for them to sit and knit on. 🐓😉

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Afghans for Baby Shower
My DD just told me she needs shower gifts for March 23 (more notice than I usually get) for twins. The colors are pink, grey and turquoise. She wants them a little different. What pattern would you use, and how would you do the colors? I thought maybe several shades of pink, some grey and just touches of turquoise? Also can't be to hard, two in a month. TIA
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mitten knitting
I would like to go back and increase the length of the ribbing on the mittens I am finishing. I made the ribbing short because I thought I would run out of yarn. Thing is I didn't so now how do I unravel a couple of rows and knit more????

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