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Would you add a row of garter stitch?
I am knitting a sweater with very fine gauge yarn. To add stability to the ribbing, I am planning on knitting the knitting double the length and then folding in half and securing the ribbing to the main section (ie body or arm). Would you suggest that I insert a row of garter stitch at the half way point to help the fold? Or, perhaps you have another suggestion to reduce ribbing stretch.
Hope I have been clear.
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Twist stitch in knitting
I am knitting a baby blanket and it says as follows. Row 13: (RS) [K1, P1] twice, K1, [K2, P2] three times, twist,
P2, K88, P2, twist Can anyone help me with these instructions? Thanks. 😊
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Another Tooth Fairy Pocket - a bit cute
After designing the Batman Tooth Fairy Pocket, I decided to do a 'girly' one too. Here is the Unicorn Tooth Fairy Pocket.

Leanna x

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Finally Finished Object
This is Antarktis by Janina Kallio. The yarn is Sparkle Sox in Festive by Lolodidit. Fun knit!

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Looking for Picture Of Knitted Afghan
The afghan is in colors of green which are k2, p2 for 2 rows then k two rows. Repeat all 4 rows. All I have is a name at the bottom of the picture of Gina and that it is My First Knitting Project. I have been through the names with no luck, green afghans, afghans and the date of 5-19-18 but it may be from 5-16, 17 or 18. Is there another way for me to go through those older dates?

Does anyone remember this afghan or who the knitter is?
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Vogue Knitting Cover Shawl
The shawl pattern is in the Spring/Summer 2018 issue of Vogue Knitting. The yarn is Cloudborn, merino superwash from Craftsy. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. Good charts.

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New member and USM gauge issue.
Hello all!

Firstly, I'm a new member - just joined a hot minute ago. I'm from the US but I knit English style because that's how my grandmother taught me, oh well!

But secondly - I have an Ultimate Sweater Machine which I love! But the gauges are confusing me...
I'm using #4 weight yarn with the 2.5 plate and the measured gauge is 18x23 = 4x4inches and I need to knit a sweater bigger than the instructions explain. Adding length is easy peasy but I need the front and back to be 25 inches wide which calculates to 110 but when I do this it's only 20 inches. I can stretch it out to be 25 inches but it's supposed to be a baggy sweater.

Does anyone have a solid gauge calculator for the USM? Or a chart? Or tips?
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Pipsqueak Yarn
Back in 2015 there was a discussion on KP regarding the recall of Caron’s Ziggy yarn. Although the Pipsqueak yarn wasn’t recalled, some members were concerned about the Pipsqueak because it was similar to the Ziggy.

My question is: has anyone experienced any problems with the Pipsqueak. I know there was one member who made several baby blankets using this yarn and would like to know if it is a yarn that is okay or shouldn’t be used. Thanking you in advance for your opinions. Barbara
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Tent Sale Purchase
Just got back from the Big Ball Tent Sale at Spinrite in Listowel.
I got all this for $61.
They will be transformed into slippers, bath mats, sweaters and a lap blankie.

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Tiffany modeling my memorial day shawl.
Happy Memorial Day from our house to yours. 🤩
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