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No Stitch
What do you do when a knitting chart has a symbol for no stitch? I’m looking at stole patterns.
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Knitting in Iceland
Knitters, I am going to Iceland next week in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. I am also hoping to find a interesting yarn shop. I enjoy other types of needlework so stores offering those supplies would be great also. I always like to buy some yarn to do a project from my travels. I live in Mobile, AL so I'm hoping to find something other than the very heavy wool normally associated with Icelend. Or, at least a suggestion on something that I might could actually wear in Alabama. Any tips or suggests would be appreciated.
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Machine Knit Baby Cardigan
Just finished my first baby cardigan on my newly acquired KnitKing 260. I designed the pattern using Knitware Sweater Design which was another process to get it loaded on my Mac using Parallels. While knitting I watched several videos from Roberta Rose Kelly and Diana Sullivan. I made many mistakes by forgetting to turn up the tension dial after knitting the ribbing and dropped lots of stitches in working the patterns and using a garter bar to transfer decreases on the hat...Diana makes it look so easy! Perhaps with time and experience, it will become second nature for me. After completing the front panels, I was not happy with the mock ribbing (too thick--haven't tried using my ribber on the machine--that will have another learning curve!), so I hand knit the ribbing of the button bands, neck, cuffs and hat band--much better. Overall, I'm pleased with the results and I will deliver to my granddaughter tomorrow in Chicago! I'm hoping the hat will keep her little head warm in the Windy City.

I do want to personally thank those individuals who have made knitting or machine knitting videos on YouTube. They are so helpful for me to watch, pause and then try what they have shown. Please continue to make more!!

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I'm in a funk!
I have a closet full of yarn, needles galore, three WIP's, two repairs waiting to be addressed . . . and I haven't knitted in several months. I know it will hit me and I'll get motivated again. I miss it, just can't make myself get started again. Anyone else get this way? What motivated you to get started again?
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This came up in my "memories" on Facebook by Yarnspirations.

It still makes me laugh!

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Finding Pattern again
For the life of me I can't finds this hat pattern again. On Raverly. Has anyone seen it.

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Just sahring ( knitting) Sl

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Butterfly crochet afghan query
Wonderful work. congratulations.

Is there a knitted version pattern available. I would love to knit it.

Thank you for sharing it with us.
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River of Dreams Bedrunner
Hot off the needles. Pattern by Fifty Four Ten Studio.

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Another ? About yo and knitting.
When you do a yarn over , slip the stitch marker , then knit a stitch, how do you stop the yo from slipping under the marker? Is there a trick or tip to stop this happening ?
Thanks for any help.
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