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Stashbusting again k
I used some self striping yarn and some contrasting cream. Buttons were a charity shop find. Pattern is an old one. Emu treasure 8587, a delight to knit. This is for charity.

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Two pair of socks
I think I have gotten my size perfected. 56 stitches with Fish lips kiss heel or an afterthought heel. Definitely not cut out as a foot model -lol. I do like the challenge of making matching socks.

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Sensible shawl
Has anyone made this beauty? Before I invest the $6.50 I am hoping to find a free one first. But I am wondering if it's a east knit. This would easier fir my daughter than the kimono. She is a kindergarten teacher and needs both hands. All comments more than welcome . Thanks Jodi

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Cotton Yarn
I haven't knitted in a few years and I am returning to it now. I want to knit a raglan sweater for my grandson. I have a few skeins of "I love this Cotton" but sadly, not enough. It seems as if Hobby Lobbly no longer carries this yarn... do any of you know this to be true, or do you have any other suggestions of a comparable soft cotton yarn that you have been happy with?
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Mr. Peanut graphgan is done!!!
All i have to figure out now is the border. Im thinking maybe granny square.

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Please do no™t ask for pattern cuz I do not know, but I think it was posted here once upon a time.

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Which Is Nicer
I am looking at Sugar and Cream cotton and Bernat Cotton and I am wondering which is a nicer product?
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dolls clothes i'v made for people
these are a few of my dolls sets i have knitted for people recently

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I very very busy with my babies everyday and even have less time to sleep. While I still love knitting so much.
Now my second baby is 8 month old. And recently I design a bonnet and name after him. It is my first time to design something for baby. I am quite satisfied with it. Now pics come~~

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Cobra Garden Machinery
Such was the popularity of Hemel & Hettie, the owner of Cobra garden machinery asked if I could come up with a mascot for their company. So here he is Colin the cobra.

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