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Increase Afghan
Site will not post suzieW patterns. sorry
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Postila Tam
This is a tam I have just finished using a chart I found on Pinterest. It was just the chart with no instructions but I worked it out anyway. It is a russian pattern from I only have a Picture of the chart so if you can follow a knitting chart I will upload it for you. It is not a hard knit and only 2 colors.

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Crochet Butterfly
A friend from a spinners and knitting group I go to , does a lot of Chrocheting and ask me if I would like some butterflies she has crocheted to use on my hats. She crochet them from fine cotton in one piece then folds them over to form the wings, then adds a few pretty things like you ladies do. So I took a few of them here they are.

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Ragdoll Llama
Just finished this for one of the twins, the colors are more pastel than the picture shows. Free pattern, posted here, from
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Knitting machine recommendations needed
I am new to flatbed knitting, but recently became the fortunate recipient of five (yes, five!) flatbed machines and an enormous amount of yarn. I haven’t actually used any of them yet, because I’ve been busy sorting parts and accessories, and pairing them with their machines.

The problem is that I only have room for two machines, and I need advice on which would be the best two to keep. Here is what I have:

Emprisal 305 (no ribber)

KnitKing 260 + ribber

Studio 360 + ribber + cable + lace carriage

Studio 301 + ribber

Singer SK700 + two sets of pristine lace punch cards (but no magic cartridges or point cartridges)

I’d love to have advice from experienced flatbed knitters so that I can make an informed decision.
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Herrshners Afghan Kit "Victorian Treasure"
One panel of this afghan is worked over 50 stitches with the first stitch of the panel being slipped and purled on the wrong side which makes a "decorative" bit at the beginning. However, the last stitch of the panel is a K on both sides for a garter stitch. In between are some other designs that are consistent. To me the last stitch of the panel should also be a slip so both sides of the panel would match, creating a symmetrical design. Anyone else made this afghan? Too late for me to change it now as I have done too much to want to redo it, but thought I'd point that out. Hope I am clear on what I am trying to say.
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It's finally hidden
I just had to share my good luck. The gentleman from whom I am purchasing my house is in the middle of remodeling his kitchen, bathroom and hallway. In the process of remodeling all this, he came up with 6 of those handy-dandy " put them togeather yourself " shelving units , with doors" . I have become the delighted recipient of these cabinets. As per the above title, " it " - my stash of yarn is finally all in one place, hidden away. I believe I had to go through 3 closets, and my quilting fabric cabinet to actually FIND most all my stash. When I found most of it, As I shelved it in the new cabinets my DH said he kept hearing me say " Wow, I didnt know I had this", or
" When and where on earth did I get this yarn? And best of all " What on earth was I thinking, buying this truely ugly looking yarn?"

Anyway, thanks to my new ( new to me at any rate ) cabinets, all my yarn is now in one place....unless I find more stuffed away in some odd place.
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Cowichan Sweaters
I am looking for help in doing a graphic motif in this style of sweater. Would the motif (in this case, it is an eagle) be done as intarsia or as stranded (Fair Isle) knitting across the whole piece. Only uses 2 colors and the cardigan is knit in pieces back and forth and then seamed. I am thinking that the stranded area would be heavier than the section with an intarsia motif in the center. I hope I am making myself clear. Any insight my lovely KP friends can provide is greatly appreciated.
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Lil' Hugkins elephant-Raineo Designs
Just finished him. He is 4" tall (6" with hat). Done in fingering yarn on US #! needles.

Sorry Lorraine, mis-typed the name, should be Rainebo Designs.

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Got a Knitting Machine, Ribber, Garter Carriage and all accessories and tools
Hi everyone, thanks for all your responses. The lady who bought the above at an auction decided she didn't want to keep it so sold the whole works to me for the $90 she paid for it. Other than a new needle bar for this KH864 its in really good condition just needs a good cleaning. I also found that this was the last punch card machine Brother made so was glad to hear that. Thanks to all for the links and information you sent it all made a difference.
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