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finally finished the afghan as a xmas gift for grandson

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what do you do with all them balls?
Of yard when making a graphghan or picture afghan that get so tangled together. And constantly have to untangle. 😂 what kind of pins etc do you use?
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Just sharing ( knitting ) Sl

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Lily has just woken up and she was filled with smiles and giggles bless her. so happy that she back to her normal self :)

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Well this one is thanks to suedenie. Thank you for the many patterns you sent me. I think my granddaughter got quite a fright this morning!!!!!!! Lol

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Pom Poms so frustrating need help
hello and good morning
it's a very dull start to the day
here in St Annes near Blackpool NW England Coast
its a staying in and making day me thnks,
therefore...can I ask you lovely folk about Pom Poms please

I have been looking at the coming autumn and thnking about
some new hat designs for my Etsy shop,
I'm planning childrens hats to add to my baby range
trouble is I want to add pom poms to my hats
which fills me with dread! they seem to be my nemesis now

years ago arouns 40 years ago
I was the queen of pom poms, I made them in all sizes no problem
I hasd them everywhere!
but now I cant seem to make them
its not that I forgot how to!
back in the day we used cardboard rings
and now I have 2 different types of pom pom makers too!
the problem is I can't tie them tight enough!!!
yes I have a problem with bit of weakness in my hands
but now and then I do manage to pull the yarn really tight
just when I think I jave managed a tight pom pom it doesnt pass my pull test!
so I came up with a great idea........
I will teach my hubby Kev to make them while he watches tv
the trouble is even though he is a strong handed man
and really pulls the yarn hard when tying off
the pom poms kev ties don't pass my pull test either!
and I cant risk putting them on my hats
as the children willpull the pom poms apart

so the question is
are we missing something?
we have the clover set of pom pom makers
and another set that looks like a semicircle with a handle
there must be a knack, a secret, a way that I have forgotten?
to tie a pom pom tightly and securely
and make safe pom poms that will hold up
to being washed and worn by children without any danger!!!

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Hello all, Just wanted to let you know that Angela is no longer with us, she passed on the 12.08.18, I shall ask for this account to be closed.

Peter (husband)
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Two boring jumpers completed
We are going to visit our son and his family tomorrow. I’ve been knitting flat out to get these two finished so I could take them with us. Jumperand beanie for our son and cardigan for our daughter in law. This is what they asked for. How I hate knitting plain garments. I find them really boring to knit. Looking forward to some patterned knitting tonight.
These are both knitted in DK/8ply. Suitable for our winter weather.

Plus our new grand puppy. Eddie. He’s a Cockerpoo
Nearer the true colour

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Fidget Socks
Fidget pattern (oneoffivefiber Etsy dyer) Date night colorway So soft

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Used Mary Maxim patterns?
I have been browsing the Mary Maxim catalog this evening and suddenly wondered what people do with their patterns after they have finished knitting their kit. Some patterns are only available in a kit with the yarn. I have some sitting in a file cabinet.
Does anyone ever offer the used, printed patterns for sale?
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