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Is this a silly idea?
My DH has his favourite sweater, with holes in the elbows. In the past I have put on leather patches but they don't look great if I am honest. Today he said - why dont you crochet over the hole????
Obviously I can crochet a square or circle and sew it on but has anyone tried to crochet actually into the garmet, I have some tiny hooks to get me started and could use sc. But, I would need to go into the sleeve to get a good fix - and I could end up ruining it! Anyone any ideas or suggestion - maybe you have even done such a repair? Help and advice and many thanks in advance to all responders. PS I was thinking crochet as it would be sturdier than knitting.
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Hexipuffs wks 28/29 Comp
Hello. Well thank you to those who entered my mini competition to win a 100 gm ball of yarn. The winner Mistybabe has been contacted and her guess of 85 was the closest and her prize is being posted today. The actual answer was 95.

I've only made 1 puff this week as been busy again with meetings, work and hospital appointments. I've made a spacer puff. This colour will be my background to hopefully show off the flowers.

Well that's all for now, except that I'll be slowing down on the puffs as I concentrate on finishing my soldier for poppy week, and 2 Xmas projects to start next week! It's never ending LOL. MY blanket KAL will be continued next year now.

Jenny x

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Did not receive today's KP
What happened to today's KP
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Addi Clicks
I absolutely detest my Addi Clicks! Almost every time I use them, they pop apart with any pressure on the joins. As soon as I can buy fixed replacements for the larger sizes, I'm going to donate them to St. Vincent de Paul. The worst $180 knitting investment I ever made. In general, i don't particularly like Addi needles. Over the last year I have replaced the ones I bought to replace the clicks with ChiaoGoo.
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Just sharing ( knitting) SL

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UK KPers who buy Craft DK yarn from Aldi.
I know this is a long shot, but a friend was knitting a sweater and couldn’t finish it because she ran out of the yarn. I was wondering if anyone could help her with matching yarn. The yarn is red, Craft DK, dye lot 3292, shade 87. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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baby clothes part 5
As you can see, i have been pretty busy knitting this year. Hope you like the outfits. this one is by Karen from "I believe in Angels" Number KSB85 and it's called Little Miracle Mermaids Tail. The Yarn is Alize Flower yarn.
best wishes and happy knitting.
hazel xx

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Cabled Cushion (k)
This cushion was requested by a friend and she likes it, thankfully. She picked the yarn and the colour.
It's basically just a combination of cables she chose, and knitted to size.
The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Stellar DK (8 ply) 50% bamboo/50% wool in Lolite.

Fairly accurate colour representation.

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Empisal KH91
I have a Empisal KH91? Does anyone want it?
We are clearing out my mums house (she has moved into aged care).
It’s in a number of boxes. It’s located in Orange NSW but I can get it to Canberra.
Free to a good home.
Seems a waste to throw it in the top.
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Looking for a different colour
I want to knit a doll with a Mediterranean/Latino appearance, I usually use Rico Classic baby yarn in the colour 'powder' for my doll knitting but want this one to look more tanned.

Has anyone any any suggestions what colour to use? Preferably in a baby yarn please
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