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Charity knits with my KP Angels' gifted yarn
Since 2 KP friends sent me so much yarn, I wanted to pay it forward by doing charity knitting for our biggest hospital here in Winnipeg. It may be a little difficult to see things individually as I tried to group items in order not to post 50 pics! I wanted my donors to see it is all going to good use! And I'm enjoying it immensely!!
For some reason as I type under the picture as I add it, the typing disappears...weird!?
So #1 All packed up and ready to go
#2 56 pr of infant mittens and 18 pr of scratch protector mitts
#3 Items for the cancer care shop (although the 2 preemie blankets may be used for stocking stuffer gifts on the maternity ward)
#4 Four ladies sets (head,hands,neck) and one men's
#5 Men's hats and mitts (I did finish the 1898 hat wip shown and added 3 neck warmers that didn't get photographed)
#6 Ladies stuff (mostly neck warmer items it seems) still have lots of yarn so more to come

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Christmas cards
I make Christmas cards to sell for charity and these are some of them

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Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving Day!
I found this picture of the web. Whoever made it it's great!

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Cdn. Prices for Ponchos
I need help from our Canadian KP friends. I have made some (toddlers,teens,and adult) ponchos for a fundraising craft sale. I have no idea what to charge for them. At a sale last year someone was selling her adult women's for $65.00. I don't want to go that high but don't want to undercut any other venders. Have any of you made/sold any this year or seen any at any craft sales. Your help would be appreciated.

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Baby blanket for charity
Finished this yesterday using Bernat baby blanket. It's vey soft but I didn't like working with it. Have several more skeins someone gave me so I guess I'll have to learn to like it! Blanket will probably go to a shelter. It's knit but I didn't make it wide enough so I added crochet shells on each side. Thanks for looking. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Social security
Does anyone know if we knitters on social security will be getting a raise in 2018?
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??? Knit Picks Garter Ridge Hat - designer Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
Hi Fellow Needleers. I am wondering if anyone has made this hat and has the experience to dissolve my confusion. I'm working on this hat knitted in the round and have come the the decrease rows for shaping the top of the hat. And, the pattern instructions have gotten confusing for me. It reads: Crown Decreases: On the next round, begin decreasing for the crown. Round 1: (K3, CDD, K3) around 28 sts removed; 93 stitches remain. Round 2: (P6, K1) around. Round 3: Knit. Repeat Rounds 2 and 3 a total of five times (10 rounds) , then repeat Round 2 once more. Then it says... Round 4: ( K2, CDD, K2) around, 28 sts removed; 42 sts remain. My confusion is ... Why is not Round 4 called Round 15 ...? or should I just disregard the note to Rounds 2 and Round 3 and just jump to Round 4? This hat is knit in fingering and at a gauge of approximately 11 rows to an inch ... so a mistake requires a lot of ripping out. CDD = Centered Double Discount. I have phoned Knit Picks and they cannot help me; something about a change in the pattern number and no record of my purchasing the pattern possible due to my change of email address. I found the designer on facebook and sent her a PM but no reply; Kerin Dimeler-Laurence has not been on facebook for months. So I'm stuck. I hope someone has made this hat and knows what to do. In the meantime, I guess I'll start another sock. Happy Thanksgiving, Seedstitch
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Knits for girls and Dolls
These sweaters are for my grand nieces and their 18 in doll. I’m an expert on plackets now.

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discontinued yarn website
I found this while looking for another yarn. The prices are pretty good.
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Thermal knit stitch increase& decreases
Some 50 years or so ago I learned a stitch pattern from Ruth Ann Gable's column in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. She did not include any hints about increases or decreases. Her mitten pattern ended at the finger tips by simply threading the yarn through & pulling tight. Now I am trying to knit super warm boot socks, which will require some shaping.

Here is the stitch which she called Thermal Knit:
Cast on an odd number of stitches.
Row 1*K1, P1; repeat from * across, ending K1 (WS)
Row 2 *K1, sl 1 as if to purl, repeat from * across, ending K1.
Repeat these two rows for pattern.

Resulting fabric is double thickness with rib on right side & garter appearance on wrong side. I believe the extra knit stitch is only because she knitted flat & seamed the item later. I think I can use an even number in the round, but I have not tried it yet.
My problem is not knowing how to increase or decrease in pattern.
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