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Stash Busting
Does anyone have a favorite stash busting pattern?
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Scarfs and hats for grandsons
This started out as a kit I got from Mary Maxim but thought the scarf was too wide for a 3 year old (34 stitchs) so only cast on 20 and used the graph meant for the gloves as it was only 10 stitches. Then I made a hat instead of mittens and had enough yarn left to make a second set for the 4 year old and still have enough left to make a 3rd hat for the older brother. I am real happy with how they came out and my grandsons are going to love them since I put car buttons around the hat.

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A question
I have a knitted toy pattern that is meant to be felted, but it uses a lot of yarn: 475 to 525 yards. If I knitted it at my usual toy tension, and didn’t felt it, would it use less yarn?

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Henry’s Bear
This afternoon an organization I belong to (P.E.O.) held our Christmas party/silent auction - as Gypsycream’s bears have been huge hits in the past, I decided to use her ‘Itsy Bitsy’ pattern to make a little red Christmas bear for the silent auction. My friend Margaret ended up paying $24 for him and just sent me this picture of him, already waiting for Christmas Eve in her grandson Henry’s stocking. (I especially appreciated this, as my son’s name is also Henry!)
Henry’s Bear

Waiting for Christmas Eve

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Speaking of Yarn Hoarding . . . .
As Dave Berry once said . . . There's a fine line between 'Hobby' and 'mental illness'. But . . . what does he know?
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Infant stay-on tube sock???
GD just informed me that the house they just moved into is chilly in places as the only heat is a gas fireplace hooked up to a blower. The twins need something to keep their feet warm, stay on decently, and not subject to being outgrown in a few weeks. I was thinking tube socks, probably 6 of the same to allow for lost ones, but that does not address the stay-on part. I was thinking about putting in sections of super stretchy ribbing starting about ankle height. Has anyone ever done this? Booties are not an option, right now they still have tiny feet, a touch over 3", so most likely they will have a growth spurt soon.
I'm not looking for a pattern, I have a nice spiral rib I plan to use, just unsure about the ribbing sections.
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Pattern Question - how to...?
I am following patterns for mittens and I have 39 sttches,

It says to "decrease 1 stitch at centre of last row"

How do I do this as odd number of stitches??
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Carrying colors in the round by making a big loop
A few days ago someone posted a great link on how to knit in the round without having to carry the colors all the way around. I swear I bookmarked the link but I'll be darned if I can find it now either in the search (I can't remember the exact title of the topic) or my history. Anyone else remember this? I need to use the skill tonight.
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Aussies take note
Just purchased a pattern download from Dee O'keefe and was charged 10%gst on the $6!!
Checked with the tax department online and this rule came in earlier this year on goods and services purchased overseas under $1000. This was the first I'd heard of it.
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Afghan for GD...purple passion
I knitted this afghan for my GD. I used Caron Big Cakes Grape Jelly and the pattern is Chevron Knit Throw from Redheart. I liked this pattern because there are no YO's...just increase and decrease.

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