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UK KPers who buy Craft DK yarn from Aldi.
I know this is a long shot, but a friend was knitting a sweater and couldn’t finish it because she ran out of the yarn. I was wondering if anyone could help her with matching yarn. The yarn is red, Craft DK, dye lot 3292, shade 87. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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baby clothes part 5
As you can see, i have been pretty busy knitting this year. Hope you like the outfits. this one is by Karen from "I believe in Angels" Number KSB85 and it's called Little Miracle Mermaids Tail. The Yarn is Alize Flower yarn.
best wishes and happy knitting.
hazel xx

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Cabled Cushion (k)
This cushion was requested by a friend and she likes it, thankfully. She picked the yarn and the colour.
It's basically just a combination of cables she chose, and knitted to size.
The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Stellar DK (8 ply) 50% bamboo/50% wool in Lolite.

Fairly accurate colour representation.

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Empisal KH91
I have a Empisal KH91? Does anyone want it?
We are clearing out my mums house (she has moved into aged care).
It’s in a number of boxes. It’s located in Orange NSW but I can get it to Canberra.
Free to a good home.
Seems a waste to throw it in the top.
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Looking for a different colour
I want to knit a doll with a Mediterranean/Latino appearance, I usually use Rico Classic baby yarn in the colour 'powder' for my doll knitting but want this one to look more tanned.

Has anyone any any suggestions what colour to use? Preferably in a baby yarn please
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My Finish and A Thank You
Hi Gang,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help/suggestions on borders and how to tell if you even needed to add a border to prevent curling on the edges. I also wanted to share a picture of the lapghan I made using the Diagonal Rib 2 stitch which I found because some lovely person here listed a website with lots of stitches. I don't normally post my work, but had to share and say thank you for all your help. In the picture, I folded it so you could see that the pattern actually shows up on both sides.

Have a super day and weekend and Happy Knitting...Judy :)

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Sock pattern help needed please
Help. !! Socks requested for Christmas. Two problems. His feet are size 15 with a high instep. I’m in Canada and he’s in UK. Hard to try them as I knit. Any ideas for a pattern this big.? All help will be greatly appreciated.
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How on earth did this happen!?
I was making this for a gift. All was going well until I added another ball of yarn. Could the new ball have been wound too tight? It didn't seem any different as I was knitting and I did not change any settings. I wasn't aware of the difference until I took it off the machine and was admiring my beautiful work.ð Also notice the two tight stitches running down for about 10 inches. I don't see any bent needles. What a disappointment.

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here are the instructions:
Long Sleeves ~ Both Alike

Put 33sts, left on a stitch holder for a sleeve, back on to a knitting needle. Rejoin yarn.
With wrong side facing –
Row 1 Cast on 2sts, purl to end, cast on 2sts (37sts)
Row 2 S1, knit to end
Row 3 S1, purl to last st, k1
Repeat last2 rows twice more
Row 8 S1, k2tog, knit to last 3sts, k2tog, k1 (35sts)
Row 9 S1, purl to last st, k1
Row 10 S1, knit to end of row
Row 11 S1, purl to last st, k1
Repeat last2 rows twice more
Repeat the last 8 rows 3 times more (29sts)

my question is repeat the last 8 rows 3x more. am i counting rows 8 thru 15. as the 8 rows i need to repeat 3x more. hope i explained that right
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Finished the mittens :/
Here they are. I didn't think my tension would change in less that a week.
I used the same yarn, needles, pattern. Only a few days in between each mitten.
I knit with double points and I have a few sets of the same size so I can knit them at the same time. But I didn't this time.
I will knit a few rows of rib from one ball, then the same amount with the second ball of yarn.
And keep going like that.

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