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Free super easy knit shawl
Right now I can't knit. I have a torn rotator cuff. But when I finish with therapy I want to make my friend a shawl. She works at the courts and she is the nicest person in the world. Was there for me for a very rough time. Something easy but beautiful. And like something that she can just throw around her shoulders. Any and all suggestions are egarly welcome. Thank you
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Just off my needles
Just finished this shawl for a dear lady in the Philippines.
It is "Garter Lacy Triangle Shawl" don' t ask me where I got the pattern as I have it written on an index card. It is a ten row repeat.
I used RH "It's a Wrap" cake in Documentary (three tones of blue) I didn't like the one strand at a time so took the cake apart and made three separate balls of "Yarn" (more like twine). Used #8 wooden (Lykke) needles. Took me ten days of knitting off and on. I haven't washed or blocked it yet. It is 45" across the top and 26" deep. Used the three strands together.

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Just sharing ( knitting) SL

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Jamieson & Smith 2 ply_will it soften?
I plan to knit a tunic for my grand daughter using J&S 2 ply. On the ball, it feels scratchy. Will it soften with a fabric soaker? Any other tips?
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Knitting with 2 yarns...leave as 2 or combine into one
I am working on a pattern that requires me to knit with 2 strands of yarn. Would you recommend that that I combine 2 balls into 1 or simply knit with the 2 strands (1 from each ball)?
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New color for fall?
I think it is Pantone that releases a color of the year, or season. Has anyone heard what the color will be? Trying to decide on yarn for Christmas gifts, and one daughter is into trends.
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Help! (and I got plenty of it)
Just thought I'd post my poncho, "Lace Panel Knit Poncho." If you recollect, a KP member gave me the skein I needed to finish it (I only needed 15 yards). So, I made an owl hat to go with it. Once again, thank you Carolyn (chubs). The poncho is too short in the back for my taste but it is what it is. lol



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Johnny's New Stitch a Day sweater Class
Did anyone sign up for the teach for a short sleeved, lacey front sweater? I thought that it was supposed to start today.
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Comfort Doll in pink dress.
Here's another comfort doll. I hope y'all like her.

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Premium Sweet Roll Yarn Caution
I made a corner to corner lap blanket three feet square using Sweet Roll yarn in Blueberry. This yarn is nice to work with and has good color ways, but as you can see, would not be the best choice for something you wish color to be more controlled such as a garment. I used 4 cakes on an I hook and didn’t have enough to finish the last corner so I pulled some navy from my stash. I am not really proud of it but am posting so you can see how inconsistent the color runs are. It is for use on the screen porch so no concern. It will be warm but not so pretty.

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