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Craft Fairs
Hi, I plan on selling at a craft fair next fall. This is my first one and I don't really have any idea of how much inventory I should prepare. I know there's no one answer to that but I guess what I'd like to know is just some of your experiences in general. This will be held at an elementary school in mid-November.
Any pointers as to what kind of items sold well for you? I'm thinking of bringing plenty of kids' hats, cowls and scarves, and a few high-end items, like some shawls that would require hand washing. Anything for kids, of course, will be machine wash/dry. How about some simple Christmas decorations? Oh and I also will have a selection of spa cloths (fancy name for wash cloths!). Your thoughts are appreciated! Thanks.
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HELP to understand pattern for Crochet Old World Fisherman Afghan please
Hello everyone! I am wanting to crochet the Old World Fisherman Afghan for my daughter as a wedding gift. I have the pattern but I am not totally sure of what I am doing...if I am reading the pattern correctly. I have included pictures, showing what I think the parts I am querying mean, and if I am wrong, that someone will correct me please. It is time to learn more crocheting stitches and learn how to do harder patterns.

I have also included the parts of the pattern in written form and picture form.

1) The first question has to do with the instructions on how to do the Rope Stitch. Following are the instructions written on the pattern. I have included a picture of what I think it says and would appreciate some feedback....have I understood the instructions?

Instructions for Rope Stitch:
Yo twice, INSERT HOOK AROUND POST OF CORRESPONDING ST ON ROW BEFORE LAST, yo, pull lp through [yo, pull through 2 lps on hook] twice, yo twice, INSERT HOOK AROUND POST OF SAME ST ON ROW BEFORE LAST, yo, pull lp through [yo, pull through 2 lps on hook] twice, yo, pull through all 3 lps on hook. (After row 3, each rope st is worked around rope st on row before last.)

I am not sure what they mean by the corresponding stitch. I have marked what I think it is on picture labelled Rope stitch (1)

On Rope stitch (2) pic I have actually crocheted it to what it looks like when it is done in what I think is the corresponding st. I have done the 2nd rope st around the same post because that is how I interpreted INSERT HOOK AROUND POST OF SAME ST ON ROW BEFORE LAST. In other words 2 rope sts around the same corresponding post on row before last.

Have I understood this correctly?

2) Secondly as part of the Pattern Notes is says

Skip 1 st on last row behind each rope stitch or post stich worked into a previous row.

No idea what that means.

3) Thirdly the 3rd row reads as follows:-

Ch 2, hdc in each of next 2 sts, work remainder of row in the following steps.

A. Rope st, hdc in next st on last row, pc, hdc in next st, rope st, hdc in each of next 3 sts on last row;

B. counting from last rope st made, sk next 5 sts on row before last, fptr around each of next 2 sts on row before last;

C. [sk st behind each fptr, hdc in each of next 4 sts on last row, WORKING IN FRONT OF LAST 2HDC MADE, FPTR AROUND EACH OF NEXT 2 UNWORKED STS ON ROW BEFORE LAST, sk next 4 sts on row before last, fptr around each of next 2 sts] 4 times, hdc in each of next 4 sts on last row, working in front of last 2 hdc made, fptr around each of next 2 unworked sts on row before last, hdc in each of next 3 sts on last row

Do they mean to do a FPTR in each of the last corresponding posts?? of the last 2 hdc crocheted? Or do they just mean to work a FPTR after the last 2 hdc, in other words, the next 2 unworked sts after the 4hdc?

Many many thanks in advance for any and all assistance.


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A yarn question
My friend has requested me to knit her a shawl.
Im having difficulty choosing the right yarn. My friend lives in a warmish place and wants something just to drape over a dress.something in fingering or light fingering.
Im looking fir a cotton, nylon blend that drapes well and has a good stitch definition. Please could i have all of your suggestions on this. Thank you for being there for me always.
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Why do I have to have a topic Title?
I don't understand this new KP. What has happened to it? It used to be you could go to Main and there was a list of topics by different people. Now you get one at a time and have to keep going back every time you want to see a topic by someone else. What is going on? How do I get to the old KP main and then other topics like pictures and Chat for topics other than knitting. Am I just looking in the wrong place? Help PLEASE!!!!!!
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pattern for baby blanket
Two or so years ago I helped a friend of a friend with a baby blanket, she got the pattern of the Internet somewhere. I contacted her and she no longer has the pattern. Next a special great grandchild due in July, I would love to knit this blanket. I was made in DK yarn, had baby feet in knitting, on purl sts., around the bottom and the sides. I forget what the center section was, I believe it was seed sts. Does anyone recognize this pattern and where could I obtain it. Thank you so much.
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Need a Brother knitting machine carriage!
Looking for a main bed carriage to use on 965i. I think I may be able to use 930 to 965 carriages. Found this amazing 965i in Nacogdoches, Texas but the carriage is missing! Tested stockinette knitting with a friends 930 carriage and it knit great. I am located in Louisiana, USA

I still need to find out how to test the electronics. I did find a power supply.
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At long last it’s done started 13/2/2018 finished 24/2/2018 11 days exactly to do this what do u think I’m well happy with it xxxxx finished at 2.37am

Pattern is utube easy n fast crotchet for baby

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First toy
Completed gypsy cream "snuffed the hedgehog" . May try another, challenging and fun when completed. I can see it will take much practice to have mine come out like the experts here on KP and the designer Pat.

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Another 1898 Hat
Got the GDs hat done, Picachou is being worn every day by GS. I posted it last week.
This is Red Heart Super Saver on the head band part and Premiere Flowers on the top. It is a bit bigger than some I have made but this will be cozy under the ski helmet. Will keep the straps around the ears from digging in.
The Flowers yarn is not looking that tightly attached so I twisted each colored thread around as I knit and tightened it up before the next stitch. We will see how many are left after laundering, lol! Like self striping yarn , this makes a pattern too and changed of course as I decreased.
I love making this hat, I have two more started, one in a double strand boucle and another in a spun soft dk.
I did finish 16 wips, (4 for each new project), which I will post later, so I am keeping my nose to the grindstone.

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Baby Set
Been a while since I posted but I am so proud
Finished this set in four days

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