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Poncho finally finished!
100% organic polwarth from frabjous fibers! The weight is between dk and worsted, spun by me and knitted by me lol really liked the pattern!

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Thanks to a Dear KP Buddy:-)
Greetings Special Friend E!! :-)

Your combo birthday & Christmas box arrived before my birthday & I am very truly grateful for my New KP buddy and her generous & kind soul.

Meeting some very kind people on KP & very grateful. And I, have even secured some much needed buttons from my new friend too, for Christmas items I am making for gifts..

Here is a picture of my Gift box of goodies, two cards, one is too early to open for Christmas, but my Birthday Card is lovely.

And my box of goodies, 2 kitchen cloths in Yellow my favorite color, beautiful!! A little lovely Angel magnet lady, & a sweet plaque, & a crochet angel creation, which is a make your self item & I will have to recruit a friend to help me on her.

Very happy to receive a gift package from a new friend. What an awesome surprise.
Thank You Dear Friend E on KP!
Love & hugs to her,



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hat size for eight year old and ten year old
would like to knit hats for these girls but not sure on what sizes to knit. any ideas?
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Collar doesn't quite look right
I made this for my daughter from a pattern in the book The Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters. It begins with a Channel Island Cast on. I had never heard of it before, but I love the way it looks (with a little bit of a picot edge), and will probably use it again many times. But I'm not crazy about the way the collar seems to want to roll down. I followed the directions exactly and blocked lightly, but it still doesn't seem perfect. Maybe it won't show as much when it's worn. I wonder if anyone has a suggestion for me.

I used Love Knitting's DK with Wool yarn. I loved everything about this yarn, but unfortunately they don't have a wide color selection.

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DAK 8 question
Can anyone possibly help me? I’m not sure why the shape of the set in sleeves is doing the bind off then increasing.... which measurements are causing this? Thanks

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Patterns for sale
I am curious to know why it is that people can sell patterns or knit articles from a patented pattern then sell them and nothing is said, but if someone gives a pattern to someone else there is an uproar saying that is not allowed.
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Interchangeable needles
Does anyone have any recomendation on interchangeable needles? Ive uses addis, chiagoo, and hiyas. They all have their pros and cons. I just got some hiyas recently and found the tips too blunt. I found a similar thread to this but it was from 2011 so i figured i would start a new thread as some things may have changed. Thanks!
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Wrap #8
Finished this one last night I will be away for 2 weeks so will be behind in my knitting so need to get busy today and tomorrow

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In the pink
with this blanket

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Trigger finger
I have been knitting for sixty years and crocheting for almost forty years and have developed trigger finger in my right ring finger where I guide my yarn as I am left handed. Any one else have this problem and suggestions on how to deal with it?
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