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Knitted Roses
My friend who has had surgery has gone home today from hospital. She didn't want flowers but I'm sure she'll like the knitted ones. Hope you do too. Not perfect but I guess they'll have to do.

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C2C Blanket
I printed out a free pattern for a c2c blanket to learn how to do it & was told the pattern is American because they use the term dc & here in Australia we call it a treble. Is this correct. Thank you
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Done it again!The traditional heel socks.
I am once again happy to show my second pair of socks. I had thought to make one toe up but changed my plan as I wanted to try a traditional one first,and then go to tricky ones. This is made from scrap pure wool, but happy to use them up. I can call it Best out of Waste. Some of you said that sock knitting is addictive, you were so right.! These days I am thinking only of socks when not knitting. I have done Partridges Eye stitch in the heel. I followed Marley Birds tutorial. She was very clear in her instructions.
Thank you for viewing it.

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Goldy Autumn shawl
Available for sale.

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Just finished my fifth Tearoom Bear. Pattern by Mary Jane’s Tearoom.

Happy creative knitting to all!

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My first steek
I am about to start my first steek. The sweater is knit with superwash fingering weight wool/nylon. My question is... do you block the sweater before stabilizing the steek with sewn stitches? Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

Joanne. :)
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A Blessing and a Curse
Earlier this week went into my LYS and the owner knew I used knitting machines. He was recently given several (4) machines that he had no interest in, along with some coned yarn. He said that if I wanted it, I could have it all. (Blessing as it was all free). It took a day just to try to match the correct parts with the respective machine.

The first one is a Brother Profile 500. It doesn't have any of the following items: transfer tools or needle pushers, carriage lock, accessories box, hand brush, oil, ravel cord, which to me isn't a big deal breaker; however, some of the gate pegs are bent and the machine is very dirty. Is anyone here interested in owning it?, I'd only charge for shipping.)

The second is a Bond (chunky). Missing the carriage and Plate #2. Otherwise is in descent shape, but I really don't want it (anyone here interested?, I'd only charge for shipping.)

The third machine is a Brother KH890. It is a standard punchcard machine. Only missing a 1x3 transfer tool. Needs cleaning, otherwise looks great to me. Haven't tried it out yet, though.

The fourth machine is a Singer 700 punchcard w/ribber. Looks like everything is there. Probably keeping that one, but will need a good cleaning and new sponge bar. Haven't tried this one out yet either.

Then there is a KG88/89 G-Carriage. I don't need it. I have one. (Interested? only pay shipping to you).

Also included was a colour changer. I don't need it either. (Interested? only pay shipping to you)

There had to be about 35-40 cones of yarn included in this blessing. I've given half of it away to a friend.

The owner of the shop didn't want me to just sell the items that he had just given me. He said if I could find someone who would like any of it, give it to them and hopefully they'll make items for charity... So that's my blessing and curse.
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Week 38 Cats, 365 day challenge.
This weeks litter...

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Looking for ideas?
My sister works in a small nursing home of about 35 people. She would like to get each of them something for Christmas. She knows that I have tons of yarn and asked
if I could knit something. Does anyone have suggestions on useful knit items for the elderly? The only useful things I could think of were small lap afghans or maybe slippers?
Anyone have any other ideas?

Thank you
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Dowland in Baah La Jolla
Very exciting knitting pattern by Dee OKeefe

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