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Just got my kitting machine out after a l-- o-- n-- g rest. My problem: needles will not stay in place when putting them in knitting position.
Any ideas what is causing this and what to do to solve it?
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On and Off the Needles
I haven’t been doing much knitting recently, but finally finished the knitting part of the slippers I was knitting and completed a decorative Christmas tree which I am planning to,hang on the Christmas tree this year.

The only problem with the slippers is, we have a 16 week old puppy, who would no doubt love to get her paws on them lol.

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Yellow and cherries and sailor baby bib
I got 2 skein in Michael's 1 dollar, I kept them in my bag of things to do. I knitted them yesterday. I hope baby like them :D.

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I got the original set of Mylars from Peter Smith for the EC1 controller. Although I'm selling the controller, I'd like to know which patterns do what? Sorry if I'm not asking it right :)
Which ones are fairisle, tuck, slip, punch lace? Can anyone help please.
Thank you
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Adriafil Calzasock yarn
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know any merchant in the US that sells Adriafil Calzasock yarn. I found a shawl pattern that I would like to make for any elderly aunt who is in a nursing home. I tried using Yarn Sub to find a yarn compatible, but there is nothing with the colors (a solid and a variegated) available. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks ahead of time if I don’t get back to you quickly.

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KH970 problem!
Hello all! My new to me machine has the needles all the way to the top of the bed. It's that way even if the sponge bar is out. (When I got it, the sponge bar was upside down). Any ideas why needles sit up so high? Thank you for looking at this. Merissa

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Very unusual aviator crochet hat
My son, he doesn’t like taking picture...

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Looking for a Men's Sweater Pattern
Preferably a "jack frost " knitted pattern men's sweater, preferably a pullover sweater. If any one has a pattern please let me know., Thanks in advance!!! Or willing to share it.. Thank You.
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Frolic Double Bouclet Yarn
Hi. I was given 10 balls of Frolic Double Boucle yarn and would like to knit a slouchy jumper but can't seem to find a suitable pattern.
Can anyone help please?
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Software for Knitwear Patternmaking
Does anyone know of a website where I might find help in knitwear pattern-making assistance? Are there computer programs that help with sizing, etc? I'd love to start making a few simple patterns of various garments that I have in mind. Thanks for your help.
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