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Latest onesie k
Ive just finished this and Im quite pleased with how it turned out on the second attempt as the first attempt didn't turn out the way I wanted it too., I really must get my math brain back into gear as the last item I knitted turned out bigger than I expected and this one has turned out smaller than I expected .

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Christmas Afghan in April
Getting an early start! For grandson & granddaughter-in-law. Bernat Ripple Afghan #5495 (also called Mountain Mist). I used Lion Brand Heartland & Vanna's Choice yarns.

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Sister's great granddaughter
My sister's great granddaughter arrived safe and sound at 7lb.. meet Olivia Lee ..all the outfits I showed last post that I knitted for her were welcomed.. had to do an outfit for her Dad's favourite football team..also I posted this blue vest for my 98 yr old Mum..she loved it and wanted one in pink !! so did another for her (both basic vest pattern with the lace patterns I got from one of the knitting stitch sites

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Portrait Completed!!!! I am sooooo happy!!!
Well its done. Thank you all for being on this journey with me. I appreciate it so much!! For those who asked i have included a picture of what it looks like on the other side before I put the backing on it.

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Bamboo Knitting Needles.
I wrote a week or so ago that my son is taking me on a cruise. I want to have some light weight shawls for dining in air conditioned restaurants. I took the advice I was given and got some Shawl in Ball yarn. By Lion Brand. The color is Prism and it has a metallic teal color thread through it. After i frogged my 4th attempt I decided that my needles were just too big. I was using a size 10 circular. I hunted up a pair of size 8 Clover needles made out of bamboo. I had my doubts because I have used them before for sweaters. The weight of the knitting bowed the needles . The yarn I am using and the pattern, Claire by Lynn Banks is very light weight. The bamboo needles work very well for me. It took another 2 or 3 attempts and frogging but suddenly my hands learned what they were to do . I have 18" done. This is more of a scarf than a stole. But it is going very well. I just wondered what others thought of bamboo needles for lace knitting. I am really happy that I had them. I almost sent them to Goodwill a bunch of times. I have a set of 14" size 7 and the one I am using of size 8. I cast on long tail on a size 10 needle then I knit a full row before starting the pattern. I will post pictures later.
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If a child is 5 years old and wears a size 12 shoe and you are knitting socks, from the ribbing to where you start the heel, how many inches should it be?
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Disappointed with first order from Yarn Paradise
I’ve been looking for a sale on Aran wool to make a traditional Aran cable cardigan. I didn’t want to spend $100 on the yarn. I saw some folks mention they used Yarn Paradise. I just received the yarn I ordered. I am so upset. The yarn came packed in plastic bags with 4 skeins to a bag. When I opened the plastic bag to feel the yarn, i was grossed out by the smell of cigarettes. I am allergic to cigarette smoke. They really can’t think it’s ok to sell yarn that stinks like this. I am going to take the yarn outside and remove it from the plastic bags. Buyers beware - i would NEVER order yarn from them again.
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Hat pattern
I'm searching for a girls hat pattern using super bulky yarn, so far no luck. I'm hoping someone has some suggestions. Thank you in advance!!!
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Achieving Correct Gauge When Knitting with 100% Cotton
I have been knitting for almost 50 years so I should know the answer to this question ... but I don't. Hopefully, you can provide the answer!

Looking at a sweater pattern to be knit in 100% cotton. Sweater pattern says to knit a swatch, wash the swatch and then measure it for gauge. My question is, if the swatch shrinks should I try another swatch using a different size needle then wash it and measure it until until I get something that meets the gauge? Or do you start making changes to the number of stitches for the front, back, etc? Or, can you simply pre-shrink the yarn prior to making the sweater?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Little Ted the Bear- Gypsycream Design
For my great -nephew's first birthday. I was 2 weeks late but I doubt he will know.
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