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keeping track of needle sizes while making gauge
When I'm doing a gauge I usually have to make more than a couple. After washing and blocking I forget which size needle is for ehich.So I have come up with the idea :After afew rows of stockinette near the beginning of a knit row make purl stitches for the needle size. For instance you are using a size 4needle then in the knit row do 4 purl stitches.
Do any of you have any other tricks to keep track of your needle size making swatches.
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Obsessive Knitter Checks In
Hi all. I can’t begin to thank everyone who chimed in on my “Obsessive Knitting” post and gave me such thoughtful advice. It was so validating to hear from so many for whom knitting is a refuge. It was also helpful that many pointed out the pitfalls of ignoring my hand pain. I’m a toughie, like most if not all of you, but I try not to be an idiot about my own health. I just can’t give up my knitting right now. I do think I sometimes work in a somewhat frantic frame of mind and that certainly doesn’t help. I will make a point of being more mindful of how tense my hands are when I work. All the advice to do hand stretches was terrific. I hadn’t really thought of that for some dumb reason but I’m sure it will help. I loved the idea of taking the time to enter into knitting time as a peaceful place. I’m doing a little better and have done some household projects that have been needing attention, but I’m never sure which days will be calm and which will have me racing for my needles like a crackhead. But as many of you pointed out, it’s MUCH more satisfying to have a really cool pair of socks rather than an empty whiskey bottle to show for my escapism.
I am going to try making some amigurami with wool, loosely, with a big hook and felting it. I’m not sure how it will turn out, but it’s worth a try. Thanks again and love to everybody.
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ABC baby blanket done
Vintage dk berroco. Textured sampler and bibs by Sirdar.

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Jean greenhowe
I love Jean Greenhowe pattern, over the years I have knitted many toys from her patterns. At the moment I am knitting Christmas tree trims for my Greatgrandchildren. I would dearly love a friend who is as keen as me on knitting her toys. Thank you from New Zealand.
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Sock knitting
I'm sitting here thinking about knitting socks. The thought came to me.If you knit your first sock top down and then decided to knit the second one toe up would there be a noticeable difference in the two socks. Just wondering.
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Prayer shawl - C
Half done with this prayer shawl. Pastor blesses them in our church 3 times a year. Next time - end of September.

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Weighing Yarn
I'm knitting a lapghan right now that I'm using partial skeins for. Unfortunately I didn't think to weigh each partial skein so I would know how much yarn I used. If I fold the lapghan and weigh it, I use a digital kitchen type scale which can also be used for postage, would the weight be the same as if I had weighed each partial skein?

I hope this makes sense because I tend to find a stitch I like and cast on the stitches I need, but don't always remember to weigh partial skeins first. Thanks in advance for your help..Judy
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Constant frogging
Has anyone else ever had a project which they desperately wanted to do but had to constantly frog?

I know I can do this particular project but have frogged over and over. I desperately want to knit it but it’s not behaving.

Also should I try again straight away or leave it for a bit before trying again. Because I don’t want to give up on it.

Thank you in advance.
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Looking for the man that knit hats...
...for the homeless and placed them in coffee shops, train stations and bus stops along with a note. Seems like he lived in the north east of U.S. and his name might have been Tom. I thought the message he left with the hats (and sometimes socks) was beautiful and would like to do something similar.
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need opinion from you...
A favorite cousin of mine (although we live across the country from one another) is a redhead (age 72). As a gift, I want to knit her a beanie and would appreciate your feedback on colors. I've check with Google....and the results are: Emerald green, turquoise, forest green, purple, red & Navy. (also white, lt. blue). Not interested in the white as she has fair-skin. Thanks for your help!
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