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Favorite knitted Toys Books
I borrowed "60 Quick Knitted Toys" from Cascade Yarns. There are so many patterns in there I'd like to make I'm thinking of buying it. But since toys knitting is rather new for me, I'm wondering which recommendations you have for a knitted toys book that you have used many different patterns from, or are planning to?
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Intarsia with DAK
I made this pillow for my grandson, and of course mostly wanted to learn the technique. Our knitting club had a workshop on intarsia.
The pictures came from a picture book, used graphic studio to make a stitch pattern. This needs some practice, but I am getting better. Then I used interactive knitting. The computer tells me which yarn goes on which needle numbers. No need to read charts and get lost in the rows. In all it was very easy, just had to make sure the yarn was always over the open latches and knitted off correctly.

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yarn love
today I celebrated my 80th birthday and it brought to mind a very happy m
bunch of memories years ago I met a young lassie on kp digest after seeing she was from a home town I had left many eons ago eventually after many exchanged emails And my husband passing I went home for a time to meet her and bonds bigger than blood hold us together last year she threw a surprise birthday for me and has always loving messages so grow well kp digest knowing your yarn holds many people together
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New, old hooks for me
I am so happy with my latest purchase! I got this set of vintage Susan Bates Hooks off of E-Bay and they are like brand new. I paid $35, which is a lot for me, but I am really pleased with them. There is a big difference between the vintage and the current market Susan Bates. The vintage were made in the USA, the current ones are made in Mexico.
I have included pictures to show the difference, for those of you who haven’t seen them before. The vintage hook has much smoother edges, yet the hook is still the same inline shape, maybe a tad more pointed. The edge of the hook on the current ones is much wider, and very sharp, causing it to snag the yarn at times. I actually took my small Dremel to the newer hooks to smooth the edges. Also, not really visible, but the shaft on the vintage hooks is like satin and slides beautifully....the newer ones also slide nicely but not quite as nice as the vintage ones.
So, if you like the inline style hook like I do, these are the ones to look for. Of course I haven’t really tried other brands of inline hooks so I am open for recommendations.
Vintage Susan Bates with case

Vintage Hooks size B thru K

Vintage on Left vs Current on right

Vintage on left vs Current on right

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BSJ question
Help! I am knitting my first BSJ. Basic question: which is the "right" side and which is the "wrong" side. I have done the slip 2, K1, psso decrease and I am purling on the back of each decreased stitch. Is the right side the one with the obvious loops or is it the smoother side. In other words, is the right side the one you do the decreases on or the purl side? Thanks for any help.
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have you ever tried this stitch?
Has anyone ever knitted the p 2tog. tbl? Sounds so simple and is soo hard. I just finished booties with that stitch, I did it after making several attempts and may throw the pattern away. j
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Denise Knitting Needles takes up challenge
Denise knitting needles seems to be challenging Addi Flexiflips. Denise has now introduced their flexible double pointed needles which run $15.00 for a set of 3 tips with flexible cords AND they are interchangeable!! Three cords run $10.00. Do check Denise needles for more information. I just received this e-mail and wanted to pass this along for those who find the Addi Flexiflips a little too pricey for their pocketbooks. Now those who have the Addi Flexiflips may wish to try the Denise version. For those members who do test drive the Denise, please let us know what you think. Happy knitting.
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Tin Can knits
Has anyone made any of her patterns? I am currently working on her top down pullover named flax. When increasing stitches before and after garter panel are these stitches incorporated into garter panel or are the original 15 garter stitches separate from these new stitches?
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Opinion please
I’m almost to the buttonholes on this BSJ and am convinced it looks very girlish. Am I wrong? When I make buttonholes,I only made them on the correct side for the gender.

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Comfort dolls, they are addicting.

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