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DPNs, What do you use and like? What aren't so good?
Hi, all, it's sock making time here! I'm making do with a cheap set of 5" bamboo dpns...they're too short for adult sizes even with fine yarn. And the bamboo develops rough spots. Anyone here use non-bamboo DPNs they love? What brand?
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Not receiving news anymore
Hope This is the right place to ask question. I joined a 6 months ago and fully enjoy learning from all the wonderful knitters here. This week I noticed I am not getting notifications anymore. Anyone else have this problem, and how do I fix it? Really miss everyone ☹️
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Illegal posts shekllavanesa
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Really easy and cheap DIY stitch markers
I had snipped a bunch of loops off a red plastic straw to test them out as art-making fodder, and tidying up my workbench just now (a rare occurrence), I saw them as stitch markers! You can make your own out of various colors of plastic straws, and probably choose to make a thinner width than mine here. One straw makes more than enough for a normal project.

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Craftsy Silverlite Circulars
Craftsy currently has free shipping and I was looking at their Craftsy Silverlite Circular Knitting Needles. Per the site, reviewers said that they have a smooth join between the cable and the needle (which I find problematic on other brands that I own). The price seems good, also.

Just wondering if any KP members have thoughts on these!
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Moving pictures from one laptop to another
I have a new laptop and wonder how easy/difficult it would be to move my Picture Gallery from old to new laptop. BTW I guess this question is not in the correct section,but am unable to access Chit Chat right now. Any information would be appreciated...thanks.
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Question about a hat
I found a cute pattern for a baby hat . Its done flat and I want to try and make it in the round. First 5R are knitted. After that it’s K one R, P one R. To make it in the round do I do another K row in place of the P row? Thanks
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JUst Sharing ( knitting ) sl

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still searching
This is a cowl that was left in my daughter's office and OF COURSE she loves the stitch..I do not know if it is handmade or not. It is not bulky weight. It is NOT honeycomb(less holey than that).. and YES, I can figure out the edge no problem..So anyone recognize it...?

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Now not getting email notifications about recent posts
And I feel so bad that I haven't responded to those who have posted on my topics. So very sorry. Yes, I do have it checked to receive email notifications, but somehow they uncheck themselves. I'll be glad when all this gets straightened out.
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