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Why would you want to do twisted knitting?
I at a spinning guild meeting and was working on a bed sock using twisted knitting and a friend asked why not use doubled yarn instead of twisted one yarn at time. I like to work all the patterns in a book and learn new techniques so I really didn't question the first one. Why was in used?
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My Dream World ( no politics)

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Suffy the Lamb from Suffolk
I’ve got my sister into knitting animals and I think she did very well for her first attempt. Must get her interested in KP. Thank you for looking.

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Looking for Brother 260 knitting machine & ribber
Looking for bulky machine for a friend. Must be in Canada or eastern US as he goes to NH sometimes, so could pick up.
(Have also posted this in Classifieds but also here in case some MKers don't look there)
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Non-skid for crochet slippers
I am crocheting slippers for all the family for Christmas. The pattern is made with bulky yarn. I'm worried about them being slippery especially on wood floors. I read of a technique where you paint the bottoms with acrylic puff paint. Has anyone tried this? How did it turn out? And, if I do this what color paint should I use? The slippers are different colors for each person. I will truly appreciate all the help you can offer. Have a blessed day.
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I've been knitting for about 7 years now and still consider myself a "Advanced Beginner." Over these years I've built up a HUGE stash of yarn and patterns that would be equal to some LYS's.

NOW I'm finding that I've become overwhelmed and can't seem to start anything. Either I can't the right yarn for a project or just feel that a pattern I have is "Just too complicated" to do.

Any suggestions? Where do I go from here??

Thanks in advance...
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Just sharing ( knitting) sl

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Any takers?
Thinking of hiring him out. Any takers?

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2 hats for donation
The child's hat was an experiment. Whatever small bits of yarn I had left from a project, I tied to another, etc until I had a good sized ball & made this colorful hat. What do you think? My 10 yr old GS liked it so I'm hoping another child will. The other hat is for the VA hospital. They requested chemo caps. I used AC Moores Nicole yarn. Nice & soft. Thanks for looking.

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Pretty new socks (k)
I finished this pair a week ago; the yarn is Felici Limeade from KnitPicks. The yarn is so soft to work with and washes beautifully. I always use sockit2me’s pattern , here on KP.

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