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Suggestion about using (C) (K) or perhaps a new one...(P)
Just a thought for those who do NOT want to read political topics.

You know how if we post a question about either knitting or crocheting we sometimes add (K) or (C) to the title? Well how about adding (P) for political. That way KPrs would be assured of NOT opening subjects they don't want to read about.

Problem solved.
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User name " authentic"
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Just sharing ( Knitting) SL

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A throw
In the making...

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My brain isn't working
I'm making a pair of baby loafers. I was doing good until round three.

Round 3: *Sc 1, 2sc in next step; repeat from * two more times, sc, 8(10, 12), repeat * five times, sc 8 (10, 12)- 40, (44, 48) sts.

Now should I repeat just the sc1, 2sc?
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What stitch/pattern is this please?
I am unable to find what this stitch is, although I have scoured Google for hours searching. Would anyone be able to bring this search to an end and tell me what stitch/pattern this is please?

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Provisional cast on
I have a lovely cowl pattern which calls for a provisional cast on of 256 stitches on circulars. I have looked at several ways to do this, including the crochet hook method, but it is a lot of stitches! Has anyone found a particular or easy way to do this many stitches with a provisional cast on? I also have to say that I have not done this type of cast on before, so it seems quite daunting to me😒
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What is your favorite sock yarn
What is your favorite sock yarn and which site has the fastest shipping? Looking for a good durable yarn that won't break the bank. Do you prefer to knit socks that are solid colors or those with stripes or patterns? Thanks for helping
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How do you hold your yarn?
Hello Knp

I am a newer knitter and I think i found my way but its very strange compare to all the videos i watched on youtube.

its wrapped around my pinky once across my inner palm over my index.

But the strange part is I have my thumb on the needle and have helping me tension against my inner palm

Yarn is in my right and i never let go of the needle it might be called flicking not to sure.

Curious how others hold there yarn

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Pram blanket for silver cross pram
Cousins daughter is having a baby boy in January and she asked me to knit this blanket for her coach built pram .hope she likes it this is it on my pram but as you can see it's too big .but will fit her Balmoral

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