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In Amsterdam
And can’t get DH to walk 8 minutes to Stephen and Penelope’s yarn shop. What to do, what to do? No, not going alone. Leaving tomorrow :+/
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Grandson's Graduation Blanket
I finally finished blanket for Grandson #3, who heads off to college on Saturday. I made two back in 2014 and shared them here. I used several of the same motifs on this one, but personalized for him. I'm having dinner with him tonight, so will give it to him then. (He knows I've been working on it.) It is machine knit on my Brother 970, but there is a lot of handwork...duplicate stitch on it. It is fully lined also in knit, as shown on the second picture, but is a lightweight yarn so it isn't heavy, just cozy.

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This is definitely me when i go on holiday
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Knitting Quotes
saw some of these on the internet and some where funny and very true...

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Dinnosaur Knitting Pattern Needed
I wonder if anyone knows where I can find a knitting pattern for a Dinnosaur my 10 yr old grandaughter asked if I can make her one I have started looking on a few sites
but the best ones are usually crochet patterns

Many Thanks
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Omaha Nebraska knitters please
Recently (within the past month) I shared in a post that I will be in Omaha for the month of September waiting for the birth of my 2 new grandsons, then helping their parents after their arrival. One of you graciously suggested we could meet for coffee and to get acquainted. I would really enjoy that, but unfortunately, I didn't respond right away and now don't remember who made that offer. If you are still interested in meeting, please respond so I can PM you and exchange further info!

Carol in western NE viewing an Oregon Trail landmark out my kitchen window
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Mary Maxim Funnies
Saw this today ~ hope it brings a chuckle for you as it did for me! 😂

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New to the site
Hi everyone! My name is Julia and I'm brand spankin' new to both knitting and this forum. Excited to meet more knitting friends and learn from you guys.

I was recently gifted a Hiya Hiya interchangeable set by my mother-in-law so I am starting out with those. What are your go-to needles?

My first project will be just a simple ribbed (knit 2, purl 2) scarf. Starting it off easy haha. What are you guys working on?
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This might bee sell explanatory BUT...
So when you "carry" yarn in knitting or crocheting such as faire isle... and you "carry" the yarn, are you knitting/crocheting it into the fabric or leaving it behind
what you're making? if the first method, how you keep it from showing.
If the second, do you leave it showing or cut and sew every end in?

I feel like it should be self explanatory but I've seen all methods listed on youtube and in reading about it so I'm just trying to get there knitters, crocecheters opinions?
I'm primarily a crocheter and I feel like when ever I crochet over the yarn, it shows through.

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Little pink baby cardigan
I needed a break from all the boy knits so I knitted this little pink cardigan. I have nobody in mind for it at all, but I love pink! The pattern is King Cole 3842 but the bands are done at the same time as the fronts as in my waterwheel pattern.

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