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We are knitting again
Colors... What you think? I love those

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Charity sale
Been busy knitting for barbie and Ken. Going to a craft sale to see if I can sell them to raise money for operation smile..

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Loss of contact to Knitters Paradise
I look forward each day to my email from KP showing me what people have been up to but for the last three days I have not received any notification. Is it easy to just tick a box somewhere to revert back to my getting these emails again. Don't know why they stopped as I haven't changed anything, HELP please anyone!!!
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DPNs, What do you use and like? What aren't so good?
Hi, all, it's sock making time here! I'm making do with a cheap set of 5" bamboo dpns...they're too short for adult sizes even with fine yarn. And the bamboo develops rough spots. Anyone here use non-bamboo DPNs they love? What brand?
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Not receiving news anymore
Hope This is the right place to ask question. I joined a 6 months ago and fully enjoy learning from all the wonderful knitters here. This week I noticed I am not getting notifications anymore. Anyone else have this problem, and how do I fix it? Really miss everyone ☹️
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Illegal posts shekllavanesa
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Really easy and cheap DIY stitch markers
I had snipped a bunch of loops off a red plastic straw to test them out as art-making fodder, and tidying up my workbench just now (a rare occurrence), I saw them as stitch markers! You can make your own out of various colors of plastic straws, and probably choose to make a thinner width than mine here. One straw makes more than enough for a normal project.

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Craftsy Silverlite Circulars
Craftsy currently has free shipping and I was looking at their Craftsy Silverlite Circular Knitting Needles. Per the site, reviewers said that they have a smooth join between the cable and the needle (which I find problematic on other brands that I own). The price seems good, also.

Just wondering if any KP members have thoughts on these!
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Moving pictures from one laptop to another
I have a new laptop and wonder how easy/difficult it would be to move my Picture Gallery from old to new laptop. BTW I guess this question is not in the correct section,but am unable to access Chit Chat right now. Any information would be appreciated...thanks.
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Question about a hat
I found a cute pattern for a baby hat . Its done flat and I want to try and make it in the round. First 5R are knitted. After that it’s K one R, P one R. To make it in the round do I do another K row in place of the P row? Thanks
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