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Pink/white & grey DK Yarn
I have had a request for a baby sweater made with pink/white/grey print DK yarn with grey trim. I have looked on line but haven't found such a color yet. I checked Deramores & Loveknitting Any suggestions? She wants grey trim and grey elephant buttons.
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I am trying to teach myself how to knit toys. I did pretty well on the body of my first one, but when joining the 2 pieces of knit together, I bombed!! I tried using a how to , You Tube video. It was so complicated I couldn’t follow it to well.

Is it possible to sew them together on a sewing machine? Could anyone give me advice or tell me their favorite way to join their knits.
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Riversdale Hat with cables.
Hello Dear Knitters :)

I just would like to share anoter hat I've knitted for myself this winter. It is Riversdale hat. As most of my hats it is also knitted in the round on circular needles. I used Rowan alpaca soft merino DK yarn. I made a long ribbing which can be folded two or even three times for multi-styles wearing and extra warm if needed.

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Knitted Dog Hat Pattern wanted
I have tried Revelry and a few other sites for a pattern with room for ears. Dogs up here in Alberta are freezing, so much snow. This picture was posted on our Facebook group this morning and I am not sure I can design a hat from a picture. Any help would be appreciated.

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Marion Nelson Cards for Chunky/Bulky
I have posted in the Classified Section Marion Nelson Basic Pattern Cards for sale. They are for the Chunky/Bulky machines. It some of the calculations easier to do. The cards are in several sizes. There is one group of 1-4 being sold as a set and the other is being sold as single sets - Circular yoke sweater. If interested pm me.
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KA 8310 Brother Linker
Came across one of these 9n eBay and about spit out my morning coffee. i didnt even know Brother made a linker. I had an SC3 for my Studio 700 which worked most of the time. Was curious as to why I hadnt heard or remembering hearing of the 8310. Doesnt work well? Does it work on a KH970 or 260, my 2 Brother machines?
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Wool Yarn
What wool yarn do you knitters prefer for a men’s sweater. Possibly a Norwegian style. Concerns are softness to work with, consistency of thread thickness and knotting in skein. Thanks for your assistance.
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Loops and Thread yarn at Michaels
Michaels (in Ontario) has a 50% off sale on Loops and Thread yarn this week. The only one I've used is their Impeccable. I'm looking for suggestions in a DK weight. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Child’s Aran Cardigan.
Just completed. Pattern from Sirdar, Baby in Aran booklet 225.

The actual colour is darker than shown.

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The man who knits?
I’m fasinated by the man who knits on you tube, so I being an avid thrift shopper, have been picking up good wool sweaters at the thrift store. My problem is, i keep the sweaters for myself as they are too good to tear apart. Has anyone tried this yet, I would be interested to know how it went. Our local Value Village is having a 50% off sale today.
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