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Bernat Softee baby yarn
Can someone tell me the ply of the above yarn. Is it equivalent to UK. 3 or 4 ply or double knitting ? I have a pattern from Pinterest that I would to knit. Thank you.
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Craft Shows vs. Vendor (direct sales) Shows
My sister and I have sold at craft shows (all handmade items) for several years. Lately there is a growing influx of vendor/direct sales (Luluroe, Tupperware, Paparazzi Jewelry, etc.) at the shows. Overall they tend to be cheaper and flashier than the handmade items. Often they have professional drapes and catalogs. The vendors often have some sales presentation that they repeat over and over and people are drawn to their marketing. For a long time I've thought people wanted quality and would prefer handmade items. Well, slowly the shows have let in more vendors than crafters. Now there is a movement towards all vendors and no handmade items will be allowed. Wow. I am in northern Illinois and wonder if this is a local trend or are we going to a machine-made world?
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Christmas Angels
Knitted Angel gifts & dishcloth bundles..
These are the gifts for the ladies that came to my afternoon Christmas Tea12/10. Tree & table empty now!! Had 30 for Tea & goodies...

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Suitability of Felting with Sock Yarn
Hi, friends!

Have two quick questions regarding the feltability of sock yarn made with 75% wool and 25% polyamide.

First, will a spit splice work and be trustworthy?

Second, thinking about doing some felting projects, but unsure if such yarn is suitable. Have always read to use 100% wool. Will the 25% polyamide prevent the felting and shrinking? I have a feeling I already know the answer. LOL!

Thank you in advance. You are all great! 😊
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Learning to knit socks
If I am knitting a gauge of 8.5 sts per inch and my foot circumference is 9.5 inches, would I cast on 12 sts and increase to 80 sts for the body of the foot?
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Crochet Basket
Thank you everyone for your help on crochet term intervening . I finally finish my basket.

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This year I want something different
I decided to knit different socks for christmas present. I took my needles and here it comes... What you think? No pattern

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Here is my first one completed and knit in the round on 16" circs.
Very soft yarn inside for the hands. I may add buttons or ribbon
Or even make a flower. The funky yarn on the ends was given to me.
I have another on the needles. Much thanks to k2p2 for info and

For those who don't know about twiddlemuffs, they are for dementia
Patients with busy and sometimes cold hands. I just learned about them recently.
Wish I knew of them when my dear mom had dementia. I think she
Would have loved them.

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Candy Coasters (c)
These are fun to make.

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Joining crocheted picots
I'm making a snowflake table runner that has 22 motifs. The directions say to join the motifs according to the diagram at the bottom of the pattern. Would you join the picots as you go, or would you join the motifs when you have finished all of them?
How would you actually join them? I've tried a couple as I've gone along, but the joins aren't as perfect as I'd like them to be. Even when I've frogged and rejoined the picots, I can't help but think there might be a better approach. Thanks!
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