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Getting Ready
I will be participating in a bazaar Nov 3rd and 4th and here are only a few of the items that will be on my table.

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ssk how to
can pllease
explain what ssk
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How many grams ??
I have found a pattern that asks for 1400 yards of worsted yarn - could somebody tell me what that equates to in grams please?

Thankyou in advance xx
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Christmas Elves
I have no willpower. I have been seeing Gypsycream's Jingle Jangle Elves everywhere on this site. I have so much to do for the upcoming fairs that I really don't need more to do. Does that stop me from getting the pattern???? NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO. Pat, please stop making such wonderful patterns for just a couple of weeks so I can catch up!!!!!
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Looking for someone
I’m so embarrassed to ask...I’m looking for Lorraine (?) goes by Rainebow here, I think. I just can’t find her. Thanks!
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Anyone Live In The Auburn/Cayuga New York Area?
Is there anyone in the Auburn/Cayuga New York are that machine knits? I am looking for some hands on lessons and work with an actual project (sweater for me), from beginning to end. I was feeling so good yesterday about being able to undo a bunch of knitting and get back on track, but there was so much that went wrong afterwards. I don’t know if it was me or the machine.

I am about to just pack the kh260 and kh881 away and forget it. Too much wasted yarn, frustration and too much of 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Not getting anywhere. Since I do not know if it is me, the machines, the wrong yarn, or whatever, I really cannot move forward. I have watched videos, bought videos and books, am doing Craftsy lessons. I really need hands on.

Yes, I know, there is a group in Cortland or there abouts. I tried joining their site but have never been allowed in. I have tried 3 or 4 times.

So, is there anyone in this group that lives in the Auburn/Cayuga New York area?

Thank you so much. I really do not like feeling defeated by these knitting machines that I thought would make my life easier, as far as making tops goes.

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Saga of the C2C Hummingbird Afgnan continued progress so far.....
Here I am at my first decrease row, top of Afghan and will be working along the other side, part of the hummingbird's beak is coming in and part of its tail feathers. The pattern called for a blue Hummingbird, but I am switching the color of the bird to dark green, lite green and a red chest......wish me luck. Thank you for all your compliments they give me the courage and confidence I need to finish this project....

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Understanding translation
Please, I would like your help if you can.
Saw a beautiful Vest for my granddaughter to make with a STITCH I have never seen before. All I understand is take off 3 stitches-wrap twice. k1, repeat. But does not look the same.

Here is the original post:
3 rows - 2 loops are removed onto the auxiliary knitting needle and twisted with a working thread twice, then they are sewn with their face hinges, * 1 the front loop, 3 loops are removed onto the extra spoke, twisted with a thread twice, then tied with the front loops * ..
Next row is k all across.
Thanks and much appreciated

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Help finding this pattern/chart
Hello KPers. Our Nifty Needles group "inherited" a lot of unfinished sweaters from a prolific knitter who apparently started, but was unable to complete them. She had Alzheimer's. Anyway, this photo is of a holiday sweater that was in the batch. It is lovely work, but there is no pattern with the sweater, so we have no idea how to complete it! We believe it may be a Mary Maxim kit, but finished sleeves and and a partially finished front are all we have. If anyone can identify the kit, and/or provide the pattern/chart to complete the sweater, we would be very grateful. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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pattern request
Dear friends, I am stuck with this pattern whose video is in Hindi, & I am not so fluent in this language, It seems an easy Pattern. but would like any one of of you can give me a written version, step wise, I will be very much obliged to you my friends.
I am giving you the details of the video.--it is Mamata's Tutorial -- Stylish Jacket part 1 & 2. I am also posting a picture of the jacket. Thanking you all in advance. Do help please!

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