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I very very busy with my babies everyday and even have less time to sleep. While I still love knitting so much.
Now my second baby is 8 month old. And recently I design a bonnet and name after him. It is my first time to design something for baby. I am quite satisfied with it. Now pics come~~

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Cobra Garden Machinery
Such was the popularity of Hemel & Hettie, the owner of Cobra garden machinery asked if I could come up with a mascot for their company. So here he is Colin the cobra.

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I'm so aggravated at myself
Maybe someone out there can help me.
Over this past week someone posted a picture of something that she/he was working on in crochet. It was a very intricate pattern and the results were awesome. My problem is that I researched the link that was posted and it led to a paid book full of like designs. I didn't decide at the time that I wanted to buy it so "I thought" I would bookmark it. Well, today I decided that I would go ahead and buy said book and I will be darned if I can locate it again.
I'm hoping that someone out there recalls the posting and can lead me down the path again.
I know it's a big chance but hay, who knows..........
Thank you
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Beginning a WV Afghan
Here is my start on an afghan for my son. I took from other patterns and an afghan that I made a long time ago. The afghan is part ripple, part Jacob's ladder, and part long double crochet stitches taken from an Indian design.

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Nova Platina Deluxe Special Interchangeable Needles Issues
I own this set. I used this pair of needles for the first time. The pattern calls for knit two together. The motion of this over and over. Made dents in the left needle. The one the holds the stitches. I've noticed that this needles can easily be dented. The right needle I accidentally put stuff on top of the needles and completely dented one side. Has any one had this issues. Or noticed this

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cheap yarn
oh for pete's sake!! really!!? i guess you get what you paid for. 140 gms no yardage given. buy 2 get one free. each cost $5. thought i was doing well until i got to the colour change. when i checked the other skeins, all are knotted at the change of colour and not very well so!! hook line and sinker.....

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Brought some yarn from eBay (UK) ............ from a lovely seller... now how lucky am I ?
I have brought previously from this seller, lovely stash!!! . Sadly she was harassed by trolls when she tried to sell her beautiful knitted items, they copied her, it made her ill and she has stopped knitting. I have always tried to support her & keep in touch,just a gentle hug now & again. If she sells her yarn I always try to bid and sometimes I get lucky & win!!

She told me a young family member, who had been advised she would never have a family of her own, had a little girl, around 6lbs. So I decided if I did win I would send one of the King Cole jackets I had made. In addition to the yarn I won she also sent a big bag of buttons............ and also a pack of Aran cakes, which I will send to another KP member, Reyna, to use for HER family. :o) . She is always there for me & I count her as big Sister & she, in turn, has sent me boxes of yarn to share out :o).
She does not enjoy the best of health but never complains, she is very special to me.

How lucky am I?
For the new baby

eBay purchase

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Shades of Green
This is my latest Kep. I used three different shades of green and a yellow yarn. Thus the title. I love knitting keps and now creating my own designs from the many different motifs out there. Working up my courage to knit with three colors in the same row.

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where to send comfort dolls?
Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I might send comfort dolls to reach detained children on our southern border?
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Dressed Build a Bear (DO) for my KP friend Joan
Joan helps out at her Grandsons's School, twice a year, to my knowledge, with their fundraising, she lives a long way away, but her family is paramount in her life.

I have knitted a few items for her, but let me tell you Joan is well into her 80's ( I hope she won't mind me saying so) , and still independent. This is the last year he will be at the School so dressed this to raffle. She usually gets around £50 (UK) raised from these teddies each time.

Joan then sends me lots of wool I can use for other charities, even sharing wool she was given from, I believe, a neighbour, thanks Joan.

I hope many others who will read this post & also be happy to help others.


I think the hat still needs a pompom!!!

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