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Help me - my poor socks
Well my poor hands really
I always hear about how people fly thru their sock knitting by using 9” circular needles
Please tell me what I’m doing wrong
My hands seem too big for these tiny needles
Every stitch seems to take forever. My hand feels like it’s cramping
I am using 2.25 mm which is the size I normally use OR Do I just need to go back to magic loop?
I really wanted this to work out....
Please tell me your secrets.
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Uptown Chic crochet cardigan help needed, please
I finished the back section of the cardigan up to the armhole shaping...Counting from the bottom I've finished 40 rows. On what row do I start the armhole shaping? I'd appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.

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Baby fingers twisted in afghan
Years ago I made a baby blanket for a nephew. It was crocheted with some kind of cluster stitch that left small spaces between the stitches. The baby got his fingers all twisted up in the holes so the circulation was cut off. Thankgoodness Daddy, found it in time to avoid damage to his little fingers. But he also forbid it to be near the baby ever again.
So now everytime I see a baby blanket I notice they are all full of holes and potential danger.
Has anyone else run into this problem?
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what is this obvious line...
There is an obvious line down the center of my sock. I'm so disappointed. It's more pronounced in person.
I knitted it on DPNs.
What does it look like to you? That is where I switched needles from needle 2 to 3. But my other sock looks fine.

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1898 Hat
I'm just starting the band for the question is this.......on the row where you sm, wyif sl3, sm. How long should those floats be? It looks to me like it wouldn't matter.........does it? Since some of you have made lots of these hats I know you have found the answer through trial and error. 😂
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Scheepjes fine yarn
Has anyone used this yarn? The label says it's cotton,polyester and linen(flax) and was made in Holland. I have no idea how it ended up in my stash and there's about 450-500 grams. I am thinking of knitting a light summer shawl. The label also says it's machine washable. I appreciate any words of wisdom!
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Crochet free flower pattern.
Click bait! I've pm'd admin and ignored. We all should.
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Goldie's 14 Carat Crocheted Edge (c)s
The Edge is worked in the top “V" stitches of the previous round
(single crochet in this case) in the same direction you would execute the crab stitch (from left to right, as opposed to the typical path of crochet stitches worked from right to left.)
1. Attach yarn with a slip stitch
2. With one loop on your hook rotate you hand in a counterclockwise direction from 12 o’clock, down past 6 o’clock to about 2 o'clock. This twisting movement will cause the loop on your hook to resemble a figure 8. (This step is important and the twist is critical to the final look)
3. Insert your hook into the next “V" stitch on the left, rotating the head of the hook downward to “capture" the yarn and carefully bring this captured yarnover back through the “V” stitch only. STOP. There will be 2 loops on the crochet hook.
4. Yarn over and pull through both loops of the hook.
Repeat steps 2,3,4 to edge project.

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I have just noticed that the url for Knitting Paradise today is saying in red "Not Secure"
Has anyone else noticed this, and what should I do about it?
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What does this mean??
When the pattern says "ending on wrong side", does that mean finish after a right side row or after a wrong side row?
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