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Practice piece
My first practice piece is complete

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Don't you wish yarn sizes were standard?! OR why you need to swatch!
These 3 yarns are all labeled worsted weight #4.

There is no way you will get the same gauge with the same needle size!

Kinda wish you could trust the lable.

The first is Vanna's Tapestry .....100% acrylic
Second is Premier Ever Soft .....100% acrylic
Third is Berroco Comfort .......50% nylon and 50%acrylic

12 wraps on size 5 needle

12 wraps on size 5 needle

12 wraps on size 5 needle

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C -All the Baby Shark Song characters.
Baby Shark, Doo, Doo, Doo.

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Knitting buddy
I am knitting a blanket... almost done!
Always nice to know your work is appreciated!

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Can I use a RK900 ribber on a KH-891?
I traded up to a KH-891 from my Bond USM over the summer, but haven't actually gotten to knitting on it yet as knitting is my winter hobby. I see a RK900 ribber for sale for $250 including shipping. Will I be a much happier camper if I have a ribber, or is it so much of a pain to take on and off that just hand manipulating the stitches is easier? If having the ribber is the way to go, is the RK900 the correct (or best) ribber for the KH-891? And is that a fair price for a a ribber that looks to be in pretty good condition? (If for some reason the KH-891 is not in working order, or not to my liking, I would like to be able to sell the ribber for what I paid for a little leery buying an accessory before I have everything all checked out...but am also itching to get at the knitting with all the bells and whistles.) Thank you in advance for all of your help.
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taper of needle tips
After years and years of knitting, with some needles working easily and comfortably for me, and some making my hands hurt for reasons I couldn't seem to identify I finally noticed that needles with long taper tips (from point of needle to where the diameter is its widest) make my hands hurt, stressing both hands and fingers. Some I have are nearly 1/4 inch longer in the taper than others, and those longer ones make it difficult for me to slide stitches to where they will form correctly and making it very hard to do KFB for example. How on earth can I have knitted for decades and not noticed this detail? Anyway, I know NOW, lol. Probably have some needle modification in my future.
Anybody know the best method for trimming off a bamboo needle? I don't want to split the tip, just shorten it.
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Which Red Heart yarn for children's clothes?
Looking for your experience/recommendation for which yarn to use for toddlers' clothes. I want the garment to be machine washable and dry-able because I can't imagine busy mothers would be inclined towards hand care. My experience leads me to think acrylic is the most functional choice and Red Heart is the one I know best and has the largest numbers of colors. I'm specifically wondering whether there is any reason to choose any one of these over the others: Super Saver, Soft or Comfort yarns.

Thanks for you comments.
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Cozy Shrug for the Cooler Weather (K)
Hi KP Friends,

I knitted this wool shrug a while ago. It has a lot of my favorite colors (including lime green!!). I'm looking forward to wearing it when our weather cools down.
(It looks a lot better on a real person with arms.)

Thanks for looking,

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Adding some color
I decided two of the prayer shawls needed something. So I added a border in a different color....imho...I like them with the changes

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Favorite cast on for sleeves at end of row
What is your favorite cast on for sleeve stitches at the end of a row when making a one piece sweater.( Back, add sleeves, split for fronts.)
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