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Children being bored!
Today I read in our city and state newspapers, a report from a learned educator. She said that it was actually good for children to be BORED and that parents don't need to constantly be their entertainers!

As an mother, early childhood educator, aunty and great-aunty, I have said this for a LONG time. What do you think?
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Looking for a Bead Supplier
Many shawl patterns have the option of adding beads. Anyone know of a good source, especially for 6 mm? Thanks!
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Mistake in C2C graph afghan
I discovered a mistake waaaaaay back at the beginning. This is the British Flag and I have a white square that should have been blue. My question is, have any of you cut it out and replaced with correct color? It is not real noticeable, but my OCD is telling me to do it. See the attached pictures and tell me what you think.

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The color of rain by Michael and Gina Kell Spehn
This is the title of the book that im reading. It is a true story of two families and their struggle with cancer. A MUST read! Loving every word.
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Suggestions for edging woven shawl, boucle/nubby yarn (C or K)
Weave is open. Tighter work hides stitch details. Yarn drags/sticks to itself.

Shawl is woven triloom that needs crochet or knit edging. Suggestions for edging are very welcome. Been looking for hours.
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Blankets from the center out.
I purchased a not so nice blanket, and from that blanket I made the one with the green edging, and the second one up to the last green stripe. Pretty good for a 50 cent purchase. Going in the charity box. I like doing these center out blankets with I-cord edging except when it gets to the outside edges and those rows seem to take forever, but they are great stash busters. They are both 36 inches square.

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Anyone interested in doing a summer long crochet along? Thought I would pass this along.
It is for cancer patients. You crochet a different hat/beanie each week for 14 weeks.
You can check it out @ hooked on homemade
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4 afghans done for donation
These 4 afghans are done for donation. Will be making more, in different patterns, as I want to give our two pastors at church each one for Christmas too. The flower one is from Red Heart patterns and the leaf one is in a book I have.

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My Lucky Day
Normally I am not a lucky person. Today i hit a garage sale that I really enjoyed. Most of this yarn is wool. So happy I stopped.

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New Squishy Mail
I got my order from Little Knits today and the February Lady Sweater will be made with the SWTC 50% wool/50% Soy silk and of course Arne and Carlos Pairperfect sock yarn which happened to be on sale. The sweater color is Rio

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