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I've been doing small lap blankets for a nursing home collection coming up. My LK150 club is also working through the Diana Sullivan book Mid-Gauge Mastery. So instead of full size baby blankets, I made the first two projects lap sized.
The first two were knit on the LK-150.
First one is the 3 panel with worm trim join and edging. OLD Caron Simply Soft Baby Sport from my stash, and Baby Bee Sweet Delight for the trim.
Second one is the 3 panel with heart trim join and edging. Baby Bee Sweet Delight Prints with the same trim yarn.

The next two were knit on the Brother KH-260, both projects used old stash yarns - all acrylic, I know the blue is "Wintuck", don't know what the others are.
Third one is tuck stitch, Singer card 4 on the Brother.
Fourth one is tuck lace, using a stitch pattern from Knit it Now. There were errors on both the punch card shading for needles out of work, and on the "cheat sheet" they provide to help move needles out of work. But it was easy to figure out from the photos. I reported it, and the stitch pattern has been taken down - I hope only for fixing, because it is a pretty pattern, nice from both knit and purl sides.

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Finished hemlock rings
Finished a little bit ago, now the problem is finding a space to block it!

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Baby cardigan and hat for charity
I am still working through some oddments in my stash and trying to use up the bits and pieces of baby yarn I have accumulated. There are a lot of partial balls of this and that, most are not labelled but they are too good to discard, so I have tried to be creative with what I have on hand. This was done using 2 strands of 3 ply yarn together on 4.5mm needles, which gives me the equivalent of using 8ply (DK). I just used a basic raglan pattern and added a border stitch of mock cable. The hat is an adaption of one of Marianna Mels design, done in 2x2 rib.
Thank you for looking

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Flounce on an elbow sleeve- method?
Hello Everyone,
The latest trend is the flounce that I see on sleeves either elbow sleeve or bell sleeves which I love.
I am wondering what method do machine knitters use to produce this effect on the sleeve. For example to make a ruffle on the elbow sleeve would one use short rowing?
Are there other ways? I was also thinking of drawing it on the knit leader.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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Rust on the bar of an sk280 retro knitting machine
Hi there, A big hello. I'm new to this site and I would gratefully appreciate advice on a sk280 Silver Reed 2nd hand knitting machine I've just bought on eBay I'll be waiting at least one week for delivery. There is a bit of rust just below the punch card section, I assume as I'm very new to machine knitting that the bar running below the punch card area extending out to the full size of the bed is where the top part of the carriage slides along. Did I make a foolish impulse buy or can I repair the rust? and how do I repair the rust? I live in Ireland so no gun oil is available here. There is no repair centre or engineer in the country that services or repairs knitting machines or at least that's what I think. Is the machine not workable because of the rust or if possible I could send the machine to England to remove the bar or if easily removed by myself how and where would I get the bar to put in just above the needle bed area.
Thanking you all so much in advance.
Michelle Prenderville
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25-03-2018 Knitting For Red Cross
Being on Newstart (Australia's Unemployment Benefit) and over age 55 we can do some volunteer work (30 hours a fortnight) and still get paid. Looking for and applying for work is now optional for me as it is not easy to find for our age group; though I look forward to working with Viterra during the harvest seasons.

For Red Cross I was asked to knit up four squares every two weeks which would then be combined and turned into a blanket.

So far I have not been given any specific dimensions but 30 x 30 (???) was suggested so I did one at about 30 x 30 cm (50S x 120R in 8ply tuck stitch) and took that to my employment agency. Forty stiches wide was then suggested but not definite and I made one then I dropped down to thirty one stitches wide and have done two.

I need the dimensions because as you know 30 stitches wide will give different sizes depending on the yarn used.

I decided to do a tuck stitch pattern to increase the thickness since it is for a blanket. - hopefully the little graph I made up is understandable - just ignore the text to the right as I forgot to remove it.

Now getting e-wrap experience for the cast on
Tuck Pattern Over 3 Rows

50S x 120R in Purple

31S x 100R in Light Brown

31S x 100R in a Blue

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Easter bunnies
Made 6 and already mailed 2. Made from an acrylic called Plushious, and it is!! Fun to knit-hate assembly! But done on time! Yeah!

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Temperature Scarf and all those ends!
I am making a temperature scarf as a memento for my granddaughter who will be graduating in June. I am using average weekly temperature rather than daily temperatures. My chart of colors is done and the yarn has been purchased. The easiest and quickest for me will be to use a simple garter stitch. So far, so good. Now I realize that my biggest challenge will be all those ends from joining colors. I absolutely hate weaving in ends! Even after reading and watching videos I find I need the expertise of the knitters here on KP. Is there a way to join securely without leaving ends?
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Found lots of Treasures
With this new KH864 knitting machine system I got for $90 I started looking for yarn and stuff to go with it. I found it all and am doing my happy dance. Most of it on Ebay which included Rails, needles, Ravel cord, 7 needle tool, punchcards, Lace Carriage, Jumbo yarn winder, Garter Bar Set, Needle Bar, Patterns etc; but the biggest surprise was when My best friend took me over to this Creative Craft store where they buy and sell everything imaginable, she had huge tubs of cone yarn. Really nice stuff. I got 20 cones plus hanks of wool yarn, crochet thread and a huge book of motifs for ........wait for it..........$20! right here in my own City and didn't even know it existed. Just goes to show ya, sometimes you don't have to go far to find a bargain. I am so pumped not only because of all that but I found the Lezlie G.s pattern booklets Easy and Elegant Lace Doilies and her Easy and Elegant Starburst Doilies that I had almost given up on finding. So now we are having a Snowstore with thunder snow and I am all ready to knit up a storm (ha, pun intended).
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Knitting question
A friend found this pattern and asked what K1f means. I have no idea. I told her that someone here would know. Any ideas? It’s a free pattern from Love Knitting.

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