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Hooded capelet
My niece sent me a picture of a crocheted item and asked if I could make one for her. I couldn't find a knitting pattern but found enough info in several different places, and frankensteined it together. So this is what I came up with. I will send it to her this week, I hope she likes it. She is a professional snowboarder in Utah.

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Best way to decrease for beginer
What is yhe best way yo decrease a hat for a beginer? My first hat, i switched to 36inch circular needles and used a combination of magic loop and traveling loop- it wasnt the most sucessful or easy but it was my first time. Ive seen recomendations to switch to dpn. I dont have any but if that is easier than i will. Please advise. Thanks!
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Studio sk860 tuck pattern from card no.1 pattern no.12
Help, does anyone know why the tuck is not working every 3rd segment or so? It does all the rest of pattern 12 on card 1 normally I believe. The issue is shown in the photo where there is the star-like bunching which is where the yarn is being carried across the needles but not getting knitted off. Why would it be doing this when it's knitting the tuck stitch off correctly elsewhere?

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Crochet Help
Something I am not quite getting. Pattern says (sc into next 2 st, dec) sc 18 (42)

I have 50 st and should finish with 42

What I understand is I sc in one without completing and another sc then finish and that counts as one decrease
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Finally finished it
Finally finished my 4 blocks of the Hue Shift Afghan. I had enough yarn to finish all the blocks with the exception of the pink. Luckily my friend had just finished a sweater in the pink and she had some left.

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what is a good yarn to use instead of 100% wool that my sweater pattern calls for
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yarn over
Hi everyone,
I have been doing yarn overs by going to the back instead of coming forward as shown in demos. Is there any difference if knitting by the former? Never did yarn overs coming from the back to the front. Awkward for me.
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Another question from a newbie
Knitting 3 weeks now, on 2nd project which is golf club covers. Using DPNs in a K2P2 rib, 36 st total. Going OK (see pic) but the DPNs are super awkward and slow. Pattern calls for an increase to 45 stitches for the larger portion (body). My question is can I switch to circular needles at that point. What is the minimum stitch count for circular needles? How is the best way to do that if OK to do so? It seems like it would be easier to use circular needles even though I have not used them before. Again super newbie here.

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Country Bunny!
Well here is a sweet bunny she is from the Crochet Home Magazine.

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My first sweater!!!
Well, well, after purchasing my kh 710 (three weeks ago) i have been practicing a lot, first i did a pair of socks, oversize but was a good practice, after that i knit a pair of mittens , also i knitted a lot of exercises between those projects, and now finally i knitted a sweater, it was very fun except the seaming part, it was ok but not so fun. And i would like to share that with all of you, now I want to purchase a ribber and a bulky machine, what bulky do you recomend me?

I'd never thinked that knitting on a knitting machibe would be so fun!!!

Next project will be something with cables....I think.

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