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How do you manage craftsy classes
I have just bought two online classes on Brioche. They are very good and rady to nderstsnd.
My wuestion is ‘ how do you exit one lesson, and generally work the technical part of the videos?
Thank you all
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Embossed leaf stitch in-the-round
i am trying to do this in -the-round and im just wandering if anyone has done it as i could use some help. And just to make sure we talking about the same stitch, here is the pattern which i tried but i dont see the leaf forming in it when i knitted it back and forth.

Thanking you in advance

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Fair isle knitting
Hi. I am experienced knitter and would like to try my hand at fair isle knitting. I want to do on 2 needles. Not in the round. What happens in purl row ? Do I follow the chart regardless of plain or purl row?
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Rib or stockinette stitch?
I am planning on knitting my son some socks and I was wondering if the rib sock was more bulky than stockinette? Which of the two do you wonderful knitters prefer? There is no better place to get the best advice than KP.

Thank you,
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Picot stitch
I want to knit a row of eyelets like a picot edge but not for an edge but for the body of the work
The pattern I used to use had a nice sharp edge on it. I’m sure it was purled on the right side. Maybe Purl two tog make one. I’m not sure. I’ve tried to recreate it but can’t. Does anyone know what I mean please..
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Gauge question
If the pattern uses two needle sizes but only shows one gauge, which needle do I use?
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Another sock question
I have made socks on dpn, second sock syndrome,here to after known as SSS,was not a big deal for me.
I have ordered some sock yarn and would like to try a simple toe up, not magic loop. I will attempt that next. My request is, does anyone, or everyone, have a pattern that they started on, or have done that they liked, and they didn't pull their hair out by the roots while doing? Swearing I can accept, but ripping my hair out, not so if you swore, that is ok.
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I deleted the pattern!
I had saved a post about a seed stitch/ stk stitch hat topic about a week maybe ten days ago. I went on search and scanned the pictures back as Far as they would go to no avail. It was a white hat. Any help would be appreciated. I deleted in error from my bookmarks
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Pattern instructions "not sure"
Prairie Girl Zizzagular socks free on Ravalery . After ribbing , left leg says to slip one stitch the next becomes the start of round . I then did the set up row. My question is do I slip the first stitch of every row and, if I do what is the reason.
Just not sure. Thanks
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What's your oldest WIP?
I can't believe I am finally going to knit this! I went to the spare bedroom for something else entirely and "found" two strips of an afghan I started in 1984 or 1985, judging from the pattern date (Woman's Day,9/11/84). It's been in the back of my mind so I decided to get it all out and start it again. The pattern is blurry in spots where the ink faded but I think I can, I think I can! DS born 1984, DD in 1986. That might have been the reason I just put it away! Wish me luck! Any WIPs older than that?
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