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what does this mean
I bought a pattern from loveknitting with Rico yarns it states (0.01.0) then (01.0.01) Anyway I have never seen this in my life and was wondering if anyone knows what it means?
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Two Mitts Knit on Circular Needle
I knit for the Salvation Army Christmas baskets and always end up thinking of the so many cold hands and how few mitts I have accomplished. Would it be faster, or take just the same amount of time to compete a pair of chilren's mitts as it does using the four needles. Keeping in mind that I am 85 years young and used to knitting with 4 needles, is it an easy procedure to learn? Any thoughts, videos or suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks and have a great day!
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Flowers on knitted cardigan
I want to make my grandaughter a cardigan and saw this pic of little flowers on one. Looks like the flowers are knitted/embroidered on the cardigan after making it. Can someone tell me where I could find pattern for these flowers and are they knitted on cardigan after making the complete cardigan? I'm afraid I am not too creative and would need a pattern for the flowers. I have attached a picture of this cardigan - many thanks to anyone who can help!

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Afghan: Jacob's Ladder Ripple -- did I make up a pattern?
I asked about a Jacob's Ladder Ripple afghan last week. On the internet, there seems to be only one pattern. It is not the pattern I used a few (several) years ago. The one I used (or made up -- which I doubt) does two double crochet in one stitch and two in next for peaks and skips two for "valleys." The the loops are made on every other row and I believe they alternate between the peaks and valleys. I think that as I rip the old one out, I can write down the pattern. If not, I will "fudge" it.
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What colors do new moms like for babies?
I am still knitting booties!

so I thought I'd ask what colors new moms are using in their nurseries nowadays -
what is 'popular' ~ what colors do they like for their babies' clothes?

I've looked online, checking stores etc.
But would like some direct input from babies' moms! thanks for any suggestion~

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Apps for Kindle Fire
I've seen before that some knitters store their patterns on devices and can carry along. I have a Kindle Fire (not very use to it yet) and would like to do this. Can someone with a bit more tech savvy than I advise how to do this? Until now, I've stored in my computer and printed them off.
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Challenge !
Prym Maxi Knitting Mill

Having seen a reference to this machine, I bought one to experiment!

The cast on was a trifle fraught, the knitting was fascinating and impressive, the bind off was also not a dream. Their recommended bind off (threading a line through the stitches on the hooks) was difficult because the stitches are tight; in the end, I just knitted the stitches off the hooks and picked up on 3/4 needles and ribbed the circle, decreasing to make a hat shape.

The cast on had become a jumble of twisted thread. I unripped and untangled 4 rows and again picked up on 4 dp needles - still deciding how to finish this edge. Make it very loose and create a slouch hat?

Decisions? start off with 4-6 rows of waste yarn. Bind off - transfer to 4 needles, inspect and then decide how to finish!
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Just sharing ( Knitting) SL

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Machine knitting technique to hand knitting?
At our knitting club meeting recently a lady demonstrated a technique that insures a very flat, easy, quick seam by putting the next to last needle in a hold position. This created an elongated space between the first and third stitch on each side of the knitting. That missing second stitch became the seaming space. The end result was a seam that was very quick to sew and it laid nice and flat.

How can I create this same missing stitch when hand knitting? I tried dropping the next to last stitch all the way down, but the dropped stitch area is too loose.

I thought about doing a yarn over, but that wouldn't work out on the next row and once again the space would be too big.

Maybe if I put a spacer on the needle that might work to give me just enough yarn where the stitch should have been. Now, to figure out what to use as a spacer. What do you think?
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Hexipuffs wk 8
Hi everyone, hope you've all had a good week.

I set up my desktop on monday after my working weekend and so pleased that i can finally play videos/music again after the jack broke in the keyboard of my laptop some 3-4 months ago!

Anyway only done another 4 this week - 3 pinks from a small ball and i dared to squeeze a final fair isle style puff out of the last bit from last week lol.

Have a good week!

Jenny x

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