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20 Hats Done for August
So far I have 20 hats done for my August count. Its been very rainy here the past few weeks. The boys have been playing fairly good together so I was able to knitted. Last week my daughter took the week off to spend more time with the boys before the school year starts so had more free time.

The hats with the yellow and blue poms- poms were the $3 kits I found at Job lot. I have a few more kits left to make. The last 5 and the one yellow hat in the previous picture were knitted using bulky yarn. I still
experimenting with the number of stitches to cast on and the size needles to use. Every pattern I look it seems to have to many stitches. I use 64 stitches in my other hats so 72 or more with bulky seems way to many stitches.

Thank you everyone for looking at the many hats I have posted since January.

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My squishy mail from Yarn Paradise
I think I ordered Saturday or Sunday evening, received yesterday. Sorry the picture is so close, I had to do it on my lap.
The colors are true. The cakes are 1098 yards, I plan to double them with another color I have for a shawl or two.

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Lace Yarn Hat
I have approximately 200 yards of lace weight yarn. I have searched for the last hour looking for a hat pattern and cannot find any using lace weight. Does anyone know of a pattern? Appreciate your time! Thank You!
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I have castonitis, anybody else?
I have a baby blanket i started in crochet. Then today after I finished a little hat I cast on 2 hats and baby socks. 😮
Don’t tell, but I have a couple UFOs in my cupboard too.

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Help! Ran out of yarn.
No big deal, right? Not unti I discovered it's been DISCONTINUED! Does anyone have any — any at all of Caron Simply Soft Light in the color 003 Honey that you be willing to sell me? If so, send me a PM. I’ll be forever in your debt.
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Gift For Lilly
My Dad had popped round no long ago to see Lilly has he been so busy do late shifts and he got few days off. he got this gorgeous engraved Carousel and plays lovely music.

'My GrandDaughter,
I wish you all the happiness that
life can bring.
I Love You'

Lilly has been fab tonight she been asleep for good few hours and still going in the travel cot and im able to get most of tidying up done. Now i am going to wake her get her changed and change her nappy and give her a bottle and into the cot for the night. and i can continue with the rest of the tidying up till i drop

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knitting pattern
Hi,does anyone have a pattern for a childs sweater/cardigan in chenille.age between 2years to most grateful.
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Sneaky Peaky
What I'm working on right now.
Should be done maybe Saturday.
Front, back and sleeves that I am redoing. And unblocked.

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My Turn
My turn to brag. I won a hank of Uneek fingering extreme superwash merino yarn by Urth, 437 yards of yummy! It was first prize on a contest. I got to choose between a red mix & a blue mix. I always gravitate towards blues, so I said I wanted the red, just because it is something different. Both were gorgeous.

And, a couple of weeks ago, I went to a free seminar offered by my local Sew Vac store, where I bought my Babylock sewing machine. It was called From Field to Fabric & given by a Benartex fabric rep. She explained about fabric production & had videos of how batitiks are made in Bali, all done by hand (& NOT by children!) The company is ecologically responsible & the artisans making the cloth are very talented. No wonder batiks are so expensive. Everyone got a goody bag of fabric samples & she had scads of fabric bundle door prizes & I won one of those.

How lucky am I?!

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In Amsterdam
And can’t get DH to walk 8 minutes to Stephen and Penelope’s yarn shop. What to do, what to do? No, not going alone. Leaving tomorrow :+/
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