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First Sock Finished Of a New Pair. Socks to wear with jeans.
Now to start on it's twin!

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NC State Fair Entries!
I am so excited - I received two first place blue ribbons at the NC State Fair, and one was for my knitted teddy bear! The other one was for a sewn blouse. I also received one second place ribbon (sewn doll) and two third place ribbons (knitted jewelry pouch and a necklace/earring set). I had six entries, and only one did not get a ribbon. My husband also received two ribbons for his two art work (painting) entries-second place and fourth place! A great day at the Fair for both of us-much needed after an extremely challenging year thus far.
1st Place-Candy Bear

1st Place-Blouse with teddy bear design

2nd Place-Sewn doll

3rd Place-Beaded jewelry pouch

3rd Place-Black Onyx & Picture Jasper necklace/earring set

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Owly Sweater
I knitted this sweater several months ago and put it aside, to be used as a gift for someone. My neighbour's granddaughter just had her third birthday, so I gave it to her. There's plenty of wiggle room in it so she'll be wearing it all winter and she just loves her owlies ... yayyyyy!

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Learning to crochet !!!
My first ever crochet beanie I’m so proud !!!

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Grandson Sweaters
I just finished these two sweaters for my 2 grandsons, ages 2 and 4. Hope they fit the boys as my daughter didn't have a tape measure to help me with measurements. Guess what she will get for Christmas!!!!

I used my LK 150 as it is so easy. These sweaters were a lesson for me in using the garter bar to turn the sweater around to have the purl side show for the upper half. It took four tries on the navy sweater. I kept catching threads of yarn and then didn't tilt the garter bar and it got stuck on the needles. When I carefully tried to tilt it, all the stitches popped off. I learned you need to keep the weights on the work in progress. All these little things that no one really tells you. If this happens to you, get your smallest circular needle and one-by-one pick up the stitches and rehang them! Tedious, but works well.

I still have a long ways to go using the GB, but at least I tried and I finished the sweaters for their arrival this Thursday.

Now I'm looking for an easy, classic pattern for myself--either cardigan or pullover to work on my KH 260.

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Halloween Decorations
I knitted myself a few Halloween decorations.

I still have yarn and time left, not sure if I should knit more of the same or something different.

Suggestions welcome.

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Gifts for Friends Overseas
I knitted these little fellows for my swap partners gifts.

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Here At last Is Paddington
I actually did get it finished in time for a lovely lady a friend of our family and my daughter who is just in love with all bears. The Pattern is by Alab Dart.

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Red preemie hats & booties
HI all...... As I do not know if every state has an organization such as NC does, you may have to check. Last year, I knit red preemie hats for the American Heart Assoc., which are distributed during February, Heart Month. This year, inasmuch as I love knitting teeny-tiny booties, I have asked if these were needed, too.

The response was, Yes.....that a pair of booties would be given with each red hat. So, just wanted to pass this on. Our NC organization is called: Little Hats, Big Hearts. If anyone is interested, please contact: Kacie Kennedy, Health Strategies, Coord., 3131 -RDU Center Drive, Suite,100,
Morrisville, NC. 27560. Thank you.

**If a KP'er from another state is interested in helping NC preemies--of course, they would appreciate and love YOUR help, too!
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Finally graduated to size 0 and 1 needles :)
I'm an impatient knitter- always preferred larger gauge needles and thicker yarns as I run out of patience & short attention span. Smallest needle I owned was 3.5 mm/size 4 US.

Socks weren't knitting up as nice as I'd like on the thicker yarns larger needles. I ordered size 2's online. Occasionally I hit the second-hand shops & in Value Village this weekend- my "Thrifting Angel" which I seem to have put a big bag of assorted DPNs from 0 up to size 4- all sets of four and five apiece- AND, something I didn't have but should be in every knitter's workbag, a needle gauge! I am going to cancel my online order- cost of one set of new DPNs double the cost of one large bag of used steel DPNs, all sets of four in four sizes- what a savings indeed - plus the great needle gauge.

Isn't that funny?

I am already working on a pair of sport socks for one of my sisters using size one and two DPNs. I am enjoying it very much actually- and it's not taking as long as I feared it would.

I've been missing out on all the neat projects using smaller needles. There is a new small needle knitter in this world today :)
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