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Charting ..not my friend
I love so many patterns that are charted and I just cannot seem to follow them. I have made a special cardboard slotted page to attach over them and move row by row but still get lost or confused when there are SSK and K2 tog symbols in the same row...I am going to write out each row to check off.Does anyone else have this issue..? I was hoping I was challenging my brain but i think I feel the drustration is SMOKING it slowly away..
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Look what I tried
Buzzing to say the least x

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Falkenberg Cotton and Linen
I splurged on a Hanne Falkenberg kit, BLUE, and want to purchase another company's cotton and linen fingering yarn (7 sts/inch on US1.5 needle). Any suggestions? I can't wear wool.
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Crochet mobile - could do with some help please
I’m going to a baby shower next month. They don’t know the sex if the baby so I needed to use colours that were beau teal so I went with the lemon and grey. I’ve never made a mobile but like to throw myself into new things.

I’d picked up a polystyrene ring for the top a couple of weeks ago so last night I thought I’d give it a shot. I glued the lemon wool around the ring and then....... SNAP! It cracked. It took me ages going round and round and round with that wool. I couldn’t remove the wool and glue the ring back together because I’d glued the wool to the ring *smacks head* so I had some hessian so bandaged the area to reinforce it then went over it with the glue which has worked, then covered that part with wool again but boy do I know now NOT to use polystyrene!
So... could anyone who’s made a mobile before help me to know what you use for the ring please.

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fan and feather vs old shale
I know these two afghan patterns are different, but when I search each one separately, they show the same pattern. I have just finished this afghan, now I don't know which pattern it is. How can I find out which is which? I have finished this for my grand daughter's high school graduation, going on to college in NY, favorite color pale yellow. But which is it, fan and feather or old shale?

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baby set(k)
This set is for my niece's baby due in July. I think I posted the blanket already but have included it again with the set. I changed the patterning in the sweater to match more like the blanket and altered design areas on the hat and booties. I used Bernat Giggles yarn which I believe is discontinued. I had bought this yarn at the sale in Listowel several years ago. If you bought 3 packages of 3 in each you got one 3 pack free. I think each pack was $7. I still have a couple of balls left which I might as well use up. I am thinking of making a toque to match the doll.

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for my grand daughter
both done on passap E6000

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Using Yarn from a kit to knit a baby jumper
Hi everyone, I bought a Mary Maxim kit and it came with 4 balls of different coloured yarn, a tiny tiny tiny doll and some buttons. Anyway after reading the pattern I decided not to do the project at all and have decided to knit a baby cardigan with the beautiful yarn. The only thing is the 4 balls are all different colours. I knitted the back of the cardigan with the pretty mauve and have started on the front with the pretty soft baby pink and I think I will knit the sleeves in white. Just above the bands I am doing 12 rows of KB5 or Puff stitch. I am a bit worried how the little cardigan will look in the different colours. Has anyone else ever done a baby cardigan in different colours as I have described?? I don't want to waste the yarn as it is simply gorgeous!! I appreciate your help!
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Aero Crochet Hooks
Can you still able to buy 'Aero Crochet Hooks'?
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Tooth Fairy pocket with a difference
My 2 eldest Grands are losing teeth quite regularly being 7 and 6. I decided to design something a little bit different for them to pop their teeth into instead of just a bowl by the bed. Have seen similar pouches with a 'tooth' theme so set to designing some.

Jarvis really likes Batman so his is the first one. I'm currently designing one for Carys which will have a unicorn theme (pics soon).

Leanna x

PS. the amount seems generous but $A5 is Australia's smallest note - it wouldn't have the same effect if I put a coin in the pouch.

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