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Yarn Help! x
So I bought this so crafty winter jumper kit online (the aldi one that was in stores AGES ago) and the seller told me that everything was there. I am knitting through (as some may know I asked about neck shaping) and as I got halfway through, I realised that I am supposed to have 4 balls of the yarn each weighing 200g and I only have three!

So my question is, does anyone on here have this kit or had this kit and have a spare ball of the yarn that I can buy so that I wouldn't have to use a slightly different shade of it? (Which I was gonna do a block on sleeves to save some) or should I just see if three will do as I'm only doing a medium sized jumper and I knit quite loose?

Thanks in advance x
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Pete the Cat Hat and Halloween costume
Lucy is 2 1/2 and a lover of the Pete the Cat books. One of her favorites is the Groovy Buttons. She wants to be Pete the Cat for Halloween, so I have put together her costume.

Hat made with Size 4 needles, worsted weight yarn, 96 stitches. Ribbing 2 inches, stockinette 6 inches. Decreases - row 1- knit 6 knit 2 tog; Row 2 knit 5 knit 2 to.g; row s3 knit 4 knit 2 tog; row R knit 3 knit 2 tog; row 4 knit 2 knit 2 tog; row 5 knit 2 knit 2 tog; row 6 knit 1 knit 2 tog; row 7 knit 2 tog ; run yarn through remaining stitches and cinch up. Made up pattern for the ears as well, but didn't write it down. Started with eight stitches. I think I did 10 rows and then started decreasing

Mitten made toddler size with pattern - The World’s Simplest Mittens. We typically have cold weather for Halloween so she'll be warm.

Yellow T Shirt with groovy buttons.. buttons made with felt and iron on interfacing to stiffen, yarn cross stitches, Velcro to attach so groovy buttons can come off as in story. Shirt is big enough that she can have warm layers under it.

Decided I needed a picture of it all together.

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Baby knitting part two
Part two. Hope you like it. The pattern is by a lady called Karen and can be purchased from her website "I Believe in Angels". Again this is one very clever designer and I have most of her patterns now. Just love them as they are so original (and very easy to do even though they may look difficult). This pattern is called: KSB100 Tom's Secret Garden Party.
Best wishes and happy knitting
hazel xx

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Afghan Pattern
Here is a lovely afghan pattern done in strips and put together later!!

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Easy rectangle shawl or wrap
I want to knit and or crochet an
Easy shawl or wrap for charity. I am a beginner I want to use worsted weight yarn which I have a lot of or maybe double strand dk. I don't know how many stitches what size needles how long to make it for people in wheel chairs. I would make it width wise. Any suggestions will be helpful
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Some of my latest projects
Just finished a knit shawl using Red Heart's Ombre Yarn in the color Spearmint. The picture shows more of a blue color but it is more of a green color.

Made a few knit hats using bulky yarn and big pom poms that are so popular right now. They are a fast knit and will be great for a Wisconsin winter.

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Blue, blue and white baby cardigan
This is like my American baby cardigan using a shade of blue instead of red and with garter stitch ribs.

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Latest Christmas efforts
So busy right now lol. How you like xxx

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baby knitting
I haven't been on for a while. These are some of the items I have been making. hope you like them. Will put some more up later. Best wishes and happy knitting to you all.
hazel xx

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Does Anyone have a Machine Knitting Pattern for ---
I noticed the "Lady Poncho" listed under Pictures today. I think that is pretty neat; and, wondering if any of you know where I could get a machine knitting pattern for that. I think they are probably called a Tabard too.
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