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Another cosy hat
My 5 year old grandson asked for a hat like his little brother and cousin. He wanted it in his favourite colour- yellow. I wasn't too sure but it turned out fine

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Second one done ......
This is no 2 in a series of 4 for babies due in Jan - Apr. I will be sending this one to our niece who had her little girl last week. Matilda Esme Eileen Homer. Weighing in at just under 9 pounds, my first jacket would be too small for her. This one's crocheted and is more suited for this wet and windy UK.

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Just sharing ( Knitting) Sl
.Cable for me

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Converting 8ply to 4ply
Can someone please tell me how to convert a baby's top down cardigan in 8ply to 4ply wool? Thank you
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Childâ€s Cat scarf
Just finished cat scarf for our Granddaughter. I am really pleased how it turned out. It is 29 deg C here at the moment so I do not think she will be needing it any time soon but she will be ready.
Knitted in chunky wool and the pattern was free on the Internet.

P.S. I can not use apostrophes on this site because every time I do it prints out really strange.

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A small rant here.

I've just spent an hour trying to rework a chunk if lace. Row 117 out of 121 total!

I was sooooo cloooose😭

I've only had to pull out about ten rows and only in that repeat. It could be worse.

I still debated tossing the whole thing in the fireplace.

It's even worse reworking the darned beads. I made it so far virtually mistake free.
I Still have no idea what got goofed up. I think a yarn over didn't purl correctly. It made a loose spot a row or two down. Should have been an easy fix rather than the massive headache it turned into.

Oh well. I'll get to it tomorrow when I'm less frustrated. Just had to get it out. My husband is sympathetic but doesn't quite get it.
He did wait patiently while I fought with it even though it's past his bedtime and he could have abandoned me on the couch.
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Hand-dyed yarn project ideas?
I tried my hand at using Kool-aid to dye a skein of Lion brand fisherman wool (in eight different hanks, in eight different one ounce yarn per hank). I have been doing them with my three year old.

My mind is turning thinking of what to do with this gorgeous yarn.

I can crochet, Tunisian crochet, or knit (super beginner but very willing to try something).

Blanket comes to mind but does not have to be. Could do hats or mittens or something, I suppose.

Thought adding a black or something would bring out the yarn and make it pop if I did some sort of squares.

Or maybe there’s a nice stitch pattern for non-solid yarn, like seed stitch?

Any ideas?
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Sideline scarf
Finished today. A little over 5 feet.

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Been practicing my tunisian crochet
Hi All:

Been practicing my tunisian crochet on some small projects (Twistover headband and open fingered mittens). It's obvious that I need more practice..... but it's soooo addictive...... should be noooo problem.

Here's a sample of my early attempts...

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Swatch help
I have a pattern for a sweater and it calls for 18 st and 24 rows for 4in wih a 10 in needle. I have gone down to a 7 in and still cant get the exact guage. I have 16 and 20. How far do I need to go down and does it have to be exact? Help! Susie
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