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Tea cosy and chatelaine
Just finished these for a gift

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How can I make a pattern smaller.
Or should I say a picture smaller to knit in
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Ques On Pattern (k)
This is for a stripe zig-zag off a yarn label. What is in question is one step. K1, yo, K1 in next stitch. How can that possible be done?

Cast on 219, k one row.

1. (rs) K1, K2tog. *K10. (K1, yo, K1) in next st. K10, Sl 1, psso. Rep from * 7 more times, K10. (K1, yo, K1) in next st,
K10, ssk, K1.
2. Knit

That is it. I would do what I would normally do: K1, yo, K1 taking up 2 sts in knitting. There is no way all that can be done in same stitch!

Another goofy designer!!!
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More dousdous (comfort doĺls)
These little ones are addictive; they will be going to a paramedic who will keep them in the ambulance. Hoping they are not needed. I put each one in a little plastc sandwich bag to keep them clean.
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Blocking a cotton dishcloth?
I whipped up a knitted dishcloth to enter in the county fair (otherwise I’€™d never bother blocking it)

I don'€™t work with cotton much. What would wonderful knit and crocheters recommend for getting the purled design to show nicely?

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Baby Hat (K)
Apparently no one makes baby wear based around board games.
My geeky husband asked for baby socks but that was a no go for how intricate he was hoping for.

He ended up with a baby hat for his equally geeky friends with the name of a game they really enjoy playing.

The color doesn’t show true in the pic, it really matches the green on the box in person.
The hat

The game it’s based on

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Sorry I've been offline so long, but my computer was hijacked.
Hi my fellow KPers. Glad to finally get back online. My computer was hijacked, but all is well now. I do have about 486 e mails to go through, but I will take them a few at a time.
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sinker plate
I have a KH260 and It will not do a e-wrap I have replaced the carriage, needles, and cleaned thoroughly. I bought 1 new sinker-plate but it still will not make e-wraps it jams every time! I would love to know if anyone has had the same problem and if so how did you fix it?? Thanks in advance.
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You can teach an old dog new tricks.
After nearly 80 years knitting I have learned to crochet!!!and I am loving it.My daughter (who was a teacher) retired and started crochet classes in her home so I decided to learn.It took awhile but at last I can say I am able to crochet.I am adding a few pictures of my work.I know it is'ent brilliant but it not bad for a new learner.


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First Knitting in the Round Experience
I don’t think I did too badly... I know I have a long way to go, but I will get there! Just wanted to show my progress. I have ladders in the beginning and I also have twisting in the first row but I frogged 🐸 it and will get better the first two pictures are both sides of the practice “tube” and the second is both sides removed from the needles before frogging 🐸.

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