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For those who are interested preemie patterns
I am posting my pattern; however, if this does not appeal to you, please knit whatever pattern you prefer. Just remember that these hats MUST be only RED for the American Heart Assoc. I appreciate your support--and the babies will, too. I'm also including the bootie pattern I use and have learned from watching a tutorial. Really easy--but, oh, to cute. Thanks everyone. Any questions, please PM me.

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Knit baby socks
Any recommendations on what to put on the bottom of socks to prevent a toddler from slipping. Thanks!
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Guelph 3 ply fingering yarn
Hi everyone! In my bag from the thrift shop, I found one ounce skein of this yarn, it's very thin and very tightly twisted all wool. I'm making sock cuffs with it right now, wound it into two identical balls so the cuffs will reach the same length before running out of yarn. Tried it with 2.25mm dpns, 72 sts cast on for a ladies medium sock (size 7 shoe) it will be snug. Anyway, the label seems vintage and no info except "The Guelph Carpet & Worsted Spinning Mills LTD" on it. Really like this yarn, anyone here heard of it or used it??? Could it be from the UK? I really like getting random assortments of yarn from Goodwill or other thrift stores, the variety makes it an adventure.
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Best soft yarns for blankets
Hi. I was wondering what are the best very soft like a cloud yarns for making a blanket for a bed?

I have two different yarn one Bernat blanket yarn and one Bernard squeak yarn. What are the pros and cons of each one?

What do you guys think? And what ones do you guys like the most?
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Either skeletons out of the closet OR skeleton crew working on house!

What is your pick? I can't decide

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One row scarf
Does anyone have a photo of the one row scarf. Sl1 purl wise *k2,pl 1,*k1
when going back you purl one ending in k1?
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Photo of light warm scarf.
Berroco Vintage Yarn. For michaelsmom42

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Hand knit on machine
Does anybody know how to do sl2 k1 psso on the knitting machine. Mary
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Froggie slipper/socks
These were fun, shorter cuff, I made up the eyes but I think I will research some others. I have a stitch to repair, will just pull it in from the inside and secure. No frogging, no pun intended, for me, they would never be the same size again.
Maybe an elephant pair next? This is going to become addictive, thank heavens they are baby/toddler sizes!

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Church Mouse poncho, Malabrigo yarn
Just finished this poncho for my daughter. She loved the yarn and is very happy with the softness and drape. She job-shares as a hospital social worker and has an 8 month old, so she can breastfeed under it!! And she got lots of compliments at work yesterday while I got to babysit!!
Easy poncho

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