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Opinion please
I’m almost to the buttonholes on this BSJ and am convinced it looks very girlish. Am I wrong? When I make buttonholes,I only made them on the correct side for the gender.

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Comfort dolls, they are addicting.

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Knitted knockers for neighbor update
Several days ago I thanked KPers for teaching me about knitted knockers. I had shared a pair with my neighbor who has recently had double mastectomy. She stopped me this morning, “THANKS, I feel normal again” enough said!
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Had to Pay Duty! Yikes!!!
I ordered some Addi FlexiFlips, for myself and to give as gifts. The supplier was in the US. They were back ordered, no worries, but when the parcel arrived today I had to pick it up at the (Canadian) PO and pay $30 duty on the $128 US price.
Maybe the secret is to keep the value under CAD $100...I don't know. It was a surprise.
Now I get to try them out, yay.
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Baby and Comfort Blankets for Children in Texas
Does anyone have contact information for organizations helping the immigrant children that would be willing to receive hand knitted baby and comfort blankets? I make no political statement here, just a desire to give a small comfort to a little one who needs something to cling to. How often do we see a small child hold onto their "blankie" tightly as they fall asleep. There are so many generous folks on this list, others might appreciate the info too. Thank you.
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Different ways to do the Kitchener stitch
I was taught to start right in with the Kitchener stitch by inserting the tapestry needle into the first stitch knitwise- pull through and off the needle.
then as if to purl the second stitch, pull yarn through but leave the stitch on the needle. Then go to back needle and first stitch as if to purl etc...

But someone told me no- that I must do for the first sts on front and back needle:

1.. Go through the first stitch on the front needle purlwise and leave the stitch on the needle.

2.. Go through the first stitch on the back needle knitwise and leave the stitch on the needle.

THEN proceed as above.

Have I been doing it wrong?
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Bulky - super Bulky yarns
Anybody have any advice re the chennile type Bulky yarns that are out now? JoAnn's has a huge selection at $19.00 a can bring the cost way way down. I'm wanting to knit or crochet a comfy throw for the living room/bedroom....what about ends, any especially good patterns that you have tried, needle/hook size.....any tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance KP community. Elizabeth
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K carriage problem
I cleaned the carriage from my Brother 900 today, wasn't brave enough to completely dismantle it, but now it is reassembled the change knob won't go all the way round to CR. I have fiddled for ages but can't work out what is wrong. Any ideas KP'ers?

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crochet help please
I made a harness for my small dog and it is too stretchy. Is there any stitch you would suggest I can add to the straps to stabilize it? Any other ideas? I appreciate you all!
The first photo is while using it, the second photo is when I fit it to her.

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wrap and turn
Hi! I am Annette from Oceanside, CA. I have searched and searched for instuctions on wrap and turn and do not believe I am doing it correctly. Also I have made several blanket budies but need more patterns. I have quite a few animal heads and have kitten, puppy, or monkey patterns. The head and yarn come with a hat pattern. I have some patterns where you do the head but want to use the head that comes with the yarn. Wonder if anyone else is making these. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions where I can find it. I haven't tried You Tube yet.
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