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A Few Things I Made For Charity
I belong to a Charity Knitting group on Facebook here are a few pics of the latest things I made I bought the 2 larger dolls on Amazon for an excellent price they came with a cotton dress and
hat and I made the rest of their clothes and bought the shoes hope you like them

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faux locker loop
I am making a little boys sweater with a shawl collar. on the back of the sweater it says to make a faux locker loop. Nothing is mentioned in the pattern the directions for it. The pattern is Andover cardigan by swans island Patt 77 Thanks for your help
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My "Love Knitting" order
I bought some yarn for a sweater last month, but realized I'm going to run out. So this morning I went on their site to order one ball, got it in my cart and went to check out. When I saw that they were going to charge $14.00 shipping for a $3.00 ball of yarn, I just backed out of the site, I never hit any buttons to place the order. Now they are telling me I placed the order and that they can't cancel it, but I can send it back if I'm unhappy with the yarn. I explained it's not the yarn I'm objecting to, it's the obscene shipping charges!! GGGGGGRRRRRR!!!
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Some small blankets I have made. I had 20 100gm balls of this yarn and decided to use it for blankets.

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Just a few of my latest knits
I am stuck at home after my 2 ops but have sent knitted items to my friend Reyna and a huge parcel, 10Kg to my friend Yvonne at the Salvation Army in Northern Ireland, loads of yarn & knitted baby cardigans'.............without taking photo's........again I blame it on my meds.

Yvonne is being battered as we speak over there so I hope they arrive also wild here in the centre of the UK.

I have sent poppies to both Yvonne & Betty. Betty is 90 and can no longer knit so is happy to sew up the poppies and they are selling well. :o

I got fed up of the poppy pattern I was making so tweaked it a bit. I have attached my pattern but understand if you are wary of downloading it. I did all my scans this morning & as far as I can see there are no probs.

Sue. x

Now ................doesn't my foot look attractive, I am having the pins out on Monday :o)

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Irish Wool
Oh did I go crazy! It’s been many years since I’ve been able to travel because of physical health problems. I’m just able to start knitting again after two years of not using my hands well. I finally got to go to Ireland and just got back. My husband and I just loved it there. While in Dublin, I discovered a little shop that had hand spun and dyed yarn. Well, guess what came home in our suitcases? Can’t wait to start knitting for my daughter and daughter in law!👍😀🍀🌈
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I did it
I did it... I was naughty. I bought a subscription box from Knit Picks. I got a skill builder and I am waiting my first shipment. I have not gone out of my comfort zone yet so I suppose this may finally shove me out of my comfort zone but the ire of the BF oh dear. I will here it next month about the increasing size of my stash!
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Just finished
Knitted another what I call artist's tunic for my next sale. They go rather well.

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C2C mini question C
I purchased a Philadelphia Eagles graph and pattern from Two Magic Pixels, it’s very nice. I’m new to C2C crochet. Due to the large size of the blanket the instructions indicate to make it using C2C MINI. I looked at YouTube, found videos on the mini all using half double crochet. In the videos some use chain 4 and 2 HDC and another chain 5 with 3 HDC.
I’m hoping that some more experienced C2C people can help me determining the best way. I’ll be using RedHeart, size 4 yarn would I use crochet hook “H” ?
Thank you very much😊
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Can't save to Pinterest
I tried to save a pattern from main to Pinterest. Pinterest showed up in the information bar but the screen was white and the pattern never showed up for me to save. Anyone else having this problem?
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