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Looking for Lion Brand Wool Ease sprinkles
I need a third color of Lion Brand Wool Ease sprinkles, which has been discontinued. I have dark green and navy and want a lighter color with sprinkles. I could probably get by with one skein but would rather have two.

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Abstract Knitting Pattern or Book
Good Morning KP'ers
I am looking for a pattern or book of patterns with abstract patterns in it.
I see the pattern I want - but cannot get any farther, hope someone can help me.
Thank you & hope everybody has a good day. - g
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Christmas Elf
I'm not very good at knitting toys but have just finished this for my 3yr old granddaughter. Guess I'll have to knit her little sister one too. I suppose she won't be critical of my work.

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Question about washing by hand (C)
I have recently taken on a project with fine (size 2) yarn that states to hand wash and hang to dry. But how do you get a smell out of a project like this? Long story short my dog decided it was a pillow after a bath and that's definitely not the scent I'm going for here. I usually use washable yarn due to easier caring for so this is new to me and I'd love any tips you have
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Jingle Jangle Elf ready for Christmas
Very fun pattern and was an easy one to knit as are all of Gypsycream patterns. Love her patterns!

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jingle jangle elf
no problem with the elf, but confused about the dungarees & how to put together. I'm not even sure if I have the left leg on the needle correctly with the right leg. where can I go for help?
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Ke 100 brother motor, how to get the row counter to work
I need some help please? I have set up a brother KE-100 motor drive, but the row counter does not respond atall. Is there something I can do? I have found some explaination in the service manual, but I can not understand what it mean. Have you ever had that problem? And what did you do? I am using a Silverreed machine, could that be the problem?
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teaching the purl stitch
hello, all, and thanks for your advice so far. My young friend picked up the knit stitch very quickly and is feeling, so far, very successful about making the bunny that was recommended as a first project. What might be a similar project (perhaps in ribbing?) that would introduce the purl stitch? thank you for passing on the gift of serenity found in knitting.
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Magic Loop vs Traveling Loop
What is the difference in Magic Loop versus Traveling Loop?

I looked on Utube and both seem the same to me. Am I missing something?
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Super bulky
If I use 2 strands of 8 ply yarn ( worsted) would that make it super bulky? For a knitted blanket.
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