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Short rows for shoulder shaping
Hi am working on a baby pattern that says on back to
C/o 12 stitches for 2 rows
Then13 for next 2
Then cast off
I would like to do a 3 needle bind off
I am not sure on what row I need to start doing my short rows is it after row 1 or before
Any help would be appreciated
Many thanks
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Reading directions for a Messy Bun Knit Hat
Next round: Knit
Repeat last round until piece measures 5 1/2 from
beginning,decreasing 0 (2,0) sts on last round-80 (90,100) sts. What does 0 (2, 0) mean?
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Help with knitting needles
My house burned down in May 2016. It was a total loss and I am still filling out insurance claim forms. About 3 or 4 years ago I bought some needlework stuff off of Craig's list and it included 2 real treasures - There was a set of 14" Bernat Aero straight needles, sizes 1 - 13 in a beautiful zippered case and a set of 8" or 10" straights in a tan zippered case. I have found some of these sets on ebay and they are in dreadful shape. Mine were in mint condition and looked new. I am desperate to put a value on these for the insurance company. I'm also looking for dates to know if mine were vintage or not. I believe Aero is still available in England but I'm not sure. Any help will be greatly appreciated, especially if they are a more valuable vintage item. Thank you.
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Help with knit stitch
Dear KPers, would you please help with this: I'm working on a shawlette " Gentle Waves Shawlette by Amy Gunderson " a free pattern. It doesn't have guide. I'm stuck on row 3: p3,* p2tog,p11,p2tog-b; rep from*, to end p1. What I don't know is how to do p2tog-b? There is no instruction how to do p2tog-b. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.
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Interchangeable needle tip sets with swivel joints
Hi Needlers! I have missed you! I just saw some extraordinary work in the recent pictures and I applaud you! But to my question: Long time ago we were discussing interchangeable needles and someone mentioned a brand that had swivels built in the tips. I hope someone can tell me that brand now. I had carefully saved that info on the computer that totally crashed. I think the swivel tips would really help me out. If anyone has an opinion about those swivels, positive or negative, would appreciate knowing that, too.
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My first 1898 hat (you all helped!)
I had questions about my 1898 hat. I tried it on my BIL and it was too short. (I hadn’t done all the length before I decreased for the top)
I frogged it back and knitted it per the pattern. It fit my brother! Success!
My brother’s hat

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Finished sock
I decided to use Elizabeth Zimmerman's Sewn Bind Off to finish my aock. Thanks for all of the input. I now have many different bindoffs to try. Here is the finiished sock. There are many mistakes, but I am learning. I hope that the next one is better. I think I will try a different bind off for the other sock.

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Rosabel Cardigan
Has anyone done the Rosabel Cardigan?
If so please pm me if you have a minute to answer a couple questions. I purchased pattern but confused on numbers. Cant find a way to contact designer
Many thanks
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Need Addi Replacement Needle
I need to replace a Addi interchangeable long lace needle. I want to buy a set of 4.0 mm (US 6). Can you advise me of an online company that would be good to deal for this matter.
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Opinion Please
I am knitting a “slouchy” hat for a granddaughter and I am at the decrease. Using a size 6 circular for the body and pattern is changing to dp's for the decrease, also size 6. I don’t have size 6 dp’s but have 7. So you think I could get away with using the 7’s for the four row only decrease, or shouldI bite the bullet and go buy the size 6? I try not to ever use dp’s, so I really hate investing in them, but ———- Welcome your thoughts, thanks
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