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One of the new kids on the block - Aldi - Kevin the carrot
Kevin the Carrot and Katie have had children :)
They are called Chantenay, Jasper and Baby carrot....
Here is Chantenay!

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Weaving in loose ends of Bernat Blanket
I have been having trouble weaving in loose ends with my Bernat Blanket. It weaves in just fine but comes loose after washing. Any suggestions?

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Answer from Red Heart
As suggested, I emailed Red Heart about the slipper/bootie issue. For those who missed my original thread, The pattern for Santa Booties make a ballerina slipper instead of a high top boot. I got an answer back that I was the problem, the pattern matched the photo.
The "upper" has 8 rounds in the pattern that are turned at the join each round so it is very easy to count the rounds in the picture. You can clearly see more than 5 wrong side rounds, plus the beading round and the first round - the upper is worked from the top to the sole. I believe I count 12 rounds in the picture, sorry it's not that clear, I had to take a picture of the computer screen.
When I read her answer I was so mad I really wanted to send back a nasty email but there is no need, they have no intention of taking any responsibility at all.
No fear, I already made quite nice booties for the girls from a different pattern.

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Neko's Curved Double Pointed Needles
Has anyone used the new curved double pointed needles to knit socks?

What are the pros and cons over the knitting with them over five straight needles?
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Two at a time toe up socks using magic loop pattern
Im fascinated with the 2 at a time toe up socks and using magic loop. Can anyone suggest a good pattern , preferrably a free one. Thank you all.
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Dee O'Keefe--the best!!!!
I had a problem checking out a BOGO order for 2 of Dee's gorgeous shawl patterns. She went above and beyond to help with the purchase. What a wonderful and generous offer of 2 patterns for the price of 1. Can't wait to start knitting. Thanks again so much Dee.
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Another weapon in our arsenal: the forum itself
I recently had a less than happy experience with a large online-only vendor. I won't go into details but it involved an order delivered with several items missing. My first several attempts to contact were very hard to complete, and the replies less than hoped for. Bottom line - they were not responsible for replacing missing items! Finally I accepted defeat but told them I would be placing a post on my international forum, current membership 180,000+ members world wide, describing my experience with their company and its policies.

The following day I received an email announcing that my PayPal payment had been refunded in full, replacements were en route at no charge, and that I should keep any items already received.

Talk about power of the people!

PS: I won't mention their name here as they are finally living up to expectations. However, if they default I will be back to name them!
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Herringbone stitch cast off
Does anyone have any suggestion for the best cast off technique for the Herringbone stitch?
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Double Seeded Stitch ?
My pattern says to cast on 78 stitches and start the stitches with K2, P2 across but when I turn to the other side it says to start with P2 K2 across. I would just be doing a stocknet stitch if I did that. you think the cast on is incorrect? sorry Pattern is Pixie Scarf Hat by Miyoko Cancro. Raverly
P.S. I could be having a blonde Moment too, after all I am a blonde. LOL
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Men’s hat
I have a pattern called “regular guy beanie”. It the pattern says to use double point needles. I want to use circular needle. How do I know when to switch to double point needles when beginning to decrease. If anyone has a simple mans hat pattern for worsted weight written for circular needles I would love to have it!! Thanks!!
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