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i give. i have frogged so many times im afraid the yarn is getting thin. row 29 & 30 just do not work out for me. has anyone had this problem and if so, what am i doin wrong. appreciate your help as i cannot figure this out.
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Baby blanket and Madison, Wisconsin, shops
Hello, I have been looking at baby blanket yarns -- acrylic generally, because I was a young mom once -- and am finding that while many say they can be washed in a washing machine, they say not to tumble dry. I don't think most new moms have time or space to lay blankets out flat to dry. What is your favorite baby blanket yarn that can be washed and dried in machines? I am usually a wool-blend and cotton person, so don't do much with acrylics, but would like something soft for baby and easy for mom.

Also, I will be in Madison, Wisconsin, this week (Tuesday) and would like to know if anyone has a favorite yarn shop in the area. I saw one that looked interesting but it's closed on Tuesdays. I'm thinking I might be able to get my baby-blanket yarn on this trip!

Thanks for any help you all can offer.
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C - Regular Baby Hat that converts to a Slouch Hat
Made this little crochet toque for Baby Lauren. I like the idea that it will grow with her for a bit. Her head is in the 99th percentile just like my son.

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Braided Cast On

Very excited to be test-knitting these All Angles Mitts for Knit a Bit of Whimsy in Morehouse Merino 2-ply. It’s OMG soft!

It involves a braided cast-on that the designer calls Khinu Troi. It’s one of those things that took a while, but all of a sudden, I got it.

What’s your favorite way to do the braided cast on? I’d love to do a tutorial for our Knitalong Group and any ideas are welcome!
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USA Garter carriage and UK machine
Hello Ladies ,
Please help me . I have 950i machine from UK , which i am using in the USA with the adaptor. I also have USA garter carriage model 93. I guess I can not use it with my machine. If i buy a power cord in UK, will it fit to USA garter carriage and will I be able to use it ? Or i need to buy a new garter carriage in UK .
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need suggestions for favorite wool and nylon yarn
It would be very helpful to benefit from the experience of members about a good yarn and where to get it to use for a sweater for a child - I'm thinking of something that is wool and nylon so that it is washable but also has the nice quality that wool brings. I am limited locally to AC Moore, Michaels and Joannes shops and unfortunately the ones near me don't have a very wide selection of what I would call quality yarns. They are fine for making gloves and such but if I am going to invest all the time to make a proper sweater, I'd like to use something that will last and look good. I am open to ordering by mail but that is why I want advice since there are so many places on the internet and I have no idea of their quality or reliability. Thanks
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How can I best fix a split stitch?
This is my first post here, so I hope I am in the right place to ask my question...

I am knitting a seamless vest in garter stitch, and am just about up to the armholes - maybe 2/3’s done? - and now I see way back when, I have a loop showing on the right side, because I split a stitch. I don’t think I could take the stitch off my needle and work down about 12 inches without ruining the whole vest. I have not successfully fixed many dropped stitches, and I have no hope that I could do such a thing...

I read about repairing a split stitch using a duplicate stitch over it. Has anyone tried that? It sounds promising, but it is not just to improve the appearance that I want, but I want it’s not the strongest yarn to begin with, so something must be done about it.

Is there a better way?

Thanks for any help.

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Bag with horse motif for grandaughter
Grandaughter Keira age 8 was thrilled with her horsey bag I made for her! Happy days! Worth every stitch, a stitch of love! X

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My Critters
For the past couple of weeks, I have been knitting and crocheting 'critters' for the fishing booth at the Fall Festival my homemakers group puts on in late October. I've been having fun with this project. I've used patterns for some of them, but others are my own.

The owl puff pattern is written for knitting in the round on DP's. My 13-year-old great-granddaughter wanted to make some, but had not been introduced to DP's, or any other method of knitting in the round. So I rewrote the pattern for flat knitting. Then I had to give her a refresher on the purl stitch, and lessons on kfb and finishing. She has made at least two, but hasn't given them to me yet. After that, I decided to crochet some owls, too, so I just winged it to get the same shape as the knitted ones.

The gray striped snake is knit from a pattern, albeit with much different size of yarn and needles. The crocheted gray snake is out of my head, as are the more streamlined fish, and the squid.

The cats all have the same number of stitches; the size differences are because of the size of yarn and needles.

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NJ Sheep and Wool
OK trout - here it is -I should have posted a big report - I got a huge ribbon for have the best display for my my breed and a blue ribbon for one of my Cheviot fleeces in the category Medium White. They had over 140 fleeces in the display and sale and 59 of those were chosen for judging. I rarely enter that because the judge is a good friend of mine and we have a difference of opinion about what is a clean fleece. She is anal about VM and I get rave reviews that my fleeces are exceptionally clean but she always has to say something about VM! So I I rarely enter for judging. By golly she said it again but gave me a 1st anyway. The women who ran the sale told me that they were impressed that people came in asking where my fleeces were and even looking for the name of a specific sheep! One woman who bought a white and a dilute black last year came to me to show me skeins she had made from them, doing all the processing herself. They were lovely! And she was looking for them again this year. So it was very rewarding. I was the first display people came to when they came in - and also the last when they left, so I really got to talk to a lot of people. They came from all over - Long Island, the Jersey Shore, NY state - it was awesome. And for the first time more than one visitor said they like our fair better than Rhinebeck !!!!!! The reason was that we are more sheep-related - the Breeds display is not isolated in one barn and the second barn has the area where all the breed judging in going on all day, which you really do not see in Rhinebeck. We had our sheep pens right near the arena and many owners were there a lot. The vendors overflowed the 2 barns and were all fiber-related. We had 2 Shepherd's Lead competitions where the handler and sheep wore examples of weaving/knitting - one was for kids and always is adorable with little tweenies leading great big sheep, both adorned in wool products. Of course there is a herding demo and a shearing demo each day and a Parade of Breeds at noon each day. This year we had 7 breeds represented in display (plus an Alpaca) and fleeces from even more for sale.

In spite of dreary weather we had a great crowd - I will probably get the numbers at the next meeting. I sold 10 of my 17 fleeces - Hay money, girls!

I never thought of it that way, but our focus is on sheep (not wineries and cheese) and we are expanding to educational things next year.
It is always the weekend after Labor Day - Hunterdon County Fairgrounds, Ringoes NJ
Don't worry about remembering - I will remind (nag) you!
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