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Little granddaughter
Little Nora was dedicated today. Beautiful service and she was the only girl.

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6 yr old wants to knit-opinions and advice please
My granddaughter will be 6 this fall and has asked me to teach her to knit. (She was so cute - she wants needles that are “soft” so she doesn’t hurt herself!). I’m thrilled of course but wonder if she’s too young. I don’t want her frustrated and put off by failed attempts. She does get frustrated easily. I only get to see her every 1-2 months and not all of those times work for sitting and knitting. I wondered about a knitting spool or some other loom type thing that would be easier for her right now. Your thoughts?
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My new doll
Not complited

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Lucky Find
I saved the pattern from here for the soap pockets and went to JoAnn's, coupon in hand, to get some self-felting wool yarn. Alas, they do not carry any 100% wool yarn and I wasn't sure 20% wool and 80% acrylic would work the same. Later I was at the local Goodwill store and, out of a bad habit, checked their yarn bin. Whoopee! They had 4 bags of 2 skeins each of 100% wool yarn - probably very old judging from the labels. I chose the Ecru and dark blue bag (1 skein of each) as opposed to the purple shades and each bag of 2 was $2.99 which I'm sure was way cheaper than the original price for ONE skein! Can't wait to get started on making these. I think they would be a good place to stow all the soap ends as well. I keep the ends in a bath mitt to use scrubbing the shower walls but they tend to fall out. This pocket could be made bigger and then shut with the drawstring to prevent losing the soap pieces. If I wanted to wear the present scrubbing mitt I could put the soap pocket inside it and it would still work. I think I will keep one hanging out by the outside faucet as well! Thanks so much for the original pocket pattern!
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Preemie Baby Knitting
Here are three sets I have completed recently for prem babies. They will be making their way to the Simpson Maternity Unit at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary . This is a small thank you for the care and attention my granddaughter, Ailsa Lily, received when she was born there in April 2017. Thankfully there were very small knitted items available for her Mum, Paula, to use when she needed them.

The first set is white, second set is pale pink and the third set is pale blue. Two of the patterns are by Marianna Mel and I am not sure where I found the other pattern - possibly on Pinterest!

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Knitting an Icon Using Circulars
I'm hoping someone can help me with this! I'm knitting fingerless gloves on DPNs and want to knit in an icon (that of a cute bug) on one of the glove palms. I've done a topic search, but found nothing that tells me how to do this. The problem, as I see it, is once I introduce a second color for the icon, then knit the rest of the glove using the main color, once I reach the icon again the second color won't be where I want to use it - it will be at the other end of the icon. Any way to do this without having to carry the icon color all the way around the glove? I'm using worsted and think that glove might feel too bulky if I carried the second color. Or perhaps I would need to cut the icon yarn and then re-introduce the icon yarn again each round, which would mean many knots and/or ends to weave in afterward? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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Knitting Donations for Hospice
Recently Hospice asked for donation of lapaghans and prayer shawls. Did these 2C2 garter stitch lapaghans since they are easy knitting and are mindless while watching TV. They were all knit with Universal Yarn Major.

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Anyone knows what this might be?
I have this piece but cannot remember where it might come from. If anyone has an idea, I’d be really grateful. Many thanks in advance.

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Playing with socks
I'm fairly happy with how this pair turned out. I used 2 different colors from the grab bag I bought from Biscotte yarn. This is the first pair I've made on dpns, I'm trying to learn some different techniques. I did ok with them until the heel then I had to change back to magic loop. Oh well, maybe I'll get it next time. I did the toes in one color, then a band where I alternated the two colors every other round. I went back to the first color for the rest of the foot and the second color for the heel and cuff.

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Do you wear hand knit socks?
My sister and I have both found that the bottoms of our feet are sensitive to wearing hand knit socks. It's as if we can feel every stitch, even with very fine yarn. We don't have a problem with most store-bought socks. This is just wearing them around the house. I haven't ever tried them with shoes on. Does anybody else notice this? Does it get better with time, or do I just keep making socks because I enjoy the process, and give them away? Or switch to making fingerless gloves?
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