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Looking for a poncho pattern (as pictured)
Hi. My Mom had this poncho donated to her at the long term care home where she had been living. I love the pattern and would like to make one for myself. Does anyone know where I can find the pattern?

Note: Only the last picture shows the right side of the poncho. The others are the back side.

Thanks for your help!

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I'm needing help to decide on needle brands
I will be purchasing circular interchangeable needles and some dpns. But, I can't decide on which brand to get. I knit a lot of socks, hats, and mittens. So, I'm not familiar with the different brands out.

Just wondering if you all can give me pros and cons for the brands you like. It will help me decide. I plan on purchasing it at the end of the month on Amazon with a gift card Allowance I get from my hubby. I can only purchase them there. Sadly 😕

I'm looking for good wires that have no snag at the joins like my Susan Bayets brand
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basic start of lace shawl question
The preface to my charted pattern says: slip one stitch as if to Purl at the beginning of each row.
My chart has the first row as 3 knit stitches.
How many stitches do I cast on? 3? my silly brain is telling me 4 & I NEED someone’s help :)
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Sunday funny, but true.
This is sooo true. I saw this and thought it would give everyone a little chuckle. We all need a laugh now and then.

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Heat and Humidity in Duluth!
Fot the past week and a half we have had undue heat and humidity in Duluth! This past week has been well over 80º, and humidity at 75% or more. My old building does not have AC, nor can our windows accommodate it. I have had three fans running since May first. This weather never shows until mid-August! Simon and I are exhausted!!!

How do you others cope with weather like this? It seems even too uncomfortable to pick up ANY K or C project!
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My 2nd Pocket Pal aka Comfort Doll
I am working on my 3rd one a wedding couple I didn't like the mouth on this one so next one mouth will be different overall I am pleased with it I love making these Thank you so much Kiwi for showing yours and making me so determined to find the pattern I wanted!
Have a great Sunday!
Tonda USA

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cubic needles
I'm thinking of getting one or two cubic circular needles to try them out. I don't know which ones would be best - do they come in both wood and metal? Which is best? Which brand is the best one to buy? Which has the best points, best joins, etc. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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knitted coasters
One of my recent work , beautiful knitted coasters.
please feel free to visit
thank you.

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baby shower
Gift set for baby shower hat and booties 0/3 month
Please feel free to look at

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Knitted gifts set
Hello to you all, again
I m back with my recent creations :coasters + pouch , baby hat + booties, tea cosy+ coasters
Please feel free to look on

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