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Christmas skates
Every year I ponder over what gifts to give the ladies in my craft group - it has to be something fairly quick and easy as our group numbers 15 to 20. I saw these skates online and tried the pattern, but I didn't like the finished product so adapted it. I did two versions, a single skate for my craft ladies and some double skates for our immediate family. You can't really tell from the pic, but the single skate is a bit larger and was done in plain white DK yarn - the smaller were done in 5 ply lustre.

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There goes the yarn diet...
Dh said to me when I got home from work today let's go for a drive. Wandering around the back roads is a favorite of ours. We ended up around Mount Horeb, WI. I remembered seeing a post on KP about a lovely lys there. Out came Google maps and soon we were at The Cat and Crow. They had a nice selection of higher end yarns including some local fibers and hand dyed. I spent some time talking to what I believe was the owner. They were very nice and the store had a very comfortable vibe. Dh picked out and bought me some yarn. He's a lot less price conscious then me, but he has excellent taste.

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When did this change?
I just posted a topic in Pictures , showing a new pair is socks. When I attached the photo, it posted as a download instead of part of the post. When did this start? Or did I do something different?
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Another knit pair of socks
My husband loves homemade socks, he looks forward to every pair. Yarn is Ice Bamboo Sock from Pattern can be found here on KP , just search for sockit2me’s pattern.

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Pumpkin Hat in a Muddy Pumpkin Patch.
Starting in September, North and Central Texas have received record amounts of rain. (165% above normal) Today we finally had a sunny day. We celebrated by going to a local pumpkin patch. My 18 month old grandson wore the pumpkin hat I created. We didn't stay very long because it was so muddy.

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My daughter made a frog😂
My 10 year old raids my stash of old acrylics and makes things every so often.
Today she showed up with a frog. She used felt from her craft stuff and she said a sponge for his stuffing and crocheted the eyes, feet and belly with her own “design” and glued on some eyes!

I think he looks sort of like a muppet.

She can follow written crochet and knit charts but sometimes I like the stuff she comes up with on her own the best

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Binaries.......this made me smile
My son, the computer programmer, sent this to me.


In my parents' lounge room, after Christmas lunch,
I am listening to my brother, the computer programmer,
explaining the principles of cyberspace.

'It's basically a system of binaries,' he says,
permutations of zero and one. So the data
may be saved, as say, zero zero one, one one, zero zero,one.'

My mother sighs, next to us on the couch.
She is knitting a cable-knit cardigan.
'You kids', she says.
'I'll never understand how you get your brains around it.
It's beyond me'.

And she turns back to her knitting,
Purl purl plain plain plain, purl purl plain.
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Please note: re the digest
I’ve read several posts today about “missing digests”. Once again, before more KP’ers post more messages like this, please note:

You do not ever “get” the digest. You get an email telling you that it’s ready. That email contains ONLY a link to the digest. You can get to the digest in many other ways. The easiest is to go to the Knitting Paradise website, scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Latest Digest”. From there, you can also page back-and-forth through older/newer digests.

You don’t EVER need the daily email in order to read the digest. After all, you were able to post the message saying that your digest was missing. Please think about how you did that. You went to the website, didn’t you?
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Hailey in her pumpkin hat
Hailey loves her hat and tells everyone Nana made it! She melts my heart

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sweater shawl
My lovely Daughter in law works in an office that is always chilly. She would like a shawl type sweater that is not to heavy. Do any of you have any good ideas? She and I have spent a quiet Sat. afternoon looking through several sites looking for a pattern and I got the bright idea that my friends on KP might have made one and have a great pattern. Doesn't matter if it is knit or crocheted. She will be so excited to see who I hear from. Thank you in advance.
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