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Patterns - food for thought
Quite often I will ask if anyone knows where I can locate a pattern
I do so after much searching.
I get responses good and bad including "you can work that out yourself"
"Someone asked for that the other day"
It is as if one should not ask if anyone knows where one can get a pattern.
Yes.I can work out a pattern but I like to give credit to the designer whether the pattern is free or for purchase.
Purchasing patterns do help people out.
Before jumping in with a useless answer,it helps to read the question properly.
That some people live in areas of no internet and barely phone reception.
Dropouts occur when posting and not all the question is there.
Give time for the person to edit a post when a problem occurs.
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A new Knitter
.My DGD surprised me this evening by asking me to teach her to knit. I cast on and knit a couple of rows to show her how and she is doing it. I am so pleased with her.
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What am I?
Got a basket of odds and ends with a purchase. Went through all the manuals and could not identify the following bits. Any ideas?

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question about knitting with circulars
All of you talented knitters there - please help me. I can knit/purl and can use circulars although haven't in a long time. I want to make a hat - K2, P2 - so how do I do it on circulars? I know (at least I think I know) that for a stockinette stitch, one must knit all rows - but not sure how to achieve the pattern I want. Thanks for your help.
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the missing picture - John
Like all computers they have a mind of their own and this has been saved in a place I didn't select.

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continuation or pictures - John
After all this I hope it is of help for who ever requested the pattern.
After the last picture it is a repeat all round.
I had made 4 motifs joined together to show the effect but God only knows where that has gone.
I hope you get the idea anyway.
let me know if this helps BUT don't ask me for a written pattern.
Happy crocheting.
this is picture 11 after the 4sc have been worked

Pic 12 a Treble is being started at the 1space down on round 1

Pic 13 the treble completed

Pic 14 now 4sc worked to the next corner

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My attempt at a pattern
I don't remember who posted the request a few days ago for a pattern of a blanket nor have I been able to find the instructions on the net.
I have attempted to create the crochet pattern and am posting step by step pictures which i hope will help. the colours are not the same as the original but hopefully they will help understand my procedures.
I am also trying to do this on the new computer and am not sure if the pictures will load or not.
there are over 10 of them so if the first lot work then i will have to make 2 attempts at posting.
if nothing works then i will have to go back to the old computer and send from there.
fingers crossed, here goes.
regards, John
Well this is working on the new computer but like I said it will only allow me to post 10 pictures so I will have to continue in another post.
the original blanket posting

my first attempt in solid colour

the start in colour (3)

a completed motif

the start of the puff stitch on the first corner worked around the previous row

closeup of starting the puff stitch

another closeup of the corner

the completed puff (there are 2 in each corner)

the 2nd puff stitch in the corner being worked

2nd puff finished and now starting to work 4 sc across

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KH970 and the Plating Feeder
I ve had this machine for 11-12 years and have plated yarns several times always by feeding the plating yarn behind Feeder A of the regular feeder. Didnt even realize I had the separate plating feeder until a few days ago when I found it set aside with some other stuff I never use. So I gave it a try this evening. WOW what a wonderful little accessory. It makes loading and unloading the plating yarn a breeze. But I had issues removing the yarns when chaning to ripper cord and waste knitting. I am testing it with stockin knit stitch. Can it be used with all the techniques fair isle, thread lace, tuck and slip or does it only work with SS.
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Do you have techniques for making the inside of a sweater look great
I just finished an AG pattern. The 3 needle bind off st the shoulders and at the peak of the hoodie look great. The slipped stitch garter stitch button band looks great. But....the mattress stitch closing the body thru the sleeve ...meh.
The neck line picked up for the hood...ugly.
What techniques do you use to make the inside of a project look professional?
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Hawkherst Sweater
I just finished this sweater for my DIL. The pattern is in Interweave Knits Winter 2016. I am very pleased with the result. I have shipped to her and am waiting to hear if it fits. Always the big worry. I used the recommended yarn, Cascade Eco and Eco+ and I am very pleased with the yarn and the way it works up. It is very soft.

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