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Well, I finished the Wellie Wisher clothes for my great niece. So now I found out her little brother (2 years old) likes
Minions. So I searched for a pattern and made this one. It was a little "fiddley". I was wondering if anyone has a
pattern for a minion that is more or less made in one piece. Sort of like a teddy bear. The arthritic hands don't do so well with all of the little pieces! Lol Thanks .

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Help Please
I am working on a hat pattern and am having brain freeze at the moment. This is a five row repeat. Rows 1-4 are knit and then for row 5 it says to K1,P1 to the end. My question is do I do K1,P1 for the entire row or do I do K1 and then purl the rest of the row? Sorry for the stupid question but for some reason can't make sense out of it. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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Stuck on 2 rows
Heck, I am always getting mixed up. I am knitting a puppy and going through the rows getting to do row 6 and 7 there are 33 sts on the needle. Row 8 through row 24 tell me to rep rows 6 and 7 nine times still ending with those 33 sts. Row 6 is p and Row 7 is k.

To get to Row 25 don't I have to rep row 6 twice and the same for row 7 twice with counting the first row of 6 and 7 in the counting to get to row 25? Row 25 is also a k row. can 2 rows of knitting as doing the 9 rows ending with row 7 being a knit row and start row 25 as a k row?

I should have done this first for you.

Cast on 9 sts
Row 1: k1, (kfb) x 8 (17 sts)
Row 2: p (17 sts) WS
Row 3: k1, (kfb, k1) x 8 (25sts)
Row 4: p (25 sts)
Row 5: k1, (kfb, k2) x 8 (33 sts)
Row 6: p (33 sts)
Row 7: k (33 sts)
Row 8 to 24: rep rows 6 and 7 nine x's (33 sts)
Row 25: k (33 sts)
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Jingle jangle elf (K)
Just finished my Jingle Jangle Elf, he was so much fun to make, I have had he made for a little while but one of my Daughter's asked me to make a Teddy bear, which then turned into 2 (I also have a 3rd almost finished) .I managed to finish him off today GS has already claimed my jingle elf lol

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Main Bed and Ribber Question
It's been a while since I used my mb + ribber. I do have a manual but having a hard time making sense of how the gate pegs line up with each bed/ Should the pegs on both beds be positioned right across from each other? Mine see a little off. Thanks you so much for your help
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Shawl-vest no buttons no sleeves
Here is an unusual shawl-vest that I saw on picture and did reproduce to the best of my understanding. It is knitted one piece horizontaly no seams except on the shoulders, seamed with mattress stitches. Used one pound of acrylique.

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Slouchy beanie knock-off
This is my last creation based on the pattern edited by Creative Chicks wich I modified in width and hight. Also, I finished the crown to make it versatile as to an adaptable Poneytail beanie. Yarn used is Glowing Purple Multi by Yarn Bee, acrylic/polyester, 1 skein.

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Simple lace scarf with Mandala yarn
Finished! I love the Mandala yarn in this simple pattern posted by SockItToMe recently
Cast on 50st
K2, y/o P2tog, K2. Repeat across row and every row until length you wish

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Crochet: Way too easy fingerless gloves!
Hi, KPers. I'm so excited about these! I need a gift for my DIL whose BD is on Sunday and you know there is no time to make anything. I got this football sized ball of yarn at a thrift store recently for $1.99 and thought I'd make her some simple fingerless gloves. Talk about simple!! So here's how: Take a size K hook, chain 17 sts, join, sc one round. Then dec 1 on the second row and just keep doing sc until you reach where you want the thumb hole to be. Do not chain 1 at the beginning of a round or anything; just keep doing sc. When you get to the thumb part, slip 2 sts and sc back to that point. Ch 2 and attach over (above??) the 2 slipped stitches and just go back to the single crochets until the top reaches as high as you want to the knuckle part of your hand. I am so happy with how these turned out! I think the yarn is actually a Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, don't know for sure. It's like a chenille super thick yarn. Give this a time to make it....1 hour complete (and that counts ripping some out because I was trying to do a pattern.) The plain single crochets work up much nicer than a pattern with this bulky yarn. I'm excited. And I have more than enough yarn to make maybe two more pair of these. Hope someone can use this. Thanks and Happy Needling. jberg
$1.99 football sized blanket? yarn

turned into these! (no, I don't have green hands)

just all sc with K hook

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Has Anyone Tried Making Socks With a Sock Loom?
I have tried using 4 needles but I can't seem to get the hang of it, but I've really wanted to make my own socks. There are so many beautiful sock yarns nowadays. I've found what looks like a pretty decent sock loom and it's quite inexpensive, so if I get bored with it, or can't figure it out, I'm not out much money. Or I could sell it. I just wanted to know if anyone else has tried using one and what there experience was.
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