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Update for Pop Tab Bag
I was unsure of how to update the completed bag so sorry but I am posting as a New Topic.

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Casting off question.
I am knitting from a chart for the first time and I am wondering, do I cast off the last row shown, or do I knit it and then cast off? I've read all through the pattern and don't see anything about that.
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New user (today) with 8 posts
With apologies to Gwendoline King if I'm over-reacting:

All your posts have a link to click, on a variety of topics, and links appear legitimate, but so much activity without introduction or previous activity does raise a certain sense of caution. We have been scammed many times lately by "new members" with negative intentions. Please understand if we are a little hesitant to respond to your posts.
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quite a simple scarf to knit
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2 more Afghans for Veterans
I posted one earlier today that I made, but these are 2 that my friends at the Senior Center made. The gold/white one is folded in quarters.

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Some Of My Hookeries
Women's and childrens clothing are my thing. Im on a Hooking binge at the moment. I usually binge on one thing for a year or two...or three, then move on to the next. I feel an artwork binge coming next.
Favorite Cardi by Doris Chan

Black Raspberry Shawl, Shawlette, Scarf by Darleen Hopkins

Jordan by Vicky Chan

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Another Stash Buster idea!
Look at all the sizes of Pom Pom makers I have! The grandkids and I were making them like crazy yesterday and today! These are the ones they left behind! It was fun,easy and a great stash buster! The kids used the PomPoms to hang on their keychains, backpacks, shoes, and just to play with them etc. They had a lot of fun making them.

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Cone of 2/8 Shetland Wool from England...
I was puttering around in my knitting room, THINKING of de-cluttering and de-stashing when I came across my remaining cone yarn from my machine knitting days. I have a 2 pound cone of gray Shetland wool labeled 2/8. It looks like two plies. It's quite nice. It looks to me to be like fingering or sport weight in hand knitting yarn terms, but I get 11-12 wraps per inch, which charts show to me as light worsted or DK. This Shetland wool has lots of "loft" or hairiness. I am thinking of hand knitting with it. Of course I'll swatch it, but wondering....

Does anyone know what 2/8 is equivalent to in hand knitting yarn categories? Or knowledge of Shetland wool?
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Information about a knitting machine
What gauge is an Elna White 3700
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