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Am i doing something wrong?
Hey guys, beginner here!
So I'm trying out a new stitch I found on a knitting app. I'm following the instructions but it doesn't seem to look like right. Wondering if anyone can help me out as to why?
Attached are screenshots from the app and my attempt so far. I'm 11 rows in out of 12, before repeating from the beginning.
Thanks in advance!

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Machine Knit Tote Liners
Well, I had a post ALMOST done and we had a power outage. Sigh. Only off for a few minutes, but darned if I'm going to try to reconstruct the whole thing.

The point of this thread is to tell you about Soil Sample Bags. That's what I use for the small and medium tote bags I made back in the 90's for friends & LOTS of craft fairs. i no longer do them, but was contacted by a friend who remembered them. She wants a few. Now my totes were all envelope style, no gussets.

So I dug around and found that I had a couple dozen of the soil sample bags. They're a cream color, 100% cotton and, unwashed, measure approximately 17" x 10". I washed a few and they came out to 16" x 9". They're sturdy and well sewn -- have to be considering the weight of soil / rocks, etc. I got so tired of cutting fabric & sewing for the bags that when my darling hubby mentioned Soil Sample Bags (he'd used them with his students in California back when he was going for his Masters), I jumped on that.

I make as firm an outer fabric as possible; Knitweave or plating or something like that. Time to uncover the 890 and give it a wipe-down. Was deep cleaned about a month or so ago.

So if you plan to make simple totes, check and see if Soil Sample Bags are available in your area.

Unwashed Soil Sample Bag

Washed Soil Sample Bag

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Yarn that had to come home
My Dear DIL is my enabler. We were at a thrift shop (Value Village) on half price day.

The colourful jumbo wool was bundled in a bag in the pillow section. It was partially knit, but unravelled to 10 x 500 gm balls.
Price $9.45

The white wool roving was in the blanket section. 1000 gm. Price $7.25

The vintage blue was actually in the yarn bin - 10 balls bulky weight for $5.

Now, who would leave those bargains - especially if you love jumbo yarn!
Jumbo 5kg or 970 yds

Pure wool roving

Vintage acrylic/nylon with pattern book

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Is there a general felting percentage?
I have just made a small swatch and washed it in hot water in the machine and am drying it. It's a worsted Plymouth Galway yarn. Is there a generally accepted estimate of the amount of shrinkage or do you just have to do what I'm doing? What is a good starting point: Knit 1/3 larger than the accepted result?
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Little Ted the bear.
I did not make the clothes for little Ted because it is for my 2 month old grandson. Oliver did not like being left out of the picture. Also this is Gabriel in a little outfit I knit him. (The bear is the color of the picture with Oliver in it.)

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Baby Blanket with Teacup Motif
Does anyone have a pattern that incorporates a tea cup motif in a baby blanket? I know it's unusual, but my daughter-in-law is doing her little girl's room in teacups and peonies! TIA
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diagonal or swirl hat
Here is what you want. Have made this and working on one now.
ifeel the sizes run large so you may want to adjust as you go or make one as a trial.
very easy. Enjoy

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crochet mini octopi for babies
Jill Peters added 2 new photos.
Looking for people who crochet or knit! The UMass NICU is looking for people to help crochet mini octopi for the babies. If you know how to crochet and want to help, I can send you the free pattern! This is a new item they just approved the babies to have. The tentacles mimic strands in the mother's womb and are therapeutic for the babies. I'm trying to get a bunch done by valentines day to donate, inbox me for details. Will pick up and deliver! * *ALL OCTOPI should be Smoke/Pet Free and should be made with Cotton or Machine Washable Yarn, any color. Please no pets around the Octopi! If you have pets we ask that you craft in a clean area, free from pets then bag and store octopi until you are ready to ship so that they are Pet Free. Please do not leave yarn baskets accessible to pets. Thank you for your understanding! EYES should be made of yarn and sewn on, safety eyes pictured here should NOT be used!

Jill Peters is on FB and lives in Auburn, MA

that's all the info I have but thought maybe there's someone here who would be interested

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Question about stitches
Pattern says K3, YF, SKP, K6

I know what this all means but I'm not sure how to place the yarn when I do the "K" in SKP

For instance, I knit 3, yarn over the right needle,

slip knitwise the next stitch onto the right needle.

My yarn is now in front of my work.

Do I put the yarn in back then pass the slipped stitch over

OR do I leave the yarn in front then pass the slipped stitch over?

This is for an eyelet pattern.
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When to sew seams?
In most of the patterns for sweaters and cardigans that I have come across, the pattern says to do the neckband before sewing the sleeve and side seems. I find that it is harder to knit the neckband with the sides flopping all over the place, even though the pattern says to sew them at the end. Is there any benefit to doing the seaming at the end?
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