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New to knitting with question
I’m literally in my third week of knitting; learning from you tube videos. I made a pair of slippers so far. Now working on a project that uses DPNs. Pattern calls for stockinette stitch. From what I can make out that’s just going to be knit stitches since I’m using DPNs and not turning my work. Is that right? And if so why doesn’t it just say knit? Confused! Again baby knitter here.
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Janice wearing her wedding shawl
As promised, some pictures of the bride wearing her shawl. It was a warm day in southeast Georgia, and neither the bride nor her attendants wore their shawls for the ceremony, which was held outside, in the sun. But as is normal at this time of year, the shawls came out after dark, when it was much cooler.

It was a beautiful wedding. I've known the bride and groom and many of those in attendance since they were in their early teens. My heart is very full.

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Amigrumi friendly lion
Just finished! Giving him a haircut was fun. Now to go vacuum the floor!

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Has anyone ever done this?
This will probably sound stupid (and maybe even a little dense) but i have found a way to be able to combine knitting and reading,i like to go to library and get audio books and listen to them while i knit.Dose anyone else do this?
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What does ‘w&t’ mean
I am knitting slippers that look like elf shoes. the sole is separate and that’s finished. I am now knitting one of two sides and about six rows up it says to knit to last 25 stitches,w&t, knit to end. Then the next two rows says knit to last 22 stitches, w&t, knit to end. the next two rows is knit five, kfb, knit to last 19 sts, w&t, knit to end. You continue these six rows twice more until you’re down to four stitches but the total stitches on the needle is 77 and that is your side. These are a really cute Christmas gift but I am stumped!
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Christmas Stockings (K)
These are all made with the same pattern, just changing colors for the cuff, heel, toe. It is the Readheart pattern #WR2007 and it is called Christmas Stocking! The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease.
I altered the cuff a bit. I added the braids, I used fewer rows between the white details and I off-set the details. On the white one I tried to do a braided hanging loop and it was not as nice as the I-cord loops on the other two. I thought I had take a photo of the inside where I carried the colors up a jacquard stitch, but I don't seem to be able to find it so maybe I didn't. I finished these about two weeks ago. Hand delivered to my son & his family. Not a good photo of the three as I finished the last one at their house the evening before we left. Not washed & blocked.

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Look what I just bought

5x 3.0/4.0/5.0MM Keychain with aluminium crochet hooks for only $5.97.

I bought them from eBay from an Australian seller with free postage.

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Messy Bun Hat
Have a 15 year old girl from the giving tree for Christmas. Does anyone have a Messy Bun Hat pattern that I can do on a single bed. Going to also make fingerless gloves and a cowl. Thank You in advance!
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Baby longies with feet?
Working on a pair of baby longies. Working from the waist down and the cuff is knit in rib. I would like continue the cuff and add a sock or bootie to keep the baby's feet warm. Would you use a top down sock pattern or bootie? Would it matter which one? Any ideas or suggestions please.
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To the moon
Have just made this blanket for a friend

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