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Just a note of gratitude
I was recently showing off (to my brother who is staying with me and so is duty-bound to tolerate my yarn fetish) my ability to purl Norwegianly, my pattern for a wedding shawl, and my vast knowledge of on-line yarn suppliers, and it occurred to me that I would have not have been able to be anywhere near so arrogant if not for my fellow KP'ers. I have learned so much on this forum that now I can be really insufferable to my big brother.

So for this I thank you. I have been crocheting since the '70's and knitting since the '80's, and I have learned much more in the short time I've been on this forum than I ever learned in the previous decades. I'm a much better crafter than I've ever been, and a much more annoying little sister, (which is such a bonus that only younger sibs can truly understand).

I believe some impulses, such as gratitude, should never be withheld, and so in keeping with that spirit, I thank you all who have helped me on this crafting journey. (My brother would probably groan and roll his eyes, but who cares what he thinks? When he gets his own place he can have all the opinions he wants.)

Thank you.

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More for the great grand daughter
Took more pictures this morning. Have to do a little at a time.
Some booties and hats

Baby cocoon with hat and bogies to match

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Caron Cupcake Pompom
Has anyone figured out the best way to secure the pom pom to the top of the cupcake hat--Thread, yarn, or ??
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One of the afghans I'm working on
I'm using Caron cakes for this one. That is one skein down and 6 more to go. I'll post a picture of my big blanket tomorrow. This is the one I'm wondering if I will need to block when done.

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My Jingle Jangle Elves
I was so happy when Gypsycream finally decided to give in to the many requests she'd received to design an elf and as usual she outdid herself. I have been having so much fun knitting these guys. Another one is on the needles now. Hope you enjoy seeing my first two.
Jingle Jangle Elf #1

The trick to getting them to sit still for pictures is to give them a candy cane.

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What is this stitch please ?
Does anyone have any idea what this stitch is please ? I know it's a tuck stitch but I'm just wondering how I could achieve it , I have a knitmaster 700 thanks 😀

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Where do you get the time?
I am in awe of all the beautiful projects I see here on KP and cannot for the life of me figure out how you get the time to knit and/or crochet all the items you make. I get up, make the bed, fix breakfast, eat, clean up stuff, take dog for a walk, read the paper, take out the garbage, do some yard work, do computer stuff, clean house, get mail, fix dinner, eat, clean up. Sometimes go to town shopping, go to doctor, go to dentist. When I can't sleep, I read a book or watch TV while knitting. This is for the beautiful months of the year. In the winter when I can't go out and do yard work, plant flowers, walk the dog on long walks, I am inside watching TV, collecting patterns, and knitting. Do you set aside time to knit/crochet or is this a hit or miss? I am curious. Right now, I am looking into getting a part time job. Seems to me if I do I could probably get more things done. I know when I went to work 40/hr week I could do a lot more. Now that I am retired, I sluff off...........Just curious, that's all.
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Magic loop
I was watching how to use do knitting magic loop and I have a couple of questions please.
Where do I put my stitch marker since I am folder the stitches in half.
Can I use this method to do premature beanies.

I am making loads of premature beanies for donation and I have to see it after is done and takes a lot of time.

Thank you
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Just finished this for SIL. Pattern from a 1961 Bernat book that I altered by lengthening sleeves and body. Yarn is pale green with a shiny synthetic stripe, balance is some acryllic. It knitted nicely, and is a pattern I've used before.

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Help please. Dak8, Designaknit Lace Tool with Brother KH930 - wrong transfers.
I tried and tried and simply could not find anywhere what it is I am doing wrong.
I am testing a simple lace starting with 4 stitches transferring to left and 4 stitches transferred to right. Two eyelets are apart by one stitch.

I am using Brother KH930 with one magnet on lace carriage and one on the main carriage. The pattern is integrated on a shape having only one vertical border imported in the middle. I start interactive knitting and all looks fine, it show carriages on proper side and they move according to the pattern.

Problem is, the lace carriage for some reason transferring the stitches to opposite (wrong ) side when used with interactive knitting. It also does 3 passes without selecting any needles at all when Dak is on the row with the lace smart symbols.

I tried to only knit the downloaded pattern without the Dak’s interactive knitting in which case the needles are transferred to the correct direction but I don’t get the interactive instructions this way. I tried to disconnect the machine and keep the magnets but even if the cable blinks when the carriage passes, the carriage on the screen is not moving.

Would anyone know what’s wrong with it?
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