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Stole shape converted to triangle
My dilemma: I want to knit a shawl which is simple enough to knit during my knitting group. I have fallen in love with a pattern - Pine Forest Baby Blanket. Pattern is 7 stitch 4 row repeat: row 1- *k1, k2 tog, yo, k1, ssk, k 1.* row 2 and all even rows, p all. row 3 - *k 2 tog, yo, k3, yo, ssk. I can change the pattern to accommodate the change from blanket to long rectangle, and from worsted to sock yarn. My question is, can this pattern be converted to a triangle shape. I am definitely numerically challenged, and can't figure out how to do it without adding 7 stitches in 1 row, which I know won't work. I want it long enough to cover my arms almost completely. Help, anyone........ please!
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My Latest Shawls (K)
Attached are pictures of my latest shawls completed Mar - May 2017.
The first one is the Caine by Dee O'Keefe (as an aside I had a couple of questions and sent Dee a PM and she answered almost immediately with a question of her own. I responded but I just went to my sent PMs and my response was not there. So, Dee if you see this, please know how much I appreciate your help). Back to the Caine, it is knit with Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool color #09. The second shawl is Speckled by Pariser Landluft and is knit with KnitPicks Hawthorn Speckle Handpaint, Aquatic Speckle and Mini Mochi, color 312 (I'm not a fan of this yarn as the thick/thin varies greatly with the thick is very thick and the thin is almost like thread). I am currently knitting Dee's Fallston in mint green and chocolate and it is looking so nice. I'll post pictures when I'm done. Thanks for looking.

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Tuck lace shawl
I am trying something new. I have to e-wrap 150 stitches and knit 1 row to the left. Then I have to put every 4th needle out of work by transferring stitches.
Then I am suppose to set the pattern which is #257 from the stitchworld book. The manual says nothing about tuck lace. Do I just proceed as though I am doing Tuck?
Also, after knitting the one row to the left at the beginning, how do I weight the knitting? Add the cast on comb at this point? Put claw weights across the row?
I then knit 600 + rows. I am not sure what this is suppose to look like.
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The Very Hungry Catepillar-yarn suggestion
Hello dear Kpers,
I want to knit a child's catepillar scarf in Very Hungry Catepillar colors. Can anyone suggest a green ombre yarn that would be green ombre-enough to look like the catepillar? The greens I have found are just not the right color green...

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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self timer
I discovered self-timer in my camera, and here is the result.

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Newest poncho
Just finished this 4 corner virus cowl neck poncho.

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New friends with 1st grand daughter
We have new neighbors and found that they were going to be first time grandparents like us, a grand daughter to boot(us too)! She came last Wednesday so I quick crocheted a cocoon and hat for them. Thanks for looking.

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Boys' cabled cardigans - little and large
I have knitted both of these cardigans from the same pattern. One is the largest size, age 6-7, for my almost 5 year old grandson. The other is the 0-6 month size for a friend of my daughter who had a little boy yesterday. I knitted it weeks ago but quickly sewed it up on Sunday night when my daughter told me her friend was in the hospital.
The pattern is Sirdar 1986. The bigger one is knitted in Sirdar Calico from my stash whereas the small one is Stylecraft DK.

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Brittany has Bloomers
Update: I was about to mail her off to her new home yesterday, but kept thinking that her legs looked too bare, so I decided to knit her a pair of bloomers.

Happy creative knitting to all.

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That ugly yarn....
Using all "ugly" yarn to entertain the kids...donating to daycare, grands and beyond...Some stuffed lightly to hold shape....used all and any scraps....This is too much fun....A good hot day here so off to the pool with my babies and their balloons!!

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