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Some advice please on purchase of KH-891 and KX-350
With wonderful help from you KPers, I have been using a Bond USM for the past two years (actually, two that I hooked together) and have found it rewarding, though slightly tedious as I usually have several stitches on any given row that have not knitted properly and have to be attended to by hand. I have the opportunity to purchase a KH-891 and KX-350 for $250 for the pair. Both appear complete and in good condition, but with no additional accessories beyond what came with them to start. Will I be a lot happier with those? Will dropped stitches be (mostly) a thing of the past? Will entire new worlds of interesting (relatively easy) stitches open up to me? Will I be paying too much for what I am getting? Should I try to dicker to get just one of the machines? (I do like the option of using different yarn widths, but will likely gravitate toward the thicker yarns). Thank you for any and all input.
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Izzy dolls
Does anyone know where there is a machine knitting pattern for one of these dolls? Photos are copyrighted, so I can’t post a photo of what I am talking about. I have googled and they are all hand knit. I am not that experienced of a machine knitter to translate and hand knitted pattern to machine knit. Not sure I am experienced enough for, but at least when I am, I will have it.

They go by other names, too. A couple of the other names are Dudza(sp) or comfort dolls.

They are little dolls that are knitted.


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Easy cotton kimono
I want to make this but I want to avoid seaming it together. So can I make it one solid piece to desired length then use 2 balls of yarn and continue on as separate. Does that make sense?

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Teen daughter delivered her items to local maternity ward
My daughter, Maggie, crocheted and delivered 43 hats, 4 pairs of booties, and 5 micro preemie hats to our local hospital's maternity ward on Saturday, June 16. I am so impressed with her desire to give to others! She's a special young lady. Thanks for looking.

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same dye lot differebt shade
I recently purchased two additional skeins of yarn to match up with yarn I already owned. If I make a sweater with this yarn I might need the additional yarn and it is a discontinued yarn so I wanted to get it while it was still available. The yarn is white and is the same dye lot as the yarn I already had. I did get it from a different source since it wasn't available from the original place. It is very slightly different in color. Has anyone ever had that experience with yarn of the same dye lot? I haven't had this yarn for an extended period of time so it isn't storage on my part but I'm wondering if the two different yarn sellers might have stored the yarn differently. Any ideas? This is Debbie Bliss Rialto DK yarn and I'm also noticing one of the legs in stockinette stitch stands out more than the other. I've read things about that on this site and if I'm remembering right it has something to do with the twist the manufacture puts on the yarn when it's spun. I've tried using the yarn from both the inside and outside of the skein to see if it would make a difference but it doesn't. The yarn is really nice and I'm not so much concerned with the look this makes, more just curious. Even the difference in color isn't going to matter since if I make the pattern I'm thinking of it's two colors and won't show if I place it right.
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summer at last
After a long, cold winter it's lovely to see how many flowers survived

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Hudson valley sheep and wool company, has anyone been ther?
Having trouble withy phone, we are in Red Hook NY, going there tomorrow, it's only about 10 miles, just curious, I also posted same? In spinning and weaving.


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Tearoom Bear - pattern from Mary Jane’s Tearoom. The little pinafore is a separate pattern from the same designer. My first time knitting the picot cast off. Very easy and I really like it. I realized that the pinafore can be turned around and worn as a coat. The bear was knit in Cascade 220 yarn in the shades suggested in the pattern. The pinafore was knit in Knitpicks Pallette.

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Where do pictures belong?
I’ve noticed more and more, that now SO many KP’ers are posting all kinds of pictures in the Pictures Section. One person doing it seems to spawn several more who do it which causes more and more. I thought for those who aren’t aware, that I’d mention that Admin set up the Pictures Section only for knitting and crochet related project pictures. The General Chit Chat Section is the appropriate section for other photos. There are lots of KP’ers who only want to read knitting and crochet related topics. It would be really nice if everyone could respect the rules (and your fellow KP’ers). Please —- don’t bother saying to skip them if people don’t like them; they just don’t belong there and there are now way too many. Here’s a partial screenshot of the Rules that Admin set up for the Pictures Section.

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Dragonfly socks
Here are my newest socks. Cuff down my third pair of socks. They are made with knit picks stroll fingering yarn and Addi FlexFlips. My next socks will be toe up.

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