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Proud of Hubby's Granny Squares (c)
DH has been crocheting only a few years, but has now mastered the magic ring and the join-as-you-go method of joining while making granny squares. He loves making them for charity! These are his first two, but he is already working on another one.
DH first ever granny square afghan

Almost tempted to keep this one!

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crocheted autumn leaf
on fiber spider channel in his tutorial he crocheted an autumn leaf.has anyone crocheted this autumn leaf and if so how much yarn did you use?
Thank you Msn
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After cutting out my round cardboard shapes and winding yarn 75 times, I decided to get a Pom-Pom Maker. Stopped in at Michael's and there happened to be a 60% off sale in effect. There were two Clover pom-pom makers in stock, so I was thrilled. There are two sizes in the pkg, 2-1/2 (65mm) and 3-3/8 (85mm). Hopefully, this system will work more efficiently. Hats are one of my favorite gifts for Christmas and anyone with a birthday during cold or rainy months (like April).

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JoAnn Store
Yesterday, I just happened to be at JoAnn's when they were having a 60% off reg price merchandise sale. Usually when they have a sale, the needles are put on a 15% discount, so the coupon can't be used. But this time I got the full discount. Hooray. I had been waiting to purchase bamboo needles but wan't going to pay the prices being asked. i guess I was in the right place at the right time. I am knitting wool hats for Christmas. I love the feel of some acrylic yarns but they just don't feel heavy enough for hats. Maybe doubled yarns would work, but then my hands would ache from a size 13 needle. the roving yarn is quite lovely, thick and soft and that might work. For a beginning intarsia knitter like myself, there are so many great patterning ideas that can be tried out on a small project like a hat. but wool is what I'm looking for. so I was surprised to find hardly any wool at JoAnn's. Michael's had the Patons wool, which was what I was looking for. But little of any other wools. There are specialty yarn shops in town, but none close to my area and expensive prices. Online shopping is mostly where I look now.

I also purchased a PomPom maker, after trying the would cardboard circular system. PomPoms are work!
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Need pattern for a 2 year old
Looking for just a simple hat pattern for a 2 year old.
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Millor Gloria
I have some Millor Gloria in a color that would go perfect in my living room. Do you think this yarn would make a suitable afghan?
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Kp digest
I find it so irritating how kp digest just comes and goes. I'm sure the rest of you feel the same way.o well that's the way life goes.
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Re: Not getting the digest
This has been commented on more than once, if anyone has been a member of KP as long as some of you who post the message that you are not getting the Digest, you should realize that if you put that question in the Search link above, you will find many answers. It is too bad that our Admin. isn't active as he/she used to be, but we should be able to keep KP going as long as we learn and follow the rules which are available in the Links at the top. Peace and happy knitting
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Definitions of PLY?
I just read a pattern which gives the yarn required in PLYs! What does this mean. For an adult male, the pattern says use 10 ply. for Children - 8 ply. For Babies - 5 ply

I don't know what this means. Maybe the 8 ply would be 2 strands of worsted weight (4 ply)???? Hope one of you can straighten me out!

Thank you so much - in advance!!
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Not getting KP digest
I have not received KP digest for the past two days and I miss it. Please find a solution and fix it. Thank you. Carolyn Kirkland
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