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Yarn from Bernat Store in Listowel
I stopped at the Bernat Store in Listowel as I was going through the town and this is what I got. Total cost $69.54. 4 balls of Bernat Pop, 2 balls of Super Value, 2 large balls of Handicrafter Cotton, 2 balls of Happy Holiday and 6 large balls of a baby weight probably sport. The large balls were on buy 3 and get 3 free. Only pink and blue. The large balls and the Handicrafter cotton didn't have labels.

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Baby blanket .... (k)
About a year ago DH and I had a falling out with a friend who used to help us with cleaning our bungalow. Some weeks ago I started thinking I would like to contact her and sort things out, I really did not like the situation. I did not say anything to DH when, lo and behold, about three weeks ago on a Saturday morning, he came in from buying the morning paper and milk, and said, you have a visitor and behind him in walked our friend. I had a bit of a shock, and just grabbed her and we hugged and hugged and hugged! When things had settled and we had cleared the air, I told her how well she was looking and she said - do you see how fat I am getting? I said no, not really and she pointed to her stomach, and then I realised she was pregnant, already 7 months. She had told me her doctor had told her she would not be able to have any more babies (she has an eight year old daughter), so it was a huge surprise for her when she realised she was pregnant, with a girl.

I was telling my honorary sister, lexiemae, about her and immediately she said she would knit her some things for the baby. I had just finished crocheting a blanket for my daughter, so I dug out a 400g ball of baby pink aran wool from my stash to make her a blanket. I started crocheting it with a 6mm hook, using trebles (I am not sure of the American equivalent), but I thought the spaces between stitches were too big, so I frogged what I had done and started again with a 5mm hook, but my daughter agreed with me that was also no good, so out came my trusty circulars, 6mm. I must say, after crocheting 3 large blankets, it was lovely to be knitting again. I cast on 140 stitches and am just doing knit 4, purl 4 for 4 rows and then change it to purl 4, knit 4. It is coming along nicely, but I was worried how far I could go with 400g, so DH got the kitchen scale out and weighed what was left of the yarn, and could hardly believe that I had only used 85g. I then weighed the knitted bit and that was correct. I have some white aran that I could use to eke the yarn out, but I now know that it will not be necessary. I did not realise the difference in the amount of yarn needed between crocheting and knitting!

I have taken photos of the finished blankets and they are somewhere in my laptop, I just need my grandson to show me how to retrieve them, but he is always so busy, I have to be patient and wait until he has some spare time. I will eventually get there.
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Re-Creating A Pattern From Memory
I saw a sweater on a gal yesterday on the bus that had long sts [knitted in the row below] followed by p2tog.
The next 5 RS rows had the sts knitted in the row below moving 1 st over to the left.
Each time the st slanted, there as one more p st so that Row 6 was the left leg of a cable [k sts] followed by one more [p] st.
After 2 rows of plain stockingnette, the sts knitted in the row below moved 1 st over to the right for 5 RS rows.
So, Row 2 is the PURL row; but I can't get it right, so that the long st moves over.

It was sorta like this:

My swatch:
Row 1: k3 [border sts], *skip the next st, k that st in the row below; p2tog ( the skipped st and the one following to keep the st count], k8 until 3 sts rem, k3
Row 2: k3 [border sts], then what? I should be able to *p7, skip the next st, p that st in the row below; k2tog, k1 but it doesn't work out.
The long st is NOT where it should be, and goes directly above the one below it. I tried several st counts between the "moves", but no go.
What am I doing wrong?
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The Ultimate Complete Guide to Men’s Leather Hats & Caps Styles
Hats used to be an iconic piece of attire that would pull together a man’s ensemble and make him look well put together and refined. There was a huge variety of mens leather caps and hats that once held center stage in terms of style, and in recent years, leather hats and caps have been put back in the spotlight, especially in the leather scene. When wearing a leather ensemble from top to bottom, you want to make sure your leather ensemble looks good quite literally from head to toe. From leather pants to chaps; from leather vests to jackets; from leather boots to your favorite leather hat, you can pull off a look that going without a hat simply cannot afford.

Leather Baseball Caps:

If you want something a little more casual when you are going out or stepping into the club, one of the best choices is a leather baseball cap. These caps are commonly worn day in and day out in casual settings, and they offer a classic design that is able to be paired with just about anything. A wide brim keeps the sun out of your eyes or keeps them hidden when you want to go for that mysterious look.

Leather Bowler Hats:

For a modern, edgy twist on a classic style of headwear, try the leather bowler hat. This hat, which had its peak popularity in the late 1800s and early 1900s, is coming back to help the men of the modern day achieve a dapper, classier look that is sure to draw attention wherever they go.

Leather Flat Caps:

Leather flat cap have always been a hat style worn by the trendy youth among society, no matter what decade they were worn in. They were most popular in the 1910s through the 1930s and have recently sprung back up to be worn by the stylish hipsters of today. They have a low profile that has a little bit of a rounded top. The front of the hat is pulled forward and sewn onto the bill to give it a seamless look.

Military Leather Cap:

The leather military cap are ones that ooze authority. They are characterized by a short and stubby-looking baseball-cap shape with a short brim that measures two to three inches. The crown is short as well and it comes with a flat top. This silhouette is often one worn by those in command in an army or law enforcement and can certainly add a bit of excitement and daring to your nighttime look.

Leather Baba offers three different varieties, including the Meek Salute Army Leather Hat that offers a bit more height than the leveled-off Stern Discipline Leather Cap. This includes the Trendy Catch Men’s Leather Cap as well.

Authority Caps:

In the same vein as the military caps, these leather military daring caps totally put you in control of the room. Both the Commander’s Order Leather Military Hat and the Perilous Bond Army Officer Leather Cap will certainly tell the room who is in control with just a quick glance in your direction.

Garrison Hat:

The leather garrison hat is designed to help you stand out. It pairs perfectly with a military-style shirt and features a rounded top while fitting snugly around the brow. A semicircle seam on the front gives it a bit of detail.

Hats are every bit as diverse as the people who choose to wear them. There are an endless number of combinations that you can enjoy when you pair your favorite leather ensemble with the leather hat of your choice, offering you an edge that will certainly be noticed by passersby on the street during the day or in the club at night. Leather Baba strives to provide you with a large assortment of mens leather hats that you can’t resist.


leather baba
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sock yarn sale
I just received an e-mail from Little Knits that they are having a sock yarn sale. I don't know if the prices are good because I'm not a sock maker, but the colors sure are beautiful. I didn't put the link because I know a lot of KP'ers don't like to click links.
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Be aware of red cotton-mentioned before but worth reminder
I knit my first dish cloth and on purpose I used a discontinued red cotton yarn to see if the color would run (NOT a cheap one-from a pal's stash, made in Italy). Anyway, I've hand washed it at least 5 times, including a vinegar soak and the color STILL runs. Might be worse because it's cotton-but be aware.
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Bramwell yarn yardage
Could someone please tell me the yardage in a 500g of Bramwell Roselawn
or a a source of information that I could check.

A PM would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Almost Happenstance (C)
Made up on the fly in tunisian crochet, whilst practicing a couple of different stitches and techniques. Managed to use up some of my hoard of scrap yarn. Got some good solid advice deciding on the colour for the border from "Everybody's Mom". Hence "Almost" Happenstance.

Thanks for looking.

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Knitting cup
This cup was posted a few weeks ago...unknown to me who the poster was. I would like to,know where to purchase it.

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Finishing fringed cowl
I made a fringed cowl using 2 needles in work, 7 needles out of work, 48 needles in work, 7 needles out of work, and 2 needles in work. I used a bulky machine set to tuck. This worked great. I knit about 330 rows and grafted the ends together. This produced a cowl with a loopy fringe on both edges. To finish it. I tied groups of two fringe loops together all the way around. If you don't do something like that, the edge stitches of the body the cowl become very loose. Is there a better way to reinforce the end stiches of the cowl?
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