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knitting help !!
Hello KP's knitters,
I need help with this pattern, the link is Bonita_Mock_Cable_Gilet_by_Sonji_Clayton.pdf
I am trying to figure out the ABBREVIATIONS: area . Your help is much appreciated. Marge14
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My newest Blanket
*Jesus Loves You*

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Do 14" stainless steel lace-tip NON-circular knitting needles exist...?
I bought 2 pairs of ChaioGoo "Red" lace needles, only to discover that I physically just can't use them, but I really like the tips a lot.
Meanwhile, I do like using the 14" straight stainless steel needles I got, even though they're cheapo ones.
Before I get into slicing off the tips from the circulars and silver-soldering them to my 2 favorite pairs of straight ones ((followed by smoothing and polishing, of course)), I'm just wondering whether such a thing already exists, aside from the unaffordably-expensive "Signature" ones?

Thank you in advance!
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Crochet Class Project Progress or Lack Thereof
After 4 weeks of class I am now on row 6.
I am not sure if I am bragging or laughing at myself. It is definitely the most complicated pattern I have ever done. I love the way row 5 and 6 look with the little picots in a frame, so to speak. I am using a 3/2 perle cotton which is approximately fingering weight.

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New circular needles
Hello everyone,

I love this site! You folks have helped me so many times. Well I have some great news. I took a chance and bought a new style circular needle.
I just used my new Chiagoo (spelling)circular needles. They are wonderful. So smooth, I knit faster, no fatigue, the red cable doesn’t fight me. I’m in love I tell you!
I don’t want to bad-mouth my others (made out of wood) but I remember some of you folks writing about how much you loved your needles and I thought how can they really be that much different.

I bought the fixed ones because my wood ones come unscrewed and I lost my stitches and I didn’t want to have to deal with that again.
Thanks again,
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2 questions re Cot Baby Blanket (k)
I can’t post the pattern because it says there is too much advertising for the pattern.

It doesn’t specify the pattern for the gauge. Should I just do a piece of the pattern and measure it?

Also, it says [k2tog, yf, k1, yf, skpo, k5]. The yf before the skpo gets me confused. I’m passing over the slipped stitch, right?

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Had a lovely day out
A nice young woman from my church took me to a LYS (not very local - quite a drive) today. I pushed my 1-footed walker all around and enjoyed it very much, but will not be going back. The selection was enormous, matched only by the prices. I do even begin to consider $17.99 a Sale price for 4 ounces of anything! My young friend bought enough for a shawl (cotton) tha will be lovely, but I did not look over her shoulder to see how much she paid, but I cannot imagine she got by for less than $100. Who can afford that ?

But I was out of the house for something besides a Hospital visit for the first time in 3 weeks. Appointment Thursday and if I don't get my cast then you will be reading about the gruesome murder of a young female orthopedist Friday.
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Caterpillar sweater
I recently finished this sweater knit on my Brother KH260. I used a Knit-It-Now pattern for the sweater, and hand knit the caterpillar and leaf pocket. The caterpillar and leaf are from Hennie's Hungry Caterpillar cardigan, booties and hat knitting pattern, which is a purchased hand knitting pattern.

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Crochet row counter
Has anyone acquired a really nifty row counter for crochet?...I downloaded an app called My Row’s potential I s wonderful, and reviews are great...BUT, I am having no luck importing patterns, etc...must be me, but I am pretty good with computer...just wondered if anyone has a good digital..not thrilled about one for on your finger
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Shawls for the elderly.
I have been asked to make some short shawls for a local nursing home and I was wondering if anyone has a favorite pattern they could recommend . I have tried a couple I got off the Internet but wasn't happy with them. Looking for a pattern that will stay on their shoulders. Anyone have any suggestions? They are for people in wheel chairs. Also, what yarn weight would be best?
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