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Made from recently purchased yarn from Little Knits.

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Oversized Green Sweater
Here is my finished sweater.
The pattern is called Winter Flame.
I was thinking of making a turtle neck on it, then decided against it. I was getting sick of the green color lol. The green is much darker than it appears.
Now onto a pattern hunt for another sweater.

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My Tranquility Kimono Finally!
I began the Tranquility Kimono KAL with Artyarns Iris Shreier a while ago. I started the KAL late, then totally destroyed a skein of Artyarns Ensemble Light. Having purchased the yarn at FabulousYarn, I emailed to order another skein and they offered to untangle the mess I made! I love these people! They have the patience of saints and they will track down any color Artyarns you are looking for.

I used 1 Artyarns Beaded Silk & Sequins Light for the trim and 2 Artyarns Ensemble Light for the body both in the color Tranquility which had an opalescence coloration. As Katsch suggested, I too added 10 rows of garter stitch to the sleeves and bottom using the beaded/sequin yarn in a picot stitch to really anchor the edges. (Great idea Kathy!) I also did an extra repeat of the pattern for a longer kimono.

Finally finished, blocked and ready to wear. Just waiting for the weather to cool off!

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Sweaters for Vet’s triplets
Lola’s neurosurgeon, who saved her life, had triplet girls a few months after Lola’s initial visit. She chose not to dress them alike so Lola and I thought they might enjoy little sweaters. Apologize for having to separate into three photos but couldn’t get them all in one.
Question, please: I have been knitting for several years now: scarves, hats, socks and now baby items. Would any of you please be kind enough to tell me if I can now be considered an Advanced Beginner, Internediate or what level. Thank you for looking at the little sweaters and hopefully telling me what level of knitter you might consider me. Thank you!

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Honeycomb on knit side on L150?
I recently hand knit a throw with a honeycomb pattern, and would like to duplicate it on an LK150. The tuck stitch in the instruction book looks similar, but the honeycomb is on the purl side. Does anyone know how to create it on the knit side? The LK150 is a basic knitting machine without a ribber, cards etc.
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Day 1 and 2
Here is day 1 and 2 on hoilday. It's had been impossible for me to get any internet connection. So far it been really lovely.

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Back to knitting socks
From 1949-1956. I made argyle socks on a regular basis. Life happened after I finished college and knitting other things took over. Recently I made my first pair of socks in 56 years and i’m Hooked again. So I am wondering what your favorite patterns and non wool sock yarn might be. Thanks in advance for your sharing
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Yarn size
I have red heart tlc which is a #3 in canada. What is 6ply uk. Help !,,
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Baby set
A picture of a knitted bay set for a friends baby

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Getting to grips with linen yarn
Some time ago I bought 4 cones of linen yarn, in colours that I thought were lovely. I looked up what others had said about knitting with linen and discovered that while it could be hard to knit with, over time and washes the fabric should become beautifully soft.

The yarn is a 4ply/fingering equivalent,it is quite stiff and so when I knit, it just looks very holey and I've never got further than a few rows.

Is that what it should look like and if not, any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.
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