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Latest Projects
It's been awhile since I've posted my work. Most of my work has been custom orders but I did manage to for in time to make something for myself

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dachshund planting potatoes
Shoulda bookmarked it. Saw this on KP around 3 am the other day. Now I would like to share it and can't find it. Any help out there?
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Crochet Hat
A person's head that is 22" and a pattern states final size as 19" and stretches for a range of sizes, that will really fit the 22"? The pattern is only 1 st of sc in the bk loops on a ch of 37 sts. The yarn used is Lion Brand Wool Easy. Thank you.
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Rude lady
I was at Costco today and decided to buy Michelle Obama's book. This woman was looking at me and said she would not read such trash. The only answer I could come up with is I really like her much better then who is in Washington now. I could not believe her saying it.
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It’€™s complicated
Does everybody have this much mess with a new project? I’m incorporating a graph into a fairly standard hat pattern I haven’t used before, have to check gauge, find the best needles, look up the cast-on again, set up ribbing repeats, etc., etc. Now the real pain:putting away everything I DON’T need. Prep takes longer than knitting!

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Hi USA KP friends in particular!

I love visiting the USA and love the films that have included thanksgiving scenes which have inspired me to get my family together and at last this year they have all have agreed and are coming to me for a thanksgiving meal our first

I’m guessing it’s like a traditional UK Christmas dinner Turkey with the trimmings

I was just going on line to see what makes for a traditional thanksgiving dinner & thoght I would turn to my friends at KP first
Please give me your must haves or variations we are not vegetarian so the turkey will be essential 😂

(What’s the true meaning of it too?)

Now I am longing that the UK take on thanksgiving just as they have done everything else from the USA 😂
What do you think UK friends? Joining me?

I’m having mine at the weekend as I know it’s hard to get folk during a working week whereas i belive in the USA it’s a holiday!

Love to know what’s on your plate whose at your table what traditions do you carry out 🙂
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Moss stitch shoulder join
Hi. I'm new here. This is (my first post) is motivated by frustration trying to find any info on how exactly to join shoulder seams of sweater knit in moss/seed stitch. I found only one video on Utube, but it is too blurry and badly lit to be of any help. I need to join shoulders with one side moss stitch and other side 9 st cable braid/moss st combo. My brain hurts. Help? Grateful.
moss st + cable braid + moss st

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Thank you choiyuk96
I'd like to just say thank you on behalf of everyone on KP for your untiring efforts to bring us so many lovely patterns every day. Most of them are free and not only do you give the links to the patterns you include the 'all important' pictures so we don't have to open the file each time.

Thank you, Thank you.

Leanna x
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Prym Ergonomic Crochet hooks in smaller sizes - that just became available recently
Ordered and received one of these hooks in size 3.50 mm and one in 3.00 mm. Unfortunately, I do not like this hook AT ALL. Not sure of what it's made of, but trying to crochet with it is like trying to crochet with a piece of rubber. Too much resistance along the shank - and hook too; each stitch is a fight.

Truth be told, I'm not even crazy about how it feels in my hand - feels no better than my Prym soft handled (aluminum) crochet hooks - which I still love by the way.

Has anyone else tried one of these new Prym Ergonomic Hooks in Smaller Sizes? and if so I'm curious to know what do you think of it?
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Help please. 898 hat.
I have just completed my first 1898 hat and wondered if anyone has used an alternative method to dpns to complete the crown.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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