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crochet stitch for blanketpaint swatches to pick my 20colors...all, made me want t
Paint my whole house over!...I am making a temperature crochet bed blanket,... I live in Louisiana and want a lightweight blanket, therefore don’t want a heavy double stitch over stitch type, like Lark’s foot or one that the yarn covers over yarn, making it heavy and think...I know dc would work, but kind of bring.... kind of stitch. Does anyone have a favorite bed blanket stitch that will make a lightweight blanket without being what I call holey. LOL I just don’t like blankets with granny stripe that have finger holes them I want a solid stitch but light and interesting... any ideas? I have considered moss,..dc and sc....HDC, which gives a nubby effect...just CANKT are all so the way, don’t laugh’ my temp quilt is going to be all pastels....want soft for my bedroom, went to Lowe’s and got
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A shout out to
I ordered 2 skeins of yarn on Saturday. My order was shipped within the hour. The yarn arrived today! I am amazed and will definitely order again.
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65 years later, the outfit still looks GREAT!
When my mother was pregnant with me, she knitted this skirt and blouse outfit. The story she always enjoyed telling was that she didn't finish the waistband until "after" I was born. She said she used to knit this throughout her pregnancy and even while in the movies, sitting near the Exit sign to check her work whenever she needed to. Since the pattern made each row repetitive and used only 2 colors per row, she easily memorized the color work. Oh, did I mention the gauge is 7 or 8sts=1". I had many happy years wearing it when I was younger. The outfit now belongs to and is modeled by my sister. I still have the knitting book that has this pattern. Thanks for allowing me to share this memory.

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My New Fingerless Gloves
I splurged and bought a rather expensive little ball of 100% superwash wool. I knit a pair of fingerless gloves for myself and discovered I had enough yarn left over to make another pair to sell, so my expensive gloves end up being free. I love it when that happens.

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It only took 18 Months to knit husband's socks
He keeps telling me it was because they were for him, because he's just the husband. But they are finally done. I don't know if it was the yarn, or what, but they did seem to take forever.

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What should i look for.
I am fairly new to knitting, 1 1/2 years. I usually make things with acrylic yarn from Joanns or Micaels. We are going to Australia and New Zealand in January. When I have mentioned it, people say that I will have so much fun buying yarn there. I usually only buy when I have a project in mind. I do like to make socks for myself and sometimes have bought sock yarn when it is on sale.

What would you buy? If you don't have a project in mind, how would you know how much to buy? It would be nice to get myself some yarn from there and make myself something to remember my trip with, but I don't know what.

Any ideas of what to buy, or suggestions of what I could make appreciated. (I hope this makes sense).
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Motivated by a fellow Kp’er
Made this today, pretty pleased with it.

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Herrschners® Pastry Puff Collection Yarn
Has anyone worked with the Pastry Puff yarn from Herrschners? It's on sale - 6 for $24.99 which is only $4.17/cake. Just wondering how you like it and what it's like to work with.
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Monogram blanket, jacket, bonnet, dress, bloomers and Mary Janes layette!
I am so happy with this set!

It is for my best friend's daughter. She has 3 boys and now has been blessed with a baby girl named Cora. She likes vintage style clothes, so that is why I chose those colors. They are so very feminine.

Thanks for looking. Have a blessed day.
Dress, back side of ruffle bloomers, Mary Janes


Jacket and Bonnet

C2C Monogram Blanket

Graph used for C2C

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December, 2017, Donated Knitted Baby and Toddler Hats
Here are my recent group of hats donated to a local clinic. I have also added some close-up pictures to show the details better. Let me know if you would like to know what patterns I used or where I found information about the stitches I used.

I hope to have another donation ready before Christmas. Thanks for viewing!
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