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Charts vs graphs, and looking for a pattern
I’ve seen remarks about charts, and then graphs. I just thought it as however one worded it, but now I suspect they are not one and the same. Can anyone explain the difference and why one would be used opposed to the other?

Also, I do double knitting and would like to make a scarf for my GD who is really into soccer. I would like to have a girl with a ponytail kicking the soccer ball as the design. I’ve tried to find this on the web but come up short. Does anyone have or know of a link to support my request? Thanks for your help, KP’rs!
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Knitted cactus
Cacti seem to be the in thing at the moment...not only live plants!

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Crochet Pumpkin Washcloth...not just a circle
Hello KPers! I wanted to make a pumpkin washcloth for each set of grands and was disappointed to find only circle shaped ones. I did not want to knit the one with the design on it. I wanted it to more of a pumpkin shape so I invented my own. I found this great "I Love this Cotton" at Hobby Lobby marked down from $3.29 to 84 cents and thought it was worth a try. I'm very please with the pumpkin and might even put some black Jack-o-Lantern features on it before giving it to the grands.

I chained 40 stitched and dc in each one. Then I started the "ribs" by slipping about the first 3 stitches and doing bpdc's to about the last 3 stitches which I also slipped. I increased the number of slipped stitches for each rib section to give it a pumpkin, not circle, shape. I did this about four times and then, when I was at the end of the row I did two rows of just dc (center of pumpkin) before I started on the other half of the pumpkin. I repeated what I did on the first half for the second and single crocheted all around when I was done, adding a couple of rows of single crochet in green for the stem. I'm very pleased with it and think the kids will enjoy their pumpkin washcloth.

Thanks for the peek and Happy Needling. jberg

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10th Panel for my Portuguese Water Dog Blanket
An anchor for Piper.

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Studio 500 /560 patterns
I am looking for the mylar pattern sheets for the Studio 500 and 560. I see some for Brother machines but don't know if they would work. Also looking for the ones for the knit radar for those machines. I saw some previous posts about this in 2011 and they were scarce then. Any chance anyone knows where I could find them?


'the more I learn about these things I realize how little I know'
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Finally!! My turn for jackpot!
While sitting at a parade on Saturday watching my granddaughter march in the marching band, I got a text from my sister. It said "Do you want some yarn?" I knew she was helping a friend of hers move from a house to an apartment, and also knew that neither one of them are 'yarn' people. I replied "Sure." So my sister showed up at my house on Sunday with two bags of yarn, and I was so surprised. I was expecting maybe two stray skeins, not two bags. So here is what I got. They are all just 'fun' yarns and my sister just shook her head and said "I don't know WHAT she was thinking." I said "I do." I guess sometimes even people who don't knit cannot resist the lure of the bright colors and fun textures. Since most of what I do are the baby hats for the hospital newborns, I guess some of those will have some fun added touches to them for a while. And I can knit up some fun scarves for the grandkids or for Christmas charities. I just have always been so jealous of people here on KP who have hit 'yarn jackpots' and was so excited to have a turn that I had to share. THe last picture shows the five little skeins of what I believe are called ladder or trellis yarn. What can I do with those?

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Bargains galore!
I visited a charity shop today and got all this for £3. There are two knitted pieces, one unfinished. The red yarn is 50% pure marina wool. The green is gorgeous and also 50% wool. I will have to decide whether to frog the knitted pieces. They are just rectangles in garter stitch. I don't know what the knitter was making. Makes life interesting lol.

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Knitting Podcasts
I am looking for some knitting podcasts to listen to during the day. What are your favorite ones?
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Crochet tractor
Does any know where I can find a crochet pattern for a tractor?
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Right side - Wrong side?
Is there a right side wrong side to the cast on stitches? Example: Cast on and rib 2x2 for 2 inches, after 2 inches you start the pattern, which side should be facing you when you start row 1 of the pattern? Thanks for all your help!
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