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edging technique
I knit a top years ago and am now wanting to knit a skirt to go with it. Problem is I can't find my original pattern. I cannot remember how to do the edging on the sleeves and bottom of the top and I'd like to add that detail to the bottom of the skirt. Simply put it is three rows of knitting going along the edge, crossing the knitting of the garment going the other direction. I hope this explains the edging clearly enough. Does anyone know how this is done? I don't think it can be to complicated since I did it once. Duh! Tnx.
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Prayer Shawls
I am interested in prayer shawls but I have to admit that I don't know much about them. Are they a specific pattern, size, colour, yarn weight, etc.? Do you donate them once knitted and if so , to whom?

I know what prayer is and what a shawl is, but I am not familiar with the two terms used together. I believe that they are used in the Jewish faith but other than that, I admit to being ignorant about them.

Can anyone enlighten me?
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How Do You Count Your Knitted Rows?
I am told there are 2 ways to 'count rows' and both are correct.

You can count knitted rows 'up to' the needle Or you can include the stitches already on the needle as an additional row completed.

I have yet to find a Pattern that instructs which is the more proper way to count rows as it relates to the pattern.

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knitting from cones
I know this sounds a little silly but I am knitting this gansey and I was sent 2 cones of wool and 1 ball. I have finished the ball and moving onto the cones. Should I knit directly from the cone or wind it into balls. I will not be taking this project away from the house. Have socks for that!

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Evie Dolly and Me Raglan by Sandi Prosser
I purchased this kit from Willow Yarns and have had a terrible time trying to knit it up! I'm trying to knit the largest size, size 8, and am wondering if there are mistakes in the counts of rows 4 and 5. I have knitted them repeatedly and CANNOT make the stitch numbers work! There are extra stitches before I'm to slip markers or I get to the end of the direction and have extra stitches on the needle. Can anyone help?
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knitting needles
I would like to know your opinions of the knitting pride circular needles before I order them. Thanks
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Week 42 Cats, 365 day challenge.
Here are this weeks litter, a mixed bunch. Only 10 weeks plus one cat to go. I find that really hard to believe.

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Need help with plotting letters on a sweater
Hello! My 9 year old grandson would like a Harry Potter sweater, but with the letter C on it, not an H. (C is his initial). I have found a pattern but need help with plotting out a C. Does anyone know of a site where this is available? ie letters graphed out for knitting use. I always get good advice from my fellow knitters. Thank you Karen
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Help in Decrease Row Instructions
I am knitting a hat and have come to the first row of decrease and it reads as follows:
*(p1, k1) three times, p1, ssk, k1, k2tog, (p1, k1) three times*

My confusion comes at p1, ssk, k1. My question is: do I after making the p1, leave the yarn in front which will make a yarn over when I do the ssk?

I'm new at this. I know I can count on my KPER friends
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How to knit the thin, everyday socks that are thin and elastic-can it be done on a machine?
I’ve looked at knitting machines and videos but all of the pictures and videos I’ve seen make thick, yarn socks. I want to make socks that just look like an everyday pair with thin thread such as running socks. Are there any machines that do this ?
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