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I need caucasian flesh tone yarn in sport/dk and worsted/aran
I know this has been hashed out before but I would love some sources I am in the USA and my local walmarts/Joanns/hobbylobby/and others don't seem to carry any range of fleshtones (I would love the color flesh to be brought back)I would also like to make hispanic and negro gnomes/dolls etc and I bought a book from knitpicks and I don't have it handy so I hope I spell the designers name correctly: 50 knit dolls they are 6"/15cm tall and are as cute as the day is long and the designers name I believe is Susan Keene but if you go to knitpics and put in 50 knit dolls you will find it I was mad when I ordered it (don't ask I don't remember the why)and I am so glad I was mad that day!
Tonda USA
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Crochet cables from "My Picot" - John
I had long ago seen these type of cables but hadn't actually tried them.
As you know I am more into Tunisian crochet (although of course I can do the norm) so after posting the site address yesterday i decided i had better make a couple of samples in Tunisian.
Here are the results:-
a touch of two colours

right and wrong side views of the circles

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Basic Knitted Scarf WIP
This is something I'm working on as a side project. I'm just using the knit stitch for the whole thing and I dont think I'll add tassels to it because I'm making it for something special which I will tell when the scarf is finished. For those of you who are wandering yes those are crochet hooks I'm knitting with it makes it a lot easier to grab onto the yearn and pull it through the loop for me. Unfortunately I dont know what brand this is this yearn was given to me by my aunt who had it for a long time.

Here is a better look at the yarn

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New Lace Scarf
My daughter is modeling.:)

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Norwood Shawl by Laura Miller
The Norwood shawl is a pretty basic garter stitch shawl.I would like to make for somewhatdeeper so as it is you increase on every role. If I would knitevery fourth row without increasing until the desired depth would this work? The border is applied later. Thanks for your
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Wonder woman shawl
I want to make the wonder woman shawl. It is a free pattern. The gauge calls for 17sts/23r = 4inches with size 4 needles. I am using a different yarn than the pattern. I finally got the gauge, but, on size 8 needles. Will I need more yarn than the pattern calls for?
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I’m making hats and scarves for a homeless shelter, how long should I make the scarves?
First one. Broomstick lace

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Here are my two Giraffes I knitted on my chunky machine

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Color on my hands
Hi, i bought some yarn a few years ago. Never used it until now. The color (brown) is coming off on my hands as I knit. Has this ever happened to anyone else. It was not cheap yarn.
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Leaves and flowers
I started knitting these to take a break from knitting socks and I got carried away.

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