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Just started new socks for myself.
This is the same pattern that I used for socks for my niece recently in UK. However, this is a tweed type yarn which will work well with denim jeans. The ones I made for my niece were pink colour change socks.

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My latest project, easy and pretty shawl, I’m amazed at this yarn, I love how I didn’t have to worry about choosing colours .

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Christmas tree baubles
Thought I should make a start ready for the Christmas fetes lol xx

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Sharing my Angel
This is a Rainbo Design hugkins holiday. I think she turned out pretty cute. Pattern was easy to understand and quick to knit, Thank you Lorraine.

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latest Tunisian Project - John
This is another piece that was going to be much larger but the joining of the motifs seemed to be pulling it in so I called a halt to it. I had contemplated frogging it but having sewn in in the ends I figured it would take forever and a day so I left it as it was and hoped that when it was blocked it wouldn't look so bad.
You can be the judge.
Each motif consists of 6 trianlgles each of 15sts. I was aiming for a circle of triangles but it actually turned out to be a hexagon. Each 6 sided motif had a SC worked all the way around in a contrast yarn and when they were all finished they were joined to one another by slip stitch. It was the joinings that started to make them bubble up.
I photographed the piece unblocked so that you could see the difference as to when I blocked it.
It didn't turn out too bad so I am now calling it a small lap rug.
I have started a new piece with some changed ideas to see what will happen this time but it will take a while to finish it as I am doubling the the number of stitches to 31 this time and alternating colours.
BTW as usual there is no actual pattern for it. Just another one of practicing samples.
Hope you have a great day. Regards, JOHN
before blocking

after blocking

closeup of the centre (the camera changed the colour here)

closer look at the outer edge

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Finally done! (C)
Made this blanket for me. It took forever because everyone else's project came first. I love how soft it is and the edge formed a nice ripple from the Stitch.

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My new shawl
This is my new shawl , I tried posting it before but it didn’t work hopefully it will this time

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Esko Kimono by Blue Sky Fibers
I made this as a shop sample and Im leading a KAL at The Perfect Blend in Saugerties, NY.
ItS made with Blue Sky Alpaca Silk, 4 skeins of ecru ( white to me,) and 6 skeins blue. I didnt use all of the last skeins.
The yarn feels wonderful, but does split and has a slight bloom.
Some in the KAL are using other fingering weight yarns.
This is a small, which is big.
I changed the pattern on the second panel. On the K2P2. The pattern has each panel opposite when doing the 3 needle bind off. I didnt care for that look. Too me, it looked like a mistake! I matched the k2p2 which to me looks finished.
Photos are before the wet block and wet blocking!

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I need help bad
Please help!
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I need help bad
Please help

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