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Socks, Regia, & Paintbox
Free shipping at Loveknitting.
The Regia is color "Tropical", and the Painbox is Color: SF07. Fairisle Storybook.
The unused ball of Painbox is Color: SF 02,
Fairisle - Forest.

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Which cast on do you do for a Aran sweater
I have tried the tubular, lone tail I didn’t like either please what don you do thank you
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Gig Harbor Garden Tour
Did the Gig Harbor (Washington State) Garden Tour yesterday and enjoyed seeing the delightful sights. The last photo shows where I wanted to stay and do my knitting.

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Question on After-thought Thumb hole for mittens
I'm Knitting a pair of mittens from top-down. These would be my 2nd pair. The first came out okay but I'm still practicing on the thumb. The other mittens thumb came out bad. So, I'm trying to get it right.

I don't use patterns too much. I would like to someday construct and design knitting patterns. Right now I'm trying to get the construction right before ever thinking of putting a pattern out.

I was wondering, how many stitches should I put on waste yarn\cut for the thumb? I've read 15 stitches, 10 I'm not would you decrease for a thumb. It seems I'm not decreasing right. Because it becomes short and pointy. So I know I'm doing something wrong.

So, any suggestions, opinions on the modifications and any information would be helpful and appreciated.
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Another knit hat..slip stitch pattern
This is some of my Hobby Lobby sale yarn. This colorway makes a nice stripe. Cast on 80 sts P2, K3 rib size 8 needles. 1 1/2 inch. Change to size 9 needle and ( P2, K1, slip1, k1) across for row1. Row 2: P2, K3. Repeat these two rows and decrease as you desire for top. I divided into 4 sections and did my decreases either side of one 3 knit stitch column every other row. All decreases are P2tog. Last few rows I decreased every row.

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Oh helpplz
I just now hit a button or something that changed my format for KP. I no longer see new topics as they come in. Can someone tell me how to fix this?

I also am not signed in as i have been in recent months without using password daily
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Baby blanket
My nieces is having a baby in November and have chosen not to find out the sex since its been a difficult time for her , I would like to make her a baby blanket and surprise her what colors would be the best colors white ? She lives out of state so not sure of any of her colors she has picked for the nursery, Any special yarn or pattern you love to work with
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Getting Ready to Move & Knitting
Last Tuesday night at 8 PM I finally finished a two week marathon of declutter and packing before the photographer arrived Wednesday morning to take photos of my home that will accompany the multiple listing ad.

I haven't done as much knitting while preparing my home for sale, only leftover sock yarn to keep my hands busy when I did sit down occasionally.

Yesterday a lovely young couple arrived with their fourteen month old son to purchase the furniture in my grandson's bedroom. My grandson has outgrown the bed and I didn't want to move furniture I will replace.

It was sad to watch his bedroom furniture being carried out, a lot of memories of bedtime stories and watching my grandson grow from a baby to school age are associated with his room.

Fortunately he's excited about the furniture he selected for his bedroom at Grandma's new house. After a quick vacuum we moved some extra items in to create a comfortable reading room.

Now comes the hard part, keeping everything spotless because I won't get much notice before potential buyers arrive for a tour.

Photos of grandson's socks from leftover yarn and his bedroom just before his furniture was removed:😭

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Free 1940's knitting patterns
There are six patterns available for those interested.
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Ombre shawl
I’m not usually one to make shawls, I’m more of a “knit it in a day” sort of person, but I saw the Red Heart new Ombré yarn and well, here it is. No pattern. Then of course there’s my standard wash clothes with scrubby.
Thanks for looking, have an amazing day

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