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Is anyone interested in trading a Brother kh970 with kr850 in excellent condition and complete for a kh260 with ribber or kh270? We can discuss the terms so that both parties agree on what would be fair.

If I can't find a trade I'm going to sell it to make the purchase, but I thought I'd offer a trade...

I'm going to also post in classifieds.
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More Finished Projects
Again, some were made in 2017 but hope you enjoy looking at them!

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Some Items from Last and This Year
I am usually busier than a one armed paper hanger with the itch, so some of these photos are from last year. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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Buying kits with yarn and pattern
Sometimes I buy a kit just to get the pattern as that is the only way I can get it - but I have no intention of making it in the yarn that comes in the kit. Sometimes I buy the kit to get the yarn as it is less expensive in the kitted form - but I don't plan on using the pattern with it.
Sometimes I actually buy the kit to use as is - the pattern and the yarn that comes with it.
Am I alone in this or is this fairly typical?
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Cable Needles Questions
Hi guys. I was wondering what is the difference in the curved cable needle and the cable needle with the v or u in the middle of it?
Which one is easier? What are you guys experences with them? What do you guys think? Also, How would a person use the ones that have the v or u in the middle of it ?
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Blanket I knitted for a friend as requested
my friend requested the blanket and wanted a motor bike to be put on the blanket.

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How many is too many (shawl patterns)
I just got finished transferring my latest downloads of shawl patterns to my hard drive and decided to do a quick count. 626!! I do have them all in folders divided by shape, round, half round, triangles, rectangular, etc. This count does not include capes or ponchos, those are in their own folders. I have gotten better at not downloading every one offered, now I only do 1 out of about every 4 or 5, LOL.
I am afraid to delete any, I know that as soon as I do I will want it. I don't store things in the Cloud, I want everything available offline.
I refuse to total up my sock patterns, my excuse is too many subfolders, infant, child, men's, each length has a folder as well.
I've heard it said that you can tell what a person cares the most about as that is the most organized thing in their life. I guess for me it's my needlework, I have so many folders, subfolders, and divisions.
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Latest Christmas stocking
For my newest grandson. Now we all have matching ones!

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Bunny for grandson and hat for friend
I made this bunny for my youngest grandson for Easter. Have made a different one for each grandchild for their first Easter. A man from a couple in our dinner group asked for a hat so I made this one from leftover yarn.

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Thank you 2
Hi all

Thanks for the help yesterday. I figured it out and have started row 2.

Thanks again😀

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