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Has anyone used "Stroll Gradient" from KnitPicks?
KnitPicks is having a sale--20 percent off--and "Stroll Gradient" is on sale for as little as $9+ dollars per cake. It looks lovely, but I've never tried it. Have any of you? If so, what did you think?

Thank you!

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Sirdar Ella Cardigan
I made this pattern for my GD, Ryley, who is 9yrs old. Back to school will be here before we know it! I used Sirdar Ella, a blend of cotton and acrylic. It was great to knit with and the pattern (shown below) was easy. She wanted to model it for me!

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Week 29 Cats, 365 day challenge
Here are this weeks litter, a mixed bunch this week. Next week a group photo of the last 105 cats.

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Does anyone know what this piece of dinnerware is called
Any help is appreciated

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Ohboyohboyohboy! Placed my order this morning with Jimmy Beans for 2 SmartStix crochet hooks and a 24” circular needle - my birthday gift to myself. They are pre-ordered and scheduled to ship in mid-August. These hooks and needles are marked in one inch increments so you can measure your work as you go. Can’t wait. Free shipping because they had an issue with their site - a great deal for me...
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Barbie doll cloths
Hii I am wondering if there are any Barbie doll cloths patterns that are knit with heavier yarn like wosterd weight or smaller ?
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I need replacement needles for my KH 881 machine and of course theyre cheeaper if i order from outside thr country, don't mind waiting anywhere for 15-20 days or more, and may not be able to return the item if, for any reason all doesn't go well. In the other hand I can use my Amazon account pay double for the convenience of it all. ARGH!!!!!! Goof grief the choice, at this moment doesn't sit well.
Can anyone please recommend a statewide trust worthy vendor who sells needles and firm sponges for the retainer bar?
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Charity hats donated
I am so proud of our knitting/crochet group. We are donating 170 hats to school kids.

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Why would you want to do twisted knitting?
I at a spinning guild meeting and was working on a bed sock using twisted knitting and a friend asked why not use doubled yarn instead of twisted one yarn at time. I like to work all the patterns in a book and learn new techniques so I really didn't question the first one. Why was in used?
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My Dream World ( no politics)

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