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ssk vs skp
Does a ssk (slip, slip knit) look different from a skp (slip, knit, pass)? Also will it lie flatter than the other? I have a pattern that says to use either one. I've always used the ssk and wasn't aware of the skp.
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Need Instruction Help
I can't seem to figure out these instructions in my pattern. The back of the mohair sweater reads (on 91 sts.):

" Work the shoulders and the neck at the same time as follows: For each shoulder, bind off 8sts every other row 3 times and place the center 33 sts on a holder for neck."

First, 29 + 33 + 29 = 91sts.

So starting at the neck, I bind of 8sts, work St st pattern to the end. (83 sts) *

Question 1:

* the center 33 sts are not placed on a holder until AFTER the 3 times bind off. Is that right?

Question 2:

Does the instruction, "every other row 3 times" mean basically every knit row at right shoulder and left shoulder?
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Disappointed a little bit with NobleKnits
I'm an online shopper, partly because I don't like going out shopping and partly (in the case of yarn) because it's a bit of a hassle to get to any yarn shops in my area. So, in order to know what to really expect of a purchase, I rely greatly on reviews of products and yarn. To that end, I try to give honest reviews now and again on the sites where I buy things to help future shoppers. That's where this post comes in: I have purchased yarn a few times from NobleKnits, and twice now I have posted an honest review that they never included. My posts weren't rants or all negative by any means. For example, after knitting with the Viva Glitz, a few days ago I posted a review about how it is lovely to look at but hard to work with because it is so splitty, and even ended the review with admiring how the knitted piece is coming out in part thanks to the yarn. I've checked back several times, and it is not there at all -- and all of the published reviews are glowing. (Almost always garnered right after someone receives their purchase but hasn't worked with it yet.) The other review I gave was for Berrocco Millefiori, from which I knit a hat (twice-- had to frog the first one because it didn't fit and made a new one). The yarn was clearly not the weight advertised, which I posted along with other glowing recommendations about how beautiful it is and how easy to work with. (I do recommend it, but it tests on my spinning tool as DK and works up that way too.) That review never appeared either. trust in NobleKnits has been notched down a little. It's too bad because I really like their yarns and many of their patterns (often free), and I think they try hard to give great service. It's just a really bad PR decision by whoever is managing their website.
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Knit machine
My Sk Studio 700 that was up for sale is no longer available.
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Sewing buttons on knitted sweaters
In the process of finishing up a baby sweater and wanted to know how you all sew buttons on your items. I've seen a few different methods and some suggest using a small button on the back of the main button to hold it together better. I've sewn a lot of buttons on things but haven't done that method. The buttons with solid fronts are a little more difficult to attach because you want to make sure they are secure. Always nice to hear the opinions of others. Thanks!
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3D Christmas Stockings
This is a long story about Poppy, just for a change, with a little bit of Rowan, he's not into knitted things lol!

I was in the middle of designing this package and had the Snowman, Santa and Elf done but was thinking what I could add as a fourth. I had Rowan and Poppy here after school and they saw the three completed stockings. Rowan asked if he could have the Elf. I said of course I'll save him one. I asked Poppy what she would like. In a whisper she said "but grandma you haven't made me one". I said really what would you like? She replied I want a fairy one grandma, with pinky sparkly hair. I promised I'd give it some thought and the next time I picked her up from school I should have something to show her.

The next time they were here I had the fairy ready to sew onto the stocking but as I was busy in the kitchen getting snacks and drinks for them they went into my work room and I could hear Poppy say to Rowan in a loud whisper "Oh look Row Row grandma promised me a fairy with pinky sparkly hair and she did it, just for me, isn't she pretty?" Of course Rowan wasn't that impressed lol But moral of this story if you promise your grandchildren something special to make them happy, do it, the reward is worth it

Here are the 3D Christmas Stockings
Elf and Santa

Poppy's fairy


Complete package

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In search of
Does anyone know of a Nick Atkinson? He writes knitting patterns. My friend has one of his and it is written so confusing.
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Stuffing My Crochet and Knitted Items
I need help with stuffing evenly my knitted and crochet items - like pumpkins and dolls or bears
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Thirty-Plus Year WIP Finally Finished
This cardigan was started 30-plus years ago and for some reason was put down with the back about 3/4 done and none of the other pieces started. As you can see, the pattern looks like it was cut from a magazine and then the pieces were copied on an old style copier that allowed ink to smudge and stick to the top page. The acrylic wool-like yarn came from K-mart at $1.07 per skein as the sticker indicates. Finally finished yesterday, it is super bulky. I am glad I waited all these years to finish it as the pattern is more like notes and assumes the knitter is skilled and understands what is being referenced. It took a few years for me to learn those things, maybe about 30 years:).

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Crochet Gift Tags
Recently, I received a PM from a KP member saying she would like to see some Crochet Gift Tags similar to the knitted ones I created last February. This stirred my creative juices. When I was finished creating the tags, I printed them on photo matte paper...printed the graphics on the front side and the fiber content information on the back side. After cutting out the tags, I punched a small hole in the top of one of the gift tags and ran a small piece of yarn through...then attached it to a scarf I plan to gift to a friend.

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