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My latest creation
This was knitted from an old favourite book of mine, Patons Young Explorers. I cannot name the yarn as it was donated for charity work. This will go to Syria or similar country. I was quite pleased with the result.

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Just sharing (knitting) SL

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Uses for macrame yarn?
My husband got me a whole box (all that is in the picture) of macrame yarn for 0.50 cents yesterday at a yard sale. (Bargained the guy down from $1.50).
Can I use this for rugs? A rug was my first thought but I don’€™t know. What have you made with it?
I have never made anything with this type of yarn and I would like to make something so my husband knows I appreciate what he got me.

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Lion Brand Amazing Lace yarn
I was in Joann's today for the first time in over a month and found this yarn. It's really soft but doesn't come in many colors, but I did find one I really liked. With the sale and a coupon it only cost me $3.99 for a 1017yd cake in super fine(1) so I had to buy 3. It's 70% acrylic, 30% nylon so I should be able to knit socks to match whatever else I make. I was just wondering anyone here has ever used it. I'm test knitting a shawl right now so will have to put it off for about a week.
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We have been busy - John
I have been making a Tunisian Scarf using 1 Cake Ball color Peanut Butter. It may look like it is 1 x 1 rib but I can assure you it is not. Although the borders look like the Purl stitch it too has been changed to create a denser stitch structure. The 1x1rib would take too long to explain "how" and I am sure you will not want to do it anyway. The purl stitch though is done by going around both of the vertical legs of the stitch when doing the forward pass instead of just the 1 of the legs.
Margaret has also been doing more scarves.
The pictures are posted for you to see what we have been doing.
Hope you have a creative day. JOHN
Tunisian faux rib scarf

both ends of the scarf

what the wrong & right sides look like

Scarf folded

a line up of Margaret's scarves

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Mitred Baby Blanket
Knitted in Ice Yarns Baby Magic

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Fringed Poncho
Not long finished this gorgeous Baby's Fringed Poncho.
Pattern is from Patons Merino Baby Book #1106

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Great deal!
Just a heads up and I may be kind of late, but keep an eye out. Now thru July 21 Michael's is accepting any competitors coupons. Joann has a save $50 on a $150 purchase, that does expire today, but keep am eye out for more. Today I went to Michael's and they had their Impeccable yarn on sale for $2, also their store brand 7 or 8 oz worsted weight for $2. So got 75 skiens (to make 150) and then they took the 50 off so for $100 plus tax I got 75 skiens of yarn for charity baby/ toddler blankets. THEN I went to Joanna, they had red heart on sale 2.79 and Big Twist 2.39 so I got 61 skiens assorted, used the coupon for 100 plus tax. I'm happy. I didn't need it, and I'm WAY off my yarn diet, but I'm happy!
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Trouble with tuck knitting
Hi, I am trying to knit tuck on a Brother 940 km.
. It is a baby blanket with a border in 1x1 tuck and the pattern is a pattern I designed. Set in Dak for downloading on fairisle
Set the carriage to KC1, tuck buttons in. The rows in 1x1 are knitting fine, but when I came to the inside pattern all I get are loops, I tried the KRC button, no luck.
What should my settings be, should it be in DAK on right side or wrong side facing.
Please help,the baby shower was today and no baby blanket.
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pattern request
looking for pattern for a big baby doll
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