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February, 2018, Donated Knitted Baby & Toddler Hats
Here is my most recent donation to a local charity. There are 26 hats total.
Thanks for viewing!

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Rubber wheels Brother Bulky Sinker Plate
I noticed that the Brother KH260/270 carriage plate has three rubber wheels, no brushes. Anyone know the reason for this? The standard carriage plate has brushes instead. I'm just curious as to the workings

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Socks for Sarah
Thought y'all might like to see the socks I knit for Sarah. I hope she likes them.
They were knit toe up. I used ml for the toe...when toe shaping was done I switched to a 9" circular for the foot. Then did ml for the fleegle heel and rest of the sock.

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Blanket border
Making a blanket that calls for knit first and last 7 rows and each row starts and ends with 4 knit sts. For the border all around.

What would be a beautiful alternative to the knit every side border?

Photo if you have one please for a visual.
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Interesting Use of Yarn
I hope this isn't the 3rd post of explanation. These were at the CT Flower Show this morning.

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A new scarf from gifted yarn
I had posted in November that I had received a quantity of beautiful quality yarn from a friend who was clearing her sister’s estate. Here is a scarf made from this gift

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I love my sweater but...
I am knitting a sweater and it looks easy, but can be a challenge. It has a lot of tricky stitches. My question is: someone posted a remedy for the neck from rolling down. The sweater I am doing is on circular needles, so it is just knit. It is knitted from the top down and there is a pretty yarn over pattern around the neckline. The yarn over pattern won't show because the top is really rolling down. I am willing to start over if there is a fix for this out there in knit heaven. Thanks Lenda
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kh 230 and super bulky #6 yarn
What is the thickest yarn you have tried on the brother kh230 and did the machine struggle with it? I tried to use a #6 yarn on the sk155 and could not get it to work without the machine making noise as the carriage went across the bed, so I stopped. Is the kh230 better equipped to handle the thicker yarns, in your experience?
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Cardigan reposted
I posted this cardigan awhile ago, people were asking for lace pattern directions

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Knitted beanies etc for Saoirse & Ryan in England
These babies keep growing out of the clothes I send over for them, precious little darlings.
Saoirse is 2 yo so I'm sure she will love her new cardigan with the teapot, cupcake & cookies on it

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