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Rosters are meant to help you run swaps and group activities.

A roster is basically a user list. Once you create a roster, you add users to the roster.

After that, you can edit notes for each user in the roster to help you keep track of your swap or group activity.

You can enter information such as mailing address, swapping preferences, and whatever else you need.

You can also add tags for each user. A tag is just a word. Multiple tags must be separated by commas.

You can limit the display of the users in the roster by tags.

For example, you can set tag "sent" for each user that sent out a package.

After that, you can use negative tag "sent", and you'll see a list of users for whom you didn't enter the "sent" tag.

Positive tags match if the user has that tag. Negative tags match if a user doesn't have that tag.

You can combine positive and negative tags in any way that makes it more convenient for you to manage the user list.

Your rosters are private. Other users don't see them.

Additionally, you can send mass private messages to users in your roster. If you need to do that, then please contact Admin and we'll enable this feature for your account.

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